Best Kitchen Utensils
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Best Kitchen Utensils

When it comes to kitchen utensils, the list can be practically endless, but there are a few of them that can be considered a must when it comes to cooking, since it is difficult to imagine being able to prepare a recipe without their help. Therefore, if you are starting to organize your kitchen or want to replace your old utensils, you should look for products that adapt to your needs, your available space, your budget and also your decorative style. In this sense, the market offers you a wide range of options, where you can choose any model that meets your expectations. However, in order to facilitate your purchase decision, today we present you some alternatives such as the BRA Efficient A195011, a set of kitchen utensils in a bright orange color that makes each piece stand out, made with the perfect combination of stainless steel and silicone to give you the highest possible resistance together with a quality that could be considered professional. Another good option is the Liyoung Silicona , a set of 11 essential tools in the kitchen, with resistant materials and an affordable price.

What is the best kitchen game on the market?


Caring for the non-stick coating of your kitchenware is essential to prolong its useful life, which is why when choosing utensils you must be careful in selecting products that guarantee protection to your pots and pans, and at the same time food safety. In this guide to buying the best kitchen set we offer you the main aspects that you should consider before making your purchase, so that your investment is as successful as possible.

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Kitchen sets are essential utensils for every cook, without them it would be practically impossible to prepare some recipes, and even to be able to serve food rations on the tableware. This is why when looking for a particular model, you must weigh your culinary needs.

These products come in a number of matching pieces, which offer a specific function for each task. In most cases, the models include several utensils in a set that provide benefits according to their design, as is the case with the whisk.

This practical implement has multifunctional qualities such as whipping cream or whites until stiff, whipping eggs, and is even ideal for emulsifying a vinaigrette. In short, it is a key element if you do not want to use the electric mixer.

Another utensil that also offers different functions is the soup ladle, with which you can easily serve and without risk of spillage any liquid such as broths, soups, creams, sauces, cocktails, punches, etc. For its part, the slotted spoon is very useful when removing drained and liquid-free food from the pots or pans. In the same way, we have the tongs, without which it would be very difficult to remove the food from the grill or the pan without burning ourselves.



If there is something that you can see with the naked eye in a comparison of kitchen sets, it is that these products differ in the number of pieces that each model can offer you. That is why you should look in the market for a model that suits your needs, with various and very useful utensils.

Some models include a wide variety of pieces, while others are limited to offering only the most necessary for conventional cooking. Among the most used pieces that provide various benefits we have: spatulas, beaters, ladles, slotted spoons, pasta serving spoons, skimmers, forks, tongs, soup bowls, food mills, vegetable and fruit peelers, brushes and scrapers. 



The quality of the materials is an important aspect that will have a significant influence when you ask yourself how much a certain model costs. But, thanks to the wide variety of options that the market offers you, today you can easily find an inexpensive kitchen set, and at the same time it is of good quality.

Among the materials that currently stand out in the manufacture of kitchen sets, silicone is the undisputed queen. This material is highly valued by all housewives and by great cooks, since it is a natural product that is obtained from silicon present in rocks or stones.

Silicone is a totally natural product, it does not contain toxic or harmful substances for food; but also, it has qualities that are highly appreciated in the culinary field. It is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures from freezing, up to more than 250 ° C, it is also highly flexible and non-deformable, and it is also friendly with non-stick bottoms of kitchen utensils.

Some utensils are made entirely of silicone, both the handle and the head; While other products have plastic-coated metal on their handles, others have a silicone head and a handle made of other materials such as wood or stainless steel.

Wood, on the other hand, is a resistant material, which copes with heat, so it does not heat up easily; stainless steel, on the other hand, is known for its durable and antioxidant properties. In any case, it is advisable to look for utensils that do not scratch or damage the pans or pots, but that also allow easy handling.

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Design and cleanliness

Although the designs of each piece are very similar between the different brands, some differ in size and capacity. However, they all have a standard design where you can distinguish an elongated handle and at one of its ends is the part of the utensil that does the job, whether it is serving, draining, whipping or stirring.

Regardless of the function they perform, these utensils have (for the most part) a metal ring or a hole in the handle that facilitates their storage, being able to be placed in an organized way and always at hand on a wall-mounted support. Other models have a container where all the pieces are stored, visibly and with easy access. There are also them with a support included, with a foot and a structure to comfortably hang each utensil without taking up much space.

When it comes to cleaning it is important that you can carry out this task easily, some models can be washed in the dishwasher, while others must be washed manually.


What is the best cooking game of ?


Cooking is a task of great responsibility, whether we do it at a domestic or professional level. That is why we must acquire high quality implements, which guarantee us adequate food safety, but at the same time that we take care of kitchen utensils. In this context we ask ourselves what is the best kitchen set, and to answer this question we present below some of the best-selling models, which will help you make the right purchase decision.


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Enko 10 Pieces

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Main Advantage:

Due to its selection of utensils, it is likely that when acquiring this model you will not lack too many accessories, so it could be a solution to equip your kitchen for the first time or make a complete replacement of all those that are damaged by use.


Main disadvantage:

Some user might consider adding a slotted spoon to this set would be convenient. However, with the included accessories it could be enough to comfortably perform the basic activities involved in cooking.


Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is a complete set with which you can probably cover all your needs in the kitchen when preparing your recipes, so it is recommended.

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Main Features Explained



Whether you have a preference for preparing entrees or desserts, chances are that on some occasion you will have to use utensils that are not exactly the most common. With this set you do not have to worry, since the selection of which it is made up has included almost everything that you could need both frequently and sporadically.

Among the accessories that you will find in this set, there are pieces to hold food such as tongs, but there are also pieces to remove with the certainty that they do not damage the Teflon coatings of your pans. Likewise, you can serve, beat, pour and flip. Not forgetting to mention that all of them have a size that can be described as convenient, to take the portion of food you need without problem.

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A good kitchen utensil must be practical but it is also desirable that it be made with adequate ergonomics. This has also been included in each of the pieces. On the one hand, they include handles of a suitable length so that when you remove your hands they are not too close to the heat. While its shape allows them to be held firmly and does not slip from the hands due to its texture.

Appropriate are also its holes at its opposite end, which you can use to hang utensils in your kitchen and have them handy when you need them. But if you wish, there will be no greater difficulty in placing them inside a drawer, since they retain a straight line that allows this type of storage.

In addition, since they are available in different colors, you can choose the one that seems most attractive to you to equip your kitchen and combine with other accessories.


Health and hygiene

However, each utensil that is in contact with food must be carefully manufactured, so that it does not include substances that leave residues that damage health. For this reason, Enko has been careful to prevent traces of FDA and BPA from leaking into its materials, which have been associated with diseases. So you can serve with them what you have prepared for your family with peace of mind.

On the other hand, since they are made with materials that do not imply too much porosity on their surface, you will not have major problems to remove food remains from them, thus avoiding the proliferation of bacteria. In this way they better preserve their hygiene after each use and their appearance is maintained.


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BravRain Stainless Steel


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The best kitchen game is the one that can offer you various utensils in order to provide support when cooking, baking, or preparing any recipe. Just like this model that has 9 versatile and very useful pieces: a spoon, a whisk, a ladle, a slotted spoon, a butter spatula, a pasta server, a spatula, a tweezer, and a practical peeler for all kinds of vegetables and hard-skinned fruits.

The utensils are made with a high-quality, non-deformable stainless steel handle and the head features food grade silicone, which can withstand heat up to 260 ° C.

You will have a product that takes care of your cookware and also takes care of your family, since the soft silicone does not scratch the Teflon or the non-stick coating, and at the same time it gives you security when preparing food without harmful substances present in common plastic .

If you are passionate about cooking for leisure or profession, surely you will know BravRain, because it is, according to several users, the best brand of kitchen games, since it not only helps you in your culinary tasks, it also protects your pots from scratches. In this way, we give a summary of the positive and negative aspects of this model.



Manufacturing: The heads of the utensils are made of food grade silicone, capable of withstanding up to 260 ° C and preventing its deformation due to excess heat.

Handle: The handle of the pieces is made of stainless steel so it will not be easy to bend or break, increasing the durability of the product.

Usefulness: By having 9 functional utensils you will be able to carry out all your kitchen tasks, facilitating the task and saving time.



Variety: The color offer of this product is limited: it only comes in black and green.

Odors: According to one user, utensils are impregnated with the smell of detergent. However, it is an isolated case and can be solved using vinegar water.

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GA Homefavor Chef Buddy


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This model could be your best helper in the kitchen, as it is equipped with 6 practical and functional utensils that can give you support when cooking or preparing any recipe you have in mind to please your family. This is a recommended cooking set to use with confidence in your non-stick pots and pans.

It is made of high quality materials, which offer you easy cleaning and special care for all your kitchenware. Each utensil consists of a handle designed in satin stainless steel, resistant to deformation and heat, and the head is made of flexible silicone that is friendly to the cooking surface.

This set includes a spaghetti server, ladle, slotted spoon, flat spoon, and slotted turner. All these pieces can withstand up to 230 ° C and have a hole in the handle, which makes it easy for you to hang them comfortably for storage.

If you are looking for a set of utensils to equip your new kitchen without spending a lot of money, take a look at this product rated as the best kitchen set for 10 euros. Next, we will evaluate its characteristics to see if they suit your needs.



Ergonomics: The lightweight design of the pieces in this set allows a secure grip while cooking.

Storage: This set has holes that allow you to hang them instead of storing them in a messy drawer.

Protection: Being made of silicone, these utensils will not scratch your non-stick pans or the rest of your kitchenware.



Design: According to some users, the joints between the silicone and the handle are not sufficiently sealed, so water enters when washing them.

Basic: Compared to other models, this product comes a little tight when it comes to parts.

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Miusco Wood


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Many of the low cost kitchen products do not inspire the confidence to be used in cooking. However, there are good and cheap utensils on the market, such as this model that is considered by buyers as the best value for money kitchen set, since it has an affordable price for any budget.

It has 5 pieces: a shovel, a slotted spoon, a spatula, a fry paddle and a ladle. They are made entirely of silicone and acacia wood, high quality materials and resistance. Silicone offers you care for your cookware and acacia wood is one of the most resistant in the world.

You will have a set of utensils that will not only decorate your kitchen, but will also give you a long useful life. In addition, for better wood maintenance, the manufacturer recommends not washing the kitchen set in a dishwasher.

Featured as one of the cheapest, this Miusco model is the right combination of quality and price, as it is a functional and low-cost product for the tightest budgets. Below we detail its positive and negative aspects.



Materials: It is a set with BPA-free silicone heads and acacia wood handles, resistant and durable, which will allow you to make all your recipes efficiently.

Design: These utensils have been made by hand and the handles are carved to provide an elegant and sober design for your kitchen.

Resistance: The silicone used in these pieces resists up to 240 ° C and will protect the non-stick coating of your pots and pans.



Cleaning: This model is not suitable for washing in the dishwasher, as the manufacturer recommends hand washing and drying each piece well to prolong the life of the wood.

Size: Several users agree that the size and capacity of the utensils is a bit tight, especially the soup ladle. But, for other clients this is not a problem.

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Karcher 113 560


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Without kitchen utensils it would be practically impossible to prepare a recipe or cook any dish; that is why these implements are present in almost all homes. If you are looking to update your old kitchen set, this model could be a good option.

It is a set of 7 utensils that provide support in the preparation, cooking and baking of various recipes. The set consists of a spatula, a slotted spoon, a saucepan, a ladle, a slotted spoon, a spaghetti spoon and a practical stand.

Thanks to its versatile qualities, each utensil can be used in different tasks, and the support favors space savings, while making it easy to keep all the pieces at hand and organized. This kitchen set model is made with a non-deformable stainless steel handle and a heat-resistant plastic head, ideal for caring for the lining of your pots.

If you have less and less space at home and you do not know which kitchen set to buy that is easy to store, we recommend you review the characteristics of this model that includes its own vertical support to hang each piece without drilling the walls or taking up a lot of space.



Utility: These are 6 functional pieces of resistant plastic and steel handles that will accompany you in the preparation of your food, as they are quite light and easy to clean, recommended to complement your kitchen utensils.

Support: This set includes a support to hang your utensils which will save you space, avoiding clutter in the drawers.

Simplicity: The classic design of this set makes it very easy to use and comfortable to clean, avoiding micro-bacterial growth.



Resistance: Some users claim that the utensils are not as resistant as they expected but with the necessary care and moderate use they work efficiently.

Color: There is no variety of colors to choose from this kitchen set, it is only marketed in black.

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Enko 10 Pieces


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This model is considered one of the best kitchen sets of 2020, given its high quality and versatility. It is a product that has 10 different parts, 8 of which are completely made of silicone, except for the clamp and the whisk, which are designed with a stainless steel core and silicone coating. Silicone gives you confidence when cooking, as it is free of toxic substances such as FDA and BPA.

It is a set that includes a whisk, a brush, a small and a large scraper, a spoon, a pasta fork, a tweezers, a slotted spoon, a slotted turner and a kitchen spatula. You will have all the equipment to prepare all the recipes you want.

Your pans, saucepans and pots will be protected from scratches and peeling in their non-stick material. On the other hand, as they are one-piece utensils, their cleaning is easier, while avoiding the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, all utensils have an ergonomic grip and support up to 230 ° C.

To cook other utensils are needed in addition to pots and pans, so we recommend you review the pros and cons of this Enko model, considered by many users as the best kitchen set of the moment thanks to the quality of the materials.



Pieces: It is a set that has 10 functional pieces that will allow you to prepare all your meals, whether it is frying, baking or efficiently mixing the ingredients.

Materials: Being made of flexible silicone, your utensils are free of deformation in the face of heat or manipulation, it also protects your health from the toxicity of plastics.

Cleaning: The design and materials of the utensils facilitate the cleaning of each piece, since you will only need soap and water to leave them as new.

Care: You can use your utensils without damaging or scratching your pans and saucepans.



Capacity: According to some comments, the ladle has a fair capacity, but the whole set is practical and durable.

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How to use a kitchen set


In the kitchen we have a variety of pieces that serve to cover all the needs when preparing our delicious meals, but generally we use two or three that are the most common and we do not know the usefulness of the others. In this article we will show you how you can use all the utensils in a kitchen set, without having the skills of a great chef.




This is one of the most common items in the kitchen. There are some with a smooth structure known as soup bowls that serve to serve sauces, soups, broths or juicy foods. There are also others that have built-in grooves or holes, which are used to remove well-drained food from the pot or casserole; but its main function is to serve food.



Knives are multifunctional, but the most necessary are those with a single blade, ideal for cutting vegetables and greens; the chef’s knife, which is used to chop meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and almost all kinds of food; the elongated ones, which are used to make cuts in the form of strips and those with an elongated blade with a rounded end are suitable for cutting fresh bread or for baking.

In addition, the pointed knife is suitable for chopping herbs, onions, cleaning vegetables or making delicate cuts in fruits for decorative purposes. We also mentioned that knives must always be kept sharp so that cuts are made without having to apply much effort.


Skimmers and stirrers

Skimmers are special for frying food without generating sparks or sudden burns, since the oil drains through the spaces and remains in the pot.

For their part, removers help us to remove excess fat from a preparation or to remove a piece of shell that has escaped.



There are metal or plastic tongs and they are very useful to turn food while it is on the fire, to stir the ingredients of a salad or to serve a delicious pasta, although for pasta there are some ladles with special grooves for them .


Rod beaters

This utensil is multifunctional, as it is used to whip creams, whites until stiff, beat eggs for a delicious omelette, or emulsify a vinaigrette for a salad.



The peeler and the scissors

The peeler is the ideal tool for peeling all types of hard-skinned vegetables or fruits. For its part, scissors are very useful in the kitchen, especially for cleaning poultry and fish.


Maintenance and cleaning

Before using your new kitchen utensils, it is necessary to do a disinfection process with hot water to avoid risks of contamination. After use, it is important to wash them well with soap and water to remove food debris and keep them clean for reuse.

However, there are some models that can be washed in the dishwasher. As for their conservation, once washed utensils should be stored in a clean and dry place to keep them in good condition.


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