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The Best Recessed oven. Offers and prices

Oven Recessed – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

Kitchens-respecting must have some absolutely indispensable appliances for those who want to try their hand in the kitchen to make gourmet dishes: some are freestanding, meaning they can be freely installed, others are “flush”, as they are designed to be inserted within a specific piece of furniture. Although in recent times new cooking technologies are widespread that combine the design perfection and performance, built-in ovens they remain the most popular and appreciated by consumers, because you can prepararare many different recipes in no time and with minimal effort. To ensure you make the right purchase, however, it is important to carefully study the characteristics of the product and, to make you the easiest task, we have selected and reviewed for you the best built-in models available in the market. Comparing have emerged in particular two articles that you should consider: Candy FCP602X with its simple design but innovative adds a touch of style to any interior, while the A + energy class allows considerable savings in electricity bills consumption; the Bosch HBG635BS1J, however, has struck us for the remarkable 71 liters capacity and the nominal power of 2,800 watts, making it a great choice for those seeking a functional appliance, intuitive and efficient.

The 8 Best Recessed ovens – Ranking 2020

Whether you are looking for a convection model, gas or ventilated, below you can read our ranking of the best built-in ovens of 2020, the result of a careful comparison of the most attractive offers of the moment, which also takes account of the opinions expressed online by users. If, then, you want to know where to buy the appliance of interest, after each review you will find a helpful hint about it.

Built-in oven ventilated by

1. Candy FCP602X Oven Electric Recessed Ventilated

The Best Recessed Oven. Offers And Prices

It is impossible to live in a kitchen without an oven used for baking specific food. Candy knows this and that is why today we propose a ventilated oven built at a very attractive cost. At this point the question arises: But low prices are not always indicative of a poor quality? The answer is yes, but not in this case.

The Candy FCP602X, in fact, becomes stronger than a constructive yield that has left without words even the most demanding users, which is associated with the provision of a XL fan capable of ensuring a uniform baking on several levels to prepare large quantities of food with a considerable saving of time and effort.

In addition to reducing the cooking time, the ventilated mode is perfect for all those foods that should have a delicious crust on the surface and the inside soft, although it is not very suitable for yeast-based preparations, which require a delicate cooking and less aggressive.

Ventilation: The oven ventilated recessed Candy brand is able to cook up to three dishes at a time, about an efficient fan that is able to distribute the heat in a uniform manner and with a capacity equal to 65 liters.

Quality / Price: Compared with other models sold online, this is one of the cheapest; however, the advantageous cost has not affected minimally on good overall quality and energy efficiency of the appliance.

Grill: The appliance is equipped with a powerful grill that allows au gratin and grilling foods with results worthy of a master chef.

Functions and display: A disappointing buyers was the availability of a few functions and the absence of a digital display that would have made the most simple and intuitive use.

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Bosch Built in oven

2. Bosch HBG635BS1J Electric Oven 71 L

The Best Recessed Oven. Offers And Prices

The oven by Bosch recessed primarily affects for its innovative design and chrome coating resistant to heat, so perfect for those seeking an efficient and functional appliance, but also aesthetically pleasing. The electrical resistors, placed on the top and bottom of the inner chamber, allow the oven to heat up in a short time and to cook the food by radiation, while selecting the ventilated mode you can obtain a more homogeneous cooking of the food.

It can reach a maximum temperature of 300 ° C and has ten functions to customize the operation according to necessity. Not only that, thanks to the digital display you can select the ideal cooking program, set the power of the oven and set the length of the training. In addition, it automatically turns off after completion of the cooking, so as to avoid dangerous overheating and to ensure at the same time a considerable energy saving, also boosted by the energy efficiency class A +.

In short, a high-performance and highly reliable appliance, which we would like to advise those who love to dabble in cooking but has at the same time a good starting budget, since its main weakness is the high cost, which could to deter someone from ‘ purchase.

Capacity: The oven Bosch has satisfied most of the buyers for its numerous functions and capacity of as many as 71 liters, thus making it a great choice for families or however for those who are used to cook large portions.

Energy consumption: With its energy class A +, which also combines the practical Eco mode minimizes current expenditure, so be amortized over time in expenditure to purchase it.

Design: Easy to install and clean, pleasing aesthetic features and excellent build quality. Considering all these benefits and the reliability of the brand that produces it is not surprising that it is proposed at such a high price.

Knob: The central control to access the main menu and the basic functions does not seem very responsive, so you need to take your hand to be able to use it well.

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Oven Ariston built

3. Hotpoint-Ariston FA4S 544 IX HA Oven

The Best Recessed Oven. Offers And Prices

A power of 2,700 watts for a domestic appliance which aims to save energy, with an energy efficiency class A and a conspicuous providing accessory functions that are proposed to optimize the work in the kitchen. Also good capacity: 71 liters available, condensed into a space equal to 60 x 55 x 59.5 cm, offers quite a wide area to prepare several dishes simultaneously, provided of course the use of the ventilated mode.

On the front there is a digital display, very large and well visible, with which to set the timing and cooking options, from the classic ones until the innovative steam function, which adds a good percentage of moisture to the hot air generated by the resistances to improve the cooking of food, which will become more healthy and tasty.

If you are thinking to buy a home appliance like that you will have to shell out an exorbitant amount, we invite you to take a look at the final cost of the item by clicking on the link below, you may be pleasantly surprised by the incredible price / quality fielded by ‘company.

Capacity: In many said they enjoyed the capacity of 71 liters of the oven Ariston built, which in practical terms translates into a greater space where cooking large portions of food or more dishes at the same time.

Steaming: The healthy food lovers will surely appreciate the innovative steam cooking function, ideal for preserving all the nutritional properties of foods and get results nothing short of perfect.

Versatile: The goodness of the specifications offered by the product combines a good overall power of about 2,700 watts, different modes of customizable cooking, with the added benefit of keeping warm the food if you do not want to consume it immediately.

Weight: Dimensions are standard, so suited to most kitchens, while a cause for some concern was the excessive weight of the model, which could make its installation more difficult.

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Whirlpool built-in oven

4. Whirlpool Europe Dynamic Line 6 Pastry Oven

The Best Recessed Oven. Offers And Prices

Among the best-selling home appliances of the moment that have a more than satisfactory quality / price ratio are also built-in oven Whirlpool Europe Dynamic, characterized by a basic and well cared for in detail, which was greatly appreciated by the majority of users who He has chosen.

Beyond the design, available among others in two colors, the model has a capacity of 66 liters, so it is ideal to meet the needs of a medium-sized family. It is able to cook different foods at the same time thanks to the convection mode, easily manageable via one of three knobs placed side, which serve respectively to set the temperature, the timer and the type of cooking.

It is, therefore, an appliance very intuitive and simple to use, so we recommend it as the first model home or at least for those who will use it on a frequent basis. Included in the price you are also a grill, a drip pan and, if they were not enough to satisfy your culinary flair, the company offers its customers the opportunity to purchase more separately.

Ventilation: The model proposed by Whirlpool uses an efficient ventilation system to facilitate uniform distribution of heat on foods and offers the great advantage of being able to cook more than one dish at a time with excellent results.

Intuitive: In general, the availability of a few functions could be seen as a flaw, but that’s not the case, since it results in a practical and intuitive use for all those users who do not have much experience in the kitchen.

Equipped: The price / quality ratio is excellent and if to this we add the provision of useful accessories, such as the grid and the baking tray, we can only strongly recommend their purchase.

Automatic Shutdown: Since the cost is clear that you can not have too many claims; However, many buyers could not help but point out the lack of an auto-off feature, which would allow greater savings on energy consumption.

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Smeg Oven

5. Smeg SF561X Electric Oven 61L A Stainless Steel

The Best Recessed Oven. Offers And Prices

Here’s another appliance that is characterized by its attractive design and a selling price after all beneficial. Unlike the previous model, however, the built-in oven Smeg offers superior performance – as easy to deduce from the slightly higher cost – and a capacity of around 72 liters which makes it suitable to meet the needs of a family composed of four or more people.

It features nine functions, including the innovative “Vapor Clean”, which uses a powerful jet of steam to melt the fat and fouling from the inner surfaces, so as to simplify cleaning operations. Its use is practical and safe thanks to the auto-off feature, which combines an audible indicator to alert you when cooking is finished.

Good comments also about the quality of the materials, which affect both the excellent resistance demonstrated both for the choice to equip the door of a triple Stopsol glass mirror effect that, in addition to giving a very pleasing appearance to the oven, facilitates cleaning and provides greater robustness in the event of accidental knocks.

Programs: There are nine, and all designed to ensure an intuitive and dynamic use of the appliance. This is the case of the auto-off feature, which allows you to set the cooking time without having to worry about constantly control the situation, and “Vapor Clean” mode, useful for optimizing the cleaning operations.

Aesthetics: Not only is constructed with sturdy and durable materials, but also has a futuristic design that will increase the value of the style of cooking.

The ideal cooking: You can choose the best among the eight cooking system available, in order to prepare any kind of recipe with good results.

You have to take your hand: The presence of many advanced features requires a bit ‘of time and practice to be able to take advantage of the full potential of the oven.

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6. Electrolux FR53R Electric Oven 70 L 2780 W

More than an appliance, the built-in oven Rex Electrolux FR53R it is a real piece of furniture. Its antique finish and the gold-colored details are a real feast for the eyes and add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen more.

Measuring 55.8 x 54.8 x 57.3 cm, and is perfect for those who seek a compact model to be placed in a small space. The contained dimensions, however, are not going to affect the performance of the appliance, which is valid both in terms of energy, with an energy efficiency class A, both in terms of practicality, since it offers a remarkable capacity of 70 liters.

A disappointing to users is the availability of only five functions, but at least those present have proved absolutely necessary to obtain the desired results: as the “pizza” function, using a refractory plate at the bottom, bakes pizzas and focaccia in only four minutes; or “Aqua Cleaning”, which aims to clean the inner walls exploiting the power of steam.

Refined: It presents a very sophisticated design that makes it suitable to complete a major furniture, such as the kitchens in masonry or wood; all, however, without giving up well-made materials.

Functions: The available programs are not many, but there are two in particular that have impressed buyers, namely: the “pizza” function, which is fine for all products from leavened baked, and the “Aqua Cleaning”, excellent for those who do not want to devote much time to clean the oven.

Price: In our view, the model proposed by Rex is not only efficient and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also offered at a price that is unbelievable.

Measurements: According to some the size of the model, amounting to 55.8 x 54.8 x 57.3 cm, do not correspond to those standards; then you should check the measurements carefully before deciding.

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by gas Built-in oven

7. Electrolux FR13GG, Oven Natural Gas, Electric Grill

A buying guide that respects must take into account the needs of all users, including the slice that seeks specifically a gas built-in oven. So today we propose the Rex Electrolux FR13GG, slightly larger than the previous model, but features the same distinct and sophisticated design.

Although it is a gas model, it has an electric grill and a tangential cooling ventilation system, that make it more versatile and efficient use. Providing a set of remarkable accessories, which includes a tray, a grid, a sheet for sweets and a rotisserie, also it has a timer, adjustable up to a maximum of sixty minutes, and an effective security system that provides to stop immediately the fuel supply in the event of accidental extinction of the flame or of a malfunction.

The only complaint raised by users of the appliance covers the cost, compared to other competing products, is slightly higher, although justified by the good performance offered.

InfiSpace: The cooking chamber cooks to perfection also two or more dishes at a time, being able to distribute the heat evenly.

Good ability: It can count on a 69 liter capacity, allowing you to prepare delicious recipes to enjoy with the whole family and any guests visiting.

Security: The electronic ignition solves all the drawbacks connected with the operation of the furnace, and thanks to the “Sicurgas” security system will not be raced dangers of any kind.

Heating rate: According to users, the appliance takes a long time to reach the ideal temperature, but it should not be surprising given that it is a built-in oven by gas.

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from self-cleaning Built in oven

8. Whirlpool Europe AKZM 8660 IX Oven Electric Recessed

The product that ends our festival is the self-cleaning oven built Whirlpool signed. But what does “self-cleaning” and what are the advantages? The pyrolytic model in question, through the function “Star Clean”, is able to quickly reach a very high temperature, of about 500 ° C, to eliminate all scales and food residues that remain on the inner surfaces at the end of cooking . Once the cleaning cycle is finished, just use a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt and voila: your oven is clean and ready to face another culinary challenge!

But the benefits are not limited to cleaning: thanks to the innovative “Sixth Sense”, patented by Whirlpool, simply set one of the many available programs and the appliance will automatically adjust the temperature and cooking times are ideal to get flawless results . Not only that, using the practice “Cook 3” function you can cook up to three different dishes simultaneously, without the risk that the mixing of aromas.

Self-cleaning: The oven of Whirlpool pyrolytic exploits the innovative “Star Clean” function to reduce to ashes all food residues and incrustations through a high-temperature cycle, so as to substantially optimize the cleaning operations.

Function “Cook 3”: Allows you to cook up to three different dishes at the same time without compromising in any way the end result, as it smells and flavors will not mix with each other.

Technology “Sixth Sense”: The model has different pre-set functions, so once you have selected the desired program automatically adjust oven temperature and ideal cooking time.

Price: The only problem with this appliance is linked to the price, which requires a major investment that not everyone is willing to face, though still worth every penny.

Buy on (€ 483.37)

It’s time to buy a new built-in oven, but do not know which one to choose? No problem, because in our guide you will find all the information you need to identify the best brand out there. Given, however, that we are talking of an average-priced item, it should proceed with caution and compare prices and features of the various models available on the market, so you can easily find the product that best suits your needs.

In fact, large companies offer different types of built-in ovens and the choice should not only take account of the best quality / price, but we must consider the intended use of the product and the features available, even through energy consumption, the size and capacity, expressed in liters.

The oven is an appliance that can not miss in a kitchen, since it allows to prepare many different recipes with a considerable saving of time and effort.

Since the market is spoiled for choice, a first search strategy must be based on the type of power supply, which can be electric or gas.

Electric models are the most widespread on the market and, as easy to guess, operate using electricity, so it will be necessary to place the appliance in the vicinity of a power outlet. Another feature to consider carefully are the available functions, and in this regard the electric furnace may provide two modes of heat transfer: the convection and the forced ventilation, but it is not difficult to find combined models that have multiple cooking options .

In the case of forced ventilation ovens, the heat is distributed in a uniform manner by one or more turbines arranged, generally, the sides or on the bottom of the appliance; while in those with a convention it is generated by two electric resistances, for use in alternately or simultaneously.

Many products, then, have the “grill” mode, which is particularly useful to brown the vegetables and prepare delicious roasts, and it may combine with one of two types of cooking above. There are, then, the real discoveries of technology that provide more innovative features, such as steam or microwave, but it is clear that in these cases the amount to be invested will be more important.

Consumption and energy efficiency

Another suggestion we feel we can give is to evaluate, in the face of sophisticated features, the power consumption of the appliance. In this regard, it is worth considering not only the class of furnace efficiency (usually on the label), but also its intended use.

If you plan to use it only occasionally, you can bet on a gas model, or on a by higher consumption, but offered at low prices, but if your intention is to make intensive use is always better to invest a little more to ensure a good efficiency energy, so be amortized over time the initial expense.

Again with regard to in the bill consumption, we should remember that the ventilated electric ovens, as compared to static ones, offer a greater savings in energy terms since the fans, thanks to a uniform heat diffusion, they absorb a smaller amount of energy to reach the ideal temperature , providing the additional benefit of being able to cook more dishes simultaneously with a considerable saving of time and money.

At this point it’s pretty clear how to choose a good built-in oven depends mainly on the type of use you are going to make it and, in this regard, another factor to consider carefully are the integrated functions to the model. The availability of one or more cooking options, in fact, is closely linked to the needs of the user, although it should be pointed out that the presence of additional functions will inevitably affect the final price of the product.

From here it is easy to see that the most expensive and high-performance model of the square will be equipped with cutting-edge technologies that will adapt the operation to the type of preparation, while a cheaper one is clear that it will offer only basic functions.

These include the regulation of the temperature through the thermostat and timer, absolutely essential to set the cooking time of the foods and which is often associated with the delayed start option, which allows you to decide the time of the furnace power to find the meal ready for his return home.

Other additional features are: automatic shutdown, great in order to obtain a further saving on energy consumption and avoid unpleasant accidents, the rapid heating which, as the term suggests, allows to reach the ideal temperature in a short time (usually it takes five minutes to reach 180 ° C), and the self-cleaning function, which proposes to eliminate the fat deposits and dirt from the interior surfaces using a high temperature cycle or a powerful jet of steam.

How much power an electric built-in oven?

The energy consumption of a furnace is certainly the factor to evaluate more carefully at time of purchase. The built-in models that provide a greater savings in the bill are those gas and those to convention, as they maintain a minimum temperature during cooking, while the electric ovens are, for obvious reasons, more expensive but also more versatile.

In principle, these appliances have a variable consumption, in the sense that they tend to absorb more energy in the initial stage of heating. In practice, by setting the oven at 180 ° C there will be a power consumption equal to 1,000 Wh in the first thirty minutes, but once it reaches the ideal temperature will settle on 800 Wh, decreasing gradually that the access will take place.

If, then, using the ventilated function you can save about 1/3 on electricity consumption, given that it will significantly reduce the cooking time of the food with a more uniform heat diffusion.

How to dismantle an electric built-in oven?

To replace or repair a built-in oven, the first thing to do is to remove it from its housing. The procedure is quite simple but you must obtain all the necessary tools, such as an electric or unscrewing a set of screwdrivers.

Before you proceed, remember to disconnect the power supply and remove all accessories from the oven. At this point, identified the screws that secure the appliance to the mobile frame of your kitchen and started to unscrew it with caution. A loose once the grip, you can just grab the upper part of the structure with both hands to pull it out from the compartment and disconnect the power outlet.

How to install a built-in oven?

Even installation is quite easy and can be performed easily even by those without much experience with DIY. We see, then, how to proceed: after mounting the plug on the power cord (better to prefer those of flattened shape so as to have more space at the rear), positioned in the oven compartment.

It is important that the appliance have a good aeration, therefore we recommend placing it or on an open support on the front, or to insert two wooden dowels that guarantee a good air recirculation on the bottom. At this point, you can fix the screws into the holes arranged on the frame to secure the appliance to the cabinet panels. Good job!

How heavy is a built-in oven?

The weight of a recessed hole mainly depends on its overall measurements, which generally are standard to adapt to special compartments present in the modular kitchens. In addition to the two traditional measures, amounting to 60 and 90 centimeters, there exists a third recently introduced in conjunction with the diffusion of new furnaces by 45 cm, which are ideal for those who have a limited space.

Returning to the weight, in principle may oscillate between 16 and 30 kg, but as already mentioned the appliance depends on the size and materials used for its construction.

Once established as a built-in oven buy and after having to install it correctly, you can pick any cooking using your new purchase. Before proceeding, however, we must consider that each model is different, so we advise you to always give a rushed to the instruction manual to figure out how and when to use various functions.

To achieve the desired results, in addition to knowing the characteristics and methods of cooking from the appliance offers, you have to take some small steps needed to utilize their full potential. For example, before inserting the food it is good to turn it on ten minutes before, and if the model does not have the fan mode we suggest you place the pan in the center, so you get even cooking.

How to cook the dishes

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to cook the food in the oven as the cooking method to use. When you set the ventilated function, the turbine shall circulate the heat in a uniform and constant manner, and you can also combine the grill function. This mode is generally the most widely used because it allows a cooking faster and more efficient, as well as offering the advantage of being able to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously without mixing of odors. It is indicated, then, to cook pasta, meat, fish, vegetables and all those dishes that should be crunchy on the surface and soft inside.

With the static mode, however, they are exploited one or both of the electric resistances and cooking takes place by radiation: is usually recommended for recipes yeast-based or that need heat for proper leavening, such as bread, buns, pizzas and desserts.

Choosing the best feature

Many models available on the market offer different features to choose from, and to learn how to exploit them in the best way just a bit ‘of practice and some more attention in the early stages, just enough time to get acquainted with the appliance.

Besides the above mentioned methods of cooking, there are advanced products that allow you to customize the operation as needed. This is the case of the double oven cooking chamber, thanks to which you can set two temperatures and two different ways of cooking to cook more than one dish at a time, but separately.

Some, then, can be transformed from electric furnaces in steam ovens or microwave, while others have the practical function of thawing to defrost foods without changing the taste and texture. In short, when there are functions are spoiled for choice, so it’s up to you to decide which appliance to buy according to your culinary expectations and budgets, of course.

Where to place the oven

To choose the best built-in oven for your needs, it is important to also consider the available space in the kitchen. Typically, these appliances can be placed below the cooking surface or to a specific height, but in principle the measures are almost always standard and refer to the width, which may be 60 or 90 centimeters, except for the cases in which any shortage of space compel to buy a smaller model about 45 centimeters.

Finally, with regard to capacity, the standard built-in ovens may contain up to 50 liters, while those more compact have a maximum capacity of 45 liters; However, there are also larger and capacious models that can even exceed 65 liters.