Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

How do I pay Sam’S Club for my purchases?

Sam’s Club is a retailer of choice for so many people. You have several options for payment, such as the Walmart Rewards Card or Walmart MasterCard.

You can use gift cards, Sam’s Club Credit and Walmart cards to pay. Or you could also send a check. You can also pay with MasterCard, Visa and American Express. The government offers Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to shoppers.

Sam’s Club members who frequent Sam’s Club can apply for their Sam’s Club credit card or membership. They will enjoy all the benefits of these options.

Super-Rewarding For Online Shoppers

And even if you mostly shop inside brick-and-mortar Walmart stores, you’ll still earn 2% back on every purchase there. Your incentives to shop within the Walmart brand are solid.

The same isn’t necessarily true for the Sam’s Club(r) Mastercard(r). You will earn 5% on qualifying EV charging purchases as well as at Sam’s Club gas stations. If you’re not a Sam’s Club Plus Member, then you’ll only get 1% on all your purchases, regardless of whether you shop at Sam’s Club in person or online. And you’ll have to shell out $100 to become one.

It’s not worth the cost of a basic “Club” membership if you don’t shop for co-branded cards in stores.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Sam’S Club’s Best Credit Cards for Shopping — Summary

We’ve talked about a lot of credit cards that earn rewards when shopping at Sam’s Club so it’s time to summarize our findings.

  • 5% cash-back at Sam’s Club gas stations and U.S./Puerto Rico gas stations, up to $6,000 in purchases per year
  • 3% cash-back at Sam’s Club in-store and online for Plus members only, all others earn 1% on these purchases
  • Sam’s Club members have special financing opportunities
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards: Get 5% Cashback for Travel
  • 3% cash-back on dining and drugstore purchases
  • Sam’s Club members get 1.5% cash back on all purchases
  • 5% cash-back when wholesale clubs are a quarterly bonus category, up to $1,500 in purchases per quarter
  • Wholesale clubs receive 5% cash back, which can be up to $1500 per quarter in purchase
  • Select gas stations to receive a quarter-time bonus of 3% cash back
  • 3% cash-back for online purchases, including when selecting online purchases as a quarterly bonus category
  • 2% cash-back at wholesale clubs, up to $2,500 in purchases per quarter
  • 1.5% cash-back on every purchase, including Sam’s Club
  • Intuitive 0% APR for purchases within 12 months of card approval
  • 2x miles per dollar spent on all purchases, including Sam’s Club
  • Spend $2 to get 2x Miles for every dollar, Sam’s Club included
  • 2% cash-back on every purchase, including Sam’s Club, up to $50,000 in purchases per calendar year, then 1%
  • These terms and conditions apply

Sam’S Club Rewards Program – How it Works

Sam’s Club has its own rewards program for Sam’s Plus members only. Sam’s Club and offer 2% cash back for every qualifying purchase. Each year, the maximum cashback is $500

You can accumulate cash rewards throughout the year, and they will be loaded onto your card at the end of February. The funds can be used once the rewards have been loaded onto your card.

Redemption options include purchasing items at Sam’s Club or cashing out the funds at a sales register. You can also allow the funds to accumulate in your account or use the funds to make a payment on a Sam’s Club credit card.

Rewards do not expire but a maximum of $2,000 is allowed to accumulate in your account.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Use The Walmart Mastercard at Sam’S Club

You can use the Walmart MasterCard in any store that accepts MasterCard, including Sam’s Club, Sam’s Club online, and many others. You can use it in grocery stores, airlines, restaurants, and any other place with a MasterCard sign.

When you use this card at Sam’s Club or any other store, you get several rewards. You get five percent off your purchase on, and a rebate of two percent at Walmart stores. You get two percent off your purchase of the card at restaurants or travel venues, and one percent on any other purchases you make with the card.

Sam’s Club card users face the problem of only getting a 1% rebate on all payments and purchases. Sam’s Club members prefer to use their Sam’s Club cards to purchase.

What is the Sam’S Club app for payment methods?

Sam’s Club allows you to add any type of payment option that Sam’s Club approves to your Sam’s Club Account. You have many payment options to choose from.

Gift cards can be added to your account and activated in your Sam’s Club App account online.

If you don’t already have one, create an account on Sam’s Club page.

Register to your account. Go to the My Account page. Choose the My Credit or Gift Cards option in the column to the left.

From here, you can remove, update, or add your existing payment methods information. Here you can add gift cards.

You can activate them here.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card At Sam’S Club?

You are fortunate if you have a Walmart (WM/WMT offer) and you wonder if you can use a Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club.

From 2021, Sam’s Club (SC) has started accepting your usage of WM offering cards to make purchases online or in their store. Surprisingly, you can also use this assistance to pay at SC gas stations.

This issue is quite understandable because SC is now possessed and managed by WMT, so that SamsClub members can take full advantage of these big company promotions.

Explore more below for details on the many ways in which you can avail of offers at SC!

Can You Use More Than One Sam’S Club Gift Card At Once For Purchases?

Yes, you can use more than one Sam’s Club gift card for purchases.

If you’re shopping in person, all you have to do is give your associate your gift card and it will be applied towards your purchase.

You can manually enter the information in your checkout when you are making purchases online.

If you wish to purchase multiple gift cards you should select the dollar value for each one.

You can also check the available balance on your gift cards before you use them at the checkout.

Select the “Check current balance” option when checking out, and enter the necessary information to learn more about the gift card you are using.

You can complete your checkout from here.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Comparison of the two, at a glance

Capital One(r) Walmart Rewards(tm) Mastercard(r)

Sam’s Club(r) Mastercard(r)

Annual fee


$0, but a Sam’s Club membership is required ($45 a year for a Club membership; $100 a year for a Plus membership).

Sign-up bonus

You may be eligible for a statement credit in different amounts if you have an open account and fulfill a Sam’s Club spending requirement within a specified time period.

Cash-back rewards

Reward points for brand purchases

  • 2% back on in-store purchases, including those made at Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations.

Get 2% off your in-store purchase, which includes purchases made at Murphy USA or Walmart gas stations.

Rewards on non-brand spending:

  • Get 2% off your next restaurant or travel purchase.

Get 2% off your next restaurant or travel purchase.

  • 1% back on all other purchases.

All other purchases eligible for a 1% discount

Receive rewards for warehouse club memberships

  • Sam’s Club Plus members only: Up to 5% back on eligible purchases (3% cash back with the card; 2% back with the membership, up to $500 in rewards annually).

Sam’s Club Plus members only: Up to 5% back on eligible purchases (3% cash back with the card; 2% back with the membership, up to $500 in rewards annually).

  • Baseline Club Members get 1% Back

1% back for baseline Club members.

Spending in non-warehouse clubs earns you rewards

  • 3% back on dining.

3% back on dining.

  • 1% back on all other purchases.

1% back on all other purchases.


Current APR ranges from 17.99% to 26.99%. Variable APR.

The ongoing APR is 15.65%-23.65%, Variable.

Foreign transaction fee



How does the Walmart Credit Card work?

The Walmart credit card is one of the most popular retailer credit cards. This card is offered by Walmart in partnership with MasterCard and Capital One. This card can be used in any Walmart brand, even Sam’s Club.

There are two cards available for customers; the Walmart MasterCard and the Walmart Rewards Card. Based on your credit score, Capital One and Walmart approve you for the card. If you have a good or excellent credit score, you will get automatic approval for the Walmart MasterCard, but if your credit score is less than perfect, you will get a Walmart Rewards Card.

Regardless of the card you get, Walmart does not charge an annual fee. Walmart does not charge an annual fee. You also have zero liability for fraud and can request special financing at any time. The interest rates on the two cards vary with the MasterCard having a minimum annual interest rate of 17.99% and the Rewards Card having an annual interest of 26.99%.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Does Walmart Take Samsung Pay, Apple Pay Or Other Mobile Wallets?

No. Walmart Pay is currently the only mobile payment option that can be accepted in stores. Walmart does not plan to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other mobile payments. While some users have reported success using Samsung Pay for Walmart in-store checkout, it’s not an officially accepted payment method and seems to only work sporadically.

Things are not so black-and-white at, however, where you can use a variety of payment methods including PayPal and Affirm installment financing.

PayPal’s inclusion is particularly good news for Discover it(r Cash Back cardholders, as the 2022 Discover’s Cashback calendar listed PayPal as being eligible to receive 5% cashback this summer (upon enrolling on up $1,500 combined quarterly spending), then 1%.

How To Get Cash Off A Walmart Gift Card That You Have Already Used

Gift card holders with small balances tend to leave the money untouched. Even if a couple of dollars you have left are not enough to make a purchase, that doesn’t mean you should give them away to the retailer.

Some states require companies to reimburse the customers for the remaining balance if it’s not higher than $5 or even $10, like in California. Walmart must pay the rest in cash, if required by law.

However lawful your request may be, it is highly unlikely the employees at Walmart are familiar with it. Instead of researching state laws and fighting the battle with Walmart employees alone, you can use DoNotPay to do all the legwork for you!

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

What is the Sam’S Club app?

The Sam’s Club App can be used to make purchases, store your profile and account information, and keep track of gift cards and payment methods.

You can access the App 24 hours after purchase to resolve any charges or authorization hold issues.

Download the Sam’s Club App from the App Store to get started.

You will need your email address, Sam’s Club membership number and password to create an account.

Sam’s Club App can be used to scan and go purchases. These receipts are stored on your smartphone. To view receipts on your smartphone, use the menu to select Receipts.

Online order histories will not show scan and go purchases. If you ever need to uninstall the reinstall the application, you will not lose any of the data that is stored in your Sam’s Club app. Your App can hold up to three different payment methods.

Why Should I Use Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay is all about convenience. You can link your preferred payment methods to your mobile device and quickly scan to pay at checkout, avoiding the hassle of carrying a wallet full of cards.

Perhaps your card has trouble with the register. Just manually enter your credit card number into Walmart Pay and you should have a smoother checkout. Walmart Pay also has the unique ability to automatically save receipts in the Walmart app, making it easier for Walmart shoppers to track spending and return items. Additionally, if you have the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you can earn bonus cash back for the first 12 months when you use Walmart Pay.

Tip: Once you’re approved for the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard, the card is instantly issued and ready to be used with Walmart Pay.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Membership Perks

To shop at the club, you must have a membership. Their basic membership is just $45 annually. You get members-only fuel prices and in-store discounts. You also get free flat tire repair, battery testing, and wiper blade installation. You also get a free membership card that you can share with your family with up to six additional memberships. These memberships include all the Club benefits at a reduced annual cost of $40.

Sam’s Club Plus memberships are available for $100 per year. You get shipping free of charge on all orders, no minimum purchase necessary. For every 500 dollars spent on eligible purchases, members get $10 back – that’s up to $500 per year. At most locations, Plus members get early shopping hours to beat the crowd. Monday through Friday starting at 7 am you can get in and out quicker than basic members. Select prescriptions are free, plus over 600 additional for $10. You can also save up to 30% on select brands. Additionally, get 20% off a complete pair of eyeglasses and enjoy free shipping on contact lenses.

When you become a member, there are often special deals. For the latest deals, check Sam’s Club’s site and those of other discount providers such as Groupon or RetailMeNot. Students, military personnel, and business members can also get discounted memberships.

Which are the Best Reward Credit Cards?

Numerous credit card companies provide special deals for new customers. To be approved for one of these reward credit cards, you’ll have to have a decent credit score. Premium credit cards can have hefty fees.

Cardholders with a history of excessive spending and non-payment can find credit card rewards dangerous. It’s better to reduce your credit cards than maximize the points if you are accumulating interest. Consider using prepaid cards and using a free cashback rewards site.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Samsclub Accepts Wm Gift cards

This has raised questions regarding coupon acceptance in these stores due to the differences in brand. Sam’s Club, a retailer chain that is also a subsidiary to WM, is under the full control of its parent company.

These are the reasons SC coupons can be easily used at WM. SamsClub also allows you to use other payment options, such as:

  • American Express
  • SamsClub Credit
  • Visa
  • Discover

Can I Use My Sam’S Club Gift Card Online For Pickup Orders?

You can use your gift card to purchase your order, provided you have a pincode.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

What is the best way to check your Sam’S Club gift card balance?

  • Register for your Sam’s Club Account on
  • Click on “My Account” to access your account’s homepage.

Activating A Walmart Gift Card

Your gift card will only need activating if the balance is $250 or above. The card is activated automatically if the balance falls below $250. You will need your activation code and card number to activate your Walmart gift cards online.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

No Caps On Rewards

Your total rewards from the Sam’s Club Mastercard (r) is limited to $5,000 annually. And the card’s 5% gas and EV charging category is also capped: You can earn that high rate on up to $6,000 in gas purchases each year, but once you hit that limit, you’ll drop down to earning 1% back on gas and EV charging purchases for the rest of the year.

However, a cap is still a limit and the Capital One (r) Walmart Rewards Mastercard(r), doesn’t have one.

Can I Use Walmart Pay At Sam’S Club?

No. Though Sam’s Club is owned and operated by Walmart Inc., Walmart Pay can only be used at Walmart stores.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Is Walmart Pay Safe?

Walmart Pay is a safe and secure option for cardholders. No card information are stored on customer’s devices, and no card data can be exchanged at check-out. In-store fraud is also unlikely because you will need to have a fingerprint ID or a pin number in order to use WalmartPay.

Walmart stores payment information, unlike other mobile payment service providers, on its computers servers. This could be a concern, especially in the wake of data breaches at stores like Target, Macy’s and more.

Gift Card Types

Two types of Walmart/Sam’s Club gift card are available: physical and eGift.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards

Are You able to get cashback by using one?

Walmart gift cards are not eligible for cashback. You cannot also exchange it for cash or pay customers on the balance.

The only way you can swap your card for cash is if you sell it to either a friend/family member/or online.

Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

As a leading retailer, Sam’s Club attracts millions of people to their stores every year. Sam’s Club has a large variety of payment options because of their growing member base.

  • Walmart now owns Sam’s Club. So you might wonder if Walmart gift certificates are available at Sam’s Club. Let me tell you what I discovered.
  • Walmart Gift Cards allow you to purchase anything from Sam’s Club

    The short answer is yes Walmart gift cards can be purchased to buy any product in Sam’s Club from alcohol, food, furniture, electronics, and everything in between.

    The giver can set restrictions on some Walmart gift card (sometimes called restricted gift cards). If the cards have restrictions, then the receiver of the gift card cannot purchase alcohol or cigarettes in Walmart and Sam’s Club.

    Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

    Sam’s Club accepts Walmart gift cards.

    Sam’s Club is now accepting Walmart gift cards in its stores.

    Walmart is Sam’s Club’s parent and holds complete control over Sam’s Club’s operation, as the retailer chain is owned by them.

    Although Sam’s Club & Walmart are two different shops that sell different products but are still owned by the same entity, Sam’s Club & Walmart are both stores.

    Sam’s Club’s Walmart owner is responsible for the ability to accept Walmart Gift Cards as a method of payment.

    Sam’s Club offers gift cards to Walmart as well as the following methods of payment:

  • Sam’s Club Credit
  • Cash
  • Take a look
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Learn more
  • SNAP
  • Walmart MasterCard
  • Walmart Rewards Card
  • Sam’s Club allows Walmart gift cards to be used online by members

    Sam’s Club will allow you to purchase online items if you own an eGift from Walmart. Sam’s Club accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Credit cards
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Sam’s Club Credit
  • Visa
  • Explore
  • Prepaid Credit Cards
  • Digital Wallet Service
  • Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

    Walmart gift cards may be purchased at Sam’s Club Gas Stations.

    Sam’s Clubs often have gas stations available for members who want to fuel their vehicle.

    Sam’s Club’s retail locations and gas stations have different acceptable payment methods. You can use Walmart gift cards for gasoline at Sam’s Club.

    Sam’s Club members may also use Walmart Credit or Cash cards and debit cards to pay fuel at Sam’s Club gasoline stations.

    How Do You Use A Walmart Gift Card At Sam’s Club?

    Walmart has two gift cards available: a gift card made of plastic that looks similar to a regular bank card or an eGift card purchased online.

  • Get plastic gift cards
  • Walmart’s plastic gift cards allow you to use them in-stores and online at Sam’s Club. You will need the PIN that came with the gift card to use your card online.

    The Walmart gift card PIN can be found underneath the silver scratch off area. Your Walmart gift cannot be used in-store if the PIN is not present.

  • eGift Cards
  • Only online purchases can use the eGift cards. You can however trade your Walmart eGfit cards for a physical gift certificate
  • To receive a plastic card, print out the eGift card confirmation email and bring the paper into a Walmart store.

    You should note that the replacement printout must have the card number, and PIN.

    Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

    Are you required to be a member of Sam’s Club in order to use Walmart gift cards?

    Sam’s Club Members will pay a 10% fee if you use your Walmart gift card in Sam’s Club.

    Sam’s Club’s Basic membership Plan is $50 per year. Sam’s Club Plus memberships will run you $100 per year.

    See our post on Walmart gift codes – where else can you get them? Whether they can be reloaded, how to use Walmart gift tickets, etc.

  • Conclusion
  • Sam’s Club members can pay in-store or online for their products. They also have the option to fuel up with Walmart gift cards. Sam’s Club members are able to use Walmart gift certificates for items purchased from Sam’s Club, though they’ll be subject to an additional charge.

    Walmart gift certificates can be used for Sam’s Club purchases, as Walmart operates Sam’s Club.

    .Does Sam’S Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2022? (Guide)

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