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The best slicer. Offers and prices

Slicer – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

The slicer at home can be of great help to consume fresh meats and give that extra touch to everyday cooking. Do not just buy any model. It is important to choose it well proportioned to the use to which they will do. Not all are suitable for slicing meats and cheeses, sometimes they are only good for vegetables. Other times may be too powerful for home use and therefore cost too much compared to the actual use made of it in the house. A good idea is to compare your favorite models by consumers and understand the reasons for their preference. An operation long and sometimes complex, which our staff has done for you. So you can reduce your options only to models that are worth considering. For example, we suggest you evaluate the Sirge Slicer Professional Semi Automatic gravity MOD AFFPROF30, a model suitable for those with semiprofessional requirements and intends to put it to work quite often. Home Line Berkel slicer MOD HSBGS01000000 another device that is worth considering, especially if you want to make the best investment that maximizes the relationship between price and quality.

The 7 best slicers – Ranking 2020

The list below gives you some tips on how to choose a good slicer keeping in mind the expected pattern and the budget that you are willing to spend. Enjoy the reading.


1. Sirge Slicer Professional Semi Automatic gravity MOD AFFPROF30

The Best Slicer. Offers And Prices

Sirge offers a complete range of models, including this slicer compact size that is well suited for home use. Species in this context, many consider the best slicer especially considering the advantageous relationship between the cost and the overall quality of the machine.

The blade is made of stainless steel, as well as the rest of the machine is made of metal for increased overall strength and ease in cleaning. The 30cm diameter of the blade allows to work on small to medium sized meats.

It is semi-automatic, which means that the blade rotates independently while the carriage is moved back and forth by hand. You can adjust to the millimeter slice thickness, so it is possible to cut different meats to enjoy them to the maximum of their characteristics. Certainly it is a deal can not miss: the price is reasonable and the product lends itself to last for years and to respond to a domestic newspaper also.

Semiautomatic: You can adjust the speed of rotation of the blade, while the carriage holding the sausage to be cut moves back and forth to manual push.

Blade 30 Stainless steel: The steel material of the parts in direct contact with food slicer ensures greater duration over time.

Powerful and silent: The engine is equipped with a timing belt which ensures the best operation, fluid and light weight of the blade, with a power of 420 W and particularly quiet operation.

Still not easy to handle: The toothed block that holds in place the pieces to be cut could be designed with more accuracy.

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2. Berkel Home Line Affettatrice MOD HSBGS01000000

The Best Slicer. Offers And Prices

Berkel is a well-known brand among fans who prefer home-slicing meats and cheeses. Opera for a long time in this area and produce quality articles that surprise for the care of the details. The car you see here is well made but also has an enviable design that promises to make a great impression placed in plain view on the work surface.

The total weight is not excessive, 13 pounds, but it is not the case to move it after use. You can purchase separately a practical blade guard that prevents the accumulation of dust in the parts in contact with food. Figure slicers among the best of 2020 mainly because of the technical features that make it easy to use. It has a good security system that ensures perfect sharpness, but without risk to the safety of those who use it.

It is easily activated, the on / off button is large and easy to locate. In comparison with professional models, this slicer Berkel adds a particular inclination of the work surface to exploit the force of gravity and lighten the load to be moved manually.

very elegant rounded design: The style that recalls the taste vintage impresses the good details that suggest older models used by butchers in the middle of the last century.

With blade guard: Provided it is provided the aluminum protection system suitable for contact with food in order to shield the blade and make sure the slicer.

Easy to use: It is equipped with a lever to adjust the thickness of the cut which is easily adjusted, it has a knob for pressing the workpiece to be cut and keep it in the correct position and the bright LEDs indicate whether the machine is switched on or off.

Cart disk: Not perfectly flowing fluid in the dish holding the position to be sliced ​​meats. You have to do some ‘of practice to find the right rhythm.

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3. slicer RGV Special Edition Red, 140 W, Aluminum MOD 25

The Best Slicer. Offers And Prices

RGV is a leading brand when it comes to look for appliances with high performance and competitive prices. Even in the case of this slicer expectations are not disappointed, both in terms of aesthetics as on the functional.

If you do not know what to buy slicer is probably because you intend to make sporadic use. The model that we see in this review responds perfectly to family needs or small delis. It has a very sharp blade, so that its axis is adjusted by acting manually on its alignment by loosening and then retightening the support screws. This way you are sure to always have a perfect and even cut.

The thickness is adjusted through a knob, even though it is not easy to distinguish the actual thickness because there is no alarm. You have to experiment. This is definitely one of the most successful models sold online elicited among the amateurs.

The less powerful engine than other domestic solutions does not imply special disclaimers. Even the cheese and the hardest cold cuts can be cut well and with precision with this slicer RGV adjusting the scrolling speed of the carriage.

Effective and silent: Cut cleanly and smoothly even the toughest ingredients and the blade slides soundlessly.

In metal: The structure is entirely made of die-cast aluminum, and then solid, robust and suitable for contact with food. While the blade is made of stainless steel so as not to suffer wear over time.

140W power: not the most powerful in circulation, even among the models for family use, but the satisfactory yield and can respond well to domestic needs.

Missing parafette: A detail not insurmountable, but which must be taken into account because without a block at the base of the salami slices could be blown out of orbit of the blade.

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4. I Apero! Slice sausages Precision Movement with Guillotine

The Best Slicer. Offers And Prices

This manual model figure without doubt among the best sellers in its class. The reason is simple. It is beautiful to the eye, functional and easy to use even with the little sausages.

The manual slicer has a very precise cutting mechanism. This allows to slice the whole salami or the smaller pieces of meats, with precision and in a few controlled movements.

The movement guillotine ensures the particular simplicity of use and the choice of the depth of the cut is simple. Just place the workpiece preferred height and snap the blade. A safety interlock system helps keep your fingers safe, seeing that the workpiece is held in the hand and goes progressively forward. Beyond a certain distance you can not go with your hand so fingers are protected.

At the base are present comfortable non-slip feet which ensure fixity so that the slicer can be brought to the table to enable diners to serve themselves. Perfect to create a moment of awe during the buffet organized at home.

A beautiful object: Positive opinions are recorded especially with regard to the scenic effect of the slicer. Accomplice in solid beech wood structure that makes it even more convincing in aesthetic terms.

Easy to use: To slice the salami is sufficient to slide the blade with its guillotine system flowing along its axis without finding obstacles.

Finger protection: The metal lock helps limit dangerous movements and thus protects the hand from possible accidents.

Small: It is the most suitable for cutting large sausages or particularly hard or soft because they could not find the optimum position.

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5. Ritter Compact 1 slicer electric motor with ECO

The Best Slicer. Offers And Prices

If you are looking for small slicer to dedicate a few slices of salami cut at the time, you could stop trying giving a chance to this model. Here we present the slicer where to buy at the best price.

Despite being very compact and economical it is important to note that this is a slicer made entirely of metal. This particular helps to make it more durable and efficient. The German-made indulges a lot about the overall quality of assembly and special design.

The slice adjustment is continuous, then you can obtain an extremely thin slice until a more substantial thickness of 2 cm approximately. The stroke of the slide is approximately 18 cm, sufficient to work with the majority of the pieces, maybe reduced dimensions previously.

You can easily disassemble for easy thorough cleaning in its entirety. For example, the sled for food is removed completely to be cleaned separately and clear the obstacles which lurk the remnants of the cut.

Small in price and size: Very compact and economical, however, is perfect for slicing different meats.

Thickness adjustable slice: The adjustment is continuous and can be obtained thin slices or almost 2 cm thick to use in the kitchen as you prefer or to bring freshly sliced ​​at the table.

Easy to disassemble: The slide is removed completely, and so the free space to the inside to remove all remnants of food that can hide in places otherwise difficult to reach.

Worktop not tilted: This arrangement would allow to cut with greater ease salami from non-regular basis.

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6. Ala 2000 Lama slicer 220 MOD GP220E

Wing offers items made in Italy and for which spending is great attention to the choice of raw materials. Even the low prices are the attractive feature of this beautiful slicer. It is appreciated the quality of the metal shell, steel for the blade and aluminum treated so as to withstand continuous contact well with food.

The maximum thickness which allows to cut is about 15 mm, while on the contrary it is possible to obtain a particularly thin slice and to great effect. The knob is located on the side of the machine and allows a continuous adjustment until you find the optimal characteristic.

The blade is 22 cm, therefore capable of cutting without difficulty most of the pieces. Although it is certainly not comparable to professional models that can have blades 40 cm. Solid and well planted, the slicer Ala rests on four rubber feet that contribute to make it very stable and simplify the execution of the job.

Economic: Certainly this aspect catches your eye when you consider the quality of materials and assembly in accordance with best of every part art.

22 cm Blade: So average and enough to cut most of the meats that you consume at home, perhaps reducing their size in advance.

Shell in metal: aluminum for the structure of the machine and stainless steel for the blade provide maximum service life and the best performance of the machine.

plastic press: The element that holds the workpiece to be cut is made of plastic and not metal. Choosing the long run could not reward.

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mandoline slicer

7. Pavlit Mandolina Professional Kitchen with Different Types of Cuts

Not the cheapest model ever for this type of article, but certainly mandoline slicer particularly equipped and promises to last long. It is designed to cut vegetables and make preparations by real gourmand in a few steps and with minimal effort.

It allows you to adjust the height of the blades by rotating the knob side. This way you can choose the type of effect you get with vegetables by cutting them into slices, julienne or most fun and unusual forms.

It washes easily passing it under tap water. There is no risk of injury because the blades are protected inside their compartment. There are no removable parts, it is adjusted each function directly from the body of the mandolin. In this way there is no risk of losing anything but especially do not risk getting hurt.

All built-in functions: it must not replace the blade to obtain the perfect cut, just turn the knob to reach the desired height.

It washes easily: The body is made of sturdy plastic and stainless steel blade, so there is no risk that it may be damaged and cleans well under the water jet.

With finger protection: The piece of vegetables are held stationary with the special element that acts as a container and avoids direct contact with the fingers.

Expensive: to be a model to be used only for cutting vegetables can be on average more expensive than other similar but less robust.

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The copriaffettatrice is that element which is added to the purchase of the slicer to be continued durability and beauty.

In this case, the new RGV model like it because it can cover the car completely avoiding that dust dirty, especially in difficult to reach.

Certainly not the best from an aesthetic point of view, is the most practical and effective solution to ensure a good hygiene in the kitchen. It is made of cotton and this, in turn, it is easy to wash and keep in order.

This model is well suited to slicing compact. But it is always advisable to carefully check the actual measurements of your machine to check compatibility.

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Choosing the right slicer depends very much on the context and how often it will be used. It is a device which is to simplify the lives of those who use it. It is important that its power and size are well proportioned to the actual workload that will endure.

Slicer larger must be able to cut even the most bulky pieces, such as a whole ham, or a whole form of mortadella. All these foods should be cut with the right tool.

The choice must also relate to the type of drive and the precautions put in place thanks to the various safety devices of which it is equipped. A good slicer must have a cover it but and a press to crush the food towards the blade protecting mani.Piu it defines the degree of professionalism of the machine, the greater the expedients employed in order to make it easy to use and maintenance.

How does the slicer

Slicer for foods can be of different types, are not all intended to treat the same ingredients to bring to the table or use in different recipes. Distinguish their operation helps to understand what the market can offer. The classic from the deli counter or the butcher department, are those automatic, have a blade that rotates at constant speed and the plate must be manually pushed back and forth to cut the slice to the bottom.

A similar operation but totally mechanic is the one of the tools that work by hand. As the patterns flywheel that must not be connected to the current and whose blade rotates thanks to the thrust of the flywheel, in fact, connected to a crank that turns on a wheel.

The models that take advantage of the inclination of the plate are called gravity. The inclined axis allows to exploit the force imparting the workpiece due to its own weight. A solution that minimizes operator effort and is often found in professional machines.

Accessories included with the slicer

The more advanced models have different items that can enhance the experience of using the slicer. The integrated scale is a must for professional models, although not always in circulation. The operators prefer to use apart from a precision balance to be certain to sell at the right price based on the weight of the item.

A useful item always use, at home or in the workplace, it is the accessory to remove the blade without grasped by the hand. This indispensable piece to ensure the best operation of the machine is also particularly dangerous, better not to risk foreseeable serious accidents.

The copriaffettatrice is a gadget that is useful to always keep clean and free of dust the machine. This will limit the beauty of the most aesthetically pleasing models but it saves a lot of bother when it’s time to put to work the slicer.

Choose taking into account not entirely functional parameters such as the appearance can also be important. In the market you can find many versions maintained in this respect: you can choose a vintage model, the colored shell.

The wooden models instead are those that are used for slicing smaller sausages and lead directly to the table to serve yourself diners. Needless to say, they are a gift idea for true connoisseurs.

How to clean the slicer?

To thoroughly clean every corner of the slicer is the case to disassemble the outer parts like the arm that holds the workpiece and other elements under which nestles the dirt. It should be noted that not all the models allow to reach the critical points with ease. In this case it is always important to avoid direct and close contact with the blades, dangerous even when the machine is not moving.

How to sharpen the slicer blade?

To sharpen the slicer blade can choose to mount a specific tool that keeps the always perfect wire during operation. We have to assess that it is compatible with the model and you can fit in the right place in order to guarantee the best cut.

How to dismantle the trolley Slicer?

Before turning to this operation we must consider that the model of which is in possession admit this. It is usually possible to remove as much as possible the machine in its entirety. This is because food remains hidden in the interstices may rot and rot, causing unpleasant consequences on hygiene plan. When you are sure of being able to proceed accordingly you should always carefully check the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Not all models are assembled in the same way.

What if the slicer does not cut well?

There may be several reasons that lead to a machine malfunction. In addition to verifying that the blade is sharpened, it is possible to ensure that it is well on the same axis. If the blade rubs at some point of the blade, may not rotate well and create irregularities in the cut. To verify that this drawback does not happen, you must carefully evaluate on which pivots the blade is mounted and if it is possible to adjust because it does not touch anywhere.

You should buy a slicer used?

The flea market is large enough, you can sometimes see golden opportunities. Prices lowered, models with professional features, in short: it always pays to check out the offerings available. But when you buy used you should always keep in mind that the warranty may no longer be valid and may lack the conditions to retaliate in the event of malfunction of the slicer. To make sure you do a good buy, even here, we should know the owner of the instrument and make sure it is treated with due care.

How to use the slicer for cutting vegetables?

You can cut everything with professional slicer. The same can not be said, conversely, for slicing smaller. To cut the vegetables do not need is the element to hold the workpiece until the completion of the work.

To best use the slicer must be clear in purpose and frequency of use. So you can choose the model that best meets the needs maximizing the relationship between quality and price.

Choose the suitable diameter

The diameter of the blade varies and usually can be found by 20, 22, 25, 30, 35 and 40 centimeters. These measures, which seem to differ slightly, can offer a greater or lesser ability to operate with more bulky sausages.

If you often work with whole pieces, like a ham on the bone, it could be frustrating to find out that they can not slice your own car if he has not the right diameter.

Small footprint for home use

Usually the models to be used in the house are smaller, the price is contained and does not represent unreachable expenses. But you have to choose paying attention to specific features. Their weight and the overall dimensions may make it more or less easy to move the machine if needed.

One on which ones you should not skimp are the elements to ensure operator safety. to cut protective equipment must always be present and used to avoid slicing her fingers. The cut with the slicer is lightning-fast and shareholders. In men who say you can not find bleed if you do not take proper precautions.

Features of Industrial Designs

The models designed for commercial use have advanced features in so many ways. The most innovative have digital functions, but for the most part the thickness adjustment and the correct positioning of the blade are performed manually.

A good machine must be able to comfortably accommodate the larger forms without risking that unbalance and that they are not well positioned. The carriage travel has to be light and fast.

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