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Best Vacuum Machine

The best vacuum machine. Offers and prices

Machine Vacuum – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

The vacuum machine can be a great ally in the kitchen. It lets you make great stocks of food without altering their organoleptic properties and reducing the space they occupy. You can then maintain large pieces of fresh meat, cheese, but also foods that you usually do not think you can put vacuum. While the advantages of this machine also useful at household level, less clear is to understand which model it suits your needs are well known. Even the brand makes the difference and not all can guarantee the characteristics you hope to be satisfied in full. To avoid wasting time comparing different products, we offer you the ranking of the best currently on the market. This way you can directly point to the top of the range without losing time searching and directing your investment towards the right. In particular we want to highlight the advantages of both models. Magic Vac Maxima 2 Professional machine, vacuum, also offers home features the most complex and structured models. Minipack machine Vacuum Campana MOD MVS45X has a special operation that guarantees the best food storage of all kinds.

The 7 Best Vacuum machines – Ranking 2020

We know it is not easy to determine how to choose a good car for vacuum without being beset by doubt, especially if the cost is important. That’s why we have gathered in this article reviews the best vacuum machines in 2020. We are sure that among them is the one that best meets your needs.

Professional Vacuum Machine

1. Magic Vac Maxima 2 Professional Machine Vacuum

The Best Vacuum Machine. Offers And Prices

Many consider it the best vacuum machine, it is a good product made entirely in Italy and has numerous design advantages. In fact it is possible to decide the intensity of the suction by acting manually and by adjusting the suction force according to the type of food to be preserved.

You can set a minimum level for foods rich in water, such as fruit or bread. Or you can choose to suck more air to better protect the most dry foods. It operates on three levels in order to find the right compromise.

It is equipped with a handle for opening and closing the lid and ensure the degree of ideal insulation for vacuum packaging. After aspirating the air from the bag, seal it, thanks to a particularly rigid and resistant welding.

You can choose whether to put the contents of the vacuum bags, roller for cutting to size, or of compatible jars. Not exactly a professional vacuum machine, but certainly the features it offers are very convincing.

It rules on three levels: Who is not limited to just browse for the best before making a purchase, certainly appreciates the opportunity to choose the vacuum level according to the real weight.

rigid Welding: The bag is closed to perfection thanks to the attention poured in the system design that seals the bag. A detail not easy to find, especially if you do a comparison between similar models.

With marinating function: In this way it is possible to prepare succulent dishes counting on a complete immersion of the workpiece in the liquid because the insaporisca.

Body improved: Although the overall characteristics are at the forefront, the materials used for the exterior of the machine do not seem destined to last forever.

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Machine vacuum chamber

2. Minipack machine Vacuum Campana MVS45X

The Best Vacuum Machine. Offers And Prices

Here is a machine for vacuum bell for professional users. This is not one of the sales samples models seen the price so high but certainly not disappoint the overall quality of the operation and the choice of materials used for its realization. It is appreciated among the models sold online for its ability to respond well to the specific needs of different end users.

In fact, you can set up to ten programs for suction and creation of vacuum. The food fits inside the container compartment and then be wrapped by the film that seals it to perfection.

It governed by the control panel that are intuitive and easy to follow according to individual needs. The keyboard is covered by a special membrane which makes it waterproof and resistant to liquid drippings present in the food to be processed. The dimensions are generous, this to allow the preservation of various foods also of a certain magnitude.

Ten pre-set programs: It is established through the framework of controls which is the process of creating the most suitable vacuum to the type of food to be preserved. The operation is simple and intuitive.

Self-diagnosis: The machine is designed to automatically signal the need for revision, such as if you need to add oil to the engine to improve its functioning.

Empty to 99.9%: Levels of difficult to reach with a insulation from external home machine that just reaches rates of 80% air suction.

Very expensive: The bell to professional machines have a considerably higher cost than housewives machines from outside, but here is higher even between products with similar characteristics.

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Vacuum Machine Lay

3. Lay VT3120 Vacuum Machine for Food, Automatic

The Best Vacuum Machine. Offers And Prices

Lay is a reliable brand and with this machine, vacuum ranks among the most sold and appreciated this year. It is not easy to find where to buy this model which is often lacking in assortment in less-specialized stores, why should buy it online with the ability to save even a few dozen euro when it proposed on offer.

It is appreciated for the many benefits and good workmanship so much from the design point of view of the materials chosen for its assembly. It is equipped with pulse function for processing the most delicate foods and that this can be damaged by continuous aspiration and too powerful. It also has the only sealing function, which serves to isolate the contents within its liquid for marinating.

Work with large bags up to 30 cm, so it offers the possibility of placing vacuum whole cuts of meat so they keep longer or better in the freezer.

With double suction system: It is also double sealing bar, thus able to remove as much air as possible and to better isolate the contents because it is maintained in good condition as long as possible.

Three levels of sealing: You can choose the degree of suction depending on the consistency of the food to be processed on a scale of three levels. It is also equipped with pulse function to manually dose the pressure and not to damage anything.

marinating function: If you prefer you can limit to seal the food inside the bag and immersed in the liquid for a perfect marinade.

for liquid collection basket: Although this is not removable and therefore becomes uncomfortable to be able to clean the machine after use.

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Machine Vacuum Magic Vac

4. Magic Vac Dinamika VG02PK1 Machine Vacuum

The Best Vacuum Machine. Offers And Prices

The machine Vacuum Magic Vac that we see in this review is characterized by low prices which it is sold. Although perhaps the cheapest model in this review does not leave much to be desired in terms of functionality and quality of materials used.

It is equipped with special compartment to hold the roller cutter to cut and tailor-made bags according to the actual need. This arrangement makes the slightly more compact machine but also offers the possibility to optimize the use of the container bag avoiding wastage.

Good closure, which is particularly broad with its 2.5 cm which ensures a perfect sealing without any passage of air during storage. While economic being presents characteristics similar to more expensive models, such as the suction pressure reaches 0.8 bar.

Lets also aspire by the appropriate jars and containers therefore not only works with the bags be cut to size. In these elements, sold separately can be performed marinating food to prepare them in delicious recipes.

Versatile: As this is a domestic model, offers several features to provide a good use customization, such as the ability to work manually on the most fragile ingredients or high liquid content.

With compartment holder: Here you can place the roller to cut the bags to measure thanks to the cutter fitting that works in both directions of travel.

Powerful pump: The suction pressure reaches 0.8 bar, a figure almost comparable to the most expensive cars in the same category of product.

Just 12 liters per minute: Surely this is not the best performances in circulation, especially when it comes to process many foods in individual envelopes for which you need to wait a standby time to avoid overloading the machine.

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Machine vacuum TreSpade

5. Three Swords TAKAJE Vacuum Packaging Machine Vacuum Machine

The Best Vacuum Machine. Offers And Prices

Three Swords with its new model in scarlet version. The outward appearance is not the only benefit that carries this product. It is a good machine practical, useful and sold to a quite reasonable price. It is made in Italy, as the name indicates that it is not as exotic as might suggest. But it’s Piedmontese dialect meaning “we did it.”

And in fact the Italian brand assures a great price a machine with high performance suitable for home use, but you spend well on many sides. The real innovation lies in the fact that you can turn any glass container either new or used in a vacuum pack. So it is not essential to the purchase of special bags, but works perfectly on any media is commonly in the pantry.

It also acts on already open products, so it is able to stop the passage of time to sauces or jams that were already partly consumed but you want to continue to preserve the long distant to mold and rancidity.

Innovative system unique in the world: The special feature of this machine is all in the ability to work on any well jar of preserves consumed in part, and you want to close sealing them back to perfection.

Cost effective: Despite it being an innovative patent that has received prestigious awards, is offered at a very attractive price.

It also works with the classic bags: If you prefer, you can still seal fresh food within the typical envelopes for cutting to size once the process is complete.

Manca cutter: Even if it can process the bags, it is not then possible to cut the roll which has been sealed at the end of the process and must be done manually.

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Vacuum Machine Reber

6. Reber REB9700N machine Vacuum The Family

Reber offers a machine that collects numerous positive comments from users. The reason is not hard to guess: does its duty and does so at a price. Aspira and seals during the only preservation process, so as to complete the operation and then be put back into operation after a short period of detention.

It has an excellent non-extraction capacity, 18 liters per minute, but still good enough to process different type foods with good overall results. It is part of an extensive line of models designed to meet different requirements depending on the type of use you imagine having. This machine is good for those who have a large family and is keen to make stocks of food quality and abundant quantity.

The dimensions are compact and in one machine are different functions. It sucks the air out of bags classic creating a considerable void. But it is also suitable to create a vacuum inside the jars compatible to prolong the useful life of canned food and other supplies under glass.

For bags or cans: With element to hold the roller and cutting the envelope on measurement, it is also appreciated because of the presence of the element that is used on the cans to achieve the vacuum.

Clear instructions on food preservation: Inside the user manual is present a clear mirror with directions to better preserve the different foods according to their perishability and the method chosen for their storage.

considerable technical characteristics: Count on a total power of 190 watts and 0.85 bar pressure during suction of the air inside the envelopes.

Long waiting times: We must resign ourselves to wait for a bit ‘between a cycle of operation and the other to avoid overloading the motor of the machine.

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Vacuum Machine Imetec

7. Imetec VM2 1500 machine for Vacuum Food, Automatic Sealing

Imetec This model counts on six levels of suction and its plans to seal the best foods taking into account their specific characteristics. Thanks to this attention in the design phase can be processed foods of different textures respecting the specific needs.

Imetec proposes a machine height of the family needs with a certain power and suction speeds that do not shine among the many models on the market, but certainly count on a good solidity and quality construction.

The plastics used for the shell and the containment elements of the envelopes are quite solid and robust. This way you can use the machine for a long time without fearing that they can break the most fragile parts.

Included in the price it is also sold the first roller to be used in combination with the car to get excellent results. At most we accept wide rolls 30 cm, and then a standard rather widespread so it is not difficult to find spare parts. The roller rests directly on its special compartment, while the cutter cuts supplied tailor the bag avoiding wastage.

Suitable for domestic consumption: Count on six different programs to process the best foods of different textures and with more or less liquid content.

Includes a roll of 6 meters: The width of bags allowed is 30 cm, a popular standard. In packaging it is comprised of a generous size roll immediately to put the machine into operation.

Specifications: The maximum speed of suction reaches 12 liters per minute, this also thanks to the suction pressure that arrives to 8.4 bar.

Missing the tube for suction for jars: A comfort that enhances the value of many other competitive machines but here is missing altogether.

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bags for vacuum machine

The bags for the vacuum machine that we see in this review like them because they are small and allow you to store different types of food.

Not all prefer to buy roll bags, for cutting to size. Here you can count on a preformed pouch that can already count on a solid and reliable closure at the base to prevent the content you could accidentally spill.

They are embossed and this also to allow the machine to have a better grip when it is time to suck the air from the inside.

The price is particularly attractive because it refers to a hundred bags 20x30cm each. Perfect for storing the most diverse ready-made portions of food or ingredients to be eaten slowly.

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The machine, vacuum must ensure some basic performance to be chosen in view of a purchase. For example, it is important to first imagine what kind of foods you should try to be sure to have their functions.

The food consistency is the discriminating factor that imposes to choose more or less powerful machines or adjustable to avoid ruining it. Not everyone knows that other more unusual foods can be kept under vacuum.

What foods can be processed vacuum

Flour, cheese, but also pieces of meat or fish to be put to marinate in a well-sealed envelope. The functions of the machine, vacuum can be many and make the management of meals and smarter supplies.

It is not considered often a bit ‘all foods can be stored in an envelope and closed altogether to limit the exchange with the outside. What counts is the procedure adopted during the formation of the vacuum. In some cases, must take place in a gradual and slow to avoid damaging the content.

Store liquids vacuum

When you decide to put a vacuum liquid usually it is because you want to achieve golose marinades starting a process of “cooking”, although the term is a misnomer. It can thus rely on a good insulation from the outside, while slices of meat or fish remain completely immersed in liquids that soften the fibers.

But in order to keep the ingredients to steep, serve extra features that some devices provide. For example, you can verify that the model on which there has been decided to bet, is able to suck the air from the jars, which in turn contain liquids.

What size for a home machine

The size should be rather compact. Moreover, a vacuum machine from outside must be exposed only during the time necessary to complete the procedure. Then back in the pantry where it will be stored until the next use. It is often difficult to find smaller machines in fact have all sizes of some importance even make it possible to process only bags of 30 cm per side.

How does the machine for vacuum?

A bit ‘as a small vacuum cleaner, the machine for the vacuum gently sucks the air from the container in which are located the ingredients. These then are ready to put in the pantry, in the refrigerator or freezer, because they slow down as much as possible the process that deteriorates them.

In fact, according to the type of ingredient is not sufficient vacuum storage at room temperature. It could still trip the degradation process and for that you need to observe certain rules of hygiene for the proper conservation of stocks at home.

How does the machine to vacuum chamber?

It is an industrial system of food storage almost completely in the absence of atmosphere. So the air inside is eliminated by 99.9% and ensures better preservation of food. The name derives from the particular shape of the container in which are inserted the elements to be processed which are then protected with a suitable plastic film for contact with foods.

How do the vacuum without a car?

In some cases it is possible to confine the purchase of specific bags equipped with a hole to be able to connect the vacuum cleaner. It is a more economical way since often at home is already this type of appliance. But it is well to remember that it is not enough to connect the suction pipe to get the perfect vacuum, it is essential to have compatible bags and that they can close in a hermetic manner.

It is also possible to seal them as you would with a common machine for vacuum. So it is likely that a new air side back into the bag when removing the vacuum cleaner hose.

You would use reusable bags?

Although at first it may seem convenient to use reusable bags is good to consider that may become dirty depending on the type of preserved food. You can not always clean them thoroughly leaving no trace of what has been put before.

Also it could lose adhesion over time and stop will ensure a perfect seal over time. Depending on the type of use to which they will do is advisable to check from time to time the opportunity to use the new or re-use the old.

The use of the machine depends primarily from the food to be processed. Whether it’s gently close the package of chips that was not finished until the perfect isolation of strong cheese, the vacuum creation process must follow a specific path.

vacuum marinating

This is a special technique to prepare the ingredients. The goal is to make it more permeable fiber food, usually meat or fish, to the liquid that serves to give more flavor. The marinades are prepared in many ways, with lemon, vinegar or other acidic bases that are meant to make the meat tastier.

The action in the almost total absence of atmosphere, takes place at a higher pressure compared to simple immersion in the liquid. The result is thus achieved in a much shorter time and in a much more profound.

How does a bell machine

Eliminate the air is not a simple task. In fact it is considered that there is always a certain percentage of air, water and gas that make up the molecular structure of the food itself.

In machines for domestic use, it employs a technique which is limited to remove the air from the envelope that contains the feature. Then adjust the suction capacity depending on the consistency of the ingredients and the percentage of water they contain.

The professional machines, however, have special containers should be placed in which the ingredient to be put under vacuum. So the device lacking in part of the air present inside the food, and then wrap it with a protective plastic membrane.

It is considered that in professional chamber machines, the air remains only in minimal amounts, estimable around 0.01%, compared with approximately 20% of residual air in the aspirations with domestic machines.

Characteristics of vertical vacuum machines

This category includes all machines for household vacuum that can be placed in this position. Usually the compact machines can be used both horizontally resting on the work plane which in vertical position. It is always advisable to check with the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure you can change his their position.

While there are other own machines designed to be placed vertically on the shelf. It is useful models to preserve already open cans or other small containers to delay the process of decay.