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The Best Electric mixers. Comparisons And Prices

Electric hand mixer – When buying guide, Opinions and Comparisons

If you are interested in buying the best electric mixer 2020, reading our ranking can easily find the model best suited to your needs, since our team analyzed the features and benefits of the most valuable time of the products that boast the best value including build quality and selling price. To occupy the top positions are two appliances in Moulinex brand, but it should not be surprising given that it is one of the most reputable companies in the industry. We speak, specifically, the model HM412 Prep Line of line and his predecessor HM410: both offer a power of 450 watts and five levels of speed, plus the “turbo practice,” but while the former has a large bowl from 2.5 liter capacity, the second is offered in an ultra competitive price that allows the purchase even the most thrifty users.

The 8 Best Mixers Electrical – Ranking 2020

Whether your intention is to prepare a homemade cake or simply to mix the ingredients together, you can hardly do without an electric mixer.

Fortunately, in the market there are so many that there is plenty of choice and, in the enterprise to help, below we propose a ranking of the best brand models that have won the greatest number of positive opinions among all those sold online. At the end of each review you will also find useful links on where to purchase the item of interest to you at the best price.

Electric hand mixer with bowl

1. Moulinex HM412 Prep Bowl Line

The Best Electric Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

Moulinex is a brand that has been producing small appliances designed to simplify the work in the kitchen, so if you do not know where to buy electric mixer invite you to carefully consider the characteristics of the model that stands on top of our rankings.

It is with an electric mixer bowl from 2.5 liters capacity, to which the trans company has four associated whips stainless steel: two wire, ideal for mounting, and two spiral to be used for the dough.

The power output is 450 watts and can be adjusted to five different levels of speed, plus the “turbo function practice” to further speed up the time of preparation of the recipes.

The build quality is not bad, even if the majority of the components, except for the whisks supplied, it is made of plastic; However, it must be said that the sales price is very attractive, so you can safely turn a blind eye on the choice of materials.

Power: The 450-watt motor has demonstrated excellent reliability since it enables you to work every kind of ingredient by adjusting the speed of five levels.

Turbo: Another advantage offered by the Moulinex model is the possibility of using the “turbo” function to further increase the rotation of the whips and eliminate the most substantial lumps, with a considerable saving of time and effort.

Bowl: Loved buyers a good bowl capacity supplied, which can hold up to 2.5 liters of ingredients.

Materials: The choice of using plastic for the outer shell and the container has a bit ‘disappointed users, they would rather spend a little more to enjoy a higher quality construction.

Buy on (€ 46,41)

Moulinex electric hand mixer

2. Prep Line Moulinex HM410 Hand mixer Prepline 5 Speed

The Best Electric Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

Let us now turn to another electric mixer Moulinex, cheaper than its predecessor but also more lightweight and easy to handle.

Despite being made for the most part made of plastic, the external structure has shown good strength and solidity qualities, a sign of great attention by the company on the overall quality of construction; and the same is true of the engine, which appears to be very reliable and efficient, thanks to a power of 450 watts and five different speed settings.

Included in the price you will find four whips, two spiral and two flush, with which you can create all kinds of dough, from the softest to those hard to work with hand tools. The accessories can be fitted and disengage with absolute ease by simply pressing a button and you can enter directly in the dishwasher for ease of service.

The only flaw reported by users relates to the inability to place the unit on the back during processing, given that the rear part is not flat but rounded, and this forces us to pay more attention to avoid that the whips dirtying the worktop .

Engine: The electric Moulinex mixer is equipped with a powerful motor 450 Watt that allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of five levels, which is associated with the “turbo” mode also for kneading the most consistent ingredients.

The whips: Included in the price are provided two pairs of beaters for whipping and kneading: they are made of stainless steel and can be washed directly in the dishwasher to speed up the cleaning operations.

Quality / Price: The building materials are of excellent quality and provide good resistance even in case of intensive use, all at a very competitive price.

Eye not to soil: The rear part of the appliance is not flat but rounded, and this does not allow to place it on the back during processing to prevent the dirty whips everywhere.

Buy on (€ 38.1)

Kenwood electric hand mixer

3. Kenwood HM680 Hand mixer Cheffette

The Best Electric Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

The main advantage offered by the electric mixer Kenwood is the presence of a large bowl, by the capacity of 3 liters, which can be removed if necessary.

The appliance, in fact, can knead and mix the ingredients even without the bowl, taking advantage of one of the five speed afforded by motor 350 watts.

Both the bowl is the four whips supplied, two wire to whip and two spiral kneading, they are made of stainless steel and can be disassembled with ease for they can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Moreover, it is equipped with a useful splash guard, which will help to keep clean the work surface during the preparation, and a practical silicone spatula to collect the ingredients.

At good power combines excellent build quality and a price very interesting sale and although the market are cheaper models available, that surely every penny to buy it, and users reviews confirm this.

Build Quality: The presence of a reinforced plastic external structure and a number of stainless steel components, the appliance gives a remarkable robustness to withstand even the most intense stresses.

Capacity: What makes this Kenwood electric mixer one of the most effective and versatile of the category is the provision of a steel bowl from capacity of 3 liters, so you do not ask no limit during the preparation of the dough.

Accessories: In addition to the bowl and beaters, included in the price also has a splash-shield cover to work safely and a silicone spatula very helpful to remove food residue from the container.

Power: 350 watts are not few but may still not be sufficient to work the hardest mixes and, given the not exactly cheap cost of the item, it was disappointed the users a lot.

Buy on (€ 148.89)

Philips electric hand mixer

4. Kitchen Philips HR3705 / 00 Electric hand mixer

The Best Electric Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

Philips is among the best companies in circulation when it comes to small appliances in common use, and its electric mixer HR 3705/00 is a clear example.

It is provided with two pairs of whips made of stainless steel, which easily apply and just as easily removed thanks to the appropriate eject button, and a flat base that allows placing it vertically on the working surface, so as to avoid that the whips , dripping, combine a disaster.

In addition to the price of very advantageous sale, an electric mixer Philips is appreciated for its small size, equal to 10.5 x 21 x 19.4 cm, from which it derives a lightness and practicality of use that few other appliances they are able to provide.

It also lets you adjust the processing speed of five levels, which become six if we count the practice mode “turbo”, while the engine 300 watt, although it is not among the most powerful in its class, is able to play with great profit the his job.

Structural Features: Not only is it extremely light and easy to handle, but has XL commands to make easier the adjustment of the various parameters, and a clip for the power cord that allows you to conveniently store the appliance if necessary.

Price / quality: Despite the ultra competitive cost, the company has not skimped on the goodness of the construction materials, which have proven high quality and quite resistant over time.

Convenient: Very much appreciated by users the ability to place the unit on its back while using it, so as to prevent the dirty whips the plane on which you are working.

It overheats: As reported by the buyers, the motor of 300 watts tends to overheat when called to work very hard and compact ingredients.

Buy on (€ 28,42)

Bosch electric hand mixer

5. Bosch Mfq3030 Sbattitore, 350 W

The Best Electric Mixers. Comparisons And Prices

The Bosch electric mixer combines the typical construction quality of the mark at an exceptionally low cost. The four accompanying whips are easy to clean, and being made of stainless steel, are not afraid of washing at high temperatures, for which reason they can also be inserted directly in the dishwasher to provide for the maintenance of the appliance saving time and effort.

With four speed settings and convenient “turbo” function, activated via the red button on the front of the handle, it will be easy to find the right working power for mixing or kneading all kinds of ingredients, while the engine 350 watt leaves space to disappointments of any kind and is appreciated especially for its enviable lightness and its extreme quietness.

The only complaint raised by purchasers regards the attacks of the whisks supplied, since they are made of plastic and require more attention in the ejection phase to prevent it from accidentally lesionino.

Versatile: The ability to use the whisk to a set speed on five levels, you can work all the ingredients quickly and effectively, whether it is to whip the eggs is that we should vigorously knead the hard-packed compounds.

Silent: A feature that was very successful among users is the low noise level of the appliance, which can also be operated in sensitive times without being excessive noise.

affordable price: The Bosch electric mixer, in our opinion, is a purchase to be evaluated with regard to the outstanding performance and remarkable longevity. It shows a great help in the kitchen and, what’s more, is offered at an affordable price.

Whips: The hoses supplied are practical to clean and also very efficient, but you have to pay close attention being removed because the plastic head could easily get injured.

Buy on (€ 29,49)

KitchenAid electric hand mixer

6. 5KHM9212 KitchenAid hand mixer

The electric beaters are not all the same, as well as not all the preparations that can be made at home have the same characteristics.

The KitchenAid 5KHM9212, produced by one of the best American companies in the sector, is the “younger brother” homonymous food processor and has an efficient engine that ensures a maximum rotational speed of the whips equal to 1,300 revolutions per minute, with the possibility to choose between nine power levels.

The wide range of accessories supplied, in addition to justify the high price at which it is sold Kitchenaid, electric mixer makes it possible to adapt the operation according to the needs, with the further advantage of being able to use the two whips stainless steel turbo to work the denser compounds or large amounts of ingredients at a time.

Complete the rich supply of the appliance an LED display for setting with the utmost precision the various parameters and a power cord 158 cm long well that guarantees the user a wide freedom of movement.

Speed: Thanks to an efficient DC motor, it is possible to adjust the speed of service of nine levels, reaching a maximum rotation of 1,300 revolutions per minute.

Equipped: The rich Supplied accessories package will allow you to tackle any culinary challenge and overcome it with minimal effort and results worthy of a professional chef.

Display and appearance: It has a comfortable digital screen which makes it more practical to use; also it has a very attractive design that will make a very good figure in your kitchen.

High Price: The high cost of the item makes it difficult to access for those on a tight budget; However, we believe that the costs incurred to purchase it will be rewarded with a flawless performance and greater durability.

Buy on (€ 152.6)

Braun electric hand mixer

7. Braun HM 3135 MultiMix 3 Beater

Always remaining in a mid to high price, another model that deserves your attention is an electric mixer Braun MultiMix HM 3135, which makes the functionality and practicality of its main strengths.

It is a professional appliance with five rotational speeds that allow you to assemble, mix, chop, mix, blend and mix all the ingredients needed for sweet and savory preparations.

This is possible also thanks to its multiple accessories: In addition to the two wire beaters and stainless steel kneading hooks, is provided with a whisk to blend the ingredients directly into the container supplied and a chopper glass for shredding fruits, vegetables, chocolate, spices and much more.

Simply position the engine body above the processing accessories and all the weight will be downloaded directly on the bowls without burdening the arm, and thanks to the “Easy Click” button can unhook if necessary with extreme ease. In addition, it is very lightweight to be used without effort, while the ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber guarantees the maximum stability and safety during processing.

Powerful: On the front of the power there is little to say, 500 watts are a significant source of energy with which to manage each type of dough, with the added benefit of being able to set the speed suitable to the type of preparation.

Quality materials: The main advantage of the electric mixer Braun is definitely its high quality construction, which makes it also suitable for intensive use.

Complete and versatile: The fittings and truly remarkable: not only shall be available in the classic whips for whipping and kneading, but also a rod for blending, combined with a graduated plastic cup, and a 500 ml chopper.

Expensive: Again we have to be prepared to spend a little more to take home this little gem, but if you have the opportunity to increase your budget will be a purchase of which you are unlikely to regret.

Buy on (€ 64,95)

Imetec electric hand mixer

8. ST Imetec Professional 1000 Series Electric Hand mixer

Rounding out our list is an electric mixer Imetec Professional Series ST 1000, which differs from those discussed so far for its functional and ergonomic design which provides greater stability during use.

Its structure well calibrated and the flat base allow to support the appliance in an upright on the work surface, so as to maintain the hoses in parallel to the bowl so as not to run the risk of dirtying everywhere. The engine power is remarkable, we’re on about 400 watts, although the availability of only two speeds and the absence of a “turbo” modes are felt.

It is built with good quality plastic materials, which ensure a high resistance to stresses and wear, while maintaining a fairly low selling price.

The package contains two pairs of whips: those spiral dough and flat ones to mount that, the classic wire beaters differences, allow to work even small amounts of ingredients while minimizing the sketches.

Quality and convenience: Imetec What is the best appliance for use intense and prolonged, since it has a build quality nothing short of excellent and practicality of use as few others.

Price tempting: It is not only efficient and robust, but is also offered at a price that is unbelievable, to the point of becoming the preferred choice of functionality and saving lovers.

Ergonomic: Weighing just over a kilogram, is lightweight and extremely comfortable to use, even on an ergonomic grip with anti-slip rubber that provides a more solid and secure grip.

Speed: It will also be an appliance cheap, but it must be said that the presence of only two speeds has disappointed the expectations of users, and the absence of certain “turbo” function does not improve things.

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Who looks out for the first time in the diverse world of electric beaters and looking for a quality product offered at low prices, you may feel uncomfortable in front of so many deals available in the market.

To understand how to choose a good electric mixer is good to know what to expect from an appliance such as an investment and you will face to ensure an efficient and reliable product.

Of course, those who compare prices and features of the best selling models have a head start, but we must not overlook some key features that can make a qualifying purchase from every point of view, as the power, for example, the supplied accessories and the features available.

In this section of our guide you will find a few pointers that will help you easily find the best electric mixer for your needs.

Let’s face it water has passed under the bridge since our grandmothers were kneading the ingredients with the sheer force of arms. In recent years, technology has made great strides and, without even realizing it, has made available to us increasingly innovative and cutting-edge appliances available that aim to facilitate our work in the kitchen.

One of these is definitely an electric mixer, a small device has become indispensable to reduce the time of preparation of the various recipes.

But what makes this device so valuable and efficient? Surely the engine power, a feature that affects both the amount of ingredients that you can work in a single session and the maximum duration of use.

To carry out his work well, in an electric mixer for domestic use just a power of 150 watts, but commercially it is not difficult to find appliances that go even further in order to effectively knead also compounds of greater consistency and quantity: in these cases the reference value is between 400 and 500 watts.

Given, then, that each recipe requires timing and mode of precise machining, it is crucial that the device allows to adjust the level of speed, in order to calibrate the rotation of the hoses according to the type and density of the ingredients. In general three-speed line should be enough, but you can also find devices with more than five options.

Some models, then, serve the practice “turbo” mode to further speed up the processing time, especially when it must dissolve or soften the dough lumps particularly hard and compact compounds.

Another aspect to be taken into account when you must buy an electric mixer is its convenience of use, since we are talking of a household appliance that will be used with a certain frequency.

In this regard, it is good to make sure that the device is comfortable, practical and most importantly safe. To play a key role is definitely the ease of cleaning of the supplied accessories, but since most of the models available on the market are equipped with whips made of stainless steel, easily removable and washable directly in the dishwasher, it might as well focus on the structural features of the product.

Lightness and maneuverability are two characteristics to be reckoned with in the comparing step, but it is also important that the article has an ergonomic grip, even better if with non-slip rubber inserts, in order to have a grip as firm and secure as possible .

In addition, some products have the great advantage of having a flat base to be able to support vertically on the working surface of the side of the bowl, thus avoiding dirtying and mess.

Lastly, but no less important, the length of the power cord, which should be such as to ensure a good freedom of movement, and if present also a cable winder so much the better, because you can put your electric mixer with extreme ease.

If you intend to buy an electric mixer with bowl, you have to assume that in these cases the appliance will lead to greater space, so before you proceed you should carefully consider the space available in your kitchen.

By contrast, the advantages deriving from them are not a few: first, they can work in a completely autonomous manner thanks to an automatic rotation system and, unlike the traditional mixers, the media containing the engine can be removed if necessary to use the mixer also in combination with other containers or containers.

With regard to materials, finally, the machine body of these devices is almost always constructed in plastic to make them lighter and absorb the vibrations generated by the engine. But if in this respect there are great differences between a model and the other, it is essential to pay more attention to the materials they are made of the supplied accessories: whips and stainless steel containers are more resistant and easier to clean than plastic which, among other things, tend to turn yellow and wear with the passage of time, and is consequently also less hygienic.

If, then, the chosen model has a plastic bowl, at least make sure it’s BPA free and free of substances harmful to health.

What to use instead of an electric mixer?

Mix, edit and mix are terms that could strike fear if you do not have an electric mixer, since not everyone knows that you can perform these operations even using a simple kitchen whisk.

The technology, in fact, has become lazy us significantly, but enough to have the right tools at home to devote himself to the various preparations and shorten the working time.

Depending on its form, the manual can whip emulsifying, whipping and kneading all kinds of ingredients, and you can buy the one that suits your needs in the household shops close to home or online.

How to whip the cream without electric mixer?

To make the soft, foamy cream in men who say you can not use an electric mixer fitted with a wire whisk or mount by hand with the same results, but you have to arm yourself with patience because the time required to create this delicious mousse white is far superior.

All you need is a manual whip and a metal box or glass: after pouring the cream in the bowl, you have to do is make a circular motion from right to left with the whip and keeps it at an angle of 45 degrees.

To make the work less strenuous, the secret of the professional pastry chefs is to only rotate the wrist and not the whole arm, so as to better mix the ingredients without tiring too.

How to clean an electric mixer?

First, we specify that an electric mixer must be cleaned after each use. For this purpose, the whips and hooks will be removed from their housing (by pressing the eject button) and washed separately: it is possible to proceed by hand, just as you would with dishes and cutlery, but if they are of good quality will be able to also enter directly in a dishwasher.

As regards, instead, the engine body, it can happen that any splashes caused by the rotation of the hoses remain attached to the plastic body, eventually causing the formation of mold and bacterial loads that may be harmful to health. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly clean even the outer casing, using a damp cloth with the addition of a few drops of mild detergent to avoid that the water can damage the engine. Harsh chemicals are to be avoided, which can scratch the finish.

How much does an electric mixer?

The price of electric beaters tends to vary significantly from model to model: you can find very cheap appliances, about 20 € or so, up to the most innovative products and equipped that can actually cost about € 100.

Why such a difference? First, we must remember that not always high cost means quality, as it is said that a cheaper product disappoint all our expectations.

Our advice is to choose the model according to the use that you plan to do with it, so as to understand whether the performance is able to ensure they are compatible with their needs.

The ranking of the best electric beaters of 2020 you have read, our advice on how to pick one line with your expectations too, then, what’s missing to make this buying guide really useful for the user?

Of course, a small handbook on how to best use your new machine in order to greatly simplify the time of preparation of recipes, whether it’s fitted, kneading, or simply to mix the ingredients together.

What can mix with an electric mixer

Let’s start from the assumption that an electric mixer is a kitchen appliance designed primarily for the production of cakes, pies, breads, creams and so on and so forth. It needs, therefore, to mix the ingredients together and, depending on the accessories used, can assemble, mix and, in some cases, even blend.

The rotary movement of the hoses is capable of incorporating air into the dough, making it soft and fluffy, in addition to halve the time of preparation of the dishes.

There are so many recipes that you can make with this small appliance, a simple filling for cakes in a complex mayonnaise; However, one must not confuse it with the food processor, since the latter can process large quantities of ingredients, achieving excellent results even when it is very hard and thick kneading compound, while an electric mixer is designed primarily for domestic use and for preparations that do not require a higher processing to 5/10 minutes maximum.

Unlike the manual beaters, electric ones are provided with different shape and size whips, to be used depending on the type of preparation that you want to accomplish. This means that the above mentioned accessories can be easily mount and remove from the support, for which washed by hand or in the dishwasher after use it will not be a problem.

In the case where the self-interest model has only two whips, we suggest you make sure they are removable, so they can be cleaned easily without running the risk that any water splashing from damaging the engine. In addition, the presence of an eject button, as well as to avoid dirtying their hands, prevents fulfill incorrect maneuvers that could injure the accessories rendering it unusable.

In any case, among the most common types of whips that can be found included in an electric mixer we find: those wire, which are the most commonly used absolute because they allow to prepare a myriad of recipes and are the top for whipping cream and egg whites, or at least to mix the liquid ingredients or slurry; and those from the spiral shape, suitable to work more dense and compact dough.

It is very important, in addition, check that the supplied accessories are made of stainless steel, so as to avoid using poor quality materials, such as plastic, which could become unusable after some time and also unhygienic.

Persons not familiar with this kind of appliance, you may encounter some difficulty setting up the correct speed depending on the consistency and amount of ingredients to be processed.

The best models, in fact, offer different levels of the whips rotation, and if well calibrated to the power of the device, it will be easier to understand if it can knead or less the most hard and compact compounds, such as for example those of the bread. In fact, there are some very dense doughs that may make resistance to rotation of the whisks, therefore, be necessary to increase the speed – perhaps also using the “turbo” function, if present – in order to obtain a more homogeneous and efficient processing.

On the contrary, the very soft compounds and those liquids require a more slow and gentle movement to avoid the formation of lumps and foam, which here is therefore necessary to work at the minimum speed, gradually increasing it if necessary.