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The best dryer. Offers and prices

Dryer – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

A dryer in the house can be a great help to process and store the long-foods and safely. It is an appliance that has recently made its appearance on the market but which is used by the food industry for a long time. In less digital form and craftsmanship, air drying has been the best way of preserving the surplus also collected in the following months. You can make something delicious with the right equipment and in this article we describe the main features of the most popular models by buyers. Zociko Dryer fruits, vegetables, meat with LED display is one of the best selling models this year also because of the good relationship between quality and price. MiMiya drying equipment in a professional metal food dehydrator has good performance that allow intensive use and at full capacity.

The 8 best dryers – Ranking 2020

If you are looking for the best dryer suggest we take into account the proposals found below. They were selected from among those who have gathered the best advice from consumers.

Fruit Drier

1. Zociko Dryer fruits, vegetables, meat with LED display

The Best Dryer. Offers And Prices

High our ranking of the best dryers of 2020 we find this model that offers the great advantage of having metal grids. Compared to plastic ones, they are more comfortable to use because the most moist foods such as fruits do not stick and the work is more effective.

Is it okay to dry different foods by setting the time according to their degree of humidity. It can also handle the temperature on different levels from 35 to 70 °. It is a great convenience because it allows to manage ingredients with different moisture but also to carry out special preparations such as yogurt or cheese that must stand long at a constant temperature.

These details weigh a lot when it comes to choosing where to buy dryer because they ensure a good product versatility. In this fruit dryer it is convenient for the presence of the fan that distributes the heat well on all the shelves by limiting the need to manually move from one compartment to another.

With metal grids: Unlike plastic ones, they get dirty less and the food does not stick on it.

Adjustable temperature: From 35 to 70 ° C, which allows to work with different ingredients humidity and realize special preparations such as yogurt and cheese.

Glass door: In this way it is clearly visible the progress of the process without having to open continuously to check the status of the pieces to be dried.

Plastic: The shell disappoint some buyers who would have preferred something more solid especially considering the high price.

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professional Dryer

2. MiMiya drying equipment in a professional metal food dehydrator

The Best Dryer. Offers And Prices

This dryer has features of a professional model. In fact it is made of steel and the outside part of the interior, in particular as regards the grids on which to place the foods, which can be washed in a dishwasher without being damaged.

It has an easy to adjust thermostat thanks to LED display located on the front panel. You can set different temperatures between 35 and 75 ° C. An interval that allows to easily find the optimal temperature according to the type of food to be dried. These are all elements that have a large weight when it comes to determining how to choose a good dryer.

Another interesting feature is the diffusion of the air flow in the horizontal which allows in an almost homogeneous reach all the grids. In this way it is not often necessary to change position to the ingredients so that they dry out all at the same speed. The total power consumption is 650W and this allows you to process foods even for prolonged periods of time without fear of complications.

All metal: Steel for both grids that for the shell, which ensures an excellent seal even during prolonged use in time.

Powerful and spacious: It boasts 650W and six shelves of generous proportions where to distribute large quantities of ingredients to dry.

Horizontal flow: The hot air is distributed evenly thanks to the fan that exudes the warm stream into the trays so that nothing blocks.

Slow: Unlike models with similar characteristics, this is particularly slow in adequately process the most moist foods.

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3. Tauro food dryer Domus B5 horizontal flow

The Best Dryer. Offers And Prices

Tauro is a brand of reference in our country with regard to the production of household dryers. The advantage to take advantage of a deal of this brand is to always rely on high quality products made to last in time and offer the best performance.

For example, the compartments made of plastic, the drawers as the other parts in this material, are certified BPA free. So there is no risk that the constant exposure to continuous heat causes the dispersion of substances harmful to health. Outputs a horizontal air flow and for this reason he can not reach evenly and equally effective, each corner of the device.

The dimensions are compact and therefore does not occupy much space on the shelf on which it is resting. Good also the maximum power that reaches: 550W. You can set up to twelve automated programs that enable the processing of the foods at the optimal temperature depending on the specific water content.

tunnel Dryer: The advantage of this drying system is the best hot air circulation inside that allows to dry in a uniform manner the food inside the baskets.

BPA Free: The certification confirming absence of potentially hazardous materials on health is important, especially given that the baskets are continually exposed in the medium / high temperatures.

Twelve programs: You can set the timer or select one of the preset programs to process foods depending on their characteristics and drying time.

Shortly large: Although the manufacturer declares three pounds in all, it is not easy to manage the narrow baskets and long satisfactorily.

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4. Eppicotispai S.R.L. Dried pasta / mushrooms Cm.50X40

The Best Dryer. Offers And Prices

The advantage of solar drying is the best yield of the final product. In comparison with the products obtained by the electric models, here the aromas remain in a persistent and pleasant longer.

This table can be used comfortably with different foods, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, until the pasta. The advantage is to be able to be stacked one on top of the trays and thus process different foods in a natural way and with the time needed to get a slow and work in a workmanlike manner. The frames are in beech and the basis on which to place the ingredients in a suitable plastic food contact.

The price refers to a single piece. But you can decide to buy more than one at a time to multiply the yield of the drying column. The dimensions are sufficient to process large quantities of product, how much space is left between one element and the other, the better the results.

Perfect for the dough: The frames with the plastic material net are suitable in a special way to dry the homemade pasta.

Easy to stack: If you decide to increase the yield is sufficient to buy some more in frame and so exploit the space in height without extra bulk.

In beech wood: The wood used for the frame and the legs is one of the most suitable for this purpose, it is also easy to keep clean.

Feet not fixed: It is not easy to move the tray because often the media on the four corners tend to fall off.

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5. Tauro food dryer horizontal flow Biosec Deluxe B6

The Best Dryer. Offers And Prices

Biosec B6 is a very powerful model and built to meet those who have very high expectations for the entire drying process. It is produced by Italy’s Tauro and is one of the most popular among those sold online. Like because a good part of the components is made of metal and so is more solid and robust. The trays as the body they promise to hold up well to prolonged and continued, without being in a hurry the action of time. It is used as the steel material perfectly compatible with use in direct contact with food.

A particular company is proud to produce in Italy the totality of the components used for the realization of the article, including the technical data sheet. The result is a highly reliable product and controlled during each stage of production.

It is equipped with five trays, the capacity is approximately between 2 and 3 pounds, depending on the type of food to be processed. The horizontal airflow ensures the best heat diffusion without obstacles that limit the process of proper drying.

Stainless steel: Represents the raw material used for the much greater for achieving the drying tunnel that the trays where to place the ingredients.

Horizontal flow: The drying quality is also ensured by the improved air diffusion through the entire tunnel, in this way each piece dries in the same way.

of clear user instructions: The instructions provided with the dryer allow you to work with precision and taking advantage of the potential of the appliance.

On the high end: It is a product designed for home use, given the small size, but proposed a major price.

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6. Beper Dryer for Fruit and Vegetables 90,506 MOD

Beper offers one of the best-selling models due to the very competitive price. In fact it is a dryer designed for those who do not often work with very moist food. The total power is in fact is only 245W, but still sufficient to process different foods and with satisfactory outcome.

Good results are obtained with herbs, vegetables and other fruit that is not excessively rich in liquids. The advantage is to allow himself the pleasure of eating healthy and crunchy snack from time to time. In fact it is less suitable for those who want to set up an entire diet on this type of power, or if you need to store large amounts of fresh food.

It consists of a tower of plastic five-round trays which can be stacked in order to exploit all the space available. The temperature is adjustable, but many inadvisable to do so because the set minimum operating too slow the process. The reason is the spread from the bottom up hot air used to dry foods. In this way, the air is the inevitable obstacles that slow down the process.

Very cheap: It is one of the most affordable models in the ranking and love it because it allows you to indulge in a whim at the table without having to spend a fortune.

Five containers: The advantage of this dryer is to be almost entirely transparent, so it is easy to see through and monitor its progress.

With instruction manual: Indispensable to become familiar with the capabilities of the machine, the booklet with the signs of the times and types of foods is provided.

Shortly powerful: So, slow and inaccurate in some respects, for example in the provision of air that rises from the bottom and spreads upward finding obstacles.

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Dryer for pasta

7. Dryer for KitchenAid Pasta MOD Iktacab

This pasta drying rack is a simple, inexpensive item, but very useful for enthusiasts of fresh pasta homemade. It not always is where to buy an item of this type that will appeal to a narrow niche of enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Its operation is very essential, but studied in detail so as not to leave anything to chance. It folds completely occupying a few centimeters. This means that, when closed, not cluttered and can be stored in a drawer without risking to find any space clogged with items of dubious value.

When used, however, you can be opened by extending the arms of about 20 cm each. It has fifteen, sufficient to leave to dry over a pound of pasta.

Even if the load is important, stability is not in question because the structure rests on a tripod firmly planted on the ground.

Another detail that makes the difference: it is this rod which allows to take the dough just pulled and cut into the desired shape for storage with ease on air dryer arms.

Analog but ingenious: Well kept in every detail, this dryer is used to dry the fresh pasta after it has been stretched.

With Tripod: The base is solid and well planted on the ground with stability even when the booms are loads of pasta to dry.

It equipped with handy pasta auction: This looks like the wand of a magician, you take easily the dough after it is cut and transported gently until the dryer arm.

There is exploited to the bottom: The first arms starting from the bottom may be positioned a little ‘higher in order to avoid spaghetti or noodles are resting directly on the table.

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Essiccatore Klarstein

8. Klarstein Bananarama – Clothes dryer, stackable 6-storey, 550 Watt

Klarstein amazes with an article by the large flow rate and a very low price. It offers the advantage of being able to be stacked one on top of the generously sized trays. Also it has a good power that allows to work well even on large quantities of food to be processed together.

even more interesting detail: it is available at low prices that encourage the purchase. The total power consumption is high and this makes it possible to rely on a good resistance even if used for a prolonged time.

You can adjust the temperatures thanks to the crank located at the front. You can also set the duration of the process because it interrupts itself once completed. The cubicles where to put the ingredients to be dried are in transparent plastic. They are comfortable to wash in the dishwasher because they bear this special wash. This electrical device like it because it automates the process to get tasty snacks made with healthy ingredients.

High load capacity: It can rely on a very large surface area for each compartment that can be stacked on one another in order to obtain even more useful space.

Quiet operation: The motor that drives the fan is unobtrusive and does not emit specific sounds or annoying. Even the fan rotates smoothly without hindrance.

Transparent to follow the process: The shelves and the lid are made so that you can look through to check the progress dell’essicatura.

deficient Instructions: Missing the Italian and also the information in other languages ​​are not very clarifying.

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Who need for drying of the crop, because maybe has a home vegetable garden that produces more than consumption or because the family appreciates this kind of food in one’s diet, should not just buy the cheapest dryer.

Before adding a new appliance in your home, you should know exactly what to expect from a good device and how much have to spend in order to satisfy their expectations.

Most dryers works by emitting a jet of air at a controlled temperature which invests foods cut into slices arranged in a grid. In the past, this method was used by farmers to dry fruits or vegetables produced by the generous land. The summer fruits, such as figs, tomatoes and more, were left in the sun during the day and stored in the house overnight. The sun dries the residual water that causes the formation of bacteria and decomposition of organic matter, so food could be stored for long periods without risk to the health of the family.

Today, the most sold devices are made of plastic or steel, and a motor that drives the fan generates a constant flow of air that pervades foods like wind. In this way the water present in the food cells gently evaporates leaving intact the nutrients and enhancing the flavor while increasing the concentration of sugars and minerals.

Supply Type

Depending on the source of the air flow changes the operation of the dryer model. In fact, there are a column or tunnel which operate in a distinct manner and have a different action on the food placed on the racks to dry.

In column models, the flow of hot air is emitted from the base of the dryer and pushed upwards. In this way he manages to reach the various trays exploiting the hot air ability to go higher. Here, however, the food placed on the racks can impede the proper distribution of hot air. In this type of model it is useful to change positions often to food and grids containing them.

The tunnel dryers have a better spread of air flow because it is issued by a fan that diffuses the air in a horizontal manner and balanced on all trays. So it is not necessary to often change position to the trays, while it is useful to choose foods that require similar processing temperatures.

How much is a good dryer

To buy a dryer spending can vary a lot, it can range from a few tens to hundreds of euro. The reason depends on numerous factors, for example the type of materials affect much in the choice and the final price.

Many domestic dryers are made of plastic, an economical material yet effective for the purpose. They must be certified plastic that can withstand continuous exposure well in the medium / high temperatures, without releasing harmful substances such as BPA.

To overcome the known problems of plastic, is more fragile and tends to get dirty more, the most advanced and expensive models using stainless steel as a support or to achieve a good part of the body. Here you agree to pay a premium to ensure a product that will last long and be used more intensively.

What is the dryer?

The dryer is a secure tool that can be used to speed up and control the drying process. It is a long known solution by man to preserve as long as the preserving foods by the action of bacteria that cause decomposition. When you put to dry any ingredient, it eliminates the water present inside the cells in this way by removing the component in which they can develop molds, yeasts or other microorganisms that cause degradation.

How much power a dryer?

The dryer consumption changes according to the applied variables to achieve the final product. So the actual consumption depends on the maximum power absorbed by the motor during its operation. The most powerful can absorb up to 500 watts, but only when used at higher temperatures. It must also take account of the drying times which vary according to the type of food, its thickness and the amount of water present in its cells.

The fungi dry out quite quickly, as well as aromatic plants. Apples, fruits such as persimmon or other from the more full-bodied consistency can delay a lot in completely releasing the water from their inside.

With time and practice they are able to establish with precision the time needed to complete the process and thus limit the number of times in which the door is opened to check the progress. Thus it speeds up the operation and consumption remains low. We must consider that are often required many hours to complete the job well, the most difficult products can take up to 24 continuous hours of work.

How does a dryer?

A fan generates hot air that disperses inside the dryer investing trays and their contents. In this way the action of exposure to air is constant and controlled to obtain a homogeneous and tasty final effect.

The best models allow you to adjust the operating temperature and time. So you can set a timer that turns off the fan when the process is finished. Other models, however, guide you with preset programs so it is easier to establish the optimal conditions according to the type of ingredient to be processed. If you can have trays on the same ingredient or foods with similar requirements, the result will be more satisfying certain.

How long it takes to dry the apples?

Contrary to what you might think, well dried apples requires some patience. As of juice are rich foods, is not only the rich amount of water in them to delay the operation. Even the particular compactness of the pulp makes it slower than the residual moisture release until its fulfillment. For this, you must make sure you slice the apples evenly, preferably with the help of a mandolin, and wait for the appropriate time to make perfectly crispy.

The use of the dryer is diverse and gives great advantages in terms of self-production of high quality products. You can realize cheese and yogurt exploiting the possibility of maintaining the temperature constant for a long time.

The different dried foods can be kept longer and used in different recipes, or proposed as capricious snacks, light and fat-free. The trick is finding the right balance between the possibilities offered by a good car and the type of domestic consumption.

Almost anything can be dried, from meat to vegetables through fruits, flowers and herbs. The substantial difference lies in the amount of water present in each food and the type of treatment necessary to process it at best.

The best devices are equipped with cookbook to allow the user to become familiar with the essential functions available. But there is a prolific community of enthusiasts who share their experience and recipes for making quality products obtained maximizing the yield of each ingredient.

How do analogue with his own hands

A foolproof method for drying fruits and vegetables is to leave exposed to the air cut slices with equal thickness. In the past they used an inclined axis which faces the sun where they possessed, for example, the perino tomatoes cut in half. A light cotton gauze was used to ward off insects and dust from the surface of tomatoes. After some time, remembering to fit the planks in the evening to avoid the nighttime humidity reidratasse tomatoes, the result was excellent and colored by the action of sun, wind and smells of home.

Today similar solutions are realized with the tables with double bottom, with a support base where the ingredients to be dried, surmounted by a glass cover or of fine mesh to prevent the deposition of dust or the contact with the dirt.

The homemade pasta can last longer if allowed to dry to perfection. The result that is obtained allows to avoid the formation of mold in the parts where there is good air circulation.

To do well to dry the dough, so you need to use specific media based on the realized type of format. Of the arms from which let dangle spaghetti, tagliatelle and fettuccine, are perfect to get good results in a short time and leaving the exposed fresh pasta of the same kitchen. It does not need the dough to dry in the sun, but in the room there is a good constant ventilation.

A wooden frame with a cotton cloth or a plastic net will be perfect for leave to dry short pasta of different formats.

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