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The best steam. Offers and prices

Steamer – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

You want the best currently in steam circulation to enrich the set of appliances in your kitchen? It is a legitimate request, steaming is by far the most effective method of keeping intact flavor and nutrients of all food. But finding the right answer to the needs of his family may not be so simple, you need to compare many offers and proposals offered by the market at different prices. Here in this article, our staff has selected the most interesting products that are worth considering in view of a purchase. Do not miss our proposals, will allow you to spend your money in the best way. For example, the first suggestion deserves a special mention because Russell Hobbs – Steamer is made of stainless steel and possesses high yield materials even after years of frequent use. Philips – Steamer with Infuser Aromi offers some changes more to customize the dishes to bring to the table, because they are rich in flavor and always original.

The 8 Best Steamers – Ranking 2020

Below here are our suggestions on what to buy steamer, we hope that our selection knows how to give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for your shopping.

1. Russell Hobbs 19270-56 Vaporiera, 800 Watt

The Best Steam. Offers And Prices

According to the long list of positive advice, the Russell Hobbs presents itself in all respects as one of the best steam generators of 2020. It is electric, it works by stacking one on top of the three baskets for the gradual and controlled thanks to the steam cooking, and like because it is made with good materials in spite of the very low price.

When it comes to determining how to choose a good steam, the possibility of buying an electric is tempting to many. In this case you can set a timer for the cooking of food, up to 60 minutes followed by the sleep timer. The overall consumption of 800 W, then not such as to impact negatively on the bill.

The electric steam generator design is special, realized in order to accommodate many different types of food depending on the cooking needs. The three baskets vary in size, growing up. So the most compact base can accommodate those foods that need to receive more heat to cook the best. On the contrary, the last bath seats leafy green vegetables that cook more quickly.

Spacious: The remarkable capacity of up to 9 liters and allows you to fine cooking large quantities of food to stock up and always have ready the ingredients cooked to bring to the table.

With sleep timer: The steamer to turn itself off when it finishes the set time is up to sixty minutes of battery life.

washable in a dishwasher baskets: The structure is made of stainless steel, but the baskets are in polypropylene, a plastic suitable for contact with foodstuffs and which does not release substances if it overheats.

cooking water harvesting system: Not effective the broth collection system that is formed during the cooking of food. Too bad, because it could be recycled in other recipes.

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2. Philips HD9190 / 30 Steamer with Infuser Aromi

The Best Steam. Offers And Prices

The Dutch company offers a nice steam, impressive in size but also very cutting edge. In fact counts on a front touch display which allows to adjust the cooking time depending on the consistency of the food. The steamer Philips the use in an intuitive manner and, for this, is characterized by its practicality, perfect to give a hand in the preparation of delicious recipes.

You can adjust the different temperatures and cooking times for each of the baskets. In this way it is possible to distribute the content depending on the consistency of the food and to the specific needs. It is a very innovative and convenient method because it allows to optimize time and prepare more meals at a time, maybe to handle during the entire week.

It has the function that keeps food warm until ready to bring them to the table, so it is ideal to perform different functions depending on the specific needs.

The presence of the infuser allows aromas to spread the scent of spices or herbs you prefer to give a stronger flavor to dishes.

Stacking baskets: The design of the three baskets is done so as to enter one inside the other when it is time to store the steamer. The best way to optimize the overall dimensions of this large appliance.

Roomy: They are 9 liters of net capacity settle about average for this type of equipment but which are valuable to fully meet the needs of a large family.

With recipe: Given the various functions and the ability to count on a certain user customization, it’s good to know they can count on the indications to begin to become familiar with this tool.

fragile baskets: The plastic used to achieve the compartments where to make the cooking is not ideal for machine washing. It could also be damaged due to a careless user.

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3. Tefal VS4003 Vitacuisine Compact Steamer function with Vitamins Plus

The Best Steam. Offers And Prices

Have you ever said you can also cook the cakes steamed? Among the models sold online there is also this beautiful steamer Tefal including in its budget also set of four glasses with support to grasp comfortably even when they are hot. Inside the glasses can be put to thicken puddings and creams to cook at a constant temperature and not directly on the flame as it usually does.

Each tray has a comfortable handle to extract the contents from the basket without burning your fingers. When it is time to store the appliance, it is easy to reassemble everything inserting a basket inside the other.

It has a remarkable power, in fact arrives to absorb up to 2 kW, but this power is also associated with a better management of temperature and essential functions.

For example, there is a specific Vitamin function, which allows you to cook foods more quickly and thus to minimize the dispersion of the nutrients they contain. Exactly as vitamins.

Trays easy to grasp: Each tray contained inside its basket is fitted with a handle to facilitate the extraction and avoid burns.

Very powerful: For this you can soon reach high temperatures that allow you to cook in a hurry ingredients maintaining unchanged calorie intake.

With glasses for cakes: A funky but we found that makes happy lovers of sweet tastes, thanks to the practical containment system and rubber stoppers are easy to cook cakes and bring them to the table without burning your fingers.

water collection compartment: The cooking liquid will accumulate in a compartment that is not easy to detach and clean. So it might make more complex maintenance operations should.

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4. Paderno 49603-25 basket Steamers

The Best Steam. Offers And Prices

Typical subject of the Eastern tradition, this steam engine model is among the top sellers also here in Italy. The reason is the good bill that respects the optimal characteristics but which also ensures perfect hygiene to bring to the table unusual flavors.

The value of the bamboo is to be very flexible and suitable for use in the kitchen. This line includes several baskets for steaming and all of different diameters to respond to specific needs depending on the number of diners.

With this in bamboo steamer you can cook on two levels, and then prepare large portions even when you choose the smallest model. There are from 15 cm up to 40, the discriminating in the choice is also in the skill in knowing how to use this type of instrument. They are suitable for use directly on the pot or wok and from there they receive the necessary steam to cook vegetables, fish or the traditional Chinese dumplings.

Italian Product: But right in line with the dictates of Asian cuisine. So it is perfect in every way, from their tradition to the food safety.

Two baskets one another: So the space useful for cooking effectively doubles and it is possible to bring to the table generous portions even when you choose the pot from the smallest diameter.

Ideal as a serving dish: You can lead directly to the table the bamboo basket to serve its guests stupendoli with a refined aesthetic object.

It requires maintenance: You have to be well aware of the kind of care that this material requires more than others may be subject to rot and become moldy if it remains moist.

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Microwave Steamer

5. Microwave Steamer System Large 3.2 L

The Best Steam. Offers And Prices

A practical way to cook healthy but do not overdo it with the number of appliances in the kitchen, it is an inset microwave. Below we tell you where to buy this beautiful model, since not all of the airtight containers are suitable for this type of cooking. In fact here is present a special breather to avoid that the steam pressure that builds up inside becomes dangerous.

In addition, the drum is designed so as to ensure the preservation of the characteristics of cooked foods longer compared to other containers. The four latches on both sides help to create a hermetic seal which favors the better preservation.

This is the tray that acts as a strainer and thus prevents the foods are in contact with the cooking water. In this way the heat is uniform and there are no parts most exposed to moisture and therefore more soft than those found on the surface.

With vent system: For the steam release, and then to release the pressure inside the container is present a specific nozzle for the release of pressure.

With four clasps: This system of latches which locks the cover in its place helps to maintain the hermetic closure and thus increase the storage life of foods inside.

With removable strainer: It is used to space the food from the cooking liquid and so avoid the rammolliscano while baking.

Control measures: Care must be taken to the perfect compatibility with the compartment of your microwave: If the container is slightly larger can not run well.

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6. Ballarini Specials steam cookers, Aluminum

This is now a real pot itself, versatile and easy to adapt to different uses as needed. In fact it is made so as to be used without distinction as to any one pot, or to grow in height and accommodate from one to two baskets where the steam cooking ingredients.

The convenience of the pot is the one to be used on the gas stove in the home kitchen. So those looking for low prices can certainly appreciate the fact of not having to spend too much to operate the pot.

The gas steam generator is equipped with a non-stick layer, certified and perfectly suitable for contact with food because it does not release potentially dangerous substances even when they get older. So it lends itself to be used to saute vegetables, complete the cooking of foods prepared steamed to give more flavor to dishes.

It can be washed in a dishwasher in its entirety and this is convenient because the dimensions are not too bulky and are certainly space in a standard model.

Pot with non-stick coating: There are three layers of coating reinforced with ceramic particles in order to ensure the best experience of use of the pot.

Versatile: it can be used as a traditional pot or developing it in height by adding one or two baskets for steaming.

Glass Baskets: This material, although heavier, is less prone to suffer the ravages of time than plastic.

Not suitable for induction cookers: The pot is made of aluminum with a non-stick coating, so it is not suitable for new cooking systems that require ferrous materials in the metal alloy.

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7. Divine Aeternum Vaporiera, Steel, suitable for induction

The cheapest model of this ranking is also the most robust. It is a steam pot entirely of steel, for which it is also prepared a practical basket for steam cooking of foods.

The quality of the pot itself is backed by the Aeternum of the mark, a reference point in the kitchen. In addition, the convenient system of joints makes it easy to position the basket in place to comfortably cook steamed while perhaps the pot is used to cook other. For example, the pasta, and the sauce is prepared steamed.

The heat on the bottom of the distribution is optimal and guaranteed by the triple of aluminum and stainless steel layer which also allows cooking on induction hob. The pot is also equipped with practical glass lid that allows to keep under control the cooking progress without the need to uncover the pot.

Stainless steel: So a material destined to last long and designed specifically for the direct contact with each type of food.

Fits to the induction hob: It can be used on a new generation stove even if the triple layer with which it is made the bottom is made of aluminum, steel and aluminum. So the ferrous part is not exactly in contact with the stove, but that’s okay.

With transparent cover: This simple detail allows you to control the cooking progress without having to uncover the pot and alter the cooking temperature.

Only one basket: Unlike other models, here there is only one compartment to put all the ingredients together to cook risking that the flavors mingling in a non-harmonious.

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8. Girmi PC20 Cooker Steam basket 3, 1000 W

Your new purchase could be this beautiful steamer Girmi that lends itself well to prepare grainy oriental rice. It has three baskets that grow in height and allow to prepare different foods of the way to do not mix together the flavors.

So what you do not want to be contaminated by other flavorings can be put at the top, while at the bottom you can put meat or other preparations that instead acquire a taste better if they are enriched with other perfumes.

The tower structure is made up of plastic crates, easy to move and withdraw once the cooking because of the practical handles on the sides. The base is fixed and can not be removed and therefore the steam Girmi not only collects positive opinions but also some criticism. This aspect makes it more difficult to clean the appliance and access to all parts.

With stacking baskets: The steam fed to the current works and you can decide the number of racks to be mounted in order to optimize the steam yield based on the amount of ingredients to cook.

With element for cooking rice: To cook rice or other grains you can rely on the special basket that allows a homogeneous heat distribution and a perfect end result.

In the dishwasher: They can be washed to machine both the baskets both the upper lid without fear that they alter their resistance.

More expensive than average: Compared to other similar products, it costs a bit ‘more. Aficionados of this brand might be willing to turn a blind eye, but it is good to know that there is more to a price advantage.

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Improving the lifestyle switch from careful choice of ingredients but also the cooking method. That steam is by far the best in so many ways. For example, it maintains a much higher percentage of nutrients compared to other cooking methods. First of all boiling. In fact, the steam helps the foods to create a protective barrier that preserves more vitamins, minerals and other elements and softens them and makes them more digestible.

Even the taste is more palatable than the traditional boiling. This way you are not tempted to go overboard with condiments such as salt and cooking oil that can make even the simplest dishes indigestible.

To choose the right steamer must also know what to prepare. Usually all the ingredients lend themselves to be transformed with this method of cooking. Knowing the right recipes helps to get the best out of this cumbersome instrument.

What follow recipes

There are ancient culinary traditions that make the steaming a staple of the daily diet. This is in large part of Eastern culture that delegates steamed the task to make it grainy and starchy rice, or that with the steam cooking the dough made from rice as the rolls or the ravioli.

But it is not necessary to draw on the recipes of Chinese or Japanese tradition to take full advantage of the steam engine. What matters is to evaluate the type of uses to which they can do to improve our typical Mediterranean style food.

It’s a great way to give to the pan to start cooking the vegetables. In fact, the oil task in light frying is done in most of our preparations, used to close the pores and to proof the food that keeps well in the juices that characterize the flavor. Even the steam is able to accomplish this small miracle, but the net of the use of fat that, especially at high temperatures, it becomes unhealthy.

How to decide which one to take among the many steam generators for sale

The choice of the appropriate model depends on many factors. You may not need to point to a tower model if you are alone in the house or if you just cooking for a few people. But we must also bear in mind that with steam can be cooked foods to be eaten during the week to have them ready in a flash.

For example, steamed they can cook large quantities of vegetables, then you have ready to use them in different recipes, contours to the pies.

You can cook fish and different meats such as chicken, and the final texture will be softer and pleasant. A large pot is perfect to optimize the work and get more preparations at the same time.

How much power an electric pot

The steam generators are often electrical and use outside of the stove itself. The reason that we make this distinction is that a good electric model may offer some advantages that the cooker by its nature can not be guaranteed. First of all, the ability to distribute the heat in a targeted manner according to the zones and, therefore, the type of food to cook.

In general, however, we must consider that the actual consumption of such appliances is limited in time. For cooking it should not continue for too long in time and often takes a few tens of minutes to complete at best.

As steaming no steam?

There are several accessories that can be used in the kitchen to cook steamed. In place of the steam generator you can use the appropriate folding steel baskets that fanning. The advantage of this economic system that isolates the ingredients from the bottom of the pan is all in perfectly matched to the diameter of the pot has.

Where do you buy the bamboo steamer?

On line as in specialty stores. For example, in our ranking we are proposing a model produced in Italy but perfectly suited to the characteristics of the original oriental patterns. The beauty of this type of pot is that you can also bring to the table as a serving dish. For this reason it is important to choose a good quality steam that is not affected by the use while maintaining good.

How to cook rice in the steamer?

The rice cooking is an art in the East, as well as for us in Italy it is cooking pasta. In fact, the best results are obtained when certain about the intrinsic characteristics of this food and you comply strictly. The rice has a high starch component, an element that helps to make it so versatile in the kitchen. Depending on how much starch can be maintained during cooking, the appearance will be different, the yield and also the taste of the rice.

A perfect cooking is when the water does not directly reach the rice in cooking, but it does so only in the form of steam. This spreads throughout the circulating pot without creating puddles. The result is a grainy and non-sticky rice which is much appreciated also in white and with no other seasonings other than that of vegetables on the side.

How to wash the bamboo steamer?

It is not necessary to use specific detergents for cleaning the bamboo steamer, it is important to consider the actual bill of this kind of accessory. For example, it might not be as waterproof as desired and retain the odor of the detergent. This would be released during cooking by altering the quality of the preparation.

In many cases it is important that the water remains in contact with the drum for too long even after washing. The reason is simple: the excess water could make it rot. So after rinsing is good to be sure to wipe dry all parts, to prevent blacken and lose its attractive appearance.

How to use the steam?

Nothing could be simpler than to take the baskets, fill them with the desired food and wait for the steam along with time; let the miracle. Usually the water is poured into a special container at the base, where it evaporates without coming into contact with food. This applies to electric steamers like the classic pots.

Some more complex electrical systems offer specific solutions for differentiating cooking food depending on the consistency and their ability to cook more or less quickly. But in principle the use of steam is simple and gives great results. You can hope to find useful information in the instruction booklets regarding really the right time for cooking of each food. But the fact is that to experiment and try out individually how much time needs every kind of food, is the best way to learn about the performance of the pot.

How to use a basket of steamer

The basket which is located in the steam generator must be able to be used in order to simplify all the operations necessary for cooking of each food. So you need to avoid trapping of water deposits. Better if it is able to flow properly, otherwise it is deposited at the base of resting above foods by boiling.

The optimal basket is perforated so as to facilitate the passage of steam and run-off the juices that are formed during cooking. It must also be possible to access the different compartments without burning his hands, the presence of athermal handles helps a lot in this sense.

What to cook over vegetables

The steam is the typical pot to cook the couscous according to the North African tradition. Even rice is cooked well here and it maintains its organoleptic characteristics, in addition to also keep a substantial amount of starch that is not lost as with the traditional boiling.

In general, steam is a good way to prepare cereal grains so that they are more flavorful and well wide.

What materials are best suited

The baskets of the steam generator can be indistinctly made of glass, plastic, steel or bamboo. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully considered before making their purchase decision. For example, the glass will not stain or leave odors, but is heavier. While the lighter plastic is nevertheless subject to breakage and tends to stain with the most acidic foods. Bamboo is very nice to look at, but you must know how to treat with care and attention, to prevent blacken because of moisture stagnation.