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The best freezer. Offers and prices

Freezer – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

The best freezer is what I respond accurately to the specific needs of each family. It is a useful tool but in many ways is difficult to determine with precision what are the optimal characteristics. Various size and capacity, orientation, horizontal or vertical, and also changes the possibility to place freely or recessed between the kitchen furniture. Before you decide what to buy is important to take a few questions and compare the models available. An operation that can take time and a lot of energy. In this article we present the most interesting freezers in a single page. For example, deserves to be considered the Beko FS166020, very cheap and affordable, it is also able to satisfy the most demanding because it’s roomy yet compact. Klarstein Iceblokk Hybrid is larger and more expensive than other models, however, has in place a reliable and cutting-edge technology.

The second option

The Best Freezer. Offers And Prices

Klarstein Iceblokk Hybrid – Freezer, Freezer, 4 Stars, used as a refrigerator, 227 Liters, Technology NoFrost, 7 rooms, Touch, stainless steel Display, Class A +, Color Silver


The Best Freezer. Offers And Prices

Besides a remarkable ability, also it provides a large number of very useful extra features such as the presence of 4-star compartment to ensure a longer food preservation.

Missing the light inside. Given the considerable size would be useful to be able to count on this gadget more for faster content verification.

Great but very compact, not that occupies so much space especially when you consider that it has a net capacity of 227. You can also use as a refrigerator and then is extremely versatile and comfortable to allocate to a better use for your specific needs.

The 8 Best Freezers – Ranking 2020

Among the best freezers of 2020 our staff has selected the models that meet different requirements in terms of capacity and ease of placement. We offer you our list of the most interesting because you can easily find which refrigerator to buy.


1. FS166020 Beko Freezer Free standing vertical White 65 L A +

The Best Freezer. Offers And Prices

Are you wondering how to choose a good freezer? The first rule to follow is to establish its scope and clutter. According to the real needs of your family and the space you have at home you will be able to choose the most suitable freezer or horizontal. In the case of Beko model you can find the best compromise between a small footprint and sufficient capacity for an average-sized family that will not apply only to the freezer to store food.

It is a freestanding model, therefore easy to place anywhere, almost as big as any kitchen cabinet. So it is ideal to complete the decor and set of appliances, or to be placed elsewhere without problems.

It belongs to the consumption class A +, so even if not the absolute best that can achieve this type of device, it is still good and little impact in the bill. It is divided into drawers which allow to arrange the content well to have everything at hand limiting the time in which the door remains open.

Silent: The noise is minimal and for this it is possible to install the freezer exactly where you want, even in the sleeping area, because it does not emit sound except when the motor is activated to keep the temperature stable.

Static: It is no frost, so there is no risk associated with this type of technology, which tends to dry out more quickly put the contents to freeze.

Good technical performance: In the face of a small footprint provides up to 65 liters of net capacity distributed between various compartments and drawers, also has an autonomy of 15 hours without current, and over 24 hours freezes 4 pounds of food at a time.

Controls on the back: The control panel, albeit very intuitive and limited to the thermostat function, is positioned on the rear part of the freezer and for this reason it is difficult to reach and adjust accordingly.

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2. SanGiorgio SF18SW Free installation Vertical 160L A + Freezer

The Best Freezer. Offers And Prices

SanGiorgio offers a great freezer that boasts 160 liters capacity: a lot of space: perfect for organizing all kinds of funding. Despite the large size settles in consumption band contained resort with a performance class A +, which corresponds to 217 kWh per year of current absorption.

The dimensions are important, equal to those of a small refrigerator, where the height reaches 144 cm. Each compartment is equipped with drawers that allow you to organize your content and have it always in order and within reach of eye and hand. The drawers are wide and capacious, also can be easily removed from their place to be filled, emptied and cleaned with due ease.

There are some additional functions that are found in other products and make them more versatile. Like for example the ability to accelerate the cooling process to freeze faster than fresh foods. Nor is this an alarm to alert that the temperature is rising. But it is not these details affect the actual quality of the freezer, which stood as a favorite by buyers.

Alto and capacious: The dimensions are considerable and has a total capacity of 180 liters, but its width is minimum. Less than a mobile from any place in the kitchen: 554 mm.

Easy to move if needed: The freezer is equipped with wheels that make moving fast in all circumstances even when full.

Rather silent: Noise emissions amounted to around 43 dB therefore perfectly tolerated and slightly higher models of competing brands.

It did not fast freeze function: Given the considerable size would be useful to be able to count on a rapid cooling function to quickly freeze fresh food inserted.

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Freezer no frost

3. Klarstein Iceblokk hybrid Congelatore, 4 site

The Best Freezer. Offers And Prices

This drawers Klarstein is also hybrid model, means that it can be used as refrigerator or freezer according to specific needs. To change operating mode select the optimum mode from the control display. A simple and intuitive gesture that allows you to customize the type of use depending on the time of year or the needs they at home can vary from time to time.

Embed the function no frost, this means that a jet of air passes through the drawers avoiding the formation of frost and the deposit in layers of ice. The result is a simplified maintenance and the lower incidence of problems related to the formation of ice.

It is in class A + then the annual consumption of this vertical freezer no frost are contained while the dimensions are important. Indeed, it has a remarkable ability, reaches 227 liters divided between several shelves and drawers to organize well the contents inside. The plans are five and can be removed, two are equipped with a transparent cover that protects the contents better but without covering it completely from view.

Very large: The freezer no frost of Klarstein counts on a net capacity of 227 liters that provide maximum versatility.

Fa from the refrigerator or freezer: You can choose whether to use it in one or other mode simply by selecting the corresponding function in the control panel.

In compartments: In comparison with other models, especially like this for the ability to access content in removing drawers, or moving them where needed.

Missing light: Since this is a model that can also be used as a refrigerator, would certainly have been useful the presence of this little gadget.

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4. Sirge Freezer Freezer 32 Liters Mini

Among the models sold online, there are also mini freezers, serving as an extension in case the fridge it is not equipped with this or that is too small. The Sirge model is appreciated for its compactness and ease with which you move and puts you right where you need it. It belongs to the consumer class A ++, so it is small also the impact on the bill.

It is a dual function, then you can adjust because the temperatures go up or fall below zero according to the actual convenience. In refrigerator mode reaches the temperature range between 0 ° and 10 °, while as the freezer is -10 ° to -24 ° then operates to all intents and purposes as a four-star freezer which ensures increased durability of such frozen foods.

Too bad for the design decision to put the thermostat on the back making it less easy this operation. But apart from this detail, there are many satisfied users the versatility and completeness of this compact model.

32 liters: The compact size still provide access to two quite roomy and comfortable rooms, able to accommodate the stocks for the week with no problems.

Dual function can be used as a freezer or as a refrigerator selecting the desired function and range of ideal temperature.

Freezer 4 stars: It can break down the food temperature down to -24 ° C which allow prolonged storage time.

Adjusting the temperature on the back: Uncomfortable place the control panel on the back of the structure and that it is not easy to reach for adjustment of the various functions.

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Chest freezer

5. HCE203R Haier Freezer, Free standing 203L, A +

This freezer is among the top sellers of the moment. The reason lies in the excellent relationship between costs and benefits. The ability to count on more than 200 liters capacity and an irresistible price can not fail to attract the curiosity of buyers who turn out to be satisfied with your purchase.

It is appreciated for the possibility of closing the upper door with a lock and in this way keep safe the inside from the entrance of air that would compromise its correct operation. It has an electronic display that makes it easier to control the main functions of the freezer. starting from the temperature, which can be manually adjusted to set the SuperFreeze function.

In this way it is possible to quickly reduce the temperature of the food has just been placed and still fresh. In general offers a good ability to freeze, within 24 hours, up to 18 pounds. It is well, then there are no compartments to divide the space inside. But you can use the top rack to put in small items to always have in view.

Large capacity: 207 liters are well overall on whom to rely for cramming supplies for a year and for a large family. In the energy class A + and a competitive sale price.

Large freezing speed: The freezer can quickly reduce the temperature of the fresh food inserted inside, with a nominal capacity of 18 pounds in 24 hours.

Silent: only 40 decibels making it one of the quietest in circulation today. Whereas it is absolutely devoid of sound when it is in standby it includes easy to place it wherever is required.

Missing the ignition button: A detail not secondary seen that the only way to disable it is pulling the plug from the socket.

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Built-in freezer

6. Electrolux Freezer Undercounters Recessed CI 1001

If you are looking for a small freezer built-in, here we suggest you where to buy a product difficult to find in shops of home appliances. In fact, this model is characterized by the ability to completely disappear under the worktop and blend together with the other of the kitchen furniture.

It has a good internal capacity, divided into several compartments that allow you to save up to 70 liters of food in perfect condition. In fact reaches very low temperatures comprised within the -24 ° C guaranteed by the four stars of the freezer.

It absorbs little energy, with performance that settle in the class of consumption A +, then in average compared to other similar appliances. It also has good freezing capacity, which settles in as many as 12 pounds in 24 hours. Better than other more capacious and bulky accessories. The technology employed limits the formation of ice inside, in fact defrosting is automatic and there is no need to run it manually.

Recessed: Compact in size and compatible with the normal furniture of the kitchen, so it is perfect for hiding behind a door and disappear from view entirely.

Frostfree: innovative function that automatically defrost the ice that forms inside the freezer limiting almost completely the manual intervention.

rapid reduction of temperature: A tray is dedicated to the rapid freezing that allows to process up to 12 pounds of food at a time over 24 hours.

High price: Definitely taller than average and also it is even more considering the small size.

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Whirlpool Freezer

7. WVA31612 NFW Whirlpool Freestanding Vertical 308L A ++ freezer

This is the ideal freezer for those with specific needs and does not want to settle for a battle model. It is suitable for those looking for low prices, but of those who need to keep in excellent condition large quantities of food or convenience foods to always have access to the stock at any time.

The freezer Whirlpool is a 300-liter model in class A ++ which is characterized by optimal division of the space inside and the particular power. It is able to break down quickly the temperature processing 32 pounds of food within 24 hours.

It has many useful features that make it a real jewel of technology. Unmissable no frost option that prevents the formation of frost and ice inside. In addition, the door can be mounted in such a way that it opens in the optimum direction depending on the position chosen for the freezer.

Very large: The net capacity of 300 liters divided between several compartments that allow you to better organize content and have instant access to what you need without taking too open the door.

No frost: In this way it limits the formation of ice that alters the operation of the freezer and limits the space actually available. Given the large size would be a problem having to defrost it regularly.

Fast freeze: quickly pulls down the temperature of the fresh food placed inside, up to 32 pounds in 24 hours.

Very expensive: The price that requires this freezer is among the highest in circulation, albeit in the face of a high overall quality of the product.

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Freezer 100 liters

8. Hotpoint BF 901 E AA Cash Vertical 100L A + Freezer

Not exactly the cheapest model in circulation but it is among those who do most of their duty. It belongs to the class A + of electrical consumption, thus amounting in the average for this type of appliances. But conquest positive opinions, particularly because of the significant internal capacity of 100 liters in spite of the very compact dimensions.

It is also appreciated prolonged autonomy in case of interruptions of the electric current that lasts up to 20 hours while maintaining a constant temperature inside. This way you can also count on a careful use of energy for its power even in normal conditions.

Who wants to spend less can expect the deals that are offered from time to time, but it is certainly a direct opportunity to be evaluated very carefully in any case. It is a compact solution that is characterized by a reliable technology and robust structure.

well-organized space: A total of 100 gallons available divided among four large compartments and easy to fill or to be adjusted in height according to the needs.

Long battery life: It ensures the right temperature for 20 hours in case of power failure, an occurrence to consider when it comes to entrusting to the freezer their food stocks.

Adjustable temperature: To freeze faster than fresh foods it is possible to adjust the temperature so as to break it down more quickly, 12 pounds in 24 hours.

Expensive: The price of this refrigerator Hotpoint is certainly higher than average, or at least among those that we have seen in this ranking.

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There are some items to consider when you go online to choose a freezer to be devoted to their own home. For example, you must consider the space you really need, family consumption and the type of expenditure that is done.

The characteristics of the freezer should be taken into consideration. Its noise can be an element that arouses interest, but is secondary if the freezer is located away from the main building. Better to focus on a model that guarantees a good autonomy in case of power failure, or the ability to organize content within in a reasoned and coherent manner.

Also, a good refrigerator should be at least four stars, even better if five. There is thus refers to its value and the quality of workmanship, but the code that is used conventionally to determine the lowest temperature that can reach, from which also depends on a different time of food preservation.

Better tub or drawers?

The form allows the freezer to set various things. In the first place the place where it will be placed. Usually a chest freezer offers more net space in front of a smaller footprint while one vertical offers a better organization of the space into compartments, sometimes other adjustable fixed times.

But this is not the only difference. Even access to inventory changes depending on the refrigerator design. To have access to a vertical pattern when the door is opened all the content is exposed to the temperature change. But in a cockpit template you can put lower food to be consumed later and to hand those who are thought to consume before.

The organization of space is essential to be able to restrict the formation of ice or to increase excessively consumption: the motor is activated whenever the internal temperature rises when it enters from the outside hot air.

No frost and other functions to limit the formation of frost

The air exchange with the outside is often responsible for the formation of ice. This is why it is recommended not to open the door too often, to limit as much as possible this phenomenon and rely on perfect preservation of food and household appliance.

Some models are equipped with no frost function that limits the formation of ice improving the overall performance of the device. Here a fan circulates the air inside and prevents moisture from being deposited within the forming frost and ice.

Other tools can be found to limit the formation of scale, in fact, the air circulating inside can be too dry food spoiling the consistency if they are not stored at best. Each company develops its own method to improve performance, but much affect the price range which are sold freezers.

Optimum Energy Efficiency

To represent a real economic advantage is important that the freezer does not exceed too much power consumption. In fact it is true that buy large quantities of food supply lowers the price per kilo, this must also be justified from a sustainable spending bill.

Unlike what happened until a few decades ago, today the freezer is not overly energy-intensive and improves performance when used wisely. So it is important not to fill beyond its carrying capacity and avoid often open the door.

It is considered that a good appliance must belong to class A + even though they are most efficient appliances even in dual class A.

How to store the courgettes in the freezer?

It is not easy to keep the water-rich foods like zucchini in the freezer. It is advisable to cook them first to limit the amount of water inside. In fact, the risk is too much to alter the consistency of the food when it is thawed. Better instead to cook the zucchini according to the preferred recipe, it is optimal stufarle with other odors, such as onion, so as to evaporate the water but avoiding to add oil and fat, as you would frying.

How to clean the refrigerator?

For good results it is important to completely defrost the freezer before cleaning. To do before you can place a bowl of boiling water which will accelerate the melting ice may be present.

It is necessary that the appliance is switched off and that it has dissolved the ice present on the surfaces before starting to pass the damp sponge. The risk is that the surface of the sponge adheres to sticking ice. There is no need to use detergent, unless the rooms are not really dirty and greasy. In fact, if remains of the soap can alter the taste and smell of foods that will be stored later. Although the evaporation decreases, it stops altogether and thus the foods they end up taking the typical pleasant taste from excessive stay in the freezer.

How to store basil in the freezer?

Usually it is recommended to avoid freezing the vegetables, the reason is again due to the rich presence of water inside the cells that make up the food structure. In the case of basil you can still get good results. Provided, however, settle in seeing how the leaflet collapses soon resumes the ambient temperature.

You can freeze one on top of the well washed leaves and dry inside of large containers and equipped with a lid. The more the leaves are dry, the better their conservation and you can sit and taking them one by one each time you want to flavor a sauce or a family recipe.

How to store the pumpkin in the freezer?

Pumpkin, unlike zucchini, you can freeze raw pieces and therefore already frozen is used in pot for preparing soups and velvety.

How long can get food in the freezer without power?

This information depends directly on the specific characteristics of the model and the state of preservation. In fact, each model indicates in its technical features which is the runtime and to ski. With the first value indicates how long they can remain protected foods inside, while the second indicates the time when the internal temperature begins to increase. If the door seal is defective or if there is a lot of ice, the technical information may not be reliable.

Do not just fill the freezer to the ridge to say to know how to use to the fullest. It should consider some features that serve to make the most impact as little as possible on the bill. Even knowing identify any problems early and weaknesses allows you to prolong its useful life.

Where to keep the freezer

The freezer should be the norm in a cool but not too cold and not very close to direct heat. So they are to avoid the positions near the windows where the sun beats, or by the stove.

You can keep it in the house, today this is an option more and more frequently because the models become more and more silent and discreet. It is important to consider that if we take away from home need to budget monitoring systems to ensure that the temperature sudden increase is not due to a drop in the current or a malfunction. There are models equipped with an acoustic alarm that enables timely intervention when the thermostat records a temperature different from the optimal one.

What to do if you lose water

The water that is seen at the base of the freezer is, more often than not, a trivial problem. The freezer as the refrigerator is designed so as to collect in a pan moisture that forms inside and, in fact, is condensed in the form of water.

The heat emitted by the compressor is sufficient to evaporate by itself this water that collects on the outside of the appliance. Most often, the water that is formed on the ground is due to a hole in the pan. Made of plastic and subjected to strong temperature fluctuations, these bowls can crack and let the water drop which should contain.

So before you call tech can look at the state of the pan to make sure the problem is not a simple hole.

How to defrost the freezer

Not always the no frost function is included among those available in a freezer. In some cases it is necessary because the formation of ice in a large freezer is a real danger for good food storage. Moreover, it is not easy to defrost at the right time if the freezer is full and you do not want to risk sending down the drain large stocks of food.

If you can not rely on the function that limits the departing frost, you have to gear up in order to limit as much damage as possible. Eat all the food in a freezer large can be a real challenge. Or you can count on the fact that, once thawed raw food can be cooked refreeze.