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Every home kitchen requires a proper versatile tool to help around with kitchen tasks. And here, I am talking about the best poultry shears. You want to get the perfect ones which are reliable and efficient in finishing the job.

If you thought that a good pair of kitchen shears would just do well, then you have not seen the size of the bird you are looking up to spatchcocking. Because with larger chicken carcasses, you cannot stand the ineffectiveness of the smaller ordinary kitchen shears. It would be simply difficult to cut through the bones of such meat.

Poultry shears have been designed specifically to make your work easier. Whether you are chopping up carcasses or dicing a shrimp or splitting a chicken for dinner, you need these handy implement. The best side of these shears is that they can double up to undertake many other tasks. As long as they are somewhere in the kitchen. For example, they can cut up fish, vegetables, and herbs also.

Certainly, if you were using a knife or some other disappointing scissors, you would really regret why you’ve wasted all this time. In this guide, we are going to provide you with details about the best shears for you. So that you will have an easy time when you go shopping for a pair next time you visit the market.


Types of Poultry Shears

Basically, there are two types of poultry shears: curved blade and straight blade poultry shears.

Curved Blade Poultry Shears

The curved blade shears come with curved blades and one of the blades is straight while the other is serrated. These are good at cutting and snipping easily through your chicken or whatever meat you’re handling. They do this even on the most slippery meat – because they can sustain a firm cutting edge.

Straight Blade Poultry Shears

If you are handling thick meat or chicken, you need the straight bladed shears. They are designed with pointed blades so that they will easily pass through that bird’s skin you are preparing for the meal.


This is Why You Need a Poultry Shear

Having the right kitchen shears is a must for any professional or home cook. And this is why:

  • Easy Cutting and Snipping

It is very encouraging to work with a tool that makes your work easier. Of course, this is why they are there in the first place. The right type of poultry shears cut and snip any piece of meat and poultry as if going through a soft piece of butter.

  • Versatility

If there is a reason these shears are wanted, then it’s how they can basically do a variety of cutting tasks. Apart from slicing the meat and poultry carcasses, the shears are used for chopping bones, or vegetables (leafy and fruit) and herbs.

  • Comfortable Grip

Poultry shears provide comfort for your hands while holding them. They come with handles that allow the user to hold them without getting bored soon. Or rather getting tired. The firm grip achieved while holding these tools is what you need. This can also enhance safety.


How to Choose the Best Poultry Shears

These are the things you should look for in order to get the right poultry shears.

  • Consider the Design

The poultry shears have a unique design. You need to look for those with larger handles – they ensure that your grip is firm. Most of these tools come with the ‘pull-apart’ design, a feature that is distinct to them. This is what would separate the poultry shears from just the ordinary kitchen pair of scissors. It enables the cook to unscrew them and even use the separate blades for certain tasks.

  •  Material

The true mark of a cutting tool is demonstrated by the type of materials used on it. Look for shears made of stainless steel or high-carbon steel. These provide strength and durability for the tool. They can therefore almost cut through any type of hard bones in the kitchen. When you pick the stainless steel poultry shears, make sure you take good care of it by hand washing and drying before storage.

  • Safety

Do not overlook to examine if the poultry shear blades come with safety features. This is important! So you will be looking at such things like a lock to hold the shears during storage. A tightening mechanism (a bolt) which provides close blade alignment when cutting. Perhaps also a bone notch on one of the blades – this will hold poultry bones. Therefore as much as possible check for these safety aspects.

  • Handles

You can consider checking the handles. You will definitely need to use them for holding your shears! Check for handles which will provide your hands comfortable grip so that you don’t get fatigued easily. See if you can get a spring-assisted handle or an equivalent. And you’ll be ready to experience an easy-cutting adventure.

  • Sharpness

Your main goal is to have an affordable shear that will do its job fast and efficient. A pair of sharp poultry shears is exactly what you should consider. Especially if you want the cutting process to be smooth. Probably the question you should be asking yourself here is how easy is the process of sharpening your tool.

Top Rated Poultry Shears Of 2018


MAIRICO UltraSharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

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If you want a pair of sharp kitchen shears, you can look at the Mairico UltraSharp. These best poultry shears are high performers when it comes to doing almost all kinds of kitchen tasks.  They don’t just have the word ‘ultra’ for the sake of it, these kitchen shears are extremely sharp to ensure that cutting your chicken or meat is an effortless process. The best poultry shears are popular among many people.

These are some of the best value for your precious bucks. Talking of versatility, you will use these shears to perform a wide range of kitchen cutting chores. Plus, you can even use them for odd jobs like opening bottle tops (they come with openers), pruning your flower garden(!) and cracking nuts among others.

Who does not want to be in possession of such an instrument? They come with enviable quality – considering how they are constructed. You will notice the blades are closely and tightly aligned together to ensure that they don’t loosen up after long periods being subjected to heavy cutting tasks.

The blades are serrated to ensure that they simply slide through different levels of toughness. The Mairico Ultra Sharp Kitchen Scissors will leave you utterly satisfied for sure and motivated to do more cutting tasks. This is because the handles have been designed to be smooth to the touch, comfortable and they do not slip hence they are safe.

These poultry shears are constructed from high-quality stainless steel. Which means they do not easily corrode or rust and can last for a lifetime while performing at top levels. In summary, they are loved by many consumers who have rated them highly in terms of versatility, durability and material quality.


KitchenAid Multi-Purpose Scissors Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

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If you want the best poultry shears, you can listen to the voices of people who used them first. And for sure there is everything good said about these shears from the customer base, of course. KitchenAid Scissors come highly rated and their performance in the kitchen is just amazing. These best poultry shears have received positive ratings and reviews from past users.

That aside, these best scissors sell just about $10. Yet, they come with impeccable cutting prowess; slicing through the toughest of meats and flesh. They have stainless steel blades with micro-serrations embedded to them. This makes them really efficient in their job – you will simply love what and how they do it.

You are going to use them for a long time because of the stainless steel material, which is the corrosion resistance and does not rust. Especially when you take good care of them. These materials also ensure that the shears are strong for the fat tough meats and bones.

When it comes to enjoying your tasks, these poultry shears tool will spearhead your experience. They are designed with ergonomic handles that offer you the desired, comfortable grip that is necessary for safe cutting and scaling. The handles are also protected with a soft-grip coating great for stability.

If you want this kitchen shears to keep for extended periods of time, you will need to reduce the emphasis on cutting hard items like cardboard boxes. Otherwise, the screw can loosen up and this is not going to go well with you. This is something you can possibly look at.



Chef Remi’s Latest Kitchen Scissors

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Our third best poultry shears, this famous pair of shears in Chef Remi’s is a dream tool for any serious cook. From cutting through soft meat to butterflying a difficult hen and operating a spatchcock task on that turkey or duck, these shears are coming as a full package. They are efficient and they complete the task very quickly hence saving your time. With these best poultry shears, you will be assured of high performance.

Durability is something they are made for. The stainless steel blades of this kitchen shears have been designed to be strong, sturdy and stable and would slice through carcass or meat so easily and terrifically. These stainless steel blades also sharp to deal with nearly all levels of toughness in meats and bones.

The reason why this pair of kitchen shears makes this list of the best poultry shears is due to the fact that they are safe and comfortable to handle even the most slippery of meats and foods. This is something cooks love because slip-free cutting performance is what you want always. You can see the serrated part right between the handles. This is useful during the opening of hard-sealed bottles and also if you are planning to do some nut cracking tasks.

The handles for this brand will offer your hands comfortable good grips throughout the whole cutting session. These poultry scissors are made of plastic materials which enhance the quality of the grip. So it does not matter whether you are a right-handed or left-handed cook, get them and experience for yourself the high-performance these gadgets come with.

Like some of the other models above, Chef Remi’s is a good example of a versatile device – take it outside the kitchen and you will easily open up cardboard and trim your rose flower stems. So if the quality is your preference, these shears offer it. The risk-free, lifetime guarantee on the warranty is something special about this tool.


Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

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Wusthof is a brand so much known for excellent knife making. But with this 8-inch top-quality shears, they have rocked the kitchen life of many cooks. The shears come with a top design crafted from high-carbon stainless steel. The serrated blade edge provides a non-slipping cutting operation which ensures that the meat or skin cut is clean and also safe. It is also considered one of the best poultry shears available on the market.

The shears are sturdy and strong that cutting through tough chicken bones is precise and smooth. You will notice that they have blades that curve inwards to make a sharp point at the end – this makes them powerful butterflying and spatchcocking tools. Versatile as you expect them to be, they are able to help cut or trim your flower stems or paper and cardboard and even carpet.

Holding these shears in hands provides a balanced touch whether you are right-handed or left-handed. They are secured at the screw with a removable plastic cap that ensures that the tool lasts for long without loosening up. Very important in terms of the safety of the user. When you want to re-sharpen the Wusthof shears, just separate the blades by undoing the plastic cap at the screw (very easy).

So you can enhance the efficiency and ultimately the performance of your shears if they get blunt. The black-synthetic handles provide a solid, comfortable grip. These shears are dishwater safe but the best practice would be to hand wash and dry them thoroughly before you keep them for the next task.

Among the best poultry shears, Wusthof is not missing. It shows all the great qualities you will need for an effective cutting tool: value for money, affordable, durable, sharp, powerful cutting, serrated blade for safety, easy to clean, for both left and left-handed guys among other characteristics.


AmazonBasics Multifunction Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

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Further into this list is the AmazonBasics Kitchen Shears. Buyers have come to like these products for a number of reasons that I personally think are worth mentioning. If your kitchen is a busy one, you will need these shears for preparing your food. Or even doing other outside-kitchen tasks like opening packages, cutting wire, opening stubborn bottle caps with ease (they come with grippy teeth between the handles). If you are searching for one of the best poultry shears on the market, you should try checking out this one.

The shears also come with sharp blades that are efficient and reliable cutters. They are made of stainless steel material, which also makes them durable while doing clean cuts and trims through various meats, chicken, vegetables, bones, etc. The design can pull apart and this is a plus when it comes to a thorough cleaning of the shears.

You will be able to reach all parts during the cleaning process. You may also wish to use the individual blades to perform other tasks – they will actually serve as knives. The ergonomic handles provide you with a non-slip, firm and comfy grip for ultimate results and safe usage. Many cooking enthusiasts may, however, be unhappy with the one-year limited warranty.


UltraSharp Kitchen Shears by Artful Homemaker

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These best poultry shears by Artful Homemaker are a must-have in the kitchen. It is time-saving and ready to carry out a long list of tasks you may want to execute. Their design appeals to the eye. You are going to use these tools for cutting all kinds of meat, chicken, bones, and you will do fish scaling and vegetable cutting. Besides, it comes handy when opening plastic packages or peeling fruits. This is the kind of versatility that makes these products great.

Blades are stainless steel with sheer sharpness that makes any cut effortless and quick. And the handles have a great design that provides for non-slip grip to the user. They are comfortable both for right and left-handers. They are easy to wash, and storing them is not a problem because they come with a strong, waterproof magnetic storage case. Another good news about these shears is that they have a lifetime warranty!


WISLIFE Culinary Scissors

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The Wislife product is not only limited to kitchen chores, but it can be used outdoors and in the office. Apart from the actual meat and chicken cutting job, the shears are good at opening bottles/cans and cartons. This made it one of the best poultry shears available in recent times. The blades are tightly aligned together to ensure that they don’t loose up quickly and therefore serve you for long.

They are crafted using lightweight stainless steel hence durable and also offer a convenient day to day handling. They also feature comfortable handles for solid holding. The handles are made of non-slip rubber to effect this comfort. In short, these shears offer you value for money and you will appreciate how well they do their job.

Bottom Line

There are many, many kinds of kitchen shears on the market. You can confirm that! However, choosing the best poultry shears is the beginning of your success in your cutting kitchenware. The products above have been found to be high-performing in this industry – just see which one among those would work best for you.