How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing

How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

There is nothing at all impolite about returning a gift for something else. Amazon will actually return the gift, and you can use your Amazon gift card credit to purchase anything you like.

Amazon makes it easy for customers to send unwanted products back.

  • Amazon lockers make it easy to return items, as well as gifts, via online shipping labels. The following information will help you return products to Amazon.
  • How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

    How To Return An Amazon Gift In 2022?

    You will need the 17-digit order number found on the packaging slip to return an unwish gift to Amazon. Once found, you will need to submit an Amazon returns request, print a return label, and ship the item back to Amazon. Refunds can take 25 days to process and the sender will not be notified.

  • Do you want to learn how Amazon can refund your Amazon gift or any other option? Read on to discover more.
  • Search for your order ID and file a return request
  • To return a gift purchased on Amazon without the recipient knowing, you need to first find it on Amazon.

  • That is, track down the gift by entering the 17-digit order number for the gift item you want to return, which is located on the packing slip under ‘order ID.’
  • Contact customer service at Amazon to get more details if your gift is not found.

    Most often, they will be able to track your order for you by providing additional information like the name and address of the gift receiver.

    When you’ve received your order ID you will need to fill out the following fields.

    Not to be forgotten, if returning a present and do not already have an Amazon account, then you’ll need one.

    The reason why you need an account is because refunds for returned items are given via Amazon gift card credit. An account is necessary to obtain or use Amazon gift card credit.

  • Choose your Return Shipping Option for Amazon
  • When you put in your return request on the Amazon website, you will be emailed a printable return label and authorization to print at home and use for your package.

    You can send an email link to another person who will print your label or authorization form if you’re unable to do so at home.

    You also have the option of using the link to return the gift a bit later. Amazon provides a 30-day return policy for merchandise and gift items.

    After you receive your labels or stickers, you should package each of the items separately. Doing this is important as multiple returns can be slowed down and delayed by packaging them in the same box.

    You should seal the box before you return the item.

    To ensure you receive the maximum Amazon gift card credit, be sure to include any parts, papers and accessories.

    Where can I get my gift credit?

    Once Amazon has received the item returned, your refund will be processed via Amazon Gift Card Credit that can be used online. The sender/giver of the gift will not even know you returned it.

    Remember to return items in the exact same condition they were bought, including all accessories and parts.

    Furthermore, your gift return may be affected by whether or not the gift was used.

    Once the return has been processed by Amazon (which can take up to 25 days), you will receive an Amazon eGift card with the balance of the unwanted gift.

  • You Can Also Use Amazon Locker To Return Unwanted Gifts
  • It is a great idea, especially during busy holidays, to handle returns through the Amazon Hub Lockers.

    They aren’t available everywhere, but they can be found in many major cities for customers to easily access.

    Choose an Amazon Hub locker for your gift return when visiting Amazon’s return center page.

    Some items and gifts cannot be dropped or picked up at Amazon Hub Locker.

    The lockers are designed to hold small packages, which should not exceed 18x14x12 inches.

    Amazon will email you with a drop off code after you submit your request.

    This code will be used to enter the locker and return your merchandise.

    Enter the code at the locker location on a touch screen. The system will prompt for further instructions.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon allows you to easily return gifts you have already received.

    You can mail your returns using the Amazon website. Or drop them off at any Amazon Hub Locker located in your locality.

    Do not hang on to gifts that are not right for you or that you already have. It is simple to return a gift that was purchased from Amazon for credit. You can then use the Amazon gift card to purchase anything you want on Amazon.

    .How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

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