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The Best mixers. Comparisons And Prices

Mixer – When buying guide, Opinions and Comparisons

Mixers, commonly known as planetary, appliances are increasingly present in the kitchens of the Italians, and not only those of professional chefs. Thanks to new technologies became a real piece of design, with advanced features that allow you to prepare large quantities of dough in a short time. For sale if they can find all kinds and at different price ranges, but if you do not want to waste time in a long search we offer a ranking of those users report as the best mixers of the year, for performance and cost. At the top is a close Klarstein Beautiful Silver Mixer 1200W Multifunction mixer, a versatile model that allows you to prepare as much as sweet savory dough. It has in fact three accessories that can work for the pizza or bread, but also whip. Another interesting model is Kenwood KM242, which is distinguished by its futuristic design and large range of accessories.

The 9 Best Kneading – Ranking 2020

Until a few years ago, the mixers were only the prerogative of confectionery companies and professional chefs, today everyone can buy one and have fun to create many different recipes, because they have become household appliances far more affordable and functional than ever before. But how to choose a good mixer can satisfy their culinary needs?

To this question we tried to give a comprehensive response through careful comparison of the most attractive offers on the market, which resulted in the following ranking of the best mixers of 2020.

planetary mixer

1. Klarstein Beautiful Silver Mixer Multifunction Mixer 1200W

The Best Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

That of Klarstein planetary kneader is equipped with a container to be 5 L, which can achieve less than 2 kg of mixture of each type, from sweet to savory. The mixing arm, in fact, is very solid and can rely on a power of 1200W to work harder ones, ie containing yeast, for which you can also achieve the pizza or bread.

In the box there are three accessories, to be used according to the mixture to achieve: a whisk, for cakes and for whipping, a mixer arm and a kneader. The versatility of this tool makes it suitable right at all, it is an apt gift for the price not so prohibitive.

In some cases it presented to malfunction, although the company is always available to meet the needs of users. Furthermore, some parts are too fragile and must be replaced if he makes extensive use.

Versatile: Thanks to the accessories supplied, this product turns out to be very useful in the realization of different types of dough, from sweet to savory.

Roomy: Container 5 L is very large and allows you to make preparations from 2 kg, a nice amount for those who want to please a table of friends and relatives.

quality / price ratio: The price of the model in question appeals to those who are going to spend the right amount for a planetary mixer which is good for his duty.

Aesthetics: It also spoils the beauty of a product that you can leave in plain sight in the kitchen, as it has also very compact and therefore not cluttered.

Fragile: Some components tend to deteriorate very easily, so it is necessary to ask the company a replacement after not long.

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2. Kenwood KM242 Prospero Planetary Mixer, 900 W

The Best Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

About compare prices and features of the best brand products, is well aware that to ensure optimum performance you have to put your wallet.

What if we told you we found a mixer from Kenwood surprising quality / price ratio? Yes, the KM242 is among the cheapest in its class, easy to use, the satisfying power of 900 watts, and equipped with many useful accessories that make it a valuable ally in the kitchen.

In addition to mixing, kneading and whipping any type of ingredient, can also prepare delicious fruit smoothies and vegetables, as included in the price comes equipped with a practical blender jug ​​in 1.2-liter glass, while with the group stainless steel blades will be able to chop, shred and chop the inserted foods, and more can prepare the delicious juices exploiting its practical juicer.

It will also be a kneading motion at low prices, but you have to admit that is really complete and versatile, not to mention its 4.3 liters capacity, ideal for preparing large quantities of dough using one of the three whips provided.

Versatile: Given the large range of accessories and the wide versatility of use, rather than a kneader we can consider a small food processor, since it allows to prepare not only different types of dough but also smoothies and juices.

Quality / Price: It’s definitely the most valuable home appliance among the analyzed models, but the really surprising thing is that despite the efficiency of its performance and good build quality is offered at a very competitive price.

Capacity: If you are looking for a model that allows you to prepare large quantities of food, the Kenwood KM242 is for you: it has a stainless steel bowl 4.3 liter equipped with a splash-shield cover with front opening to put ingredients during processing.

Noisy: Users point out that the unit is very noisy when in operation, and although this flaw does not affect in the least about his performance, however, may be quite difficult to bear.

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professional mixer

3. Famag Bread Machine Pizza Dough

The Best Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

Do you want to prepare homemade breads and pastries but have limited time? Then get help from this unique professional mixer to Famag brand, which ranks among the best appliances to medium-high. Of course, we must invest a considerable sum to buy it, but if you love to cook and want a quality device and especially efficient we can guarantee that you will not regret.

The spiral arm is able to work even more firm and full-bodied pastes, optimizing the preparation time without overheating or ruining the compound.

Despite generated by the engine power is only 350 watts, the appliance ensures optimal results and offers the ability to adjust the speed of ten levels, so as to set the right move of the whips to mix all the ingredients effectively.

The frame and the bowl, by the capacity of 10 kg, are made of solid steel to minimize the vibrations produced during the operation, but the real innovation is the practical column stop-dough, which makes more stable processing and uniform.

Capacity: Thanks to the stainless steel container of 10 kg, is among the more capacious models in this price range. Who is usually prepare large amounts of dough at a time in this mixer you will find a valuable ally in the kitchen.

Security: An appliance made in Italy equipped with a CE certificate and an efficient safety switch that protects against possible overheating and short circuits.

Arm: Driven by a motor 350 watts of power, it has a spiral arm and a firm dough-column which in combination are able to work effectively even the most hard dough without overheat.

Price: Who does not have budget problems and wants to buy a mixer and efficient professional will find no better solution than this, but you have to be prepared to spend a substantial figure to have her.

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KitchenAid mixer

4. 5K45SSEWH KitchenAid Mixer Classic

The Best Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

The competitive price and the number of available functions are the main benefits dall’impastatrice KitchenAid 5K45SSEWH, characterized by a simple but elegant design at the same time, available in several colors to fit any decor.

Entirely made of die-cast metal, it has proved to be solid and durable, making it ideal for those who want to make intensive use but with an eye to affordability. Thanks to the planetary movement and at ten speed, set by means of the practical selector placed on the front of the unit, will be able to work even firmer doughs and full-bodied with a considerable saving of time and effort.

The steel bowl, the 4.3-liter capacity, allows you to mix small or large quantities of ingredients with no problems, and included in the price is also a wire whisk, a flat beater and a hook to hook.

Users who have tested they are impressed, not only by the particular ease of use, but also by its extremely compact dimensions that allow the placement in space rather thickened.

Practice: A machine that is appreciated for its efficiency and for its remarkable ease of use that can be handy in more than one user, especially to those who are not very familiar with these appliances.

Speed: Another benefit to consider is the ability to adjust the speed of ten different levels, so as to mix the ingredients with the force necessary to ensuring their well-worked.

Accessories Package: The price is in line with the services offered and in addition there are ten accessories to create different recipes with excellent results.

Features: Compared to “big sisters”, this mixer Kitchenaid has a few functions, perhaps not enough to meet the needs of those who want to prepare more elaborate dishes.

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5. Smeg Mixer Planetary Mixer SMF01RDEU

The Best Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

Do you want to give an appliance that, in addition to being efficient and versatile, it is also characterized by a refined and attractive design? Then you have found it: it is the mixer Smeg SMF01RDEU.

Despite being a mid-range model, it offers a performance most of the more expensive and professional products. The die-cast aluminum in red will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, giving the furnishings surrounding visual that impact that only an appliance signed Smeg can give.

The mixer, however, is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reliable and able to provide the user with several advantages, from the engine power equal to 800 watts, which allows to realize in a practical and fast different types of dough, to bowl in the 4.8-liter stainless steel for working up to three kilograms of ingredients at a time.

The device also has six power settings and is equipped with different accessories useful, including the whisk, the wire beaters and the dough hooks; Sin, however, that to replace the various components often need to apply some force to ensure that they fit perfectly.

Design: Both the basis of both the engine body are made of satin-cast steel, which guarantees not only solidity and durability over time, but also a really appreciable visual impact.

Adjustable Speed: The mixer can work at six different speeds, each of which is intended for handling specific foods; in this way, the dough will become homogeneous and well-leavened.

Complete: The appliance has a good motor with 800 watts and various accessories that make it versatile and complete, so ideal for making many delicious recipes for your whole family.

Accessories Replacement: According to reports from users, replace the components is not exactly easy, and often it is necessary to give a good deal of strength so that they fit properly.

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6. G3 Ferrari G2P018 Kneader, 1000 W

Prepare bread and pasta is certainly a difficult and exhausting, but if you have at home the mixer G2P018 Ferrari, that’s for sure.

One need not be an expert to understand that we are facing a very solid and robust appliance, but it should not be surprising given that it is a product made in Italy by good yield constructive.

It has a power of 1,500 watts adjustable on six levels of speed, while its bowl 7 liter stainless steel can accommodate large amounts of dough to meet the needs of larger families.

But there’s more: thanks to the practical backlit LCD screen you can select one of seven preset programs, which allows its use even for users who are still novice. From here it is clear that no special culinary skills to exploit all the potential of the appliance, although you still remember to use the right accessories depending on the type of preparation.

Powerful: With the mixer Ferrari G2P018 be relied on a 1,500-watt motor to work the dough quickly and effectively by selecting one of the six available speeds.

Practice: A handy LCD display on the side of the motor body, you can choose one of seven programs in memory, so you get great results even if you do not have a good familiarity in the kitchen.

quality / price ratio: The price appears advantageous in view of good build quality and the services offered; This allowed Ferrari to a blender to come right in the kitchens of the Italians.

It overheats: According to some purchasers, the appliance tends to overheat in case of using too long, especially when they have to work very hard and compact dough.

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7. Bosch MUM48R1 Mixer 600 Watt

If you got to this point you have not yet managed to find the right product for your needs, perhaps because they seek a comprehensive and efficient without spending a fortune, then we should consider carefully the mixer Bosch MUM48R1, which is part of our ranking because it offers high quality at an affordable cost.

Moreover, the good yield constructive is the prerogative of all the products marketed by the German company known, but what is most striking of this appliance is the wide range of accessories, which includes: a hook, two whips and three disks for chopping, shredding and grating . This places it undoubtedly one of the all – we want the most complete and versatile in its class, to remember – at an attractive price.

more than positive reviews also about the aesthetics of the model, which you can discover the joy of preparing cakes and homemade pasta, also giving a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Materials: While being proposed at an affordable price, the build quality leaves no room for disappointment of any kind and provides good durability even when subjected to intensive use and frequent.

Accessories: In addition to stainless steel bowl with eye protection, included in the package is also a dough hook, two whips and a comfortable chopper with different diameter discs to cut, grate and chop all types of food.

Efficient: The power settles on 600 watts, nothing great but still good enough to work effectively even dough particularly full-bodied, like bread.

You have to take your hand: The availability of so many different accessories could send confusing inexperienced users; but do not panic, because just a bit ‘of practice to learn how to use them correctly.

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8. Aries Vintage 1588 Kneader

Aries is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in production of appliances dedicated to the kitchen, and the kneading object of our last review is probably the best of the brand proposition, especially for the very positive relationship quality / price.

In terms of appearance, this small appliance has a vintage design that certainly will not escape the watchful eye of the users who want to enrich their own kitchen with a functional object, practical and high visual impact.

The quality of materials deserves attention, since the mixer Aries has a large stainless steel bowl, also washed directly in the dishwasher, and very solid accessories and wear resistant. However, we found a bit ‘of general discontent with regard to the motor body plastic shell which, according to what reported by the buyers, does not enjoy the same construction made of steel components.

The total capacity of the container is 5.5 liters, while the three whips supplied guarantee a broad spectrum of preparations. It is one of the cheapest models of our festival and that’s why it is not without some minor defects, although we believe that the benefits are such as to encourage the purchase.

Aesthetics: This is a machine well-designed and attractive that will make a very good figure in your kitchen; Furthermore, measures only 28.5 x 42.5 x 38.5 cm, so find a place on a shelf or a shelf will not be a problem.

Accessories: Really great accessory pack supplied, especially considering the affordable price that is offered. In the box you will find a bowl in 5.5-liter stainless steel, a whip hook for kneading, a leafy amalgam and a wire whip the ingredients.

Price / quality ratio: For those on a budget but still want to buy a mixer powerful and reliable, this is definitely one of the best around, as it has a 2400 watt motor, and ten different levels of speed.

Materials: Users complain about the fact that the shell is made of plastic and steel, for which it might be sensitive to wear and frequent use.

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9. Famag Grilletta IM 5 Mixer Professional spiral

The Grilletta Famag is a good mixer with professional features that is perfectly at home. In fact, its advantage is to offer a remarkable strength and excellent stability even with small doses of dough. You can work ingredients from a total weight of 500 grams, between liquids and solids. At best, the basket has 5 pounds of ingredients with a hydration of at least 50% without showing any sign of effort.

Good performance and strong mechanics make it an ally in the house for all panificati enthusiasts who want to rely on a difficult instrument to destroy. Even in the laboratory this mixer is its preferred place. In fact, the overall characteristics make it suitable to withstand the daily workload of artisan showing no signs of slowing down.

You can prepare many different mixtures, besides the inevitable recipes for cakes, pizza and bread. The features of the spiral fixed hook allow you to work even fresh pasta, the egg or even the sugar paste to use for garnish sweets.

From the middle up to 5 pounds: He juggles very well in different contexts, from the domestic to the professional, always ensuring robustness and reliability.

Compact size: Despite the remarkable ability of the basket than any other domestic mixer, this offers a suitable design to carve a permanent place on the kitchen counter. Moreover, even a lot then weighs it is difficult to move.

Entirely stainless: All parts in contact with food and the internal components are made with solid stainless steel to ensure a long service life smoothly.

Head Fixed: The special feature of this model is that they can not be removed, so the head is not articulated nor can remove the basket.

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In this section of our guide we will talk about how to choose the best mixer for your needs. This new appliance is useful for preparing mixtures of all kinds, because she accomplished in a few minutes what we could do even hand, but with greater effort and a long time lag.

To help you determine which mixer buy, it collected opinions and information on the most sold models of the moment, so that you can get a complete picture of the situation.

Our first suggestion is that you not be fooled by all those commercials that would convince you to buy thousands of kitchen accessories, each designed to perform a single function: in addition to end up with furniture and shelves full of odds and ends, at best case scenario you will only use half.

For mixing large quantities of ingredients, prepare the pasta at home or simply make cakes and panificati of any kind, all you need is a planetary mixer that knows how to do its job quickly and efficiently, and saves you time and fatigue.

To make sure you get value for your money, however, there are several aspects to consider. The kneading machine, in fact, is a quite particular and is thus fundamental machine which is robust, solid and equipped with a good power, so that we can actually help during the culinary preparations.

A powerful engine is recognized by two things: the first is the force transmitted to the whips, which should be such as to be able to work any kind of compound, from the most tender and soft to the more compact and difficult to knead by hand; the second is the speed, but it is essential that the device as to permit adjustment of various levels, as not all foods require the same force to be machined.

In general, a good mixer has a variable speed range between three and ten options, and it is clear that this makes the appliance more flexible and versatile, in addition to ensuring a better management of the mixtures.

Returning to the power factor, which is in our opinion the most important element to be evaluated to make sure that the machine do its job well, you have to consider the wattage, usually indicated on the technical sheet of the model. In general, we start from a low of about 250 watts, the prerogative of the cheapest and basic products, to get to 2,400 watts of power, although in this case we speak of appliances rather expensive they are often also the cooking function.

The capacity factor is decisive least as much as the power coefficient, as indicative of the maximum flow rate of the mixer.

When choosing you should refer to those who are your real need, in the sense that the capacity of the appliance must be evaluated based on the amount of dough is used to prepare or considering the number of people for whom you will have to cook.

It must therefore pay close attention to the express capacity in liters but also the maximum and minimum of ingredients that the machine is able to work, and in this regard the best are able to mix both small and large volumes of food.

However, one must keep in mind that the capacity factor also have an impact on the size of the appliance, and it is quite evident that a kneader equipped with a very large and large container will be more cumbersome than those equipped with a bowl and by the reduced capacity of a body more compact engine.

Supplies and Accessories

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out for sure that the mixer is an appliance subject to endless stress when in use and, therefore, it should be fairly stable and built with resistant materials.

The steel is definitely the safest under this point of view but also the plastic, if robust and of good quality, it can ensure optimum efficiency even in case of frequent and intensive use.

As a little ‘for all in household appliances, even if the mixers must carefully consider the practicality of use, a benefit that only the most equipped models can.

Let’s start from the assumption that all the planets are equipped with a wire whisk and a hook for the most hard dough, but there are more comprehensive and versatile products that have some additional extras very useful, as the splash-shield cover, the whips to mounted, the blades for chopping foods and much more.

Most new models are even equipped with special accessories that can turn the mixer in the meat grinder, juicer and blender, just like a food processor, but it is clear that in these cases we must invest considerable sums to secure such a great help in the kitchen .

How many pounds of dough you can make with a mixer of 6 liters?

The kneader of capacity indicates in principle the amount of ingredients that is able to work and, as already mentioned, it is a parameter to be reckoned with in the process of choice. But do not be fooled: even if you have a very large bowl, that does not mean you can use all available capacity, because a lot also depends on the engine power and the integrated functions.

As an example, if the device has a container from six liters it is not said that manages to work two pounds of flour at a time if the power is inadequate, in fact in this way there is a risk of overheating if not even burn out the motor.

In short, if you have decided to buy a mixer from six liters for working up to two pounds of dough, you must ensure that it has a power of at least 1100 watts.

How to make bread with the mixer?

When it comes to mixers are the first thing we think about is the bread, the king of leavened dough. To rediscover the pleasure of preparing good homemade bread all you need is water, salt, yeast, flour, and, of course, your planetary.

When all the ingredients in the bowl, you can just select the program and let the machine work for around ten minutes. Once you have a smooth and homogeneous mixture, remove it from the container and quickly knead with hands giving it the desired shape. After waiting for the rising time necessary, at least until the dough will not be doubled in volume, bake at 180 ° C for about half an hour.

How to clean a mixer?

The kneader is undoubtedly an appliance that has totally revolutionized the preparation of cakes, pizzas and panificati. However, while it saves us time and effort, on the other hand it needs a thorough cleaning after each use, in order to prevent food residues and flour go to compromise the efficiency of the machine.

For optimal cleaning, many models offer the possibility to enter the various components, such as bowl and whisk directly in the dishwasher, and to clean the piece parts just use a microfiber cloth soaked in vinegar or lemon juice.

Before you begin, however, do not forget to remove the power cable from the electrical outlet and take care not to wet the motor and other electrical components.

How much power un’impastatrice?

All appliances powered current involving an energy consumption which inevitably will impinge on the amounts in the bill. Of course, no exception even the mixer but, as the European standard requires all companies to indicate the energy class of its own products, it will not be difficult to locate a machine that, for the same performance, also requires low power consumption.

Given, however, that in the case of mixers what is stated on the label is the power in watts (or kW), to calculate the appliance energy absorption is sufficient to multiply the kWh consumed for the hourly rate applied by their energy supplier.

Now that we’ve established how and where to buy a good mixer, it is good to learn another equally important point, namely how best to use this innovative appliance.

To fully exploit the potential, in fact, do not just put the ingredients into the bowl and start the right program, but you have to take some small attentions that in addition to saving you time and effort, will help you get results much better.

We learn to use the right accessories

When you buy a new mixer can be found in many different accessories included: some are basic, meaning they are always included in the price of each model, while others are purely optional and the prerogative of the more expensive and versatile products.

Today, we want to explain how and when to use the main ones, while for those extras you can rely on the instruction manual supplied.

The first, and perhaps the most widely used of all, is the so-called wire whisk, which resembles that of a common electric mixer. It consists of a series of metal wires (hence the name) and is the most suitable for mixing liquids compounds or slurry because, in combination with the planetary movement of the arm, is able to incorporate much more air and, consequently, of beat the ingredients until stiff, as in the case of cream, egg whites and sugar for the sponge cake.

Another very useful addition is the flat beater, also called a leaf or K because of its very particular form: you can use it to work all the soft dough or simply to mix specific ingredients.

With this accessory, therefore, you can be machined to perfection mixtures such as those of muffins, for example, of the pastry or meatballs and, in general, all those compounds which do not require a too long and intensive mixing.

Last but not least, we have the whip hook, which is the most suitable for the processing of firm and compact dough, such as bread, buns, pizzas and panettone, which would result in an enormous effort if kneaded by hand.

Apart from the accessory used, however, remember that during the preparation must always start from the lowest speed and increase from time to time up to obtain the desired consistency, otherwise you risk to spoil the dough or overheat the ingredients during the process .

Finding the right mix of processing time and speed is not always easy, especially when you have a good familiarity with appliances of this type. First, we would like to clarify that there is no universal rule suitable for all types of dough, but, in general, just follow a few simple guidelines to achieve beautiful results.

Often, when you have little time you make the mistake to set it at maximum power to speed the process, nothing more wrong.

Some bodies, such as those for the muffins and pastry, go quickly and gently processed in order not to “debunk” the mixture and affect the success of the recipe.

If you do not know what speed to set, we recommend you start with a low speed and increase as the gradually power and, except in cases where the preparation requires it, never set the highest speed.

To mix the softer ingredients and liquid takes just a few minutes, unless you do not have to work very granular compounds (like the yolks mixed with sugar), in which case you can leave the device also function for about ten minutes.

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These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

Aicok Mixer Planetary Mixer

Aicok is a Chinese company specializing in the small and large appliance industry, famous for the excellent build quality of its products. The reason for its success is also due to the very competitive prices, often even below the average of the different categories, and it shows the MK-37 planetary mixer which ranks first on our list.

Since it offers a wide versatility in the kitchen, the users themselves have considered the cost of the item nothing short of staggering, especially given the remarkable robustness of its components which, unlike similar devices marketed by competitors, are made of stainless steel and high strength plastic.

Another distinctive feature is the vintage design with soft, sinuous lines, which also makes it perfect as a decorative object. It has a power of 1,000 watts and a high-performance engine that takes advantage of up to six different speeds.

Good comments also on the capacity of the bowl, which settles on 5 liters, while the whips, thanks to the planetary movement, are able to work without difficulty even large quantities of dough, with results nothing short of astonishing.

Accessoriata: The equipment is truly remarkable: in addition to stainless steel bowl, includes four whips, two wire and two flat, a beater, the safety hook and a practical splash-proof cover.

Materials: To give greater value to its futuristic design is the high strength of the construction materials, which have proved of great wear resistance and the ravages of time.

Efficient: The stainless steel bowl has a maximum capacity of 5 liters while the whips, by exploiting the orbital movement, are able to work every kind of dough without any problems.

Unstable and loud: As one of the online selling models this is the cheapest, could not refrain from some small defect, which in this case is the lack of stability of the boom and the excessive noise produced when exploited the maximum speed.

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