13 Major Starbucks Competitors

13 Major Starbucks Competitors In 2022 (Usa + Globally)

Starbucks is the leading coffee brand in the entire world. There are 33,669 Starbucks stores across 83 countries.

  • Starbucks has many rivals because it operates in many markets with many products. Keep reading to discover more about Starbucks’ rivals.
  • 13 Major Starbucks Competitors In 2022 (USA + Globally)

    Which Starbucks Competitors Are There in 2022?

    Starbucks’ leading competitors are Dunkin’ Donuts and McCafe, though these companies lag behind in terms of market share as of 2022. Tim Hortons are another competitor in certain markets, as is Cafe Nero and Cafe Nero. Peet’s Coffee and the local coffee shops offer competition for some areas.

  • Keep reading to find out more facts about Starbucks’ competitions like McCafe and Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • 1. Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Starbucks has a close competitor in Dunkin Donuts, an American coffee chain.

    This company was originally founded in Quincy Massachusetts in 1950.

    Nowadays, Dunkin’ Donuts has over 12,900 stores around the world in 42 countries and is the fourth largest coffee chain in the world.

    It has almost followed the exact opposite model of Starbucks in terms of growth, as it has no franchises. However, nearly all Dunkin’ stores across the US are franchises.

    Dunkin’ Donuts is still far behind Starbucks when it comes to revenue. They reported $1.37 Billion in 2019 compared with Starbucks’ $23.5 Billion in 2020.

  • 2. McCafe
  • McCafe at McDonald’s is another Starbucks competitor in the coffee and coffee drinks space. McCafe was first introduced to Australia in 1993. It now boasts over 15,000 locations worldwide.

    McCafe, a McDonald’s coffeehouse, serves espresso coffee, coffee-based beverages, and the standard McDonald’s breakfast menu.

  • 3. Costa Coffee
  • Costa Coffee has over 3800 locations in 32 countries. It is currently the UK’s most popular coffee brand. Costa Coffee currently ranks second in coffee chains worldwide, behind Starbucks.

    Costa Coffee was started in London in 1971 by two Italian brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa, and like Starbucks, they originally supplied roasted coffee beans to other stores.

    Costa now offers hot and cold beverages, as well as coffees and sweet and savory snacks. They also offer sandwiches and seasonal holiday drinks.

    Although Costa Coffee is Starbucks’ largest competitor in America, the company does not own any US stores.

  • 4. Cafe Nero
  • Cafe Nero is the largest coffeehouse chain in Europe, and now has over a thousand stores in 11 countries located throughout Europe and Asia.

    Cafe Nero’s menu offers hot and iced beverages, pastries and breakfast all day sandwiches.

    Furthermore, many menu items are influenced by the unique tastes of each local community.

  • 5. Cafe Ritazza
  • Cafe Ritazza, another London-based coffee brand, offers great coffee that is easy to brew.

    Cafe Ritazza can be found at 30 international airports and train stations.

    Most of the company’s menu was inspired by Italian-style cafes.

    However, while Cafe Ritazza is a direct competitor to Starbucks in many markets, they operate on a much smaller scale.

  • 6. Coffee Day
  • Cafe Coffee Day India chain has over 500 stores across the nation. Coffee Day’s coffee comes from South India-owned plantations, which ensures that each shop has a steady supply of quality coffee beans.

    Coffees include classics like lattes, espresso, cappuccino, and South Indian filter coffee.

    Cafe Coffee Day has a wide variety of delicious food items, including classic desserts, sandwiches and rice dishes.

  • 7. Coffee Republic
  • Coffee Republic is an American coffee chain, with 128 branches around the world.

    Bobby and Sahar, a brother-sister team, started this chain in 1995. They offer coffees, cold and hot drinks as well healthy sandwiches and pastries.

  • 8. Tim Hortons
  • Tim Hortons is a Canadian cafe chain and Starbucks’ most important rival in the Canadian market. Currently, Tim Hortons holds around 54% of the Canadian market share.

    Tim Hortons also offers hot food and coffee.

  • 9. Folgers and Maxwell House
  • Because Starbucks also sells coffee beans, ground coffee, k cups, and instant coffee, it competes in this market with grocery store coffee brands like Folgers and Maxwell House.

    These companies have become household names across the US, even though they do not operate any coffee shops.

    Instead, Folgers Coffee and Maxwell House are viewed by customers as better and more economical alternatives to Starbucks coffee at home.

  • 10. Luckin Coffee
  • Although the Chinese chain opened in 2017, it is already Starbucks’ largest competitor.

    Over 4,500 kiosks are available across the United States. This makes it more popular than Starbucks. These small kiosks, often serving take-out orders or deliveries to customers’ homes, are popular for their convenient location.

    Luckin Coffee is a mixed story. However, they were forced to file bankruptcy in the US for their US business in 2021.

  • 11. Peet’s Coffee
  • Peet’s Coffee, in some areas, is a strong competitor to Starbucks. Peet’s Coffee also operates retail locations and offers packaged coffee through other outlets.

  • 12. Neighborhood coffee houses
  • Starbucks has been accused at first of closing down small coffee shops in the neighborhood, but it’s had the exact opposite effect.

    Introducing Americans to good coffee generated more interest in specialty coffees, resulting in the number of neighborhood coffee houses growing in recent years.

    Many local coffee shops offer an alternative to Starbucks.

  • 13. Lavazza
  • Lavazza operates a variety of coffee shops across the globe, including in the US, UK and UK. While it cannot compete with Starbucks in size, Lavazza offers customers an alternative to Starbucks in premium coffee.

    Lavazza offers packaged coffee for sale in online and grocery stores. It is a quality product that competes directly with Starbucks.

    For more information, check out our posts about Starbucks competitive benefits, including whether Starbucks is open during the day and how Starbucks gets their coffee beans.

  • Conclusion
  • Starbucks may be the world’s undisputed leader in retail coffee but it faces stiff competition from other companies in various markets. Despite being close competitors in the US, McCafe and Dunkin’ Donuts are far more successful than Starbucks, but they have a much smaller market share.

    Additionally, coffee chains in the UK, Canada, Europe and India compete with Starbucks in their own markets, though they still can’t match Starbucks’ global footprint.

    .13 Major Starbucks Competitors In 2022 (Usa + Globally)

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