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Best Tomato Press

Best Tomato Press

Having good tomato press allows at home preparing a sauce to perfection, culinary excellence undisputed emblem made in Italy. Given, however, that the models available on the market have some obvious differences in terms of functionality and structure, we have prepared this guide to help you choose. We suggest, in particular, to linger on the two products that have conquered the top of our rankings, namely: Montini Spremy 9512010, which conveys an immediate feeling of solidity and strength by virtue of good build quality of its members, who are not afraid rust and wear; Reber and 8602N, ideal for those who want to save money without sacrificing performance a certain level.

Prepare the sauce in the house, as well as give great satisfaction, reduces the consumption of preservatives and chemical additives harmful to health. However, choosing the best tomato press among the many offers available in the market is no easy task, especially if you look for the right balance between quality and price. Take a look at our ranking, which compares the prices and features of products sold online, to identify the most suitable model for your needs.

1. Weston Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

  • Large hopper - 4 quart capacity
  • Includes 3 stainless steel screens to process tomatoes, pumpkins, berries, salsa & more
  • Forward & reverse operation
  • One-Year Limited Weston warranty

Among the best tomato press of 2020 hit us particularly was the Spremy 9,512,010 Montini because small, handy and ideal for domestic use. Thanks to its small size, equal to 20 x 20 x 21 centimeters, can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space and, since it has a negligible weight of only 998 grams, move it from one place to another of the house will be a game easy.

It has a 170-watt motor and a double sense of rotation, which is useful to prevent annoying accumulations of food during the squeezing procedure. The structure is made with materials that transmit a good feeling of strength and solidity, while the allocation of non-slip feet at the base ensures greater stability during processing.

With a production of 30 kg / h, this electric Pulper can safely meet the needs of an average household and allows a considerable reduction of the times of preparation.

Dimensions: The main advantage of Spremy Montini it is found in its extremely compact dimensions which, in combination to the particular lightness of the structure, make it practical to use and to store.

Stable and resistant: The non-slip rubber feet ensure the necessary stability during processing, while the stainless steel components provide excellent robustness guarantees, hygiene and resistance over time.

Price / quality: In our view, the product cost seems reasonable and in relation to the good performance offered in terms of build quality, and the opinions of the buyers confirm this.

Loud: The only comment is the excessive noise produced by the machine when it is running, which forces you to use it only at specific times of the day so as not to disturb those who are nearby.


2. Oxo Good Grips Food Mill 1071478

  • Stainless steel bowl is ideal for hot foods and prevents staining
  • Includes 3 stainless steel grinding discs for preparing foods of fine, medium and coarse textures
  • Simple, spring-loaded lever for easy disc exchange and disassembly
  • 3 non-slip legs secure placement over bowls and pots up to 11" in diameter, keeping Mill from falling into food
  • Legs fold for easy storage
  • Approximately 2.3-quart capacity
  • The OXO Better Guarantee: If you experience an issue with your OXO product, get in touch with us for a repair or replacement. We're grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we'll make it better
  • Rotate tab to adjust Pepper Grinder setting from fine to coarse
  • Non-corrosive ceramic Grinder won't absorb flavors or odors
  • Clear BPA-free body shows when contents are running low
  • Simply turn Grinder over and unscrew cap to refill
  • Comes pre-filled with black peppercorns

If you do not have too many claims and mainly want to save money, you might consider buying the best tomato press manual on the market which, in our opinion, is the 8602N model Reber.

To begin with, the product is offered at a very economical price, but despite this has a 18/10 stainless steel filter and an auger in a suitable cast iron for food uses, since treated with epoxy paints devoid of toxic substances for the health.

Funnel and chute are instead made of plastic, choice but did not meet all of the users, who have them considered excessively brittle and prone to quickly wear out after repeated use.

Nevertheless, the use of the machine is practical and easy thanks to some structural devices, such as the clamp with rubber protection, which allows to anchor it firmly to the work plane, and the propeller squeezer acetal resin capable of withstanding without problems also particularly high temperatures (up to a maximum of 220 ° C).

Functional: Although it is a model of essential design offers good performance and can be used raw or cooked with tomatoes and for the preparation of jams and juices.

Stability: The equipment of a practical steel clamp with rubber protection allows to firmly secure the machine to the table to obtain the necessary stability to work safely and without combining disasters.

advantageous Price: In comparison with other Pulper manuals in the trade, Reber 8602N is the most economical, while ensuring appreciable results.

Materials: The negative aspect related to the purchase of the product is the possibility of having to replace already after a few uses some of its components, which being made of dubious quality plastic, could be damaged or break easily.


3. Weston Strainer 07-0801

Our review of the electric professional tomato press BIG80 Tre Spade is really positive, especially regarding the operating technology. It has, in fact, of a solid and robust single phase motor which performs efficiently his work, for which your task will only be that of placing the food in the conveyor and press the power button.

It is a machine suitable for both domestic use and for those who have a business, because that can work up to 60 kilos of vegetables in just 30 minutes thanks to a power output of 400 watts.

Also on the front of constructive yield the model does not fear comparisons, since the main body and the propeller are entirely made in tinned cast iron, while the other parts, from the sieve drainer, are made of stainless steel.

It is therefore a machine from the faulted and performance of much higher quality than the average, and this unfortunately places it in a price range rather high.

Quality: The electric Pulper Tre Spade makes the constructive quality its ace in the hole: the structure is entirely constructed of cast iron as well as the auger, while the other components are made of stainless steel to rust and wear test.

Yield: Perfect for those with a professional or have the need to produce a large amount of pureed tomatoes at home, this machine is able to squeeze up to 60 kilograms of ingredients in just 30 minutes.

Engine: From the power of 400 watts, guarantees a considerable reduction in processing times and unable to sustain heavy workloads without ever overheat.

Expensive: Hard to find a product so functional and high performance at low prices.


4. Victorio Deluxe VKP250

  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY: Sturdy cast aluminum body and easy-to-install stainless steel screens
  • SECURE MOUNT: New clamp design has 10 square inches of clamping surface
  • OPTIONS: Designed for manual use with the improved handle, or with the optional VKP250-M motor
  • BERRY SCREEN: The fine mesh is perfect for berries and other fruits with small seeds
  • PUMPKIN SCREEN: The coarse mesh works great for fruits and vegetables with larger seeds SALSA SCREEN: The extra coarse mesh gives you a finished product with a more natural texture

If we like the idea of ​​preparing the tomato sauce in the house and you are looking for a model that makes you save time and effort, we have the perfect solution for you: the tomato press Reber 8008N.

It is a machine that makes versatility its main strengths: thanks to its powerful engine of 400 watts, is able not only to squeeze the tomatoes but also to prepare velvety vegetables and delicious jams of any taste.

Power and efficiency are therefore the distinguishing features of the product, which has a production rate of 70-140 kg / h, so as to obtain in a short time an excellent tomato sauce to meet the needs of the whole family.

Also positive reviews about the quality of the materials used for its construction, from the treated cast iron body with epoxy paint suitable for contact with food. filter cone, funnel and drainer are, however, made of stainless steel, while the propeller is in acetyl resin, very solid and resistant to high temperatures up to 220 ° C.

Fast: In just one hour, the Pulper Reber 8008N can squeeze up to 140 kg of tomatoes and has an auger in acetyl resin which lends itself to the processing also of other ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables.

Solid: Reber has paid much attention to the choice of building materials to ensure the solidity and robustness that you would expect from a product in this price range.

Powerful: It is equipped with an engine of 400 watts of power, as well as significantly reducing the time pressing, he also manages to work decisively the most hard-packed foods.

Heavy: Since the structure weighs over 17 kilograms, to move the equipment you’ll need to get help from another person.

What is the yield of an electric tomato press?

It depends on the engine power. Starting from the assumption that the wattage of the electrical models ranging from a minimum of 200 W up to a maximum of 1,200 W, less powerful ones have, in general, a yield equal to about 50 kilograms per hour, while those higher performance can also arrive 500 kg / h.

Use a tomato press allows you to prepare at home a velvety sauce, rich in nutrients and especially free of chemical preservatives and industrial additives. The added value of these devices lies in the ease with which it is possible to prepare the tomato puree, since just enter the vegetable directly in the machine without having to worry about peel or remove the seeds.

Not to be overlooked, then, the fact that in this way will be used only quality and reliable source raw materials. But we now come to the practical aspect and see how to get the most out of your new tomato press.

The operation of the tomato press is quite simple but depending on the model, there are some differences to consider. In the past, before inserting the tomatoes, she had to boil them to facilitate the removal of the skin, but today, thanks to modern technology, you no longer need to perform this step, so you can use both raw ingredients and those previously cooked, with considerable reduction of the time of preparation.

This does not mean, however, that the tomatoes will always cleaned and washed thoroughly before inserting them into the machine, making sure to remove the stems and any residual dirt and soil present on the surface.

What work tomatoes

As regards, instead, the types of tomato to be used, the most suitable are, of course, those which contain a greater amount of juice and pulp. For this reason, it is preferable to use plum tomatoes, otherwise known as sauce tomatoes, but will do fine even the San Marzano and the Piccadilly. The key thing is that the vegetable is mature enough to enable you to achieve a past sweet and full-bodied.

Depending on the requirements, then, can be used both raw tomatoes as well as those previously blanched: in the first case will produce a more liquid sauce, while the second will be more dense and velvety, since by boiling a good percentage of the water present in ‘ vegetable will go missing.

Not only for processed tomatoes

If you think that buying such a machine is too exorbitant for one implementation of the tomato sauce, you can also opt for a product that offers additional features. In fact, in addition to basic models, there are more versatile and advanced devices which have different functions and accessories

In these cases, it will be possible to proceed with the squeezing of other vegetables and fruits, so as to exploit the tomato press as a conventional juice extractor, but there are also ad hoc accessories that are used to convert the machine in a practical meat grinder, so as to realize ground, sausages, hamburgers and much more.

Finally, if you want the device to remain functioning and efficient, it is essential to clean it after each use. Many models are equipped with easily removable components, so once removed can easily wash them by hand using a soft sponge with some drops of dish detergent, and to remove dirt and stains from the engine body just get over it with a damp cloth.

Finally, to ensure long life to the parts with the gears and prevent rusting, we recommend periodically with grease from cooking oil, perhaps helping with a brush to reach even the most hidden parts. When finished cleaning, you just need to put your tomato press in a dry and well protected until the next time of use.

What emerged from the opinions expressed by users online, the tomato press TreSpade BIG / 2P remains a product of excellent quality, although the amount to be invested to buy it falls among the highest in the market.

In addition to being a professional product, it is suitable to be used with cooked tomatoes, so perfect for a more dense and velvety sauce. And if you buy the accessory device, you can take advantage of the car also as a practical meat grinder to prepare the Sunday sauce or stuffing for sausages.

The single-phase motor is able to emit a power output of 480 watts, a value that guarantees excellent performance and minimizes the risk of overheating even when subjected to loads working important.

For such a powerful object, the dimensions are not excessive and, since all its components can be removed easily if necessary, provide to cleaning after each use will be a walk.

Dimensions: The design of this tomato press Tre Spade is very compact, so you can place it anywhere without causing space problems.

Versatile: This machine is able to work both raw tomatoes or cooked ones, if you want to get a past more dense and velvety; Moreover, by purchasing the accessory device it can also be used as a meat grinder.

Cleaning: All components can be easily removed from the respective housing to provide for the cleaning of the appliance in a practical and fast.

Expensive: We have no defect to report except the high price at which it is sold, although it is partly justified by the excellent build quality and the services offered.

To those, however, look for a model that is not only a simple tomato press, suggest the Moulinex ME2071, it has a powerful 500 watt motor. The point of strength of the product is, in fact, the large range of accessories that allows you to chop, slice, grate and squeeze every kind of food. In short, this is an extremely versatile machine and able to replace several appliances in the kitchen.

But the surprises do not end here, because the electric Pulper Moulinex is also provided with a chute to funnel the sauce directly into the container you want to use, and being adjustable in height, can also use bottles and particularly voluminous containers.

In addition to being very compact, it has a quite pleasant and refined design, although the plastic outer shell is not just the maximum in terms of strength and solidity, unlike the accessories and of the blades that are, instead, in stainless steel.

In any case, among the best quality of this appliance, there is certainly the cost, decidedly advantageous in relation to the numerous possibilities of use and the quality of its performance.

Design: Extremely compact and lightweight, this tomato press electric Moulinex will make a very good figure in your kitchen, and given the small footprint, find him a corner in which position it will be a breeze.

Equipped: It becomes with a simple gesture in a mincer, grater and slicer by placing one of four accessories included in the price.

Practical: It also has a plastic slide which conveys the sauce directly into the container and, since it has an adjustable height, easily adapts to any type of container you want to use.

Structure: The outer shell is made of plastic, so it could easily get injured if you do not pay due attention.

The SM3 Pavi 110, proposed by the Italian Palumbo, is equipped with various intelligent inserts that make it practical and intuitive to use, in addition to facilitating subsequent cleaning operations.

The main body is made of die-cast aluminum, while the supplied accessories, including that to transform the Pulper Palumbo in a practical mincer, are made of stainless steel.

Excellent also guaranteed by the power from 370 watts single-phase motor, able to squeeze up to 140 kg of tomatoes (or other vegetables of the same consistency) in one hour without forcing you to stay all day in the kitchen to prepare preserved for winter .

Since we are talking about a machine intended for professional use, the price seems very much in line with the build quality and the services offered. As usual, we finish our review with a summary table of the main strengths and weaknesses of the product, so you can get a better idea about its potential purchase.

Small and compact: Despite being a professional machine, its dimensions are compatible with the domestic needs and is able to work a good amount of food without the slightest sign of fatigue.

Complete: The price includes some accessories that increase functionality, such as the one for mincing meat and splash guard which prevents soiling the work plan.

Quality / Price: The cost at which it is sold does not appear excessive, especially considering the good yield constructive and excellent performance guaranteed by the single-phase motor of 370 watts.

Stability: The vibrations produced from the apparatus when it is in function make the unstable structure, also because the base lacks an anti-slip support.

Our buying tips end with the meat grinder tomato press RGV Duetto Plus, a model that can perform different functions thanks to its five accessories. In the package, in fact, you will find: the meat grinder with three dies from 3, 5 and 7 mm in stainless steel, the blade for slicing, always in stainless steel, a portioner for bagging the sausages, the grater and the accessory to prepare the skewers .

Each element is assembled and disassembled with a simple gesture, while the 500 watt motor with two-way rotation is capable of chopping and dicing effectively even firmer and more compact foods without ever overheat.

Are you curious to know how much a household appliance so functional and versatile? Well, if you think to buy it is necessary to have a considerable budget, please use the link at the end of review, you may be very surprised of the incredible quality / price ratio fielded by RGV.

Five products in one: a tomato press that can turn if necessary on the slicer, grater, meat grinder and sausage stuffer with numerous accessories included in the price.

Powerful: The 500-watt motor, in combination with the double sense of rotation, ensures excellent results and is able to work the ingredients of each type and consistency without problems.

Low price: The presence of so many functions will allow you to achieve excellent results in the kitchen, all by spending a reasonable fee.

Instructions: Despite being a practical and intuitive appliance, the absence of clear, detailed instructions could to confound those who are not very familiar with this kind of equipment.

The tomato is a key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and is today among the most cultivated vegetable in the world for the many benefits it can bring to your health. Although the gravy is a readily available food on supermarket shelves, there are still those who prefer to prepare it at home to reduce the use of preservatives and additives, which are not always quite the body.

Our grandmothers were the usual use of a tomato press for producing preserves the necessary needs of the family, but if even a few years ago these devices were quite bulky and cumbersome to use, but today have become far more compact and manageable.

Since, however, that the models available on the market are not all equal, in this buying guide we will try to understand how to choose a good tomato press that meets, as well as possible, your culinary needs and budget.

To make a sauce in a workmanlike manner, the market offers two different types of tomato press from which to choose: electric or manual. Both have some basic components for the correct processing of fresh tomato, but depending on use requirements, dimensions and offer different functionalities.

The best selling models are undoubtedly electrical ones, since they are more practical to use and provide a nearly total automation of the tomato processing procedure in the past, thus allowing a considerable saving of time and effort.

What differentiates them from manual versions is, therefore, the presence of a motor that allows the screw to rotate and to divide the pulp from the peel, while the structure and design may vary depending on the model, although in general it comes to machines very solid and well assembled.

With Pulper manuals, however, the pulp extraction process is carried out manually and are, therefore, recommended for occasional use, perhaps to produce small amounts of gravy to cope with the needs of a family of small size.

On the other hand, however, they are more economical with respect to the electric counterpart and are, in general, more compact and manageable; so, what forgiveness in terms of power and performance, the gain in convenience, lightness and reduced dimensions.

Another important step is to figure out what to buy tomato press determine the type of user you are going to do with it. Assuming that the market can be found equipment intended for use primarily domestic, and others designed for professional use, to choose the model best suited to their needs must evaluate some structural features that can make the purchase valid from different points of view .

The best brand is definitely one that offers products that are easy to assemble and to use, but in any case the components that can not miss are: the cochlea, which deals with separating the skin and seeds from the pulp, and the sieve that instead , it provides to filter the juice using the holes of which it is composed. They are typically made of cast iron or stainless steel, since these materials are able to preserve the biochemical composition of the tomato.

Additional accessories, often prerogative of the most expensive products, are: the drip, a sort of square-shaped or round basin within which the sauce is conveyed, and a secondary container for the collection of the scraps, whose presence is useful to keep the device clean and fully functional throughout the juicing process.

Before you even ask where to buy the tomato press that best suits your needs, you have to pay attention to the quality of building materials, which will depend on the performance and durability of the product time.

The best ones are made of stainless steel, as they ensure a greater resistance to wear and are suitable for contact with foods without altering the flavor and properties, in addition of course to be free of potentially toxic substances to health.

Equally solid and safe are the models that have components made of cast iron which, like those of steel, do not run the risk of break or wear when subjected to repeated stresses. Obviously, the presence of these materials would drive up the final cost of the product, but at least the expenditure for the purchase will be rewarded with increased durability over the years.

How to mount the tomato press?

Assemble a tomato press is not a particularly complex process, but we must arm ourselves with patience and follow to the letter the instructions in the user manual supplied. In the case of electric models, you first need to mount the motor to the machine body by inserting the fins into their slots until it is completely locked. When finished, you’ll have to do is assemble the individual components according to a precise order, which typically varies from model to model.

How does the tomato press?

The squeezing process consists of four phases: the first consists in the insertion of the vegetables in the container like a funnel, which will be pushed downwards; then, the screw starts to rotate in order to separate the seeds and peels from the pulp, which will be filtered dall’apposito sieve and collected in the gutter, while the waste products will be transferred into another container.

What does a tomato press?

The Pulper is usually composed of a funnel, which will be inserted inside the tomatoes, the cochlea, the filter and the drip pan. Additional accessories, however, are the splash guard and the container intended for the processing scraps, while in the case of electric models, there is also an engine that can have a variable power from 300 to 1,200 watts.

How much does a tomato press?

The question of cost is quite important and is largely related to the materials of construction and to the accessories supplied. The cheapest products are quite essential both in its structure and in its functions and are, in general, made of plastic. This definitely makes them lighter and easier to handle than those made of cast iron or stainless steel, which are more resistant but also more expensive.


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