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Best Juice Extractor

The best juice extractor. Offers and prices

Juice extractor – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

The juice extractor is an excellent alternative to industrial products that you buy at the supermarket and ensures a much more satisfactory result on the palate. Not all models on the market are equal, some are more powerful than others, you can only process soft fruit or nuts, carrots and other harder foods. Still others allow to grind the ice, such as for example frozen fruit and from which to derive delicious refreshing ice cream. To ensure that you get value for your money and get the desired benefit, you should double check if the model you have in mind to buy offers all the features you plan to use. If you do not know what to choose, below we propose the best around like the first two on our list. Imetec Succovivo Pro 2000 Juice Extractor Professional Cold, especially in good price considering the great versatility which it lends. Panasonic MJ-L501KXE Slow Juicer, Juice Extractor Without Blades cheapest but still very powerful, it deserves to be considered in view of a purchase.

The 8 best juice extractors – Ranking 2020

Among the proposals that follow you will find some inspiration in deciding which to buy juice extractor. Each of these products has been selected by our editorial staff by fulfilling the expectations of buyers and represents the best solution in the ratio between quality and price.

Professional Juice Extractor

1. Imetec Succovivo Pro 2000 Juice Extractor Professional Cold

The Best Juice Extractor. Offers And Prices

Juice Extractor Professional Imetec surprised by its good bill that makes it possible to process any food even harder ones. You can also get the juice from dried fruits such as almonds or coconut and carrots that have a harder texture and durable.

The gears that allow the rotation of the motor are made of steel while the auger is Ultem with diamond tips for a better grip during rotation. The extractor performs just 48 rpm and for this reason it is quiet and keeps intact the properties of the ingredients that you want to extract the juice.

It is also considered the best juice extractor because it provides its own solution to one of the crucial points about it: fiber intake. You can choose between a fine-mesh filter which retains the dry waste, or another wide-meshed filter that allows the passage of the fiber in the juice.

With two filters: You can choose to make juice with or without fibers choosing to use the coarse strainer or narrow. With the first you can also pass the tomatoes to obtain a thick sauce and the perfect consistency.

Extra features: This model has the distinction of offering a special filter to get a perfect pulp to make creams and face masks, include the recipe for making juices and cosmetics.

You can make sorbets: You can chop the ice and make the delicious grattachecche in seconds and starting from fresh ingredients.

Double little mouth useful: The second mouth which put the ingredients is of little use because the foods are still dwarfed before being inserted. It is a burden which you could do without.

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Juice extractor Panasonic

2. Panasonic MJ-L501KXE Slow Juicer, Juice Extractor Without Blades

The Best Juice Extractor. Offers And Prices

The Panasonic offers at low prices most of the features expected from the most powerful machines. For this reason figure in good position among the best juice extractors 2020. It has a rather slow speed of rotation and able to maintain intact the characteristics of the fruit and the vegetable used. The cochlea is partly in steel to ensure a better resistance even in the case of a higher pressure with the hardest pieces.

Then the juice and fiber separation takes place thanks to a constant pressure and decisive and not thanks to quick action which favors the entry of air. It has a special filter to process the ice or icy ingredients like fruit or yogurt. This way you can fully enjoy the pleasure of a sorbet without adding sugar or other unhealthy additives.

When it comes to determining how to choose a good juice extractor it is good to know exactly what you can get. This extractor also offers many recipes available to try.

Economic: Powerful and well done, it is also proposed at a price very low that makes you want to purchase.

With accessory for ice: With the special filter you can process the pieces of ice, fruit or frozen yogurt to get the sorbet in a few moments.

Many recipes: By accessing the website you can see many recipes and pairings able to cheer the palate.

moist pulp: The waste produced by this extraction are not the most dry so either you accept to lose some ‘of the product, or they can make cookies.

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Kenwood Juice Extractor

3. Kenwood extractor, 150 W 1.3 Liters MOD JMP601SI

Kenwood has created an economic extraction, but who can give great satisfaction. In fact it is designed to achieve more than 80% of the juice from processed foods. The fibrous part that is obtained from the processing can be consumed otherwise, maybe preparing the lyophilized cakes or vegetable broth.

The Best Juice Extractor. Offers And Prices

The squeezing is slow and so the amount of air that passes through is lower and the juice retains a greater amount of essential vitamins and nutrients. Included is included accessory to make sorbets, a filter designed specifically to transform ice and frozen fruit in pleasant dessert.

The capacity is large, the juice container it holds up to a liter, while that discard an amount even higher. Here suggest you where to buy the extractor to evaluate whether it can really meet your needs, we suggest you use the table below to compare its characteristics with other extractors.

Powerful and efficient: It has a 150 watt motor that allows you to process the ice and frozen fruit to make sorbets pleasant.

Compact design: do not take up much space on the work surface so you can keep on hand to use it for breakfast or as a snack.

Roomy: Pitcher for the juice is from a liter, while that to contain the waste is even greater.

Difficult to clean: Although this is the rinsing function, this extractor is among the most tedious to keep in order after use.

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Philips Juice Extractor

4. Philips Microjuicer Extractors Juice Extractor MOD HR1894 / 80

The Best Juice Extractor. Offers And Prices

Philips proposes a different alternative to the extractor usually developing an appliance that transforms the basic ingredients with an innovative process. Here it is used a new technology called Micro Masticating, a real “bite” that reduces extremely small fragments foods and then extract the juice.

The result is a denser juice because it includes a portion of fiber which is not entirely discarded from the manufacturing process. It is one of the most sold in spite of the different operation and increased production of residue during processing.

It lacks the filter and this is also very easy to clean. A part of the fiber is discarded as the car runs and is retained before the faucet and falls into the appropriate container.

You can process everything from soft fruit to the harder or the rich in starch, such as bananas. The dry and the iced fruit can be processed with good results.

without sieve Technology: A different system to extract the juice that breaks up into smaller and smaller parts up to break the cell membrane, just as if he were chewing.

All fruits and vegetables: vegetables Even with more fiber, the leaves and the dry or frozen fruit can be processed, while not being the cheapest is certainly one of the most versatile extractors.

Easy Cleaning: The filter absence makes it easier to rinse the entire block, there is also a dedicated program that removes up to the latest product particles.

Chewer: The juices are less clear because, lacking the filter, a large part of the fibers can pass through the sieve.

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RGV juice extractor

5. RGV Art Digital Juice Extractor, 200 W

The Best Juice Extractor. Offers And Prices

RGV produces its own version of low-priced stripper who gained the interest of consumers. In fact, in comparison with other more expensive models it is still unable to meet the needs of many.

Allows the rotation speed adjustment, lower or faster depending on the type of ingredient to be processed. This way you can indulge in the many pleasures and use it to its full potential expectations.

Among the models sold online this looks good because it helps curb spending but without giving up sorbets and almond milk. It has a special filter to process sorbets from which you should not extract the gap.

It has a front control panel that controls with touch buttons, an easy solution because it allows you to choose the type of juice to get. It can be differently set depending on the consistency of the ingredients, their fibrous or hardness as in the case of ice.

Very economical: Definitely affordable this extractor that is also useful to process consistency ingredients and different firmness.

With filter for sorbets: The power is sufficient to also process particularly harsh ingredients such as frozen fruit or ice.

With recipe: To learn how to use the extractor you can count on the many recipes available that help you become familiar with this device.

recently treated Finishes: Price is always a warning sign in this case is low because the overall quality of the details is not taken care of the better.

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Hurom juice extractor

6. Hurom Stainless Steel MOD H-AI-SBE20 HP-IIE12

Hurom is the brand among the first commercialized and made famous this new appliance so appreciated and present in so many homes. This model has the advantage of being realized with very sturdy and materials that hold up well even with intensive use harsh ingredients.

At first glance it may seem overly expensive. In fact, it does not include accessories and must be purchased apart from the large mesh filter if you want to get the most juice dense and fibrous, velvety or perhaps to prepare sauces.

Compared to the brand’s standards, this is one of the most attractive offers. In fact, the considerable cost is far the lowest compared to that of the largest and powerful models of the same brand.

The rotation is approximately 43 revolutions per minute and the waste product is completely dry. This means that you can get almost all of fruit and vegetable juice. There are no particular limitations on the uses to which they can do, it processes any ingredient with very satisfactory results.

leader Brand: The performance of this extractor are among the highest while presenting characteristics similar to those of the lower-priced end models.

43 revolutions per minute: Slow but relentless, the extractor is able to extract the juice from any ingredient returning a completely dry waste.

Suitable for any ingredient: leaves, soft and juicy fruit, or tough and dry, whatever you want to process is perfectly consistent with the right density.

Expensive: This is not even the highest range of products Hurom yet it is among the most expensive in our ranking.

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Juice extractor Hotpoint

7. Hotpoint-Ariston juice extractor MOD SJ 4010 AX1

Hotpoint signing this impressive cold extractor with high power output 400 watts. It has a solid and robust structure thanks to the considerable presence of metal in the shell and hard plastic parts in contact with food.

It is a basic model, so it is not equipped with the most innovative functions of the second generation extractors. For example, here it is not advisable to use ice or frozen fruit.

the rotation speed is also higher than in most of the devices on the market, with 70 revolutions per minute. All in all not a bad performance but faster than other models. On the other hand, it has a more solid and robust than other models in the same price range but with a less reliable mechanical structure.

Powerful but at a good price: You can use it to process ripe fruit but also green leafy vegetables and plenty of fiber. All at a competitive price.

With recipes included: Very original and easy to play, the recipes given are really interesting and offer ideas to be copied successfully.

400 W: The engine is capable of processing a large number of foods without overloaded due to the particular power.

Do not process the ice: You can not chop ice or frozen fruit to prevent damage to the cochlea.

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Juice extractor Girmi

8. Girmi SW10 Juice Extractor

Girmi is the brand name of the model that ends our ranking. It is an economical solution, designed for those approaches for the first time in this kind of transformation of food and did not want to spend large sums.

The new model of the Italian brand conquered many positive opinions because of its good quality and interesting performances. For example, it has a top speed of just 55 rpm, ideal to avoid overheating of the fruit and vegetables and therefore do not alter the content of essential vitamins and nutrients.

The engine is powerful and able to crush even the most compact and hard ingredients for this can be achieved satisfactory results and play so many tasty recipes. To facilitate the cleaning of the filter and the auger is present the reverse button which rotates in the opposite direction the motor. In this way they remain stuck pieces is easier to unlock and continue to extract juice from selected ingredients.

Included is a practical cookbook that inspires and suggests how to make good use of this tool to get all the desired benefits.

Very cheap: The price is very attractive and this makes you want to buy all those who are intrigued by this method to extract the juices from the vegetables and fruit you prefer.

reverse function: You can change the direction of rotation for unlocking traffic jams and to make it easier to clean after use.

Metal filter: Although the price is low, do not miss the filter with metal microframe to hold the fiber and separate the best from the juice.

Basic model: Can not process frozen foods or ice to make sorbets.

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Choosing a good puller must also pass the careful assessment of the possibilities it can offer and the type of use to which it intends to do. There are some items to consider, first of all the type of ingredients to be processed and the result you want to achieve.

Even the living juice extracted from fruits and vegetables is not without its drawbacks, but if it is an element of a more complex and varied diet may be able to make it more colorful and vivid.

The cold extraction

This type of fruit and vegetable production is relatively recent and has raised in a short time the attention of many consumers attracted by the opportunity to maximize the benefits of the fruit and vegetable consumption.

It is a type of processing that no other domestic robot allows to obtain. The protagonists of this process are extremely slow rotation and the constant and relentless work of the cochlea, the screw-press that crushes and breaks up the pulp from the juice it contains.

The pressure has an action very different compared to the traditional effect of the blades of a food process, like the classic blender or food processor. The main concerns the lower air inlet in the liquid obtained that slows down the oxidation process and therefore nutrient decay.

Differences with the centrifugal

The centrifuged so fashionable a few decades ago, giving way to more powerful extractor. The reason is that the speed of rotation which serves to separate the pulp from the juice also implies a higher air inlet inside of the extracted juice.

In this way scorporano with greater speed and that the part of the serum that still includes fiber tracks. Even the amount of deviation is greater with the centrifuge, in fact these are better suited to be recycled for other recipes.

Why choose it with wide mouth

Cut the food into small pieces involves increased exposure to air and therefore a faster oxidation. The fruit should be eaten as is, if possible with the skin and certainly the main rule is to spend less time as possible between the time it is peeled and the time that is consumed.

But when you extract the juice is considered the longest waiting to fill the glass of juice to drink. To limit as much as possible the action of air you should prefer a very wide mouth that favors the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in large pieces that are processed without difficulty from the cochlea.

How does a juice extractor?

The principle underlying the operation of the extractor is very different compared to the traditional food processor. There are blades that slice up to finely chop the ingredients and even the rotational speed to break the link between fiber and juice. It is instead of a press which is screwed around the pieces of fruit and vegetables to crush them and so separate the two components. The extremely slow and constant action of the press allows to limit the entry of air and thus ensures the best preservation of vitamins.

What is the fruit extractor?

By depriving the fruits and vegetables of the fibrous part is immediately made available the most noble food, rich in nutrients and valuable elements to our health. So you can make the juices from different ingredients to get early benefits. So much energy and charge goes straight to the stomach almost without having to go from digestion for processing.

With the extractor you can also realize the vegetable milk, such as almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, or you can prepare tasty sorbets from frozen fruit or by the same ice cubes. These features are only available in the latest models or the particularly solid and robust.

What precautions for those who have diabetes?

Those who have serious malfunctions that prevent the proper absorption of sugars must be extremely careful. In fact, the fruit has a high glycemic index that can pose a risk to the health of those suffering from diseases such as diabetes. The glycemic peak linked to the recruitment of fruit increases if it is not mediated by the fiber which in part slows down the absorption. This is why it is recommended not to hire more than 150 ml of juice a day.

Yet recently, a new study published in Nutrition and Diabets in 2017 seems to contradict this belief. It appears that the juice obtained with the extractors and taken at the end of the meals may have a minor impact on raising the glycemic index, that is, the amount of sugar present in the blood.

The comparison was conducting comparing the results of patients who consumed at the end of the meal the whole fruit and those who took the same kind of fruit but pressed with the extractor. A very interesting discovery that promises to fundamentally change the way of approaching nutrition.

How to integrate the fibers?

The fiber which represents the deviation of the processing of fruits and vegetables is in many cases still usable. Although it did not taste good as it can be used as an ingredient to make other preparations. There are many recipes that allow to take advantage of the fiber resulting from the extraction of the juice. Assuming combined juice and fiber used to make muffins or pancakes can be made complete breakfast or snacks to enjoy a very tasty break.

The juice is fattening?

In general, do not take a high amount of sugar in the daily diet, including those that are naturally present in fruit. Our metabolism is quite weakened and compromised from excessive sugar.

When sugars are simple, as in the case of refined sugar, they are a real poison for the body. In general, remember that overdo the fruit juice is an excess that should be handled with care as required by the Balanced power rule.

To make a good juice with fruits and vegetables is important to choose seasonal products and ripe. The reason is that it will be higher juice content and nutrients, but also it will be tastier.

What to be careful when taking live juice

You will have the feeling of being able to make a full meal maximizes the absorption of the noblest parts of the plant. But beware: our body needs the fiber even if it does not have nutritional properties.

So the extractor will be an invaluable tool to complete the balanced and varied diet that our body needs. One way to get the most out of fruits and vegetables, but can also prove counterproductive.

In fact, the intake of fiber content in plant and in particular that of fruit slows the absorption of sugars naturally present. It is therefore likely to take a very high glycemic load if you do not know with certainty how to balance the amount of fruits and vegetables to be squeezed to get a nice juice.

Take the juice of carrots and vegetable milks

The best extractors run at extremely slow speeds, but combine a very important engine power. The element that presses the fruit, the cochlea, is capable of pressing any ingredient when it is realized with extremely compact and hard materials, as in the case dell’Ultem.

These models in particular can crush even the most compact and resistant ingredients, such as dried fruit, carrots or ice. It’s good to make sure your model is able to make this effort to avoid the risk that some will shatter component.

What to do with the pulp

Some pullers are able to extract more than others juice, restoring a more or less dry waste. Species models that do not squeeze the most of the fibrous part of fruit and vegetables, may offer an interesting starting point for alternative uses.

Among the most popular are the cookies to be done by mixing the extraction remains with other ingredients like eggs or flour. Interesting recipes also offer pancakes, cakes, muffins or even the nut to obtain by drying and then chopping the fiber.

An alternative use but very interesting is destine waste to cosmetics. Although much of the waste have been deprived of the noble parts, continue to maintain useful features to be exploited to make masks and creams applied to the skin or hair.

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