How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

In recent years prisons added many accommodations to accommodate inmates, including therapeutic centers and opportunities for them to continue their education by taking on-site classes.

  • Companies like Amazon allow friends and families to send magazines and books to their inmates, as well as these other activities. This is how it works. If you’d like to find out, keep reading!
  • How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon In 2022
  • Amazon customers can order magazines and books for inmates. To do this, enter the prisoner’s number and the unit in which they are located on the Amazon Order Page. Amazon customers can send magazines and books to prisoners as long as the content doesn’t depict violence, sexual content or racism.

  • Continue reading to find out more information about Amazon’s policies for shipping packages to prisons, how to send books and magazines to prisoners, and other useful tips and tricks.
  • How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

    What is the best way to send magazines and books from Amazon to my inmates?

    The following steps are required to ship books and magazines to Amazon inmates

  • Log in to Amazon and navigate to the Order Page. You will need to enter inmate information, including their full name, number of units, and inmate number. For the correct correctional facility/prison, enter the address and choose the state and city where it is. You must check the box marked “Gift”. Failure to do so may result in the prison or inmate being required to pay fees. Then click on “Place your Order.”
  • If customers are unsure where the inmate their sending books to is located, they can utilize search tools such as DoNotPay as long as they have the inmates full name, ID and/or unit number.

    Also, customers should note that Amazon will require them to mail packages directly. They may not order books from a third party seller who doesn’t fulfill Amazon orders.

    How does Amazon send books and magazines to inmates?

    Amazon claims that they would be more than happy send packages to jail inmates under their policy.

    Amazon advises customers to call the prison that the inmate lives in to verify they will allow Amazon packages delivery to their inmates.

    Amazon does not offer any additional instructions, unlike most other packages. The outside will contain Amazon’s name and destination.

    How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

    What Books or Magazines are you allowed to send to prisoners?

    In order not to trigger any disturbing or dangerous behaviour from inmates, customers who send magazines and books to prisons must adhere to these guidelines.

    When choosing which books and magazines to send from Amazon, customers must use the following checklist:

  • Must be completely new
  • Maximum three products per box
  • Paperback books only (hardcover copies can be used as weapons)
  • You cannot have any violence, porn, sexual or gang-related content.
  • Cannot be sent by a third-party seller who doesn’t fulfill orders directly through Amazon
  • Send it by USPS
  • You cannot send anonymously
  • The address must address to the individual prisoner.
  • If customers are wondering which types of books are most appropriate, it’s recommended they send books with overall positive messages such as self-help/self-improvement books, science and nature, sudoku and crossword puzzles, and other similar books.

    A wider selection of books may be available to prisoners who are not in prison for violent reasons.

    However, it’s recommended customers are very particular about which books they send in case other inmates get ahold of the books.

    What is the best way to locate an inmate who would like magazines and books?

    The prison that the customer wishes to send books to can be contacted by the customer.

    Customers only require the inmate ID or unit number for the prisoner they are sending the package to, as well as the address of the prison.

    However, customers who don’t know the location of the inmate can use DoNotPay as a search engine to pinpoint the address.

    Customers are reminded that they cannot send books or magazines to inmates anonymously and must address the parcel to the individual it’s being addressed to.

    Find out more by reading our post on Amazon book rentals, including if Amazon packages arrive in advance and what changing shipping speeds means.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon allows customers to send magazines and books to prisoners by simply entering their inmate number, unit numbers and prison address on the Amazon order page.

    Only books or magazines may be sent to customers that contain no sexually explicit, violent, or racist material.

    Customers may not send magazines or books that aren’t paperback. Hardback books can be misused as weapons.

    Amazon also requires that customers send package directly through them.

    .How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

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