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Secura 1700-Watt Deep Fryer

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Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer

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Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep...

Many people like to eat fried foods including fried bread, fruits, and vegetables. However, frying food substances can be tricky and risky if you are inexperienced or if you use the wrong deep fryer. It is important to purchase the right fryer to avoid getting hurt while cooking. In this post, we highlight several factors to consider when choosing the best deep fryer, safety measures to take when frying and the top deep fryers 2018.


Foods You Can Prepare in a Deep Fryer

Sometime, you might overlook how often you will use a deep fryer after buying it. It is advisable to consider which foods you intend to cook with it. You can prepare different foods in your deep fryer including fried bread, fried cheese, cheese wontons, fried mushrooms, fried okra, fried catfish, and fried turkey, amongst others.


7 Common Deep Fryer Features


Built-in Thermostat

Although it is not compulsory, you can purchase a distinct thermostat. It adds extra convenience to your deep fryer.

Ergonomic Exterior

An ideal deep fryer has an ergonomic design to prevent accidents and extensive damage to your property.

Drainage System

All deep fryers need regular oil-drainage. Most of them have an efficient drainage system but others do not. Consider going for one with a good drainage system so as to minimize the risk of hazards.

Automatic Shutoff

Cooking oil can combust if it exceeds the recommended temperature. Some fryers have a special feature that shuts off the fryer when its oil overheats.

Break-off Cord

In some instances, appliances fall off your countertop if you trip on their cords. If they are filled with oil, it might burn you. A breakoff cord detaches from the fryer if you trip on the cord.

Several Baskets

Some deep fryers have numerous baskets that allow you to cook several foods concurrently. They are useful when hosting parties.


3 Common Deep Fryer Accessories

Some deep fryers have extra accessories to satisfy your frying needs. Here are some common items.

Propane Burner

You might have to purchase a propane burner if your fryer lacks a specific heat source.

Oil Pump

A standard deep fryer may lack a simple drainage system. In such a scenario, you could use an oil pump to drain the oil from the fryer to an ideal storage container.

Fryer Baskets

Each deep fryer requires a basket with a sturdy handle. It enables you to remove the food from the hot cooking oil. Most fryers have particular baskets. However, you might require to prepare different foods with different types of baskets.


Deep frying experts recommend maintaining a high temperature which is above that of the cooking oil for safety reasons and to properly cook your food. If your fryer has a pre-installed thermometer, you do not need to buy an extra thermometer.


3 Types of Deep Fryers

We have compiled a list of three types of deep fryers after conducting thorough research.

Air Fryer

An air fryer slightly differs from a traditional deep fryer. Instead, they closely resemble oxymorons. A typical air fryer applies a unique technology which heats food from different sides. It offers food with a juicy interior and a crispy exterior surface. Many people consider it mouthwatering. Nevertheless, such foods vary greatly from other deep-fried foods.

Air fryers are safe and easy to clean for most users. You could use them to cook chicken wings or French fries. Although they are more expensive than typical deep fryers, you only have little leftover oil which enables you to cut down its operating expenses significantly.

Electric Fryer

Electric fryers are the most popular type of deep fryers. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor applications since they are safer than ordinary propane fryers. Nevertheless, some chefs have a negative perception about them.

Some fryers are too small and they cannot accommodate an average size whole turkey. Consider purchasing an 18-pound deep fryer if you want to fry huge birds. It could cost you an arm and leg.

You still require to use the small fryer even after you have bought a larger one. If you are fond of cooking small foods such as shrimp and vegetables, an electric deep fryer would be a better option.

Propane Fryer

Many homeowners like using propane fryers. They offer crunch and tasty foods, unlike standard electric fryers. However, propane-powered deep fryers have numerous risks. Therefore, be cautious when using them. Research their safe applications to avoid accidents and injuries.

Propane fryers are appropriate for indoor use. If you live in the tropics, you might only use the fryer occasionally. All propane fryers require a propane tank which you will store, refill and relocate whenever it is necessary.


Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Deep Fryer

Prominent retail stores worldwide sell a variety of deep fryers. However, choosing the right deep fryer is not a piece of cake for many customers. Here are several factors to guide you while shopping for a fryer.

Types of Applications

Naturally, the intended purpose of selecting a deep fryer has a significant influence on your decision-making process. For example, preparing fried pickles and French fries requires different frying technique compared to deep-frying turkey.

You could use a propane fryer to fry the turkey and a small electric fryer to cook the pickles. Alternatively, you can browse various recipe options for fryers to make an informed choice of the ideal deep fryer. You won’t regret later after buying it.

Maintenance and Usability

Cleaning your deep fryer is a delicate process. Some fryers have components which you can dishwater or detach when washing them. Consider the usability of your fryer to properly drain the cooking oil. Usually, replacing the oil is tricky for some people. However, some models have detachable compartments that help you dispose of the used oil.


Consider the amount of food you would like to prepare in the deep fryer. If you are fond of snacks including fried cheese and wings, you require a medium-size fryer. On the other hand, large deep fryers are suitable for hosting large parties.

Purchase a large deep fryer if you want to fry whole chickens and turkeys. You can easily put fries in a tiny countertop fryer. Some fryers come with several baskets that are suitable for different foods. For example, you can fry zucchini and chicken wings simultaneously without overcooking them.


Every buyer is normally concerned about safety when purchasing the best deep fryer. Although other kitchen appliances can cause a fire if you mishandle them, frying is a delicate task that is susceptible to fires. For instance, frying a whole turkey in a propane fryer can cause an explosion if the proper tank leaks. There are many online videos of fire outbreaks resulting from improper deep frying practices.

Electric fryers are the safest type of deep fryers. Nevertheless, they still have some risks. Your cooking oil could boil over and start a fire if you abandon the fryer for long. Some deep fryers have vital safety features including automatic shutoff features which activate when the oil exceeds the ideal temperature. Also, they have a break-off cord which detaches from your fryer if you trip on the cord.

The safety of a deep fryer does not solely depend on its safety features. Read the instructions from its manufacturer and follow them to the latter. Avoid overfilling the cooking times, people underestimate the amount of space that food occupies and the oil ends up splashing. Regularly check the deep fryer to prevent an explosion.

Also. Avoid lowering the food in your fryer over the flame. If the oil spills, it could ignite the flame and cause extensive bodily harm and property damage. Moreover, it is advisable to have a functional fire extinguisher nearby to put out the fire if it occurs especially in propane deep fryers.>/span>


Many people have a budget estimate when shopping for deep fryers. Small electric fryers are the cheapest options if you are not interested in frying whole turkeys. Huge electric fryers, air fryers, and propane fryers are the most expensive models. Besides, you might have to purchase extra accessories to meet your frying needs.

Heating-up Time

Normally, an electric fryer takes long to heat up the cooking oil compared to a propane fryer. It takes more time to heat the oil to its boil point once you add your food. In most instances, the additional time is a major concern. However, some users prefer having a short heating-up time.


Top Qualities of an Ideal Deep Fryer

The right deep fryer has several critical qualities including:

Frying-Basket Hooks

An ordinary deep fryer which uses oil is likely to have frying hooks for its basket to enable you to remove the food and place it on the side of your fryer. Put it over its oil cavity to dry up completely.

A Non-Stick Interior

Many people struggle to thoroughly clean their deep fryers. If your fryer has a nonstick interior, you can easily clean it. Select steel baskets which are resistant to pitting and rusting. You could dish wash some accessories of particular fryers while you just hand wash other accessories.

A Power Cord

When cooking oil boils, it tends to spill or splatter especially if the deep fryer is full. Some fryers contain detachable cords which automatically plug out of the power source if you snag or trip on them. It prevents the fryer from toppling.


Capacity is a major factor you ought to consider when choosing a deep fryer. If the model available cannot cook for a large group of people at once, you could fry several batches hence taking more time. For example, a 4-cup fryer can make two tiny servings while a 6-cup fryer can make three servings. Pick a fryer with sufficient space to accommodate a whole turkey.

High Power

High-tech electric fryers with a high wattage rating have powerful heating components. It enables the oil to achieve the required temperature quickly thereby reducing the time it takes to deep fried turkey.

Besides, it heats up pretty fast after you add food to the fryer. The high power plays a crucial role in the performance of your deep fryer. It makes the outside surface of your cook appear crispy while its interior stays juicy without absorbing oil.

Temperature Control

The right temperature to fry turkey is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. A deep fryer with temperature controls such as an electric fryer is versatile and it is ideal for a wide variety of foods.


How to Clean a Deep Fryer

Many chefs and homeowners struggle to remove food particles and cooking oil from their deep fryers. It takes longer than cleaning dishes. We have explored different ways in which you can clean your fryer. If you regularly deep-fry foods, change the cooking oil and clean your fryer twice or thrice a week to prevent grime from accumulating on its interior.

On the other hand, if you deep-fry food occasionally, clean the fryer after preparing each meal. Avoid putting it in the dishwater as it could damage its electric circuit. Do not clean the fryer when it is plugged in. Instead, unplug it first and allow it to cool for a while. Also, allow the oil to cool down and do not add water to the hot oil as it may cause an explosion.

Drain the oil in a safe container and cover it with a tight lid if you intend to reuse it later. You can use the cooking oil instead of discarding it in sealed containers in other ways. Avoid pouring it in your sink as it might clog the drainage system. Pour several drops of a washing detergent on your frying basket and clean it thoroughly.

Use a wet paper towel to wipe oil residue and food particles from the interior of your fryer pot. Scrape off the oil with a spatula if it has already caked on and avoid damaging its glittering finish. Some fryer lids are easy to remove while cleaning. Dispose of the oil properly .plastic utensils are known to scrape off oil without damaging its interior.

Many deep fryers contain heating elements consisting of several metal rods. If oil covers them, wipe them with dry paper towels. Take caution not to damage fragile components especially the thin wires. Some fryers have detachable parts for proper cleaning. The elements might be linked to a hinge which you can pull up close to the surface. Check your fryer to ascertain whether it has such a feature.

Use several drops of dish soap at the base of the deep fryer and around its sides. Scrub it downwards while rotating your hand to form a lather. Transfer water from your tap or kettle instead of exposing the electrical elements to a wet surface. Use the same amount of water you would require when oiling. Allow the water to cool for half an hour as you clan the other components.

If the tap water is warm, heat extra water in a pot or boil using a heating appliance. Do not abandon it for long. After a while, unplug it and wait for half an hour for the water to cool. If there is a huge amount of caked residue, boil the water further. Pour the warm water on your frying basket and wipe it properly.

Use a long scrubbing brush to remove oil residue. After cleaning it, rinse your basket to get rid of the residual detergent. Dry the remaining water droplets using a paper towel and dry it on a towel or dish rack. Clean the filters on your fryer lid. Check the user guide to determine if you can remove or dish wash the filters.

Wash foam grease filters with warm soapy water and allow them to dry while charcoal filters need frequent replacement once they get clogged or grimy since dishwashing them is risky. If all the filters are permanently fixed, do not immerse your lid in a dishwasher.

Apply a detergent on a damp towel and wipe the lid rather than dipping it in water. Use a damp towel to remove oil and detergent residue. After leaving the water inside the fryer for half an hour, pour some of it in your sink. Wipe its bottom and interior with a cloth or sponge then pour the rest of the water in the sink.

If it contains plenty of cooking oil, you could transfer it to a clean container and discard it in a trash can rather than pouring it in the sink. Sometimes, caked on oil and food residue is difficult to remove. Mix a small amount of baking soda with water to form a thick paste. Soak the sponge to remove the caked residue.

Scrub the target area in a circular motion to clean it thoroughly. Avoid cleaning the fryer with abrasive substances regularly. For example, if you apply an oven cleaner, scrub off the fryer with soapy water and rinse it severally to remove all chemical traces.

Add some water in the pot and swirl it gently to remove soap particles which might have stuck on its bottom and sides. Pour the water and refill the pot severally until it is soap-free. Rub your hand on the interior of your deep fryer if you spot a grease film and rinse it with vinegar.

It is recommended to add 110 ml of diluted vinegar for every liter of water. Dry the outside surface of your deep fryer with a paper towel and allow its inside to air dry. Ensure that it is completely dry since water can damage the electrical circuit when you plug in the fryer while it is still wet.


6 Tips to Maintain a Deep Fryer

Every deep fryer needs frequent maintenance to extend its durability and to maintain optimum performance. Follow these tips to maintain your fryer.

Clean the Exterior

Most people concentrate less on cleaning the outside surface and rim of their deep fryers. However, it does not prevent grime from building up hence causing their work areas to become slippery. It is advisable to clean the exterior surface of your deep fryer regularly and use a degreasing product whenever grease cakes. Allow the product to stay for several minutes before rinsing with a damp towel. Dry it with a dry and clean cloth.

Boil out the Dryer

If you have a huge commercial dryer, add warm water and boil it slowly. Add a special boil out substance while following the manufacturer’s instructions and let it boil for 30 minutes. Wear thick rubber gloves to avoid getting burnt when the solution splashes.

Remove stuck food particles with a long soft brush and drain the deep fryer. Scrub it and rinse it severally with clean water. Add some diluted vinegar to neutralize the cleaning substance.

Conduct Annual Inspections

The manufacturer of each deep fryer offers precise instructions on how to inspect the fryer annually. Ensure that all components function well and they are tightly fitted together. If a mechanical hitch occurs and it is not addressed in the manual, consult a licensed electrician for urgent repair.

Regular Cleaning

Clean the fryer regularly while following the manufacturer’s instructions. Normally, how frequent you use the fryer determines how often you need to clean it. For example, if you use it frequently, it will be easy to remove grease films hence it does not require regular cleaning. If you own a large fryer, scrub it with a long brush rather than using a sponge.

Filter the Cooking Oil Frequently

Filter the oil regularly if you use it to cook fried meat and fish. Large restaurants are supposed to filter their oil once a day. You can filter your oil using cheesecloth for reuse. Restaurants need a specialized device to filter hot oil. It is prudent to filter cooking oil when it darkens, produces a strong scent or smokes at low temperatures. Naturally, oil lasts longer when you store it at a 375 degrees Fahrenheit without adding salt.

Clean Your Heating Coils

Brush your heating coils with a long scrubbing brush whenever you drain the oil. It is necessary to remove tiny food particles from the heating coils to maintain the efficiency of the heating elements and to prevent the food particles from contaminating the oil.


How to Troubleshoot Electric Deep Fryers

Ergonomically designed deep fryers allow you to fry food quickly without worrying about the oil splattering on your floor. However, an electric fryer can develop mechanical problems all over sudden. Here are several instances which you can troubleshoot without seeking professional assistance.

Failure to Heat Up

There are several things that prevent your deep fryer from heating once you turn it on. It might be overheated. Check at the back and look for a red button to reset it. If it has popped out, you might have tripped over it. Fix it and try to switch on the fryer again. If the button trips again, the thermostat could be faulty. Also, the heating component might be destroyed. They need urgent replacement.

Splashing Oil

Drain your fryer oil before you start inspecting it. Allow it to cool down first before you unplug the fryer. Transfer the oil to a safe container and place the deep fryer horizontally. The top should be above a bowl or sink to properly drain the oil. Allow most of the cooking oil to drain before wiping the fryer with damp paper towels.

A Faulty Thermostat

Most deep fryers have a thermostat which is tied down by a nut and two wires. First, unscrew its wires and detach them from its thermostat. You could unscrew the nut with a wrench. Fix the new thermostat and tighten its nut. Fit the wires and reassemble your fryer before you replace the cooking oil.

Heating Element

You might have to replace your heating element if the fryer does not function even after you replace the thermostat. Open it carefully by unscrewing the nut with a wrench and detach the two wires. Loosen and detach the heating element after locating it. Fit the new replacement and attach both wires firmly.


Best Deep Fryers 2018

We have compiled a list of Top 8 best deep fryers in 2018. Read on for more information.


Secura 1700-Watt Deep Fryer

Secura 1700-Watt Deep Fryer Image


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Secura 1700-Watt has three frying baskets with a 4.2-pound capacity. It is appropriate for a large family and the best deep fryer available on the market. The fryer comprises an automatic timer, a tight lid, an adjustable oil tank, a safety plug, and a steel body. Also, this best deep fryer has carbon filters that minimize odors and a viewing window to monitor your food. You can fry chips and fish simultaneously in a Secura deep fryer.

These electric deep fryers have one large basket and two small ones for frying a wide variety of foods. You can hang the frying baskets on your fryer before lowering the food into the cooking oil. The heating element and control box are linked to one another. The heating element detaches when you remove the control box. These best deep fryers have heat control with a high-temperature limit of 375 degrees Fahrenheit.


Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer

Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer Image


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Cuisinart CDF-200 Electric Deep Fryer has a great heating element that provides uniform heat while cooking. The Cuisinart Deep Fryers are suitable for chicken wings, doughnuts, fried potatoes, and seafood. The Cuisinart Electric Deep Fryer has a 4-quart capacity and it can accommodate 2 pounds of food. Cuisinart Electric Deep Fryer has a big steel frying basket that has an elegant handle. Its 1800-watt heating element boosts its heat recovery when you add food. With this best deep fryer, you will no longer have issues eating fried food.

You can easily remove Cuisinart CDF’s 1-gallon oil container to replace the cooking oil. The heating element has two-temperature controls. One sensor offers feedback to monitor the temperature while the other cuts off heat when the fryer exceeds its highest temperature limit. Also, this best deep fryer has a thermostat which is linked to the heating element to shut off the fryer in case it overheats.


Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer Image


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A typical Hamilton Beach electric deep fryer can accommodate the whole turkey. It enables you to fry crispy dishes without spilling or splashing oil. You could lower the food into the oil and lift it without opening its lid. There are adjustable heat control and efficient timers. Besides, the deep fryer is easy to clean, use and maintain.

The Hamilton Beach deep fryers has a water-resistant non-stick pot and a breakaway cord that detaches automatically when you trip over it. The fryer has a 4-inch frying basket that can serve three people. The Hamilton Beach has a capacity of 1.5 pounds and it is ideal for frying shrimp. Hamilton Beach lacks a plug; instead, the timer beeps after your set time expires. You could put food in the basket, cover it and place it above the simmering oil without splashing it.


FrenchMay Touch Deep Fryer

FrenchMay Touch Deep Fryer Image


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This is one of our tops in the best deep fryers. The FrenchMay is a decent deep fryer which enables you to cook different meals in a short period. You could bake, fry or grill cakes, French fries, and steaks. This electric deep fryer applies an AirFlow technology that circulates hot air in the fryer hence frying food quickly. The food does not require any preheating. It has a huge 3.7 Qt. frying basket with a capacity of 2 pounds. The fryer can serve up to four people. This best deep frying device has received favorable ratings and reviews from past users. It is also considered as of the best deep fryers you can find on the market at a lower price.


T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer Image


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T-Fal Deep Fryers constitutes a basket, oil filtration, a deep fryer, and a stainless steel body. It has a 2.6-pound capacity. The Ultimate EZ is easy to clean. It is appropriate for family dinners and is considered as one of the best deep fryers available in recent times. You could use it for desserts, appetizers or main courses. The deep fryer has an 1700-watt adjustable thermostat which allows you to choose the right temperature for your food. This best deep fryer is popular among many people.

Besides, it has a quick heat recovery system that minimizes oil absorption when you add food to the fryer. The oil filtration drains the oil in a huge plastic container is advisable to use unsaturated vegetable oil to fry your foods. T-Fal comes with a sealed oil container to store oil. It saves money and time since the frying basket has two compartments, one for draining and the other for cooking food.


Bayou Classic 700-701 Deep Fryer

Bayou Classic 700-701 Deep Fryer Image


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A typical Bayou Classic deep fryer is made of stainless steel. It has a V-bottom design to maintain low oil temperature at the bottom to keep it clean. It is ideal for cooking fish and French fries. Bayou comprises two ergonomically designed steel baskets, a drain valve, a steel braided hose, extension legs, and temperature control. This best deep frying device comes with a design that you may find appealing.

The fryer is suitable for outdoor deep-frying, especially at backyard parties. These best deep fryers cooker has a 4.2 gallons capacity and it takes 12 minutes to raise the temperature of the oil up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This best deep frying device has a drain hose and valve. You can purchase a separate bucket to drain the cooking oil quickly.


Presto 05442 CoolDadddy Deep Fryer

Presto 05442 CoolDadddy Deep Fryer Image


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Presto CoolDaddy is ideal for frying chicken, fish and can serve up to six people. Its thermostat has a maximum temperature limit of 375 degrees Fahrenheit and it produces a bright red signal when the fryer exceeds the right temperature. Also, it has a viewing window that allows you to monitor the food as it cooks. The wire basket enables you to prevent splatters by immersing the food in the oil while the lid is closed. If you are looking for the best deep fryer for your day to day frying, you will likely go for this one. It is considered as one of the best deep fryer available on the market.


GoWise USA Deep Fryer

GoWise USA Deep Fryer Image


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GoWise USA uses the Rapid Air technology which enables you to prepare healthy foods within a short period. It has a sleek design comprising a touchscreen menu to shake the ingredients in intervals. The deep fryer has eight cooking functions such as chicken, cake, fish and pork. It has a high-temperature limit of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and a 30-minutes timer.


Fried turkey is a tasty meal if you prepare it well. There are some factors to consider when shopping for a deep fryer including capacity, cost, safety and ease of use. Also, you can opt to buy an air fryer, an electric fryer or a propane fryer. It is essential to follow the fryer manufacturer instructions to prevent accidents while frying your turkey.