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Best Microwave Oven

The Best Microwave Oven. Offers and Prices

Microwave – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

Over the years the microwave oven has become a real “must have” in the kitchen, and is now increasingly appreciated by consumers for its ability to speed up the cooking time and thawing of foods. But it is also true, however, that choose the model that best suits your needs is not always easy, since at time of purchase must consider a number of very specific things: the cost to the size, power functionality. If you do not know which one to buy, you begin to look at the models that occupy the top positions on our list, namely: the Whirlpool MCP345SL, that has many useful features, including the innovative “Dual Crisp” which allows you to fry the foods without the use of oil; and the Samsung MG23F302TAK, cheaper than the previous but still comes with several preset programs for cooking a wide variety of fresh foods, with the additional possibility of using the practice ECO mode to reduce energy consumption.

The 8 Best Microwave Ovens – Ranking 2020

Do you want to buy the best microwave oven on the market, but do not know how to choose the model that best suits your needs? Then we recommend that you carefully read our buyer’s guide that not only compare prices, advantages and disadvantages of the best offers of the moment, but also aims to give you some useful tips to easily find the best brand for your needs.

Whirlpool Microwave Oven

1. MCP345SL Whirlpool Microwave Chef Plus

The Best Microwave Oven. Offers And Prices

If you are wondering what the microwave to buy, we recommend the Whirlpool MCP345SL, which while not the cheapest around, it was the most complete and reliable in its class.

Its functional, compact design facilitates positioning even in small kitchens, and has several features that allow you to prepare a variety of dishes, leaving no room for negative opinions about the efficiency of its performance.

That’s why we have no problems to consider it the best microwave oven Whirlpool of 2020, especially in terms of practicality and versatility.

Not surprisingly, many buyers were fully satisfied with both its powerful quartz grill, capable of grilling and grill to perfection every kind of food, is the exclusive function “Dual Crisp,” which allows you to cook and fry food without added oil or other fat dressings. So do not waste any more time and use the link below to access the online store where to buy the best-selling microwave and enjoyed the moment.

Functional: If you are looking for a viable alternative to traditional gas or electric ovens, you’ll find it in Whirlpool MCP345SL, a microwave, thanks to the numerous offers, functions allows you to cook different types of food with a considerable saving of time and energy.

Compact: A capacity of 25 liters for an appliance with a compact and functional design, excellently solving any problem of counter space.

Dishes from chef: To simplify the lives of those who are beginners, Whirlpool has equipped the model with a series of pre-set programs to prepare any dish using one of the many recipes in memory.

Instruction Manual: Given the availability of so many features to make the most of you have to follow to the letter the accompanying instruction manual: a pity, though, that according to many is not always very clear and detailed.

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Samsung microwave oven

2. Samsung MG23F302TAK Microwave, 800 W

The Best Microwave Oven. Offers And Prices

If you are looking for the best microwave for quality / price then this is the right product for you. The power of 800 watts, combined with the remarkable 23-liter capacity, makes this a highly functional model, and you can prepare your meals in a fast and flawless using one of twenty preset cooking modes.

Thanks to technology “Triple Distribution System”, which provides uniform delivery of the microwave in three different positions, this small appliance does not fear comparison with other more expensive products, high performance, even on the practice ECO Mode which saves on consumption energy.

But the benefits do not end there: the inner ceramic coating simplifies cleaning, while its smart designer will donate a touch of class to your kitchen at a super price advantage. The only flaw that penalizes the microwave Samsung is the door with dark-colored glass, which does not allow to keep under control the cooking of food at each stage of preparation.

Triple Distribution System: The appliance has the innovative technology “Triple Distribution System” which, by exploiting three slots present within the cooking chamber, ensures a more uniform distribution and precise heat.

Practical: You can cook a wide variety of fresh foods by using one of many preset programs and to put the finishing touches to your recipes, you can just select the grill mode to give a nice uniform browning the food.

Cleaning: Easy to use but also to clean: thanks to the ceramic coating, remove dirt and food debris from the surface will not be a problem and the maintenance will be much quicker and faster.

ATM: Users loved the stylistic choice to equip the door of a double dark glass, but in practice has proved to be somewhat limiting, because it prevents to control the cooking of the food from the outside.

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combined microwave oven

3. Samsung MC28H5015CS Microwave

The Best Microwave Oven. Offers And Prices

Do you want to buy a combined microwave but do not know which one to choose among the many sold online? For us the best is the Samsung MC28H5015CS, which offers the ability to manually select the ideal temperature for cooking specific dishes or, alternatively, to exploit one of the fifteen modes preset cooking.

A strike was also positively its remarkable capacity of 28 liters, perfect for those who are used to cook large portions to meet the needs of a large family.

Another feature worth mentioning is the advanced fermentation function, through which you can prepare delicious yogurt using only healthy and wholesome ingredients, while the “deodorizing” mode you can finally say goodbye to unpleasant odors that are likely to affect the success of your preparations.

the power also is not bad: you start with a value of 1,500 watts and then get to a maximum of 2,100 watts with combined cooking “grill + microwave”, so to cook all kinds of dishes with excellent results and considerable savings of time.

Power: With its 1,500 watts, this microwave can reach a maximum temperature of 200 ° C, and exploiting the grill function (from 2,100 watts) power will be possible to prepare all those items that should be crispy outside and soft inside .

Features: Besides being able to adjust to a desired serving temperature, this appliance offers the possibility to choose one of the many features available, including the mode of “advanced fermentation” to prepare healthy yogurt and nutrients, and that “deodorizing” which deals to eliminate all unpleasant odors that form inside the cooking chamber.

Capacity: 28 liters capacity are not bad, in fact are nothing short of perfect for cooking, heating or keeping warm the meal for the whole family.

Practicality: Some of the available features may send confusing novice users, which is why we must study carefully the instruction manual and gain a certain familiarity to exploit all the potential of the appliance.

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a small microwave oven

4. Whirlpool Max 39 WSL Microwave

The Best Microwave Oven. Offers And Prices

The microwave oven is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, especially for its ability to significantly reduce the time of preparation of the recipes. Given, however, that does not always have enough space where to place it, a viable option is the purchase of a small microwave oven, as this brand Whirlpool.

It must be admitted that the company this time is really outdated, managing to condense into a space of just 39.2 x 35 x 36 cm a capacity of 13 liters, not many but enough to prepare dinner for themselves or for a core family consists of two / three people.

Its design is modern and simple, but with a futuristic look that winks at the past: the white color, the control panel with digital display on the bottom and hidden handle give it a classic look pretty, but this It does not mean that it is suitable for modern furniture, as it has a number of chrome parts from the great aesthetic impact.

Dimensions: Compared to other competing products, the Whirlpool MAX 39 WSL is extremely compact and space-saving, so easily fits even in very tight and crowded spaces.

Design: Another strong point of this model is certainly its basic design with refined details, which makes it compatible with any decor.

Power and capacity: Measure exactly 39.2 x 35 x 36 cm, but nevertheless offers a capacity of 13 liters and a maximum power of 700 watts; in addition, it falls in energy class A which also saves on consumption in the bill.

Price: Unfortunately, when you have to buy an appliance with very specific characteristics price always tends to rise, and a small microwave oven from Whirlpool is no exception, as it has a relatively high cost compared to the average.

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Microwave Candy

5. Candy Microwave CMXG20D Grill App Cook-in, 20L

The Best Microwave Oven. Offers And Prices

The model proposed by Candy, a guarantee when it comes to small appliances for the house, is characterized by the functional design and cutting edge technology. Do you think that has forty automatic programs, including those dedicated to the cooking of food for children and healthy eating.

Not only that, thanks to the innovative Cook-App, you can download straight to your smartphone a useful handbook of tips, tricks and recipes to take advantage of the full potential of this small rediscovered technology.

Users have appreciated in particular the rapid thawing function, which can also be set according to the weight of the inserted dishes, and the “Start Express” function which allows to reach the ideal temperature in just 30 seconds.

The speed with which the microwave oven heats Candy and advantageous quality / price make it a viable option for those who do not know how to choose a good microwave oven, although at first you may encounter a few small properly having difficulty establishing the parameters and available programs.

Hi-tech: The microwave Candy has a cutting-edge technology that makes it one of the most complete and performing range: in addition to an application for smartphones that provides useful tips and recipes, has forty automatic programs for cooking or heat all types of food, including children.

Fast: Thanks to the function “Start Express”, the oven takes just 30 seconds to reach the set temperature, so as to speed up the time of preparation of the recipes.

Price / quality: Despite the many benefits and good build quality, is offered at a very attractive price, making it possible to purchase even for those who do not have a big budget.

Selector: According to users, the buttons and knobs are not always easy to use, so the beginning may be difficult to properly set the parameters and the programs available.

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Microwave built

6. Electrolux EMT25207OX Incasso 25L 900W

Who it is, however, looking for a microwave built-in, propose the Rex Electrolux EMT25207OX, which has everything you need to install it in the compartment of your modular kitchen without encountering difficulties.

Her measurements are standard (59.6 x 40 x 38.9 cm), but still offers a well capacity of 25 liters and a power of 900 watts which, in combination, allow for a good management of the various dishes, from the most complex such as meat or fish, to those who need a slower cooking and even.

The model is also known for its excellent build quality, which is accompanied by a fair sale price of that left even the most thrifty users speechless.

The available functions are not many but those present were deemed absolutely necessary by the majority of buyers to get good results, especially when you have little time or just do not feel like fiddling in the kitchen.

Dimensions: The proposed by Electrolux appliance measures are standard, therefore compatible with the majority of modular kitchens; This, however, did not go to the detriment of the containing capacity of the furnace, which is still remarkable.

The functions: They are definitely lower than those of the most advanced models, but still allow you to enjoy, as well as the microwave cooking, whether the grill mode and the defrost functions which can be handy when you want to prepare a quick meal.

Build Quality: The quality of the construction materials, in combination to the particular ease of assembly, close the beauty of the merits of this list microwave built.

Opening: According to reports from some buyers, the key to opening the door tends to get stuck all the time and might require repairs after only a few uses.

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7. LG Inverter Microwave Oven Kitchen MH6535GPS

If you decide to buy a microwave oven LG Kitchen assure you that your dishes will be tastier and will be ready in a very short time: the microwave mode, in fact, cooks quickly foods regardless of their size, while the grill will grilling, evenly, making them crispy.

Despite the very compact dimensions, it offers a capacity of 25 liters, measuring 48 x 27 x 37 centimeters, so it will be possible to place it on any shelf or kitchen shelf without spoiling in any way the style, classical or modern, the furniture around, given its simple, straightforward design.

But there’s more: not only is easy to use but also to clean thanks to the practical function “Easy Clean”, which aims to make cleaning fast and easy: oven. In addition to the instruction manual in the box you will find a couple of very useful accessory: the steel grid, to be used in combination with the grill and the Crispy dish, which allows you to brown food not only on the surface but also at the base.

Uniform cooking: For cooking the microwave LG exploits both the principle of reflection of microwaves is that of rotation, thereby ensuring a uniform distribution of heat and a wider coverage.

Functional: Of the many available functions could not miss a quartz grill for frying and grilling to perfection the foods, and the practice of keeping warm mode.

Accessories: Included in the price, in addition to the instruction manual, in our view unnecessary given the absolute ease of use of the appliance, even a steel grill to heat two dishes simultaneously, and Crispy dish that allows you to cook food at 360 ° without having to turn halfway through cooking.

It heats up: A defect that could not be overlooked is the excessive overheating of the door when you set the oven at full power, so it is good to give due attention.

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Microwave Panasonic

8. Panasonic NN-E20JWMEPG microwave 20 liters 800 W

Not the most powerful of our list, the microwave Panasonic has in fact a maximum output of 800 watts, can be managed on five different levels. It is a very compact device and also suitable for kitchens where there is not much space for additional appliances.

On the front there are two simple knobs that make it intuitive to use, even for those a microwave before has never used. With the upper part it is possible to adjust the power, while the lower one establishes the cooking time from a minimum of 1 up to 35 minutes, not only to heat, therefore, but also for cooking dishes a bit ‘more complex.

The only unconvincing element encountered is the opening of the front door with the push of a button, a bit ‘uncomfortable according to consumers who would have preferred classical opening and less subject to accidental breakage. To find out where to buy the product you just need to do is click the link below.

Price: The cost of the Panasonic microwave is contained, especially if we consider that it is a brand internationally famous and synonymous with quality and efficiency.

Simple: Say goodbye to complicated settings, pre-set and many other details of the latest microwave. In this case there are two knobs, one for power and one for the cooking time, therefore usable by everyone.

Compact: Slightly smaller than average, it has a place in any kitchen due to its size.

Open: The front panel is operated by a button located in the lower right. One detail that not all consumers have appreciated.

Buy on (€ 69.99)

After having presented our ranking of the best microwaves of 2020, we believe it is necessary to do some ‘clarity on the characteristics that an appliance such must possess in order to fully meet your expectations, and we are confident that through our tips succeed in find one offered at low prices but with good performance.

Since it was invented, the microwave has gained enormous popularity among consumers and it is almost impossible not to find one in the kitchens of the Italians. Unlike conventional ovens, exploit lower temperatures to the advantage of food safety, so as to cook or heat the food in a short time, consequently leading to even lower energy expenditure.

Needless to say, this revolutionary invention has significantly improved the lives of those who have always little time to cook the traditional way, to completely replace the traditional electric and gas ovens, especially since the most recent products, certain functions have been implemented to ‘really useful avant-garde as the grill, with which you can grill food, or steam mode to cook evenly and consistently the various dishes, preserving all nutritional properties.

Some of the latest generation models, match grill another function called “Crisp” which, by exploiting a special plate anti-stick material, provides a more uniform heat distribution to cook also the central part of the food, reaching in a few minutes temperature needed for frying, searing, and make foods rise.

Although, however, these appliances allow a considerable saving of time and energy, it is always advisable to ensure that the chosen model also has the ECO mode, in order to cook / heat small and large quantities of fresh or precooked foods significantly reducing bill consumption .

Traditional or built?

Given their great success, due to the fact that, as anticipated, can safely replace conventional ovens, many even decide to cash in your kitchen next to the “big brother”, a habit now becoming more widespread. But what is it that differentiates a microwave oven of one free standing, ie free-standing?

Surely the size, since the first, having to be inserted in a specific field of kitchen furniture, have standard sizes and can reach a maximum width of about 60 centimeters and a height between 30 and 35 centimeters; while the latter have dimensions rather variable and a storage capacity ranging from 18 to 30 liters.

With regard to the functions, there are no major differences between the two versions, so must be the user to choose between practicality and greater capacity.

Convenience of use

Another element to consider carefully is the practicality of use of the oven, a factor which goes hand in hand with its structural characteristics and ease of cleaning. Like all appliances in common use, even the microwave may have widely varying prices, but in principle to have a greater impact on the final cost of the article are the building materials, the size and power. It is clear that a robust appliance and built in a workmanlike manner will be more stable and efficient compared to a cheaper one, especially if equipped with non-slip feet, solid handles and a good relationship between external measures and overall capacity.

Remember, too, that too small a model will not be of any help if you need to cook for a large number of people, while a too powerful could considerably impact on electricity consumption. In short, if you want to invest your money well it is a good idea to compare different products and evaluate strengths and weaknesses in the face of what are your real needs.

For what concerns, instead, the practicality of use, the factors to consider are the intuitiveness, the presence of specific security systems and, last but not least, the ease of maintenance. In this regard, it is very useful reveals the presence of a manual of clear and detailed instructions explaining the timing, temperatures and programs suitable for each food, but it is not to be underestimated even the presence of a display, in order to constantly monitor the situation, and a ceramic inner lining that makes easier the cleaning operations.

By comparing the different models available on the market, you will notice how the cost of a microwave differs considerably from the other with the same functions, power and capacity. Often the price difference also depends on the design of the appliance, since many have very pleasant aesthetic that lends itself to enhance the style of modern kitchens.

It goes without saying that if you want to save money you have to compromise on the features and design, but the final choice will always be based on the type of use you are going to make it, so you do not end up with an appliance equipped with many features that will end not to use, and the same holds true for the supplied accessories.

To clean your microwave?

To ensure a long life to your microwave oven is important to periodically clean it, especially if you want to maintain optimal hygienic conditions. After removing the grid and plate, which will be immersed in water and detergent, you can clean the inside of the oven using a specific product or made in a home based detergent water and vinegar or baking soda. In the case of stubborn dirt, we recommend to spray the solution in correspondence of the stain and let sit for at least an hour.

Once all the deposits rinse the surface with plenty of water, especially if you have used a chemical cleaner, and dry with a microfiber cloth.

What does a combi microwave?

The combination microwave is definitely the top for those who love to cook, since it integrates all, or most, of a traditional oven functions. As the term suggests, it is an appliance that combines different cooking modes: if before, in fact, there was only the microwave function, today these products, especially the most innovative and cutting-edge, also have a grill and a turbine for convection cooking, so you can prepare all the dishes, such as pasta, meat and fish, which was previously unthinkable to cook in the microwave.

How does the microwave?

Understanding how a microwave oven is the first step to be able to use it well and respect the characteristics of food is their health.

All models are equipped with a special device called a magnetron, which produces about five million micro second. The water molecules that are found in foods, being attracted by the microwaves, collide against each other, producing the heat necessary for cooking or heating.

How to melt the chocolate in the microwave?

Who knows how many times you have wondered if there’s a quick and easy way to melt chocolate without using the gas stove or oven. Well, we are pleased to inform you that it is a process that can also run directly in the microwave: simply reduce the chocolate chips, put them in a suitable container and heat it in the oven at minimum power. Typically, just a little minute if the scales are medium in size, otherwise it will be sufficient even thirty seconds.

After this time, you can just check that the chocolate is completely melted and, if not, you can put it in the microwave for another ten seconds. Remember to stir occasionally to prevent the formation of lumps and not to use too high temperatures if you do not want to risk burning it.

There are cooking methods that boast ancient origins but there are others, currently very popular, which were only recently introduced is the case of the microwave oven, born towards the end of the 40s after the completion of the first magnetron used for radar equipment. Today, this new appliance is increasingly present in domestic and professional kitchens, but be honest: how many of you really know how to use it?

If you are looking for a guide that will explain how best to use your microwave oven you are the right place. Remember that with this device, as well as reheating and defrosting foods, you can also cook them and the health risks are no greater than those that may result from the use of a conventional oven, although its use requires some forethought more.

What foods can be inserted in the microwave

In fact, very few foods that we can not cook in the microwave and among these are: the chili, which could become harmful, breast milk, frozen fruit, chicken and green leafy vegetables, since it seems that the microwaves make carcinogenic nitrates content. All others, however, lend themselves to this type of cooking, but clearly everyone will go heated or baked according to a precise procedure.

The meat, for example, requires the use of specific accessories and a maximum power of 360 watts, while for vegetables is recommended to use a plastic container where to insert the water needed for non-drying them and not exceed 600 watts.

You can also use low and wide containers for preparing sauces, but in these cases it is important not to cover the container and do not use oil or fat when cooking, but only add it at the end to prevent burning. As for the eggs, you can cook them sunny side up, boiled or make an omelet. The only problem is that the yolk tends to cook faster than albumen, but using the appropriate accessory you can easily solve the inconvenience.

To microwave you can also prepare cakes, pasta and more, as long as we use the right programs and adhere to the required cooking time. Usually, companies make available to their customers the very useful cookbooks with recipes especially designed for the oven you have purchased.

What use containers

For cooking in the microwave you have to use specific materials that they will not interfere with the waves generated by the magnetron. In the market you can find several containers designed for this purpose and you can choose according to the type of food to be prepared or the amount of food that will contain.

Among the materials suitable for cooking in the microwave include: glass, especially the pyrex which is devoid of lead, plastic, provided that it does not contain PVC and carry the heat-resistant wording “”, the greaseproof paper and transparent film, but in this case it is necessary to drill a hole to allow steam to escape.

must NEVER be used, however, the trays and the containers of metal, cast iron or copper and aluminum foil: these materials, in fact, tend to reflect electromagnetic waves forming dangerous sparks that may damage the appliance or cause unpleasant accidents.

How to defrost and reheat in the microwave

To defrost food in the microwave you must use specific preset programs or ask the appliance to minimum power to prevent the thinner parts they burn or are cooked while the others are still frozen.

Finally, to heat the pre-cooked food is important to calibrate time and temperature according to the type and amount of food to be entered. For solid foods need to set a low and short time power (350 watts for 4-5 minutes should be sufficient), while to heat liquids we recommend using a ceramic cup or glass to speed up the process and achieve excellent results.

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These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

De’Longhi MW20G Microwave Oven 1155W

The product object of our last review is the microwave De’Longhi MW20G, a mid-range model, but with very good performance. All Italian company’s appliances are equipped with a number of advanced features designed to meet the varied needs: in this case innovation is the special “B” function, which allows you to heat your food in no time, and exclusive function “Combi Grill”, ideal for cooking dishes au gratin.

The healthy food lovers will surely appreciate the special method of steaming, which allows you to prepare healthy and nutritious meals without adding oil or other fat-rich dressings. It has an aesthetic very special, with rounded lines and chrome details that make it a subject of very sophisticated design.

The controls are positioned so as to be easily accessible to the user, while the 20-liter capacity, the interior light, the acoustic timer and the grill from 1,100 watts to further enrich the endowment of this small and functional appliance.

Many functions The furnace is distinguished from others by its many functions, among which the steam cooking mode and the “B”, which aim to cook healthy and speed up the preparation of the dishes.

Practical: Use this appliance is very easy, since the controls are practical and intuitive, while the audible timer alerts you when the food is cooked to perfection.

Aesthetics: positive reviews also on the design of the model, which lends itself to decorate with a touch of class even the most modern kitchens while ensuring a quality construction of all respect.

Cost: It is good to keep our feet on the ground because, like all avant-garde and functional appliances, this De’Longhi has a high cost that could represent significant inconvenience.

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