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It’s summer, and the scorching sun is making indoor stay unbearable. The best option you have is to go outdoors with friends and family to enjoy the breeze at the shores. At this moment, there is nothing essential than having a beach cooler. However, the market is saturated and getting the right beach cooler can be a daunting task.

You have to rummage through various websites and visit nearby stores to get the right cooler. But don’t worry, we have done the hard part for you. We read professional and amateur reviews and consulted experts to come up with an unbiased list of best beach coolers that will fulfill your needs.

However, here are some factors to consider when buying a beach cooler:

1. Storage Size

Essentially, coolers are measured with the quartz they can hold, making it hard to choose the right size. To determine the appropriate, you will have to consider the items you need to carry. A twenty-quart cooler will be ideal for some beers. The more the beverages, the bigger the capacity.

2. Ice Retention

This is one of the essential factors to consider when buying the beach cooler. Ice retention helps in keeping food and beverages fresh for long. To get a cooler with greatest ice retention, then choose the one fitted with thicker insulation.

3. Accessibility

Get a beach cooler with a wide opening so as to allow you to put in and remove beverages and food with ease.

4.  Sturdy

Durability is one of the essential factors that you should consider when buying a beach cooler. Ensure you choose an item that is made of long-lasting material. A good cooler should have reinforced seams and be made of polyurethane materials.

5. Price

Just like buying any other items, you should consider the cost of the beach cooler. Make sure it fits your budget. There are cheap yet high-quality coolers. In addition to price, also consider other key features and designs. The right cooler should give you a bang for your buck and accentuate your style.

Choosing a beach cooler doesn’t have to be unnerving. Simply consider the factors mentioned above, and you will have an easy time when making a purchase.


8 Best Beach Cooler


1. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

Our first best beach coolers, the Igloo beach coolers are cube-shaped, and they have become a darling to masses. The shape allows users to carry it with ease since the arms are closer to the body. Additionally, it is designed with four built-in handles as well as conventional carrying handles. To make it more ergonomic, the beach cooler has molded cup holders mounted on the lid. It is made of hard plastic for durability and comes in a host of colors and sizes.

Thisbe cooler has an insulation ability of up to 5 days before the ice starts melting. This makes it one of the best models in the market since ice can last for about 2 to 3 days during summer. The lid does an excellent job for sealing the cooler tightly. Thanks to the extra-deep cavity which keep ice cool for long.

The shining point of this beach cooler is defined by its mobility. The cube shape along with the 4-way handles makes the cooler easier to hold, which minimize uncomfortable and awkward moving positions. The wheels are sturdy and durable. Another fantastic feature about this cooler is the locking telescope handle and the unique push button.

Igloo ice cube roller cooler is made of fitted with molded side scoop handles which makes loading and unloading of items hassle-free. With a 60 quart capacity, this cooler can hold lots of items. Moreover, it comes in various colors to enable you to choose the cooler that suits your style. The price of this cooler put it firmly in the budget tier.  Given the superior performance, effectiveness, unique design, and simplicity make it a great a bargain.

However, the 4-way and conventional handles might easily break especially if the cooler is loaded with lots of items. But that should not hinder you from purchasing this inexpensive cooler.

2.  Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Wheels and Removable Liner

Are you looking for the best beach cooler ideal for the BBQ, campsite, tailgates, sporting event and beyond? Then you Ice retention is bumped a notch higher with this ergonomic cooler which is designed with thick walls and a thin layer of insulation. It comes with a hard liner to make it better supported and also allowing you to load it with more massive objects and cans without losing its rigidity. Weighing at 6.61 pounds makes it a lightweight beach cooler for easy transportation. The lightness can also attribute to the soft-sided interior and exterior. It measures 21.3 x 12.6 x 11.4 inches which are ideal for simple storage. The telescopic handle together with wheels makes you find it easy to transport.

One of the amazing features is the removable plastic liner which is designed to provide the needed rigidity. Just as the name indicates, this cooler can accommodate 42 cans which are quite plenty for an excursion. Apart from accommodating over 40 cans, the cooler has enough space for food storage in its front zippered pocket. There is also a mesh pocket in the lid and a side mesh pockets, all created for more storage. Don’t forget there are bungees on the lid for storing extras.

One of the most critical things you should consider with a cooler is its ability to store beverages and food most safely. The cooler is treated with antimicrobials to resist mildew, odor, fungus, and mold from forming on the removable liner. This is meant to offer package flexibility, easy cleaning and also to prevent food poisoning. The heat-welded seams prevent leaks.

To keep content cold, the cooler is designed with the main compartment which does not need a liner with ice for substitutes. More so, the liner material used is FDA approved for safe storage of food. More so, it’s easy to clean. However, you might find it hard to zip and unzip the cooler. The handle is somewhat prone to break.

3. Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler

Coleman is a reputable company that is known of designing high-quality coolers across the globe. And with Xtreme Series, you can expect a durable and sturdy wheeled cooler that is ideal for trips, sporting events, and beyond. This is an advanced version of the chest coolers and suitable for people who need cooling power that lasts for several days. The Coleman cooler is programmed with an extra thermozone insulation which keeps items cools for more than five days. This best cooler is available in a host of colors and ranges between 28 and 129-quart options.

The Coleman beach cooler has a superior insulation ability which is contributed significantly by the thicker layer of plastic insulation and the insulation on the lid. More so, the lid fits snuggly to prevent leakages. The cooling days might, however, change during summer when temperatures might rise beyond expectation.

The mobility of the Coleman beach cooler is aided by the wheel configuration, making it seamless to move around. There are easy-to-grab handles on either side and even overhead handles to help you grab the cooler safely and tightly. The added cup holders of Coleman Beach Cooler provides you with an added advantage. The expanded color choices and models of this best coolers give you a broad chance to choose the color that accentuates your eyes and appealing to your world.

Coleman Xtreme model falls in the budget category with amazing features for the price which makes it easy for you to over minor drawbacks. Heavy-duty wheels promote easy and reliable portability on almost any terrain. The easy accessibility brought about by the Coleman cup holders will enable you to get your beverages seamlessly.

Although the Coleman beach cooler is designed with the best technology, the handles of Coleman beach cooler might disappoint by breaking easily.

4. AO Coolers Canvas High-Density Insulation Soft Cooler

AO Beach Coolers are best known for their high-quality vinyl and soft-sided body and exteriors. If you have been looking for the best beach cooler with acceptable cooling ability, then Canvas High-Density Soft Cooler is your ideal item. It comes in an array of colors, and multiple carrying options.

One of the best features of this beach cooler is the soft-sided design which does an amazing job of keeping items cold. It is claimed that it can keep items cold for a day at 120-degrees Fahrenheit. This is quite practical compared to other coolers with the company claims of keeping items cold for more than five days.

The cooling effect is contributed by the thick foam outer core. It makes it a versatile cooler that is capable of handling various applications. Measuring 21 x 13 x 13 inches and weighing approximately 6 pounds, this cooler is considered lightweight for easy portability and storage.

The soft cooler comes in various sizes, but this model is quite large. You can keep loads of things, and the multiple carrying options will help you carry it in multiple situations. You can choose to carry it with your hands or through the straps over your shoulder. Durability is one of the factors you cannot overlook when buying a beach cooler. You need to ensure the materials used are durable and with this cooler, the material used is relatively strong.

This cooler comes in different striking colors to choose from. The external netting gives a nice touch and feel. The price of this cooler might be a bit high, but the excellent performance overlaps the price. You don’t have to worry about sweating and leaking since it has a leak-proof liner.

The removable shoulder strap gives you an option of carrying it with your hand- whichever way you find it comfortable. It’s ideal for fishing- since it cannot leak-, boating, parties, picnics, and various sporting events — the inner insulation of high-density, ¾ inch thick, and closed cell form.

With that said and done, the cooler has a few cosmetic flaws with the shoulder straps snapping easily when the cooler is loaded to the brim with the items and ice.

5. Polar Bear Coolers 24-Pack

Polar Bear Beach Coolers focuses mainly on designing soft coolers than hard ones. However, many people have a perception that soft coolers might be ineffective, bad at holding ice, and poorly made and designed. However, Polar Bear Coolers have changed that perception by manufacturing this quality and long-lasting product. Thoughtful design and superior craftsmanship, and excellent ice retention are some of the great features the Polar Bear 24-pack cooler possess.

At first glance, this cooler looks like a beach or canvas tote bag. But you will get shocked upon opening it up and realize why it is such a darling to many. It might be the flashiest in the market, but it is serviceable. It doesn’t not sacrifice performance and function over looks. It comes in various shades to enable you personalize your tastes. The colors include red, orange, black, navy blue, and green. It also comes with a bottle opener which is handy. Probably it was designed with beer package in mind.

What really stands out about this cooler is the excellent craftsmanship infused in its design. The exterior is made of rugged 1000D nylon, that is very thick to make it almost impossible to tear or rip the exterior. It is reinforced by thick shoulder straps that help to hold the unique shape of the bag once filled to the brim with bottles or cans. The padded shoulder straps offer comfort and stability. The zippers are manufactured by YKK to make them unbreakable.

The TPU double-coated nylon is one of the safest and sturdiest interior liner. This makes it one of the most durable soft coolers in the market. The high-density open-cell foam is capable of providing superior ice retention. It is ultra-portable, extremely rugged, and a versatile product. The sturdy material will last you for years without compromising its functionality.

Although the price is a bit high, the excellent ice retention and other ergonomic features make it worth every cent.

6. CleverMade Soft-Sided SnapBasket 50 Can Collapsible Cooler

Ever thought of buying a foldable or collapsible beach cooler? Do you need to spend less and get superior performance? If you say yes, then you need to grab this versatile cooler that is loaded with impressive features. In most cases, the best-performing, hi-tech, and premium-quality coolers tend to be pricey, big, and bulky.

Therefore, with this collapsible cooler by CleverMade, you are guaranteed an ultra-convenient beach cooler. Just as the name suggests, this is a cleverly-made cooler made up of 35% PVA, 50% Polyester, 2% ABS, 3% MDF, and 10% polypropylene. The combination of these materials makes it sturdy and durable. More so, it is designed with rip-stop materials that offer superior durability and impressive water resistance.

The CleverMade SnapBasket is also designed to accommodate 50 cans with an extra space-saving solution that combines storage, packing, and transporting into one great reusable and collapsible cooler. To make it more likable, the cooler is leak-proof. The insulated body, lid, base, and interior which is ideal for keeping food and drinks cold and fresh everywhere you go. The comfortable side grip and the impressive duffle bag handles ensure a seamless heavy lifting of the breeze.

The CleverMade SnapBasket has two ways to carry whereby, when loaded with light items you can pick it using e padded to handles. If it’s a bit heavy, choose to grab it on the side handles. It easily falls to 3 inches for easy loading and unloading. More so, the collapsible design makes it an excellent travel cooler. The CleverMade Beach Cooler can hold 8 gallons (30 liters) by volume and a load capacity of 50 pounds and above. The CleverMade Beach Cooler is reasonably priced, making it available for more users.

7. MIER 18L Large Soft Cooler

For more than a decade, MIER has designed amazing products to help people carry staff they need, most fashionably and functionally possible. The company absorbs global fresh ideas, keep up with the trends, and create the most stylish and sophisticated items loaded with great features. With their innovative and creative craftsmanship, they built Mier 18L Large Soft Cooler which is ideal for various outdoor activities.

This large cooler bag is huge in size and capacity. It can comfortably fit 20 cans 355mn cola. Therefore, you can enjoy a day or two on the beach without missing your favorite drink. Additionally, it is waterproof and insulated with a heat-welded seam which prevents the flexible liner from leaking.

Cleaning the best beach cooler can be a bit challenging. It all depends on the material used. The good thing with MIER 18L is its easy-to-clean nature. Thanks to the soft, flexible PEVA liner which is food safety and eco-friendly.

Moreover, this is a versatile beach cooler that is greatly insulated to make it ideal for camping, weekend trip, picnic, and work. If you use a regular lunch bag, you can pack more than two meals. It has a unique rectangular design which is only 6.9inch wide to make you carry a slimmer rather than a boxy cooler. The fabric pattern makes it more appealing.

It’s one of the most affordable beach coolers, and it’s well-constructed with a dual zipper compartment and a front button pocket for added storage. The adjustable and removable long shoulder straps allow you to fine-tune them to fit you perfectly. The softly padded handle straps designed with hook and loop closure offers a comfortable grip and a safe closure.

This can be an ideal gift to your spouse or mother due to its stylish appearance. With the superior functionally and performance, you are guaranteed of having a lot of fun.

8. MIER Insulated Cooler Leakproof Backpack Soft Cooler

The record-breaking summer heat has always been the perfect moment to get out and about. However, it cannot be fun if the ice-cold water beverages you had prepared at night becomes boringly hot to boil an egg. That’s why you need the best beach coolers to keep your food and drinks cold enough to quench your thirst under the scorching sun.

MIER Insulate Beach Cooler is a comfortable, lightweight, and an easy-to-carry backpack beach cooler that offers superior quality at a competitive price. The discreet and stylish look is great for family outings, camping, or a one-day trip with friends. The backpack design makes you walk hands-free. These beach coolers are designed with hi-tech and innovative structured to offer you stylish product. The Leakproof PEVA liner and the inner thicken insulation work together to ensure things remain cold or hot for hours.

You only need a small space to store this cooler due to its small dimensions. The deep main compartment is roomy enough to hold 24 cans, and you can also pack snacks, beverages, and meals. It’s suitable for a theme park, camping, day trip, fishing, beach, and picnic. Apart from the spacious interior, the cooler is full of other great practical pockets. It is designed with inner mesh pockets mounted on the lid suitable for storing small items. There are also two-sided mesh pockets that are easily accessible for stuff like water bottles.

Interestingly, for this backpack cooler, there are front zipper pockets with mesh divider to store utensils and other tiny home stuff. At the top, there is a padded grab handle to enable you to pick it up with ease but only when moving it a short distance.

However, its low-ball price doesn’t allow these beach coolers to offer you the latest chest technology for better ice retention. But it remains a solid option which is spacious and stylish.


Final Thoughts

Finding an ideal beach cooler doesn’t need rocket science. With the above choices, you are in a better position to make your purchase hassle-free. Ensure you consider all the vital aspects, features, and other main specs. We hope you found this guide helpful in choosing the best beach cooler for you

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