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Best Plate Induction

The Best Plate Induction. Offers and Prices

Induction Plate – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

Although still uncommon, induction cooking is an increasingly popular technology in our country and the reason is to be found mainly in the numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, convenience and security. To understand it fully, we should read carefully our guide to buying, as well as find out what are the characteristics that an induction plate must necessarily possess to meet your expectations. If you do not know which one to choose a look at two products that have convinced us more of the many available on the market, starting with the Aigostar 30IAV Blackfire, a plate pointing all its cards on a basic yet well-studied in detail, and which gives top priority to the user. If, instead, look for a professional appliance, reliable and excellent performance, but without paying much attention to the price, the RGV IND2 plate Induction 3.5 KW could be for you.

The 8 Best Plates Induction – Ranking 2020

Safety, efficiency and practicality are the three keywords to choose a good induction plate that will serve as a valuable aid in the kitchen to optimize the time of preparation of the dishes. Through a comparison of the many offers available, our team was able to track down the best models on the market: read our ranking and the review that accompanies each product to quickly find one that suits you, without wasting time on extensive research.

Portable Induction Plate

1. Aigostar Blackfire 30IAV Induction Cooker 2000W

The Best Plate Induction. Offers And Prices

Did you evaluate your needs and think about buying a portable induction hob? No problem, because the product which ranks first on our list is the Aigostar 30IAV Blackfire, a model characterized by an extremely compact and also very practical to use.

Her measurements, equal to 33 x 10 x 41.5 cm, allows its easy transport without taking up too much space, so as to transform a small office room or a vacation home in a practical kitchen where you can prepare a hot meal any time of day, without resorting to the classic stove, which is not only more cumbersome but also rather dangerous.

To enrich its practicality of use a convenient digital display, through which set the various parameters, and several useful functions, such as automatic shutdown and ten different levels of temperature regulation. The main advantage is, therefore, greater efficiency, particularly with regard to reducing the time of preparation of the food, compared with a price very competitive sale which, however, does not sacrifice build quality nor safety.

Quick and efficient: Users said they were more than happy with the efficiency and speed with which the appliance reaches the ideal temperature: in this way can prepare delicious lunches with a considerable saving of time and effort.

Display: The touch screen is very easy to use and allows you to set different parameters by simply touching the buttons.

Quality / Price: If you are looking for a portable and practical induction plate with a number of functions, but do not want to spend too much, take a look at the Agostar model, which has a quality / unbeatable price.

Temperature control: According to some users, the mechanism for adjusting the heat has not proven very reliable, so you need to pay more attention if you do not want to risk burning the food.

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professional induction plate

2. RGV IND2 plate Induction 3.5 KW

The Best Plate Induction. Offers And Prices

If you value functionality and efficiency are top priorities, you’ll appreciate the features offered by the RGV IND2, which for us is the best professional induction cooker on the market. Although equipped with a single focus, it can accommodate pots and pans with a diameter of between 12 and 28 centimeters, circumscribing the heat supply only to the affected area, so as to avoid unnecessary energy losses.

It reaches a maximum temperature of 240 ° C in a short time and ensures uniform cooking of the food without danger of burning. It has a 3,500 watt total power, adjustable in eight levels of speed thanks to the touchscreen display with touch sensitive sensor.

The materials used for its construction are durable and of good quality, and this explains the reason for its cost so high. Since, however, the high price many users would enjoy greater attention to design and detail, which would definitely made the most eye-catching object in aesthetic terms.

Powerful: The power of the plate can be adjusted up to a maximum of 3,500 watts, placing itself as an ideal solution for those seeking a real help in the kitchen to prepare tasty dishes quickly and effectively.

Versatile: The availability of a single fire is definitely a defect to be taken into account, but at least the possibility to use the same plate with different diameter pots, from 12 to 28 centimeters, it makes the most versatile and flexible use.

Resistant: Just looking at it you immediately notice that the building materials are sturdy and well-made, and this makes it certainly more “tolerable” expenditure to acquire it.

Aesthetics: For what it costs surprising that the company has not decided to pay more attention to design; Therefore, we suggest to evaluate another product if you are looking for an appliance with great visual impact.

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Bosch induction plate

3. Bosch PUE611BF1, 1000 W, 1 Liter

The Best Plate Induction. Offers And Prices

Among the plans of induction cooking offered by the best brands in the industry we have selected this model proposed by Bosch, a German company leader in the world production of automotive components but has a large catalog of reliable and state of the art appliances.

The induction plate Bosch PUE611BF1J impresses with its elegant design but simple, characterized by a wide glass ceramic surface, resistant to high temperatures, where there are four burners to cook various dishes simultaneously. As all planes of induction cooking, this model also requires the use of special pots and pans, and allows to adjust the power from 200 to 3,000 watts.

The seventeen levels of regulation of heat also facilitate the cooking at low temperature, ensuring excellent results: it is possible to modulate the operating temperature from 60 to 250 ° C and, thanks to the electronic protections anti-overheating and to the timer for the automatic shutdown, not you risk burning your dinner.

The touch screen control panel is simple and intuitive, while the innovative “Child Block” offers maximum security for children.

Performing: With the proposed Bosch we moved on to a professional model able to offer much higher performance. In this case, they stand out in particular the power of 3,000 watts and the glass ceramic surface resistant to high temperatures and wear.

Temperature: Thanks to the touch screen control panel it is possible to adjust the temperature of the four plates in an autonomous way, adapting the operation to the type of preparation.

Aesthetics: It has a linear and simple design that fits perfectly in any kitchen, regardless of the style of furniture. Being a recessed floor, though, it is good to pay attention to the measures!

Price: It will also be the plate to a more innovative and efficient induction in circulation, but it requires hardly sustainable economic investment by those who have a limited budget.

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Induction Plate 2 fires

4. G3Ferrari G10047 induction cooking plate, 3500 W

The Best Plate Induction. Offers And Prices

The plate induction 2 fires G3 Ferrari has impressed us with the remarkable ease of use and for the convincing quality / price ratio, but the aspect that has been most appreciated by users is its energy efficiency even when set at maximum power.

As already mentioned, the model has two hotplates, therefore it is perfect for those who are used to prepare large quantities of food and very elaborate dishes, but the most surprising thing is that each plate can be adjusted in a completely autonomous manner: the left can be set from 500 up to a maximum of 2,000 watts with four intermediate temperatures, while the right one, which is smaller, from 500 to 1500 watts. This is possible thanks to the dual display with separate soft touch commands, which allows you to set the level of heat, the power and the cooking time in a simple and intuitive.

Moreover, it is equipped with an efficient anti-overheating system that shuts off the plate when it is not detected the presence of the pot or in the case where it is empty, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

Two fires: The product has two hotplates with different power range, and works with pots and pans with a diameter between 10 and 26 cm.

Quality and efficiency: The quality of the components and the speed with which it reaches the ideal temperature, making it a perfect ally in the kitchen.

Intuitive: The plate induction 2 fires proposed by G3Ferrari has many functions, easily programmable through the soft touch controls located on the front part of the device.

Cumbersome: The presence of two hotplates proves very useful in the kitchen, but it is also true that negatively affects the portability factor since its large size could cause many space problems.

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Induction plate 5 fires

5. Whirlpool Europe PH ACM795BA Induction Hob

The Best Plate Induction. Offers And Prices

Compared to other competing products, the induction plate 5 to mark fires Whirlpool offers numerous automatic functions that make it ideal not only for large families but also for obtaining a fast and proper cooking of the food. Thanks to the innovative technology “Sixth Sense” interface and intuitive control, simply press a button and the appliance will automatically adjust the power and the cooking times to achieve excellent results in the shortest time possible.

Lovers of healthy food will find interesting the practice of boiling function, which maintains a constant temperature to ensure a slow, even cooking of foods, preserving all nutritional properties. In addition, it allows to combine two burners on one cooking area, in order to further speed up the time for preparation and use pots and pans with a diameter of 38 centimeters.

Being, however, a built-in hob must pay attention to the measures, so that you can insert into the top of your kitchen without encountering difficulties.

Sixth Sense: A powerful and intuitive cooktop that uses special sensors to automatically adjust the temperature and cooking times according to the type of preparation.

Functions: The model offers many advanced features that can effectively optimize the work in the kitchen: the case of the boiling mode, which keeps the temperature constant, uniform, and “Flexicook” function that lets you combine two fires in one area of cooking.

Control Panel: The design of the control panel is designed to be more ergonomic and intuitive as possible, while the backlit display indicates what are the running plates, so you always know what and how many fires are active.

Expensive: Efficiency, functionality and quality can certainly not have to lower prices, even though the opinions expressed by users do not emerge online complaints whatsoever about the high cost of the article.

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Plate induction Ferrari

6. G3Ferrari G10061 plate Induction Hotplate, 2000 W

To those, however, is looking for a cheaper product but nonetheless efficient is functionally and qualitatively, we propose the induction plate G10061 Ferrari, which boasts a good compromise between overall quality and selling price.

The performances are excellent and has all the functions that a home appliance such must necessarily possess in order to optimize the work in the kitchen, and in addition can be purchased at a very favorable cost. You can adjust the power from 200 to 2,000 watts with temperature ranges from 60 to 240 ° C, while the guidelines arranged on the glass ceramic surface are able to automatically recognize the diameter of the pot, in such a way as to circumscribe the heat emission only the affected area, avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

It is provided with a small LCD display on which it is possible to display the selected parameters, so as to change the settings at any time through the built-in commands. positive reviews also on the robustness of the materials, which have proven highly resistant to high temperatures and deterioration.

Adjustable: The temperature can be adjusted from 60 to 240 ° C using the digital display with four digits and the integrated soft-touch controls.

Practical and fast: The induction plate Ferrari is the ideal choice for those who are always in a hurry and wants to reduce the time of preparation of the dishes: exploiting a maximum power of 2,000 watts is able to reach the ideal temperature in a few seconds.

Materials: Not only is constructed with sturdy and durable materials, but also aesthetically pleasing; in addition it is very compact and lightweight to fit any space requirement.

Noisy: Some users report that, when in operation, the fan of the plate emits a noise quite annoying and tends to become more intense if you increase the power.

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Siemens induction plate

7. Siemens ex675jyw1e Incasso Zone Induction Hob

Among the best induction plates Siemens could not count that this refined glass ceramic, which has a very large surface area where there are fewer than eight hotplates rectangular in shape. Thanks to the innovative “Flex Induction” system will be possible to place the pots on any plate inside the delimited area and will be able to combine two or more burners on one cooking area.

The touchscreen control system is responsive enough and allows you to set the ideal temperature or to establish the required cooking time with the practice timer function.

It is, therefore, a real technology, that also allows the programming and remote control via smartphone, using the innovative “Cook Connect System”.

The other hand, “Quick Start”, ensures a good energy saving, since it reaches the selected temperature in seconds and keeps the constant heat for even cooking and healthier.

In the face of all these specifications it is clear that the model is among the most efficient and complete the range, but inevitably also the most expensive.

Performance: Solid and well assembled, this induction hob is equipped with preset and technology functions that allow you to cook so nothing short of perfect every kind of food.

Safety and aesthetics: An innovative and functional product that Siemens, which does not lack safety devices to make its use even more secure and attractive design that lends itself to furnish with style every type of cuisine.

Cook Connect System: Allows you to control the power to set the various parameters remotely via your mobile phone, so as to optimize the time of preparation of the dishes.

High Cost: The selling price being proposed for induction plate Siemens could exceed the set spending budget for the purchase of an appliance like that.

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Induction Plate Severin

8. Severin SEV1071 plate Induction

If you got to this point have not identified the right product for you, you can opt for this induction plate Severin, which is appreciated for the price of really good sales and its ten heat registers levels. Thanks to this feature, you can modulate the service temperature from a minimum of 60 ° C up to a maximum of 240 ° C, using the handy touch control panel with digital display.

In addition to a comfortable sound timer, useful for determining the optimal cooking time of the food, it is equipped with an automatic shutoff feature that will disable the device once reached the set time, thus avoiding dangerous overheating or an excessive cooking of the food. The plate is also provided with an automatic sensor recognition of the pot, for which only activates when it detects the presence.

Of course, it is not among the most technological objects and performance in its class, but given the negligible cost and excellent build quality is worth buying it, maybe as an emergency stove or cook a hot meal outside the home.

Temperature: it can be adjusted to ten different levels, from 60 to 240 ° C, and the plate will turn on only when detect the presence of the pan sensors.

Timer: The model has a handy timer, adjustable up to 180 seconds, to set the ideal cooking time of food, and once reached the set time will turn off automatically.

Comfortable: Lightweight and extremely compact, the plate Severin induction will prove useful on several occasions: as an emergency cooker, for example, or for use as the relaxation area of ​​a kitchen office.

A fire only: The appliance has a single plate, for which you will not be able to prepare more dishes simultaneously. However, considering the attractive price of the product, we can also turn a blind eye to this.

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Having an induction plate allows to turn a any room, office or even a garden or a terrace in a practical kitchen, all you need is an electrical outlet nearby and you’re done!

Just as the eponymous hob, the heat is generated by a magnetic field that has an effect only on tools constructed with special ferromagnetic materials. But if on the one hand it will be necessary to have pots and pans specially designed for this type of cooking, on the other hand there will be no loss of heat and this allows not only to cook in a more healthy way, always maintaining a constant and uniform temperature but also to avoid the risk of burns and accidents.

In addition, they are very practical to clean and allow a considerable saving on the consumption of gas and electricity than other cooking systems that operate using electric power, such as halogens and radians.

If you are wondering how to choose a good induction plate, you will find the answer in our buying guide that not only compare prices and features of the best selling models online, but also aims to highlight aspects to consider before purchase.

As usual, to have a decisive weight in the selection is the intended use of the appliance, a factor closely related to the reasons that push you into buying a product like this. What is common to most models available on the market are the compact size and, therefore, the analysis of the features to consider before buying, play a key role in the weight and dimensions of the object.

Bestsellers devices prove, therefore, perfect for people on the go and for those who do not want to give up the convenience of cooking at any place in the house even without dell’allaccio gas, taking advantage of a more convenient and faster cooking system . In short, it is important to locate a light and easy to transport article, that little space and is able to cook food to perfection.

However, it is also true that buying a size too contained is not always the best solution, since it will have a very small cooking surface – typically with a single focus – which could prove to be inappropriate especially if you have to make recipes that call using multiple pans at the same time.

In this regard, on the market you can also find double induction plates that allow you to use two pots simultaneously and significantly reduce the time of preparation of the dishes, although they require the availability of more space.

Power and Temperature

The energy absorption of these appliances varies depending on the model, but typically have a power that settles on 2,000 watts. The plates that reach this value are perfect for preparing foods that require higher temperatures, such as fries, while models with a lower wattage are, for obvious reasons, less powerful and cheaper and fairly easy to use .

Compared to traditional electric cooktops, those induction also offer a considerable savings in the bill consumption, in addition to ensuring a more uniform and quick cooking. In this way, it also reduces the risk of burning the food, and considered that the glass ceramic surface always remains cold even if you set the maximum temperature, do not run the risk of getting burned, especially if in the house there are small children.

Not only that, you can use the device even when you are in a hurry and you need to prepare a quick meal before going out: think to boil a liter of water the induction plan takes only three minutes, compared to the ten of a traditional gas cooker.

With regard to temperature, our advice is to prefer a model to set it on different levels, so you can customize the operation according to the recipes and results to be obtained.

The availability of additional functions can greatly improve the energy efficiency and performance of the appliance, but it is a feature that greatly affects the final cost of the product, it must be evaluated according to their needs and budgets.

In addition to the selection of the temperature, adjustable in general from 30 to 200 ° C, the highest performing models are fitted with the “turbo boost” function, thanks to which it will be possible to reduce the times of some cooking food, and special security detectors that shall automatically turn off the device when removing the pan from the heat.

Another highly appreciated optional is the timer, which allows to control the various preparations by setting the cooking time necessary, after which the plate will turn off in an autonomous way.

How does the induction plate?

Since we are talking of a household appliance powered electricity, many people think that both the electricity to cook food, but the reality is quite different. The speech is plausible when it comes to electrical ceramic hobs, while cooking by induction makes use of electromagnetic fields, which activate the molecules of ferrous pots order to produce the heat necessary for cooking food.

How is a plate induction?

Typically, the induction plate is composed of a conductive coil, which is a spiral formed by copper wires, around which passes an alternating electrical current that generates a magnetic field. The latter, by reacting with the ferrous molecules of pots and pans, produces an electromotive force that causes the heating of the material of which they are composed, with the consequent dissipation of energy in the form of heat.

How much power a plate induction?

Before determining which induction plate buy, it is good that you are aware of the fact that the use of the device will have a considerable impact on energy expenditure in the bill. Most of the products available on the market, including the best brand, generate absorption peaks which could even exceed 5 kW / h, while a cheaper model could also push the 7 kWh.

However, it is true that an induction plate consumes less than traditional cooking systems halogens or radians, and offers a considerable reduction in the time of preparation of the dishes. To ensure a further savings in the bill, we should prefer the latest generation of products characterized by an increased energy efficiency.

How to clean the induction plate?

If you are among those who hate to spend hours and hours to rub the hob to remove food residue and dirt, surely you will love the induction plates which, thanks to the ceramic coating and the absence of grids and knobs are very practical to wash.

In addition, you can clean even when it is in operation without the danger of being scalded, since the surface always remains cold. However, to avoid damaging the finish, you will have to take certain precautions, such as to avoid abrasive products and use a microfiber cloth with a drop of detergent for dishes.

If, despite these precautions persist spots and stains difficult to remove, you can try to eliminate them with a special detergent designed specifically for cleaning the glass-ceramic: these products, in addition to associate a good degreasing efficiency at a low aggression, even a protective effect to protect the surface from scratches.

Which pans are suitable for cooking with induction plate?

To cook with an induction plate is not possible to use the same pots and pans that are generally used for gas cookers, because they must be made with a special ferromagnetic material capable of activating the conductive coil.

If you are wondering where to buy these tools, the answer you can find in the hardware store on the corner or one of the many online store,, careful to always check the product is compatible with induction cooking system.

Cooking is one of the main passions of the Italians, strengthened by a very old culinary tradition that has made today the Italian cuisine one of the most appreciated in the world. The difference, however, are also cooking methods and tools used, so much so that today you can do very well without the traditional gas or methane. A system that is slowly becoming more commonplace in our country towards the use of induction hobs, an innovative technology that combines electricity to a magnetic field to transfer the heat thus generated directly to the cookware.

Choosing the best induction plate for their own needs is a good starting point, but in order to obtain the maximum yield during the preparations is also crucial to know how to best use exploiting all its potential.

The advantages of induction cooking

Observing a plate carefully induction, the first thing that catches the eye is its smooth and homogeneous surface: you will find no nozzle, grill or stove, and once lit will not produce any flame. But the aspect that is most surprising is that the floor remains cold even when the machine is in operation or is set at maximum power. This is because the heat produced is transferred directly to the pot without overheating the surface, for which there will be no unnecessary heat dispersions and the temperature will remain uniform and constant throughout the cooking process.

Having a good induction plate has other advantages: first, you will not need a connection to city gas, which means that you can use the plate at any time and in any place as long as there is a nearby electrical outlet, not to mention the that you no longer have to worry about the dangers of the supply of the fuel.

Many models, then, have an innovative design and attention to detail, so you can place them on any useful shelf of your kitchen without disturbing the surrounding furnishing style.

And what about cleaning? They are very practical and easy to clean and will not have to stand there for hours to remove grills and stoves to remove dirt and deposits from the most hidden corners. With an induction plate, moreover, the cooking times are significantly reduced, as well as energy consumption: the temperature is perfectly uniform and the risk of burning the food is practically a minimum, in addition to allowing a considerable saving of electricity when compared to other cooking methods that take advantage of the electric current, such as halogens and radiant systems.

Which pots to use

At this point it seems clear that the use of a good induction plate offers many advantages, especially in terms of safety and practicality. However, to exploit the full potential you must have the right tools, because you can not take advantage of those that typically are used for cooking on the gas stove or on common plans electric hobs.

In this regard, one must keep in mind that not all pans are suitable for this type of cooking, but only those with ferrous bottom: they can be made of steel or cast iron, but the important thing is that they have special magnets capable of activate the induction generated by the electromagnetic field. To be sure not to make mistakes, we suggest you check on the box has this symbol indicates that the product complies with the cooking system.

We want to finish our overview of the best plates induction of 2020, with some helpful tips to ensure a long life to your new machine.

First, when you are going to clean the surface of the plate try to avoid using cloths or scouring pads that may scratch the surface, and if you do not want to use chemical detergents, which also threaten the long irreparably ruin some delicate components, you can make at home a degreasing agent based on water, vinegar and baking soda. In this way, we will be eradicated even the spots and the most difficult deposits in full respect of the coating ceramic.

With regard to the structure, finally, in addition to carefully evaluate the size of the object, we suggest you also consider the length of the cable to be connected to the power outlet, in order to have a greater freedom of movement and work with the maximum safety.

»Check items of yesteryear

These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

How to choose a good plate to portable induction?

At this point it seems clear how to choose a good plate to portable induction involves reflection and caution, especially in the evaluation of the functions that should never miss in a domestic appliance of this kind.

Help you to make a valid comparison between the many deals available in the market is the objective that seeks our guide.

Advantages and disadvantages of induction plates

In recent times, the induction plate has experienced a period of strong growth, especially in Europe. It consists of a cooking surface, generally made of black glass ceramic with a glossy finish, inside which is positioned a conductive coil that generates heat through an electromagnetic field. This means that the plate remains more or less cold and heat is “induced” directly to the pots.

Needless to say, these devices allow a considerable energy saving compared to traditional gas cookers (always assuming that the electricity has a lower cost compared to the city gas). In fact, the induction technology not only provides the heat only where necessary, but once removed the pan from the surface, the electromagnetic field is automatically deactivated, since most of the models available on the market is equipped with special recognition sensors.

But the benefits go far beyond: first of all, cooking is quick enough because 90% of the heat is concentrated on food, and there are no dangerous flames that could cause accidents or painful sunburn. In addition, induction hobs are very practical to clean and, as they are mains powered, can transform any room into a home or office, emergency kitchen.

However, in our country this particular cooking system is still not widespread due to high electricity costs; in fact, these devices require a considerable power to operate (usually greater than 3 kW), and therefore could result in a considerable increase of the amounts in the bill.

In addition, those who decide to cook with an induction plate must obtain the pots with flat bottom and iron, capable of activating the magnetic field produced by the inductor. But what are the criteria to follow to buy the best portable induction plate? As we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Power and Temperature

The energy consumption of the induction plates depend on several factors, so it is not said that their use is quite inconvenient from this point of view. As for the electric cooktops, even in this case one must consider the maximum power absorbed from the appliance, a value that on the Product Data Sheet corresponds to the wattage.

It is a feature that varies from model to model, but in principle, the most efficient and expensive plates exploit a maximum power of 3,500 watts, while the most economic and compact versions reach 1,000 watts. For anyone who is not a skilled cook or simply are not very familiar with this kind of apparatus, a measurement method to be reckoned with in the purchase phase is the presence of a temperature regulator.

Assuming that most of the induction plates allows you to set the heat level by a minimum of 60 ° C to a maximum of 240 ° C, the availability of a display with which to monitor the electrical consumption in direct drive, will allow you to adapt the operation of the appliance according to your needs and the type of dish you want to cook so you do not run the risk of burning dinner or bring to the table a plate unsuccessful.

One of the main advantages of buying a good induction plate is also catered for at any time and under any circumstances an emergency stove with which to cook a hot meal, then we must also consider the practicality of use of the instrument. In this regard, a special mention goes to the portability factor, which depends on the ease with which you can transport the object from one place to another.

If you plan to bring your plate with you on vacation or just work to prepare a hot meal at any time of the day, you should opt for a model with compact dimensions, so you can place on any shelf useful without taking up more space than necessary.

However, before deciding we must also determine the type of use to which it is destined appliance. According to the advice and opinions of those who have already made a purchase like this, it is better to prefer a plate with two or three burners if you plan to make intensive use or if it is customary to prepare elaborate dishes that require the simultaneous use of more pots and pans, while in case you want to buy a plate to be transported or if necessary to be used as an emergency cooker, then it is better to focus on a small-sized product with a single cooking point, so that it does not become too heavy .

How does the plate portable induction?

The induction plates are fed with electric current but, in spite of what one might think, is not the electricity to produce heat, but a special inductor placed under the surface that generates an electromagnetic field. The latter activates the molecules of ferrous pots so that to reach the temperature necessary to cook food.

What features should have an induction plate to be portable?

The beauty of induction plates is that they are able to transform any corner in the kitchen equipped with an electrical outlet. In this regard, however, it is important that the appliance has a structure and a weight such as to allow an easy transport, especially if the intention is to take it with them when they travel or work. Therefore, an induction plate may be defined handset when its functionality is completed by an encumbrance and by a limited weight, so that it is easy to install and, if necessary, to move.

How much power a plate induction?

As mentioned above, before buying an induction plate must consider that its use will have a considerable impact on consumption in the bill. Almost all the models on the market have a fairly high energy expenditure, which could even exceed 7 kW / h.

But do not panic, because it is also true that these devices ensure a considerable reduction through increased energy efficiency and preparation time of dishes, offered by the latest generation of products, the impact on the bill will not exceed that of conventional electric cooking systems, halogen or radians.

How to clean a plate induction?

Clean the surface of an induction plate is fairly simple and, more often than not, just use a damp cloth with some neutral detergent drop. To save time and effort, it is advisable to remove stains and food debris just finished work, so they do not form annoying deposits.

However, if you have no time to act quickly, before we recommend to soften the dirt with when warm, water, persistent stains, use a scraper suitable for cleaning the glass-ceramic.

What use pans with induction plate?

Not all pots are suitable for induction cooking, since the heat is not radiated by an open flame but by an induction coil which is activated only in contact with a particular ferromagnetic material.

Therefore, for cooking on an induction hob you must use pans with a ferrous specific fund that is able to activate the electromagnetic field generated.

How to use a portable induction plate

Well, now that we have shed light on the characteristics to consider before purchasing an induction plate, it is good to clarify another equally important point, which relates to the proper use of this innovative device.

Set the right temperature

If you have a minimum of familiarity in the kitchen, you will surely be aware that each food requires a specific cooking. Therefore, the strategy to be followed before buying an induction plate is to ensure that the chosen model allows adjustment of the temperature.

It is a particularly popular with food lovers feature, as it allows to prepare all the dishes that need quite precise temperatures. The selectable range, in general, ranges from 30 ° C to 200 ° C, but there are also models that do not allow a precise adjustment of the level of heat, but still offer the possibility to modulate the power according to necessity, and in these cases just refer to the instruction manual.

The most innovative and high performance products have also the “Turbo Boost” function, which allows you to convey all the power delivered in a specific area of ​​the surface, in order to speed the cooking times of certain foods and avoid unnecessary heat dispersions.

You have a common pot resting on the surface of your induction plate and you realize it does not work? This does not mean that the appliance just purchased is defective, but rather that you are using an unsuitable pan for induction cooking.

To be able to cook on an induction hob must purchase specific tools with a magnetic bottom. The ferrous material, in fact, is able to activate the electromagnetic field produced by the induction coil, so if resting on the surface of a pot of any other material does not heat up.

Fortunately, the widespread use of this cooking technology has led companies in the industry to produce pots and pans of all kinds and sizes, so the user will not have to choose, but must also ensure that the packaging is present the symbol attesting the compliance of the product with the induction system.

We know what you’re thinking: after investing in the purchase of a good induction plate we have to spend more money on cookware suitable? Well, in this regard we would like to point out that if on the one hand the induction cooking requires the use of special pots, on the other hand these tools can also be safely used with other cooking surfaces, so if you have different types of secure cookers It will not be a useless purchase.

Safety devices

Learn to take advantage of all the capabilities of your new appliance is a good starting point to prepare excellent dishes for the whole family, but we must also pay attention to the safety factor.

Notoriously, the induction hobs are safer than traditional gas burners, since the absence of free flames and the fact that the outside of the radius of action of the pot surface always remains cold limit accidents in the home, especially if in the house there they are small children.

However, a minimum of security is also essential when it comes to electrical devices, and not surprisingly almost all models in circulation are equipped with an electronic protection system against overheating and a function that locks the accidental ignition of the device.

Another very useful feature is the automatic shutdown, which shall deactivate the plate when it is not detected the presence of a pot on the surface, so as to prevent any possible risk and at the same time reducing energy consumption.

Kenwood IH470 plate Induction, 2000 W

If you are looking for the cheapest product category, then we suggest you to go directly to the next review, and if you intend to spare no expense and want to focus on the industry’s best brand, the plate portable induction Kenwood IH470 is the solution which might work your case.

Users who have purchased said they were enthusiastic about its constructive yield: the materials that make up are of excellent quality and allow a modern and futuristic look that will surely make a very good figure in the kitchen. The maximum temperature that can reach is 240 ° C, with the added benefit of being able to choose between ten power levels, easily set using the front control panel complete with a built-in display.

The IH470 is a real top performance in terms of range, as it features a host of smart features that allow you to achieve excellent results in the kitchen: in addition to the sleep mode, is the innovative “boost” function which conveys the power only set is detected in the area where the presence of the pot in order to prevent unnecessary heat dispersions.

Performance: The portable induction plate IH470 Kenwood has an intuitive control panel that allows to choose between ten different temperatures depending on the type of dish that you want to cook. The “turbo” function also reduces to a minimum the time of preparation of the recipes.

Security: When it has to do with appliances of this type safety it is never too much and Kenwood knows; why it has equipped its product of a sleep mode and a protection system for children that prevents accidental selection of any function.

Design: According to advice from users, the construction materials were either resistant and well executed, but what is most striking about the product is its careful design and futuristic that goes well with any style of decor.

Price: Efficiency and quality are two features you can not get at low prices; Therefore, those who have a limited budget will, unfortunately, consider other offers.

Philips HD4933 / 40 induction plate, Stylish Design

Here is another model that is appreciated for the competitive price and build quality, which does not disappoint. The structure is made with robust and resistant materials that put even more emphasis on the hob, consisting of a black ceramic surface with a mirror finish.

From here it is clear, therefore, that it will be possible to position the plate to portable induction Philips in plain view in his own kitchen without fear that face at odds with the rest of the furniture. In addition to the simple and refined design to us positively affected we were also the performance of the model, which proved a high level despite the entry level price.

The six temperature levels allow to adapt the operation of the appliance according to the needs, and it will be possible to exploit the maximum power of 2,000 watts to speed up the time required for food preparation. The touch screen control panel is simple and intuitive, plus a useful timer to set the cooking time up to a maximum of 180 minutes.

quality / price ratio: Often, an incredibly low price is indicative of a poor quality, but this is not the case because the plate to portable induction Philips offers all the typical functionalities of a top of the range product while being given at an advantageous cost.

Timer: A proof of what has just been said, the model is equipped with an adjustable timer up to 180 seconds, which allows you to set the cooking time ideal for each dish, after which the plate will turn off automatically.

Child Block: Still not convinced? Then you change your mind after a glance at the innovative function “Child Block”, a system that allows to block the control panel where necessary to prevent children from accidentally activate the hotplate.

Noisy: Obviously, a small defect had to have it: in this case all the views of buyers agree that the fan becomes very noisy when setting the plate at maximum power.

Tibek Plate Induction Cooker 2000W Portable Induction

The extremely advantageous price is the main advantage of this plate to portable induction Tibek. Certainly not striking design, which looks rather spartan and uncared for, but definitely for the considerable strength of the construction materials, which have shown great strength and resistance even in case of intensive use.

The steel structure guarantees a good stability during the preparations, while the non-stick surface allows a quick cleaning and without effort. The power varies from 500 to 2,000 watts with a temperature range, settable via the controls on the front part, which ranges from a minimum of 60 ° C to a maximum of 240 ° C, for which it will be possible to cook each food type in quickly and with excellent results.

Among the options to purchasers like remind the maintenance mode in hot, useful in case you do not want to consume the food immediately, and the timer, which allows to leave the plate in function within a predetermined time.

Solid: What is striking about this model is definitely high quality manufacturing, so we can only congratulate the manufacturer for choosing solid and resistant materials to ensure a remarkable durability.

Compact: Its extremely small size make it more comfortable to carry and allow the positioning even in fairly limited environments.

Quality / Price: Small in size but also in price: the buyers, in fact, have greatly appreciated his balanced relationship between spending and functionality.

Design: Some users would appreciate a greater focus on the design, which appears just “attractive” and therefore unfit to complete the decor of a modern kitchen.

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