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The Best Refrigerator. Offers and Prices

Refrigerator – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

The refrigerator is a home appliance absolutely indispensable for the preservation of foods. Although the choice may seem easy, actually it must take into account various parameters such as capacity, consumption, functions, cooling technology and, of course, price. If you do not know which model you choose, you can restrict your search to products recommended by us, starting with the Samsung RB29FERNDSA / ES, praised by users for its innovative cooling system “Premium No Frost”, which prevents the formation of ice on the walls internal. The Candy CFBD 2450 / 2E you definitely appreciated for the quality of materials used and for a price that does not scare.

The 8 Best Refrigerators – Ranking 2020

Which fridge choose among many sold online? This is a good question but the answer is not always as obvious as it might seem, especially because of the commercial availability of many different items, with highly variable prices based on the characteristics and performance offerings. To help you choose the model that best suits your needs we have compiled a ranking of the best refrigerators of 2020, chosen by our editorial staff based on the opinions expressed by consumers.

1. Samsung RB29FERNDSA / ES Smart Line Combined Refrigerator, 290 L

The Best Refrigerator. Offers And Prices

Among the many companies that produce refrigerators and freezers of great quality, Samsung is definitely among the most reliable in circulation, and it shows the model that ranks first on our list. In addition to a good yield constructive and at low energy consumption, due to a class of efficiency A +, the Samsung refrigerator has a capacity equal to 192 liters for the refrigerator area and other 98 for the freezer, placed in the lower part.

The system in compartments with differentiated temperature was greatly appreciated by users, because it guarantees a perfect preservation of food, while the presence of a sliding shelf has proved to be of great utility to store and track the foods in a practical and fast, without having to engineer to achieve the free corners at the bottom of the fridge.

The model also stands out for the innovative cooling technology “Premium No Frost” which, in combination the exclusive separate management system “Multi Flow”, prevents the formation of ice, so as not to be forced to continuously defrost the appliance.

Intuitive: The display located on the central part of the door allows to set the temperature according to the requirements, while the availability of different shelves and compartments makes it easier for the organization of the spaces.

Digital Inverter: An appliance very quiet and not very “thirsty” of electricity, about exclusive compressor “Samsung Digital Inverter” that guarantees a separate management of cold air flows according to the humidity level present in each shelf.

Premium No Frost: Thanks to this technology will not be necessary to defrost the refrigerator, as it maintains constant levels of temperature and humidity to prevent the formation of frost, mold and bacteria.

Doors: The doors might be a little bulky because of their slightly rounded appearance; but the real problem arises when you want to reverse, given that, according to many, it is a rather complicated, even if you follow to the letter the instructions in the manual.

Buy on (€ 419)

2. Samsung RT53K6540SL / ES Double Door Refrigerator RT6000K

The Best Refrigerator. Offers And Prices

Energy class A + and capacity of well 526 liters for the refrigerator Samsung RT53K6540SL / ES, which could be called one of the most complete and modern in its class. Being a high-end model, is definitely not the cheapest on our list, but if you do not have budget problems take home a real gem of Innovation and Technology.

Noteworthy is the system “Twin Cooling Plus”, which allows you to independently manage the temperature of the refrigerator compartment and the freezer, and the practice mode “Smart Cooling”, thanks to which it will be possible to transform the freezer in the refrigerator in the case where it was need more space for food storage.

Much appreciated by lovers of cool drinks, the dispenser for water on the center of the door, so as to have it always fresh at any time of the day. Both doors are provided with integrated handles that, in addition to ensuring a small footprint, allow easy opening and quick access to internal compartments.

The appliance also impresses with its attractive design, that certainly does not look out of place in a modern kitchen and curated aesthetically.

Versatile: The freezer compartment can be transformed in the refrigerator as needed thanks to the “Smart Cooling” function, extremely useful in case you want to increase the storage capacity of the refrigerator.

Double technology: Through the display you can activate the function “Twin Cooling Plus”, which is responsible for the cooling of food and beverages by maintaining a constant temperature, and the “Power Freeze” to freeze food quickly and effectively.

Capacity: With its total capacity of 526 liters and well intelligent organization of the interior compartments, allows to store large quantities of food, failing to meet the needs of most large families.

Price: If you are looking for an appliance offered at low prices, this is certainly not the model that is right for you; However, if you have the opportunity to increase your budget, you can buy a quality product with high performance.

Buy on (€ 764.08)

Built-in refrigerator

3. Candy CFBD 2450 / 2E Refrigerator Double Capacity Built

The Best Refrigerator. Offers And Prices

If you are looking for a great built-in refrigerator proposed at an affordable cost, your preference, in our view, should fall on this new model proposed by Candy, and if after reading our review you will be agree with us there we propose a link on where to buy the product at the best price. Its dimensions are standard and therefore compatible with most of the kitchens, but it is always advisable to look at the data sheet for not taking any chances.

Despite the affordable price, it has a considerable endowment that has nothing to envy the most expensive models, with four glass shelves fitted with antibacterial plastic edges, four internal compartments at the counter, one of which is for the bottles, and a small compartment freezer with 37 liters capacity, not great but still good enough to freeze a good number of food and dishes.

The total capacity of the refrigerator, however, is equal to 183 liters, then it is perfect for a family consisting of three / four people and thanks to the adjustable thermostat will be possible to modulate the temperature of service according to the needs.

Equipped: Often an appliance from the limited capacity fails to ensure maximum optimization of space, but this is not the case. The model, in fact, has several compartments and drawers that let you divide the food in the best possible way.

Inset: Another positive aspect highlighted by users concerns the standard sizes of the product, allowing it to be installed in a special space inside a fitted kitchen, without encountering difficulties.

quality / price ratio: Compared to other competitors articles, the refrigerator by Candy recessed proposed is a very attractive price, which is associated with a build quality that never fails.

No Frost: Many buyers said they were disappointed with the absence of a “no frost”, although it is partly offset by the “Low Frost” technology system that reduces the formation of frost on the walls. This does not mean, however, that at least once a year have to defrost your appliance.

Buy on (€ 221.97)

4. Cash FI1601 Electrolux 146L A + Refrigerator

The Best Refrigerator. Offers And Prices

Among the best selling models on the Web also deserves attention Rex Electrolux FI1601, especially for its value unbeatable quality / price. Also in this case we speak of a built-in refrigerator, but unlike the previous one, has a storage capacity of just 160 liters, for which it is suitable for singles or families not too numerous.

Despite the austere design and low cost, the appliance ensures excellent performance and provides several shelves and compartments at the side there are those made of plastic for bottles and for the eggs, while the internal ones are all made of tempered glass, with the exception for the vegetable drawer, which is constructed of plastic and is very broad.

The only flaw is that it does not have a freezer compartment, so I recommend buying who already have one and needs a compact refrigerator to be placed within their own kitchenette. A look much appreciated by users is the energy class A +, which keeps consumption low and saves on the amounts in the bill.

Dimensions: It will also be equipped with a total capacity of only 160 liters but is still the ideal solution for all those homes or offices where a conventional refrigerator would be too cumbersome.

Silent: One of the main advantages of the model FI1601 Rex Electrolux is certainly its silence, as demonstrated by the opinions expressed online by users in this regard, said they were more than happy with the purchase.

Reduced consumption: Small in size but also in consumption: the energy efficiency class A + has earned him several points in the eyes of buyers, who were able to optimize the spending bill.

Freezer: Being a model from small built-in, does not have a freezer compartment; a flaw offset in part by a price very profitable sale.

Buy on (€ 256.5)

5. Severin KS 9827 Refrigerator and Freezer, 70 W, 42 L

The Best Refrigerator. Offers And Prices

Our journey continues with another small refrigerator, that this time is being proposed by Severin, a German company that for over sixty years offering quality products at very competitive prices.

This is the case of KS 9827 model that affects one side to the robustness and good yield construction of its components, and this is not us to say it, but the comments left on the online store by users who have been able to test it, and by ‘ another to the energy class a +, which allows you to limit consumption.

Its total capacity is 42 liters, but you can also choose the larger 47-liter version. In both cases, there is a small freezer compartment 6 liters fitted with a convenient tray for ice cubes, while in the fridge space there are a grid that acts as a divider and a small lateral shelf where to place smaller products and trace quickly if necessary. The bottle, however, can accommodate up to two 2-liter bottles and leaves a space to put other small containers.

Practical: Who is looking for a small refrigerator to be placed in the office or a second home, find interesting is the model proposed by Severin, a strong price very profitable sales and an enviable manufacturing yield.

Materials: Although forming among the cheapest products in the range, has given great satisfaction to users who bought it, particularly in light of the high quality of the materials used, which have proved robust and durable.

Energy Class: The appliance belongs to the energy class A +, for which you do not risk excessive costs as a result of its use.

Freezer compartment: As reported by some buyers, the freezer compartment is unable to maintain the constant temperature in particularly hot days, and then the drinks will become cold but certainly not icy.

Buy on (€ 108,99)

6. Refrigerator Smeg FAB30RNE1

The refrigerator Smeg has earned a place in our ranking for its current design that allows positioning at any angle useful kitchen without disturbing the aesthetics, especially if placed in a modern context. Its soft lines and black finish with chrome details give personality to the surrounding furniture style, but beyond aesthetics we invite you to linger on construction materials that, in addition to being very durable and of good quality, are designed to last long and maintain unchanged the refined appearance of the appliance, so be amortized over time the initial expenditure to buy it.

The product does not shine certainly for the competitive price, but rather for the good internal organization of space and its 230 liters of total capacity. The energy class A ++ keeps consumption low and, thanks to technology “No Frost” implemented in the freezer, defrost it will not be necessary. Not only that, with the practical function “Fast Freezing”, selectable via a button on the temperature selector, it will be possible to freeze all kinds of food quickly, better preserving the flavor and properties.

Spaces: In the refrigerator are placed three adjustable glass shelves, one compartment for vegetables and two lateral balconies for bottles, while the freezer has two pull-out drawers and a separate compartment used as rapid freezing.

Fast Freezing: In addition to practical technology “No Frost”, the appliance also offers the innovative “Fast Freezing”, very useful when you need to freeze large quantities of fresh food without altearne properties.

Aesthetics: For lovers of vintage style, the original design of Smeg fridge could be an excellent solution to complete with a touch of style to your kitchen.

Price exorbitant: Being an object of design, it should not surprise its cost exorbitant to say the least, but then that’s the price we pay for a quality product and high visual impact.

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Whirlpool Refrigerator

7. Whirlpool BLFV 8121 W 338L A + Refrigerator with Freezer

You are looking for a large free standing model, functional and also proposed at an affordable price? Then the Whirlpool refrigerator BLFV 8121 W is the right solution for you. This can be entered in any context without disturbing the circumstances and style, thanks to reversible doors and retractable handles, find him the right location will be a breeze, it is important to take into account the overall size of the appliance, which with its 190 centimeters in height may be higher than the average.

This feature, if one side could make it difficult to positioning the other hand offers a considerable space where to place food and drink, reaching a total capacity of 338 liters.

In this model we are implemented all the best technologies patented by Whirlpool, including the famous “Sixth Sense”, which allows you freeze food quickly and effectively; and the “Less Frost” system which, through an innovative system of evaporation of the water particles contained in foods, prevents the accumulation of ice on the sidewalls and on the top.

Technology “Sixth Sense”: Thanks to the sensors the appliance is able to continuously monitor the internal temperature, so as to keep it always constant in order to preserve the freshness of the food longer.

Equipped: Inside the refrigerator, there are six tempered glass shelves, three of which are removable and repositionable depending on the needs. It is missing the drawer for vegetables and four side balconies where to place drinks and bottles.

Quality / Price: The quality of the materials was judged excellent by most buyers, a judgment that comes not only from the good performance demonstrated constructive but also from a sales price that is unbelievable.

Bulky: Among the few defects Whirlpool refrigerator BLFV 8121 W, what is most worrying is its excessive encumbrance, a defect in which the company has tried to remedy with the provision of a door flush and retractable handles.

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8. RCNA320E30P Beko Fridges 287 Liters

Who is usually compare prices in online sales models will have noticed how the membership energy class represents one of the main factors affecting the final cost of the appliance. If the refrigerator Beko RCNA320E30P, which closes our review, the rule finds its famous exception, as compared with an energy class A ++, the selling price is still accessible, thus resulting in a significant initial savings but also the next.

The model has the cooling technology “No Frost Dual Cooling” with two separate systems that maintain a high level of humidity in the refrigerator compartment and at the same time make the environment of the freezer dry, icy and free of frost.

In this appliance, the freezer is positioned at the bottom and has a total capacity equal to slightly more than 100 liters, while the refrigerator has a capacity of 187 liters, the all condensed in a total space of 185 x 60 x 60 centimeters. The only complaint raised by users concerns the excessive noise of the fans, causing many troubles during the night.

Technology: The refrigerator Beko exploits a rather advanced cooling technology, which joins the “No-Frost” function that prevents the formation of frost in the freezer.

Energy consumption: Worthy of praise is also the energy efficiency class, reaching the A ++, provides good performance while consuming as little as possible.

Spacious: The storage capacity, compared with a very attractive price, is truly remarkable; in fact, it is about 287 liters which, in practical terms, translates into more space to store large quantities of food.

Noisy: Many buyers have shown in their reviews that the appliance has the disadvantage of being rather noisy when they come into operation the fans.

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Nowadays it is unthinkable not to have a refrigerator in the house, the availability of which is revealed is absolutely essential to preserve foods longer is to keep water and other drinks cool during the warmer periods of the year.

On the market you can find models of all types and sizes, but to determine what to buy a refrigerator must carefully evaluate the features, so be sure to invest well their money.

However, if we were to list all the things to consider before buying the best refrigerator for your needs, a single guide would not be enough to describe them all, so we will try to focus on the main ones.

Capacity and dimensions

The first element to deepen regards the capacity and the size of the appliance, two characteristics that will be evaluated taking into account also the available space in the kitchen. Refrigerators, in fact, have quite different measures which should be proportional to the number of inhabitants of the house. This is because too large a model called to meet the needs of a family of just two / three persons in danger of becoming a waste of space and energy, while a very small appliance may not be enough to contain a certain amount of food.

To understand, therefore, how to choose a good refrigerator more than the size must consider the ability of the model, typically expressed in liters. In general, the capacity factor should push a person living alone to buy a model that can hold 100 to 150 gallons, while a family of four or more people will focus on an article with a capacity from 200 liters to to go up. If, then, you do not have space problems and you want to have an appliance even bigger and large, you can consider purchasing an American refrigerator.

Different, however, the case in which there is a need to purchase a built-in model: the choice will be weighted more carefully taking into account the compartment measures that will host it, but in this case we must come to terms about the lack of specific features and accessories, which will certainly not comparable to those of an oversized model or combined.

Always taking into account the available space, it is possible to prefer a single-door model or equipped with two or more branches. The preference, however, will affect, as well as on the capacity of the appliance, even on its cooling capacity: for example, refrigerators with a single door, generally of small size, do not have compartments capable of reaching low temperatures, whereby They will be the ideal choice for those who usually buy and consume on a frequent fresh foods that do not require a long period of storage.

About compare prices and features of the best brand models in circulation, you know that with the same size and capacity you can have different impacts on energy consumption. Needless to say, to fulfill its task, the appliance must remain always on, so it is critical to base their choice even on the energy rating.

The best in terms of consumption are those that belong to class A +++: for the purchase must face a considerable initial expense, but it is still an investment that will pay off in time with a significant saving on the amounts in the bill.

However, the energy efficiency of the appliance also depends on its overall capacity and by the materials used for its realization, and it is clear that the use of plastics and good quality components, as well as offering greater guarantees of resistance and durability, will allow a lower energy expenditure.

From the comparison of the best deals available in the market, it is easy to see how each model differs significantly from one another, and not just with regard to the design and size, but also about the ancillary capabilities.

Without going into too much speech, we start by making a distinction between the refrigerators with ventilated cooling and those “No-Frost”: the former are very similar to the static models, but most have a fan that takes care to evenly distribute the cold air inside the refrigerator compartment, so as to ensure an optimal preservation of food; the latter, however, take advantage of a particular cooling mechanism that prevents the formation of frost, mainly due to the freezing of the water vapor generated from the food or from temperature changes resulting from the opening of the door.

The best performing models are also equipped with an external display that allows you to adjust the various settings without opening the refrigerator, and sound indicators that warn when the door has not been closed properly or in the case where the internal temperature so increases excessive.

As for the accessories, provided they can find many, but while some are essential, as the drawer for fruits and vegetables and side balconies for drinks, others are complementary and so at your own risk: the case dispenser for fresh or instant beverage machine water to the ice. Obviously, this is extra small that you may decide to do without the prospect of saving on the initial expense.

How much power a refrigerator?

Being an appliance that must remain in operation around the clock, doubts concerning its energy consumption are quite frequent: many are limited to put in place the necessary conditions to determine a reduced energy consumption, while others want to know exactly the correct correspondence between the wattage and the amounts in the bill.

In fact, accurately convert the energy consumption in actual costs is not always mathematician, since come into play several factors, such as the ability of the model, the energy class of membership and the frequency with which the appliance door is opened. In principle, we could say that in order to calculate the annual consumption of its own refrigerator simply multiply the kWh for the hourly rate applied by the electricity supplier.

How does a refrigerator?

The principle of operation of the refrigerators is based on the Joule Thomson expansion theory of fluids, according to which a fluid, in crossing a thermostatic expansion valve cools to remove the heat in a particular environment.

In the case of the refrigerator, the refrigerant passes through a condenser, which compresses it and pushes it into a coil connected to an evaporator, so as to cause it to evaporate. With the evaporation will be dissipated as a consequence the heat inside the compartment, so that it becomes cooler than outside.

How to fix a refrigerator that does not cool?

The reasons why a refrigerator is not cooling can be different and that is why we find the right solution to the problem is not always easy. In some cases just to defrost the appliance or replace a worn seal, while in others it will be necessary to replace one or more components, such as the thermostat, the electronic board or the resistance.

In any case, before disassembling the damaged parts and replace them, it is good to turn off the power to work in safety. In the event that the taste relates to the resistance, the operation could be more complex, since it must extract the appliance from the respective compartment to reach the component, located generally on the rear side.

How does the thermostat of the refrigerator?

The refrigerator temperature can be adjusted at will by means of a selector, which may be manual or electronic. Once you have chosen the ideal temperature, the thermostat will be kept always constant by sending a pulse to the engine and its cooling system. On the knob, in general, are present the numbers from one to five and logic to follow is that at a lower position corresponds to a less cold temperature.

How to clean the refrigerator?

Clean the refrigerator with an operation frequency is absolutely essential to ensure a good level of hygiene and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Before you do, though, you’ll have to empty it completely and place a cloth or a towel at the bottom to collect water.

Once prepared the whole, started to clean the surfaces and the shelves – which can also be removed for a more thorough washing – using water diluted with vinegar or baking soda. You can also use specific detergents, but as long as they are not aggressive or too fragrant, otherwise your food will detergent for several days.

Absolutely essential in our homes to keep as long as food and keep drinks cool, the refrigerator is a household appliance declined in many different versions: portable, with two or more ports, combined American, with dispenser for water … so there is one to meet every need.

Of course, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how you use it, but it is good to take some precautions that will help you not only to optimize space, but also to considerably lower energy consumption.

Adjust the right temperature

The temperature setting is an aspect often overlooked by the majority of users, but that turns out vitally important for perfect food storage and a long life to the appliance. To set it correctly you must learn to use the thermostat, which is nothing more than a small knob located generally within the refrigerator, except in cases where you have an electronically controlled model, in which case it will be enough to refer to its display.

On the thermostat are present from one to five of the numbers that correspond to a specific temperature (the one indicates the highest and five lowest) and, since it also acts as a switch, positioning it on the zero you will turn the appliance off . The operation of the switch is very simple: when a given value is selected, the thermostat sends a signal to the motor that will take care to keep the internal temperature constant and, in the case in which occurs a sudden change, for example when the door is opened for a long time, the sensor will report to the compressor so that he may change to an immediate refrigeration as not to cause abrupt temperature drops.

But what is the ideal temperature? The answer is not as obvious as it may seem, and often depends on your needs and the time of year when you are. In addition, it must also consider that every food needs at a specific temperature to be stored correctly, so it is also important to know where to position them.

Where to place food

The food inside the refrigerator are arranged with care and do not overdo it. In the central part of the appliance are present of the shelves on which to place the foods that require an average cold temperature, typically between 4 ° and 5 ° C. Dairy products, eggs and easily perishable foods must be arranged in this specific sector, while fruits and vegetables will be placed in the appropriate drawers placed in the lower part of the refrigerator, where the temperature is slightly higher, between 6 and 7 ° C.

There are, then, of foods, such as meat and fish, which require lower storage temperatures, between 0 ° and 1 ° C, and if the appliance does not have a special drawer, generally located immediately below that of the vegetables, it is good to place them near the bottom, always keeping in mind that the fish will be kept for a maximum of one day as the meat should not exceed three days.

The side shelves, however, are less cold areas of the refrigerator, so they are perfect for drinks and for all those foods that do not need to particularly low temperatures. Finally, remember not to fill it too, although there is plenty of space to exploit, otherwise the air does not circulate optimally and food goes bad early.

The importance of maintenance

Our last advice relates to the maintenance of the appliance, which should be done at least once a year to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions.

In addition to a periodic cleaning of the door seals, it is also good to provide for the maintenance of the coil placed on the back, which is typically the most subject to wear component and rust.

A good maintenance of the refrigerator, however, alone is not sufficient to enable efficient operation and durable, but it must take care of it with a certain frequency by performing a regular cleaning of the compartments and defrosting the occasionally walls, unless you have a “no frost” model.