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The best cooker hood. Offers and prices.

Suction hood – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

While you cooking certain dishes such as meat or fish in the kitchen creating a real ‘hospital’ of unpleasant odors that often do not go away either opening the window. In this case the only way to remove them is to buy a good hood that suck vapors and unpleasant odors. On the market there are so many models, so we have created for you this guide containing useful opinions and buying tips that will help you choose one that best suits your needs. If you do not have time to read the whole page can advise immediately the hood S.p.A. Faber 152 LG A60 and Missy Helix IX / A / 90, both excellent value for money.

The 7 Best hoods aspirants – Ranking 2020

Suction hood Recessed

1. Faber S.p.A. 152 LG A60 160 m³/h Incassato

The Best Cooker Hood. Offers And Prices.

Best hoods of 2020 are presented with a value for money very interesting. Among the best-selling models are the extractor hood built-produced by FABER S.p.A. 60 cm long and high performance.

The no frills design makes it suitable for all kinds of cuisines, ranging from modern to those a bit ‘older. The metal materials and aluminum of the structure and mechanisms for the opening of the front door that confer resistance and reliability. It has a motor launch and two speeds that can be set to suit your needs.

The built-in hood is very easy to assemble, according to the opinions of the users will be able to install it in the kitchen in no time. The only defect of the product lies in the very low-energy class that does not allow to write off much on consumption.

Performances: The two-speed motor allows to suck up odors with extreme effectiveness and adjust the power based on consumption.

Materials: Solid and resistant, the material of the hood give it a long life. Even the mechanisms for opening turn out good quality.

Installation: There is much too simple reveals for those without much experience with this kind of appliances.

Consumption: The energy class D is a bit ‘low, for this consumption will be high enough.

Buy on (€ 69,58)

Suction hood Elica

2. Missy Helix IX / A / 90 Suction hood Wall

The Best Cooker Hood. Offers And Prices.

The model produced by Elica stands out for its excellent value for money that allows you to equip your kitchen a good hood without spending too much. It is a wall-mounted hood produced in stainless steel, a highly resistant material that confers a long duration over time.

It is 90 cm long so it adapts to different types of cuisines, although we recommend you take steps to be sure not to miss the purchase. The power of the hood propeller can be set to three different levels, the last of which draws odors very effectively, but at the same time is excessively noisy.

Several consumers have also liked the design, reminiscent of the old hoods of the ’50s. If you do not know where to buy the product again and at low prices, click on the shop link shown below.

Stainless steel: This highly resistant material gives the hood a good durability over time, making it very reliable.

Powerful: You can set up to three different levels of power, so you can suck up odors more effectively if it is needed.

Price: Hard to find a cheaper product of this that has the same quality in terms of materials and design.

Noisy: At the third level of the hood power it is indeed very noisy, to the point of becoming almost deafening.

Buy on (€ 124.5)

Suction hood PELMETS 90 Cm

3. Faber hood Cash SRM 2152 LG A90

The Best Cooker Hood. Offers And Prices.

The hood under wall 90 cm produced by FABER is one of the most attractive offers of the year, it is one of the most popular models sold online by consumers. Its main advantage lies in the extreme yield suction power as possible from two fans which, once operated, completely eliminate odors produced while it is cooking.

Installation is very simple, to the point that you can run it without the help of a technician, saving on the initial expense. Despite the very low price, it proves to be very durable and especially long-lived.

His Achilles heel is the energy class E which does not allow to amortize much on consumption, also the two fans produce much noise and can be annoying. However, if you are not used to cook too often and looking for a cheap hood, then we can not help but consigliarvela.

Powerful: It has two engines with fans able to suck vapors and odors in the kitchen with extreme effectiveness.

Editing: It proves very easy to fit, ideal if you are not very familiar with household appliances and DIY.

Versatile: It will be possible to convert it into a filtering buying special filters charcoal.

Noisy: The two fans really produce a lot of noise, especially when maximum power is selected.

Consumption: The energy class E is not the best to dampen consumption, especially if you use the hood most often.

Buy on (€ 125)

Suction hood Recessed 52 Cm

4. Faber Inca Smart LG A52 Hood Built 110.0255.517

The Best Cooker Hood. Offers And Prices.

If you do not know which hood choose and you do not have a large budget available, you can opt for this economic model and especially compact. Its small size allows it to be installed in kitchenettes and a few square meters environments, in order to eliminate odors and vapors.

The very pleasant modern design will not disfigure this hood built 52 cm in apartments furnished with a certain taste. It has two comfortable lights that allow you to light the stove, so it will be easier to cook observing well the cooking of the food.

Installation is very simple, although it is not in the Filter Absorb odors that will purchased separately. In terms of materials it is not the best, but we find that at this price you can not expect more than that.

Price: This hood is sold at a very low cost, ideal if you have a high budget available.

Dimensions: Its small size allows you to easily install in a kitchen or in a few square meters environments.

Lights: It is sold with two bulbs that shed light effectively hob.

Design: The modern and pleasant appearance makes it suitable to furnished apartments with a certain taste.

Materials: It is not very durable shows, then you will have to do some ‘attention both during installation or use.

Buy on (€ 66)

Suction hood Concealed

5. Klarstein Royal Flush Downdraft hood Aspiring Kitchen

The Best Cooker Hood. Offers And Prices.

How much can you spend on a range hood? It really depends on your economic possibilities and especially on your needs. The retractable model proposed here is sold at a fairly prohibitive price, it is only suitable for kitchens with island.

The retractable mechanism makes it possible to directly install it near the stove and remove it only when you are cooking. It may give you a lot of satisfaction if you love the aesthetics and elegance thanks to a high quality design.

The high performance of the extractor hood to allow the disappearance of eliminating odors and vapors at an incredible speed, with a power of 540 m3 / h adjustable on four levels. To appreciate the integrated lighting and for the automatic switch-off timer that allows to amortize consumption that will be high enough seen the energy class D.

Design: Elegant and lovely to look at, you can install it in your kitchen island and take it out only when you need to use it, so they do not clutter up the space on the hob.

Powerful: Arrive at well 540 m3 / h of power adjustable on four levels, ideal to immediately remove odors and vapors from the kitchen.

Timer: It has a convenient timer to automatically turn off allowing you to amortize the cost of energy consumption.

Price: If you have a limited budget, we can advise you on other much more affordable hoods of this.

Energy Efficiency: Despite the high cost, this hood leaves much to be desired in terms of consumption.

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Suction hood Wall 90 Cm

6. Klarstein Sabia 90 Suction hood, Wall

If consumption to worry because you usually cook every day, then you can look at this extractor hood 90cm wall, high energy class and allows you to write off much on consumption.

It shows the typical Klarstein products of modern design, the curved shape leaves much more space and allows you to access the kitchen without having to keep your head down. The high power output of 600 m3 / h can be set on three levels allows you to eliminate odors from the kitchen in a few seconds.

As for materials, we are faced with the good quality components, especially the flue in stainless steel. The model is available in sizes 60 and 90 cm, so you can choose the one best suited to your kitchen.

Design: Its special curved shape is not only very stylish, but extremely practical because ingombrera much less space on the stove.

Reduced power consumption: The energy class A is a guarantee against the high consumption and the hood makes it particularly suitable for cooking enthusiasts who spend hours in the kitchen.

Powerful: There comes up to 600 m3 / h of power that allow you to release the kitchen from the bad odors in seconds.

Endowment: The carbon filters are not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

Buy on (€ 299.99)

Suction hood in Isola

7. Klarstein Kronleuchter kitchen hood, Up to 600 m³ / h

The design of this island hood makes it truly unique and allows it to stand out from the ‘classics’. It presents itself with a cubic shape and hooks for hanging from the ceiling, then it can only be mounted on modern kitchens in large island.

Despite the particular aesthetic, which may seem a bit ‘unstable, the steel cables are proving extremely reliable. A power level we speak of 600 m3 / h set on three different levels, thanks to which you can remove odors while cooking or immediately after cooking.

Another advantage of the product is its energy class A that allows to amortize on optimally consumption.

Design: Unique and Elegant, proves perfect for the kitchen island and the apartments furnished with taste.

Powerful: It can be adjusted to three power levels to get up to 600 m3 / h and eliminate odors immediately.

Consumption: The energy class A really very promising in terms of consumption, especially if you usually cook often and therefore keep the hood on for long sessions at the stove.

Installation: As you can imagine given the particular shape, the assembly of this hood is not easy and requires the presence of at least two people.

Buy on (€ 279.99)

Engine hood

If you own an older model back together, you can consider buying this engine hood from really cheap price.

The engine is tested by the manufacturer before shipment so you can be sure it will work. It is very powerful, although the speed is not adjustable, at the same time, however, it is also very noisy.

For installation you need to do a little ‘attention, since it is not a universal engine and therefore requires different connections for each different model of hood. If you’re new to get help from a professional or someone who knows where to put his hands.

Buy on (€ 18.9)

Even reading the various reviews on products is difficult to understand how to choose a good extractor hood, especially if you’ve never owned one. In this section of our page we will give you some useful buying advice that will be very useful to buy the best range hood for your needs, investing well your savings.

The features to consider are actually not that many, but it is always good to make a distinction between design, power and above all, the energy class, which oversees consumption. Our main advice is to focus on value for money, without necessarily spending too much for too expensive model.

Before buying a hood you should know that the suction power is measured in cubic meters per hour, indicated on product sheets with m3 / h. According to this unit, you can understand how powerful is actually a hood. Now you go there is no need now to look for the model with 1,000 m3 / h, what you should really do is take into account the size of your kitchen and above what is actually cooked.

For example, if you use the kitchen only to cook a few steaks every now and then you just a hood 250 m3 / h while but if you have a very large and loved the kitchen to prepare various dishes, then you can opt for a model with a 525/600 m3h. Usually the hoods of modern engines have three different speeds and are quite noisy, especially on the last set.

The power of a hood is often linked to its size which consequently have to adapt to your kitchen. In general, the hoods ‘classical’, ie models with square shape to be applied for the wall, can be found by 60 or 90 cm and are suitable for most cooktops. Before buying any model we strongly recommend you take steps to make 100% of your purchase.

If you have a kitchen island instead you’ll have to focus on products with a special design, such as retractable hoods that can be extracted easily when you start to cook. There are also hoods with hooks that are suspended from the ceiling, too powerful and performing as normal ones. Try anyway to find a hood that covers the stove, so as to optimize the extraction of odors.

Here we are to the sore spot of each appliance: energy saving. It is worth little to really spend a hood and then find themselves having to pay bills savory light at the end of the month? It really depends on how many hours you are in the kitchen. If you usually cook every night, then you should spend a little ‘more and buy an energy class hood A, whereas if you plan to switch on the hood just those two or three days when you stand at the stove then you can opt for a cheap product, but energy class D or E. most hoods budget price falls in the last two classes, so you’ll have to consider that their use will weigh greatly on consumption.

How much power a hood?

It depends on the energy class. As all appliances, also fume hoods have different energy classes depending on the fuel consumption will be higher or lower. The energy class provides good cushioning of the expenses on power bills and expected consumption of just 37 kWh per year. Of course we must mention that the hood is not a household appliance which is held turned on for many hours, and by setting it at a minimum speed, it is able to affect, however, little consumption, also with those of lower energy class.

As a hood costs?

The wall models in energy class D or E and 200 m3 / h of power turn out really very cheap, with prices ranging from 60 to 150 Euros. The most powerful products (600 m3 / h) and energy class come up to EUR 400, while the design for the kitchen island can be up to 800, especially if they are concealed.

It’s hard to fit a hood?

Not much, just obtain a drill and screwdriver to puncture the wall where to apply the screws of the supports that will be screwed firmly. Take good measures and mark all the points where to place the various components, also follow the instructions carefully. The wall models are easy to install, while the design or concealed might give you a headache more. In general we suggest you get help from at least one other person in order to speed up the process and be more relaxed.

The hood must necessarily be connected to a chimney?

Yes, otherwise the steam and odors aspirates will only spill into the environment and will not get any positive effect. If you are not convinced by aspiring models, you can always opt for filtering those on one side expel odors and other purifies the air of the kitchen. Some hoods can be converted into the filter with the right spare parts.

What to do when breaking the engine or the filter?

Simple, just replace it with a spare. You can find different spare parts sold online at very competitive prices. We, however, recommend you first check the compatibility of products with your hood. Especially for the motor must be careful to connect the cables in the right way, or you risk causing serious damage or even a house fire. In general, if you do not feel particularly confident, call a technician.

How to clean the filters of the extractor hood

Clean the filters of its extractor hood is of primary importance, in fact, the maintenance must be done periodically and should not be underestimated. This is not a simple aesthetic reason, but personal safety and hygiene, as a dirty hood foster the creation of bacteria and germs that can spread through the air. To clean your hood will serve lukewarm water, fleeces, any soap and a pot with hot water and baking soda.

With soap or mild detergent you can clean the outside, while on the filters can simply wash them in the dishwasher. If you do not own a dishwasher, you should use the above pot with hot water and baking soda. Pull the filters and put them to soak in the pot, and then rinse and dry them before you put them back in the hood.

How does the extractor fan

The extractor hood is composed of several parts and is presented in different forms that can go from the classic rectangular to other design. The operation, however, always remains the same: the shell, namely the outside, protects the grease filters and the suction unit. The filters serve to precisely filter the air sucked in while the suction unit is connected to the flue which allows the hood to convey fumes and vapors outside.

The hoods are simply activated with the touch of a lever to set the power on different levels and are switched off in the same way, namely by bringing the lever on the power 0. Count that the maximum level of power consumption will be higher and especially the hood extractor will tend to produce more noise.

How to install a fume hood

The ‘classic’ models or those wall are usually very simple to install, although the same can not be said for those concealed or special design. Before installation you have to take good measures, drawing a vertical line from the cooktop to the security ceiling.

Count the hood must not be too close to the stove, because otherwise the dust accumulated in the filters may catch fire. Once drawn this line you have to take the instruction manual and report on the wall all measures, marking the fixing points of the various components such as flanges.

Once sure that you have taken the right steps, you can insert the plugs in the flanges and insert the body of the hood in the media. Obtain a good screwdriver and a drill to make the holes and secure the screws. Now you have to remove the filters, in order to tighten the anchor points, then you have to take the valve and fix it on the upper part of the hood, in order to connect it to the flue through the joint. After that there will only have to connect the hood to the electrical outlet and test it.