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Best Coffee Storage Container

All You Need To Know About Coffee Storage Containers

Storing high-end coffee is a challenge for many people. Great coffee could cost you an arm and leg. Therefore, you need to store it properly to avoid incurring huge losses. It is advisable to store your beans in glass, opaque or specialized containers to prevent the coffee from reacting with air, heat, and moisture. Read on to learn different ways to store coffee beans, ground coffee, and the best coffee storage container 2018.

6 Factors to Consider When Storing Coffee

Coffee beans are usually fresh for up to three weeks after they are roasted. If you purchase them from a certified local roaster, they are likely to have roasted them a few days ago. Most airtight bags are vacuumed to prevent the beans from reacting with air.

Most coffee varieties retain their rich flavor for a week after being roasted and lose it after two weeks. Here are some crucial factors which might affect the aroma and taste of your coffee beans.


1. Heat

Heat is one of the important factors that need to be considered when buying the best coffee container. Renowned coffee experts recommend keeping roasted beans away from intense heat. If you place them close to the fireplace, they will burn off most of their oils. Consequentially, the coffee will lose its pleasant aroma. Roasting is a sensitive process that entails rigorous pressure and heat control. A rapid cooling mechanism helps in maximizing the flavors of your coffee beans.

2. Sunlight

Direct sunlight is known to make coffee go stale. Over time, the oils on the beans’ surface undergo reduction and oxidation thereby degrading the coffee. It is essential to guard it against thermal reactions. Store the coffee in opaque containers to block sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight could make your coffee have a dull taste.

There is extensive research on the effect of sunlight on roasted beans. You can read numerous journals online about it. Coffee contains unique organic elements that cause it to have certain characteristics and flavors. These compounds destabilize as you roast the beans. However, you can extract them as you brew coffee.

3. Air

Another critical factor that required your attention when buying one of these top containers is the flow of air. When you expose coffee beans to air, their aromatic oils react with the atmosphere. Keeping them sealed is the first step in preserving them. Most roasters and coffee firms pack coffee in airtight bags. However, you should not fully rely on them as the bags might have minute holes.

Some retailers use bags with small vents to allow the beans to emit carbon dioxide without rupturing. Customarily, such bags are is wise to purchase bags with both features due to their high storage efficiency.

4. Moisture

Moisture is a leading factor that destroys a large proportion of fresh coffee beans. Naturally, the beans absorb and hold water hence rotting quickly. Ambient moisture dilutes the oils present on the beans’ surface. You can easily lose your stock of coffee beans if you do not protect them from moisture.

5. Refrigeration

Is it safe to refrigerate coffee beans? It is risky to store coffee in a freezer. If you refrigerate the beans, they will absorb moisture and start rotting. However, if you recently bought a bag of roasted beans, it is prudent to freeze them. Place the coffee in an airtight container before refrigerating them. Ensure that you have vacuumed the container to prevent the beans from being freezer burnt.

If you decide to remove the container from your freezer, it is recommended not to refreeze it. The coffee may break down after absorbing water due to temperature fluctuations.

6. Ground Coffee

Most people hate grinding coffee beans each morning. Ground coffee has a short lifespan as it deteriorates quickly. It has a large surface area compared to whole beans. Currently, there is a wide array of grinders in the market.

You can purchase modern grinder at a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can grind a large amount of coffee and store it in the best coffee storage container. However, its aroma and flavor cannot match that of fresh beans.


Different Types of Coffee Storage Containers


There is a variety of best coffee containers. They include:

Opaque Coffee Containers

Opaque containers are the most recommended due to their airtight seals and material. There are two major types of best storage opaque jars, opaque plastic and glass containers. You can modify an old mason jar and make it opaque to filter direct sunlight. Some coffee consumers store their beans in Gatorade bottles. They have opaque and airtight lids. However, it is risky to use them to store expensive coffee.

Specialized Containers

Some companies manufacture stainless-steel storage containers that is specially designed for coffee beans. They have a thin valve to let out carbon dioxide. Vaults are a crucial feature in storing coffee for long-term use since they maintain a constant temperature. Also, they keep it airtight and dry. There is a wide selection of vaults to fix in your coffee storage container.

The Airscape ceramic storage canister design is gaining popularity globally little by little. A lightly polished steel container with an airtight lid. It is appropriate for storing high-end coffee beans.

Resealable Bags

Experienced roasters store roasted beans in resealable bags with air vents. They are ideal for all coffee varieties. Ensure that you can properly seal and close the bag while buying it. Some firms bags with built-in zip-locks. They sell them at cheap prices. Avoid storing the beans in bags that fold over easily. You can keep your coffee in the bags and forget it in a drawer. The excess heat will destroy the coffee.

Glass Containers

Ideal glass containers should have sealed lids. Pick a container with a rubber gasket, as it will keep off the air. Store the coffee storage containers in a corner and relocate the stove. Heat and light can cause your coffee to lose its freshness quickly.


How to Choose the Best Coffee Storage Containers

Coffee beans are highly perishable. They can easily lose their flavor and freshness if you do not store them well. Most people get confused when they visit a coffee store to purchase a storage canister. We have highlighted several crucial tips to help you select the right coffee container.



Generally, it is tricky to determine the exact size of your coffee storage container. Nevertheless, there are certain things that can help you make the right choice. For example, you might be a regular drinker who takes more than one cup of coffee in the morning. If your canister can hold one pound of ground beans, they will lose their freshness if you delay brewing your drink.

However, it depends on the grade of your coffee. Usually, high-end coffee has longer durability than ordinary coffee. Ensure that your ideal container meets your needs.

Storage Space

You might plan to stash the container in your kitchen cabinet. If you prefer keeping it in the pantry, choose a canister that can fit properly. Also, ascertain whether it can hold your desired quantity of ground or whole coffee beans.

If you are interested in a one-pound canister but it tends to be larger than the space available in your pantry, it is wise not to pick it. Instead, pick a smaller container for easy storage.

Carbon Dioxide Emission

Oxygen reacts with the oils present on the surface of some types of coffee beans. Some experts recommend storing coffee in a container with carbon dioxide to protect the beans against oxygen. Purchase a canister with a carbon dioxide release valve as an ordinary container has a simple release mechanism.

Nevertheless, some coffee containers lack a release vault. They can only prevent oxygen from entering when you tightly close their lids. If your container has a vault, it is advisable to seal it properly and suck the remaining oxygen using a straw.


Many people ignore the design of their coffee containers. Although it is not a vital factor, it determines where you store the canister. For example, if it is attractive, you can store the coffee on top of your counter. Besides, a container whose design rhymes with that of your maker improves your kitchen interior.

Personal Needs

You may pick a canister that looks elegant while it is in your pantry yet it does not meet your needs. First, check if it can fit in the available storage space then determine if its design matches with your counter. Also, it should store the right amount of coffee. If you do not take coffee regularly; choose an opaque container that will block out sunlight hence preventing it from reducing your beans.


Airtight containers are the most recommended globally. Besides, keep off oxygen, they also prevent moisture from destroying your coffee. An ideal coffee canister bins should have a sturdy body and a rigid lid to block air and water. They can store coffee for long compared to storage bags. Moreover, they are useful if you don’t want to freeze your coffee.


Many people prefer opaque containers to glass canisters. They extend the durability of your coffee beans by blocking sunlight. However, avoid leaving it in open space as the temperature inside the canister may rise drastically and spoil your beans.

When shopping for a coffee container, it is prudent to avoid plastic or glass canisters. if you like using them, store them in a shade. Steel canisters are the best coffee container to store any type of coffee.


Besides storing your coffee, the best coffee containers should also be convenient. If it is your first time to use it, follow its user guide to avoid damaging it. Assess the convenience and usability of different canisters before making a final decision. For example, if you are unable to open it quickly, you might be unable to brew a drink in time.


6 Best Coffee Storage Containers


Anchor Hocking Coffee Container

Anchor Hocking Coffee Container Image

Our first best coffee storage container, a typical Anchor Hocking container set comprises one 24-ounce, one 46-ounce, one 64-ounce and one 36 ounce jars. These best coffee canisters are made of glass which is more efficient in storing coffee than plastic containers. This canister does not retain odors, contaminate or discolor the beans. A steel sleeve covers the glass cylinders. These top containers are designed for an excellent performance. It is also considered one of the best coffee containers available on the market.  They are easy to maintain since you just wipe them with a wet cloth and you allow them to dry.

Cherry Palladian coffee container sets are ideal for any room in your house including the pantry and kitchen. Their glass cylinders allow you to view what they contain hence enabling you to identify different coffee varieties.

The steel sleeve and the cylinders of this container increase the stability and durability of the coffee container. You can line up the four canisters on a countertop to improve its visual appeal. You can also group them to create extra space.

Oggi Acrylic Coffee Container
Oggi Acrylic Coffee Container Image

Are you looking for an airtight coffee container with silicone gaskets and a steel clamp? Oggi Acrylic is a perfect choice. It helps you organize your kitchen and pantry as you can preserve some food items in its silicone gaskets. Clean this best coffee canister with a moist cloth whenever it gets stained. If you are looking to purchase one of the top containers on the market, you will definitely love this one.

Oggi Acrylic coffee container can substitute traditional flip-top containers that were commonly used in cabinets. Most of them were not airtight and they often spilled cereals. Besides, they allowed darn flower larvae to grow in most kitchens. This best coffee storage has a perfect balance of appearance, price, and weight.

Do not get surprised when your three weeks old Oggi Coffee Container Set develops tiny cracks especially when there are significant temperature fluctuations. Instead, purchase a specialized steel container.

Deluxe Airtight Coffee Container

Deluxe Airtight Coffee Container Image

Third best coffee storage container, the Deluxe Airtight Coffee Storage Canister is a stylish coffee container that is made of quality material. This good coffee canister keeps freshly ground coffee for a long period. If you looking for the best coffee container, you will should consider checking out this one. It has a scoop that perfectly fits in the canister. When storing whole bean coffee, the scoop is unlikely to drop. These best containers offers its users a satisfaction guarantee.

You definitely would not like waking up to a cup of stale espresso. The Deluxe Airtight Coffee Container retains the aroma and taste of your coffee beans whether you like keeping them ground or whole. The metal holder of this canister prevents air and moisture from destroying the allows you to store up to one pound of ground coffee.

When you place an order, your Deluxe Coffee Canister will be delivered in a plastic casing inside a wooden box. However, it might have dent marks on its inner surface and on the lid. Besides, the lock is not airtight hence making it unsuitable for storing freshly ground coffee. The container may fall open if you lift it abruptly.

The scoop of this coffee container does not fit in the container properly. You have to insert it in your ground coffee for the spoon to reach the bottom of your container. Typically, the scoop should not be in contact with the coffee. The container is poorly designed and it ought to be sold at a lower price than its current market value.

Friis Vault Coffee Container

Friis Vault Coffee Container Image

A standard Friis Vault Coffee Canister can store 16-ounces of ground or whole coffee beans. Airtight coffee storage maintains the flavor of all coffee beans. The storage coffee containers have an airtight and polymer-free lid which helps in keeping coffee fresh. It emits carbon dioxide through its valves. Its steel base makes this good coffee canister durable and stable. This best coffee container has received favorable ratings and reviews from past users.

The coffee container includes a spoon to measure a precise serving size. This is a good coffee container for as it has an instruction guide to help you brew a delicious drink. Store the container in a cool place to keep your coffee beans fresh. This good coffee canister protects them against air, moisture, and light. You can repurpose your valves instead of using replacement valves. It dramatically reduces the replacement cost of damaged vaults.

At times, you might receive a Friis Storage Canister which budges out thus being unstable when you place this canister on your countertop. It can easily topple over and crash. Even if you try bulging it in, it still pops back due to oil canning. The stamping procedure indicates showcases the low-quality control of the container. Moreover, it has thin gauge steel which makes it fragile.

Airscape Coffee Container

The Airscape Coffee Container is resistant to odor retention and staining. The body of this canister is made of stainless steel. It has a clear outer lid which enables you to estimate the amount of ground coffee left inside the container. Also, an inner lid swooshes as you grind coffee. It is available in 32 and 64-ounce sets. Also, Airscape containers have different colors.

Like most coffee canisters, Airscape Airtight Coffee Container locks out air and moisture hence retaining the flavor and freshness of your coffee beans. This coffee canister applies a modern lid technology that is useful in storing a variety of perishable foods including cereals, flour, and nuts.

When you break the seal, roll up the coffee container tightly to prevent oxygen from entering and damaging your beans. The stainless steel   vacuum-packing method that retains the aroma and freshness of your coffee. Although some coffee containers have airtight cases and valves, they allow oxygen to react with the coffee. Airscape blocks the coffee from the air by reducing space using the lid of this coffee canister.

You might have heard that carbon dioxide largely deteriorates coffee beans. However, two weeks after roasting the beans, there is insufficient carbon dioxide to rupture your container or make your coffee go stale. Instead, little it protects the coffee from oxygen hence extending its durability.

Airscape airtight coffee container has an inaccurate sizing. an ideal coffee container should be described using coffee references rather than through liquid measurement. For example, this coffee canister capacity may show that it holds up to 9-ounces of roast coffee.

Coffee Gator Container

Coffee Gator Container Image
  • Coffee Gator Coffee Canister has a surgical-grade stainless steel body that protects coffee beans from moisture and sunlight. Due to the performance of this good coffee canister, we included this one on the best coffee container list. This good coffee canister has a release vent that emits excess carbon dioxide. There are bail clasp and a quick-release, which block out sunlight. The date wheel prolongs the freshness of your coffee by tracking its roasting date.

You might assume that it is normal to brew high-end quality at home but it is tricky for some people. The material used to make your coffee container may retain or deteriorate the flavor of your coffee. With this good coffee container, you will no long worry about where to store your coffee.

There are tiny blue and a huge steel canister. They have an engraved calendar dial and a filter to track the level of the coffee beans. Both canisters are tightly sealed and sturdy. They have steel scoops to measure the right-sizing that suits your taste and preference. The container’s powder finish makes improves the aesthetics of this good coffee canister.



Besides being expensive, quality coffee beans are also delicate. It is necessary to invest some money by purchasing the right coffee canisters or container to store them properly. Each container has distinct characteristics and features.

Mostly, it depends on the container’s material. For instance, containers designed to keep coffee fresh and dry are different from those meant to keep it hot. It is essential to decide on the purpose of the jar when buying the best coffee storage containers.

Best Coffee Storage Container 2020 Product Summary

Anchor Hocking Coffee Container Summary

  • This good coffee container is considered to be one of the best available in the market.
  • This good container is easy to maintain since you just wipe them with a wet cloth and allow them to dry.

Oggi Acrylic Coffee Container Summary

  • This good container is for people looking for an air tight coffee container.
  • You can clean this good coffee container with a moist cloth.

Deluxe Airtight Coffee Container Summary

  • This good container is stylish and made of quality material.

Friis Vault Coffee Container Summary

  • This good container has an airtight and polymer-free lid.

Airscape Coffee Container Summary

  • The body of this good container is made of stainless steel.

Coffee Gator Container Summary

  • This good container has a surgical-grade stainless steel body.

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