Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

What is Amazon Prime Membership? And how much does it cost?

Amazon Prime members enjoy many perks including two-day, one day and same-day free shipping, streaming and shopping, and other benefits. Prime members may also be able to share their benefits, such as free Amazon delivery and streaming, plus free Zappos upgrades, Shopbop shipping, Shopbop shipping, and free Amazon delivery.

Bourlier stated that Prime members don’t shop only at Amazon. They can also shop on Amazon and listen to audiobooks from Audible. Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, view Amazon Video, and use Amazon Echo speakers.

How Can I Avoid Amazon Tax?

Amazon Prime members cannot avoid having to pay taxes. To qualify for Amazon Prime, customers must reside in one of 16 US states that are not taxed.

Amazon customers can purchase other products without paying tax This is provided that the customer lives in an area where Amazon doesn’t charge sales tax.

We have posts about Amazon Prime that will help you learn more. You can cancel Amazon Prime without a credit card. How many Amazon Prime can be used on different devices.

  • Conclusion

Amazon Prime is subject to tax in all 50 US States. Amazon Prime’s base price is $119/year. But, prices can rise to up to $130/year depending on which state taxed customers.

Amazon decides tax based on the local tax laws. Amazon Prime requires shipping. There might be slight variations in tax costs.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Automated Sales Tax Software

A sales tax automation software solution can automatically file sales tax returns, and you will pay the taxes to the state.

Finally, here are some important points to remember when you file your sales tax return.

  • FIle sales tax returns in states where you have an active sales tax permit, even if Amazon collects on your behalf. Even though Amazon may collect sales tax on your behalf from buyers, most states require sales tax returns to be filed by anyone who has an active sales permit. This includes showing what your marketplace remitted. This gets even tricker if you have marketplace sales (collected by the marketplace) and non-marketplace sales (collected by you to report.) To avoid discrepancies in your returns or questions from the department of revenue, be sure to include all sales.
  • Never file any “zero returns”: File a sales tax report even if there was no sales tax during the tax period. States require that you file your returns by the deadline. Some may even fine you if they don’t. If you fail to file for multiple periods in a row, they may even automatically cancel your sales tax permit.

You should now be prepared to tackle Amazon FBA sales tax. You can ask questions and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Why Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax?

Amazon charges tax for Amazon Prime memberships because it is required by The State Department of Revenue. Although Prime memberships are not available in every state, they do require that all states pay the tax.

Some Amazon Prime customers have expressed irritation about having to pay tax on their Prime membership, as historically retail memberships don’t usually require taxes.

The RCW however states that, if components products or services fall under retail tax, the whole membership is subject to retail taxes.

Also, since Amazon Prime offers a variety of services, such as shipping or handling, that are often subject to retail taxes, memberships as a whole are subject to tax.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Amazon Prime Alternatives

Walmart+ memberships grant free delivery from your local Walmart store, early access to Walmart deals, free shipping on any item with no minimum cost, member prices on gas (at participating stations) and money off on certain medical prescriptions.

Walmart+ membership (1 year), $98

Costco memberships are great for those who like to buy in bulk. Costco Gold Star Memberships are $60 per year. A Costco Gold Star membership includes a free household card. This can be used for any Costco product, such as Costco travel, Costco health services and Costco gas stations.

Sales tax on origin-based and destination-based sales

If you determine that you have a sales tax nexus in a state that requires sales tax collection, you must collect sales tax from every online buyer in that state regardless of where the item is shipped from. If you don’t have sales tax nexus in a state that requires sales tax collection, you’re not required to collect sales tax when you sell to buyers in that state, regardless of where the item is shipped from.

Each state has its own sales tax laws. This means that laws may differ from one another. Some states require sellers to collect sales tax at the point of origin, but most require sellers to collect sales tax based on the tax rate of the destination, or the online buyer’s location.

The District of Columbia and most states use destination-based tax sourcing. This means that you will charge your buyer’s local tax rate if they live within the state and are selling to customers in the state. It could be a mixture of county, state and city tax rates. For example, if you live in Greenville, South Carolina, and you’re selling to a customer in Charleston, South Carolina, you’ll instead charge the buyer’s local combined sales tax rate in Charleston of 9%.

Liste of destinations-based states

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

However, origin-based sales tax states operate a little differently. If you live in one of these states and make sales to a customer within the state, you’ll charge sales tax based on your location, including any state, county, city, or district tax rates. If you are a Phoenix resident, Arizonan, then you will charge customers in the state 8.6% local sales tax, regardless of whether the buyer is in Flagstaff, Arizona.

List of origin-based states:

  • Arizona
  • *California
  • Illinois
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia

*California is a little different from the other states in this list. Modified-origin states are those whose state, county and tax rates are determined based upon origin. However, district taxes are calculated based on destination.

Now that you’ve determined where you have a sales tax nexus, you must acquire a sales tax permit for each state where your business has a presence. Although the laws regarding obtaining sales tax permits can differ from one state to another, it is possible to simply go online and register your company at the Department of Revenue. You will need to give certain information such as the name of your company, address and employee ID number (EIN). When you receive your permit, you’ll be able to collect sales tax from customers at the rate determined by the local taxing authority.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

What is the best time for an Amazon Fba seller to collect sales tax?

For the purposes of sales tax, ecommerce sellers are treated just like all other online retailers.

As an FBA seller, you are required to collect sales tax in states where your selling meets two criteria:

  • Sales tax nexus
  • Product taxability

Understanding both will help you determine when and if you are required to collect taxes from your Amazon FBA customers.

Sales tax nexus is just a fancy legalese way to say “significant connection” to a state.

You can be charged sales tax if you have nexus with a state if you are found to have such a relationship.

While you will always be subject to sales tax in your state of residence, it is possible that some business activities may create nexus with other states.

Determining Where You Have Sales Tax Nexus

There are numerous ways you can have a presence, or sales tax nexus, in a state, and sales tax laws are subject to change with new legislation and court decisions. This guide from Teampay explains how and why sales tax laws have become more complicated in recent years.

As a third-party seller on Amazon, your presence is always in the state you live, and if you’re an FBA seller, you’ll also have a presence in any state where Amazon stores your inventory. You can have a sales-tax nexus within a state even if you don’t own any inventory or property. A sales tax nexus can be established based on your activities, an employee’s activities, or even the activities of a third party involved in your business.

The establishment of a nexus varies from state to state, but here are the most common nexus-creating activities:

  • Your location: As noted above, residing in a state creates a sales tax nexus.
  • Inventory and warehouse use: Some states’ tax laws specifically address maintaining inventory and warehouse usage, and typically a sales tax nexus can be created in a state where you have inventory or are involved in fulfillment, regardless of whether you own the warehouse or if your use of it is only temporary. This is especially important for FBA sellers as Amazon has fulfillment centers in twenty U.S. states. You are responsible for all sales tax in the state where your inventory is maintained.
  • Personnel in other states: If you have an employee that lives in another state, this is often considered a nexus-creating activity. For example, if you live in Georgia but have an employee in Texas, you have a sales tax nexus in Texas and must also collect sales tax from buyers in that state.
  • Other states offer affiliates: If a vendor offers compensation, if the links lead to their website and result in sales or clicks, some vendors will pay. Depending on individual states’ laws, if someone promotes your product in exchange for a percentage of profits, this can also establish a nexus in the affiliate’s state.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Amazon Prime Pricing after Tax: How Much Is It Worth

When customers purchase Amazon Prime, the total will vary slightly depending on whether customers live in a state that requires them to pay taxes or not.

Amazon Prime costs $119 per annum or $12.99 per months if the customer does not have to pay tax. Depending on the tax rate in your state, you could spend up to $130 per year for tax-paying customers.

Customers who reside in California, for example, must pay 8.60 percent sales tax on top of the original price of Amazon Prime.

Customers will also need to consider local taxes in addition to state taxes. This will affect the final amount they pay.

Amazon Prime prices will vary depending on where you live. But the $119 base price applies universally.

Inquiring customers about the amount that will cost them to join Prime are advised to add their taxes and their state to Amazon Prime’s base price.

Amazon’s Inchoate Pandemic Responses

A little more than a week ago, Casey Newton called for a daily coronavirus briefing from Amazon. I agreed then and agree even more now, if only because it would be a forcing function for senior executives to present a coherent response strategy,

But at the same time, Amazon’s general counsel privately insulted a warehouse worker that had been fired. Amazon claims he broke social distancing regulations, but this doesn’t excuse his memo. Then, Amazon Vice President Jay Carney took to Twitter, as usual, with this statement: “Easily one of the Top Five Self-Owners in Corporate PR History”

It makes me wonder if people on Twitter, who react to factual and logical objections with hateful vitriol, ever stop to think about why it is that they aren’t able to win over others to agree with their view.


In a meeting with the New Shepard team on Wednesday, April 1st, Blue Origin leadership talked about ways to do a trip to Van Horn with a smaller group than usual and suggested that employees should keep a low profile while in town, according to a recording provided to The Verge. In the meeting, numerous employees voiced concerns about the trip, and one manager said there may be employment repercussions if they didn’t agree with management’s decisions.

“I would say that you should ask yourself, as an individual, are you acting as a toxin in the organization, fanning discontent, or are you really trying to help our senior leaders make better decisions?” Jeff Ashby, a senior mission assurance director at Blue Origin and a former NASA astronaut, said to employees during the meeting.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Amazon Sales Tax: How to Collect

Important to note: Amazon now collects sales tax on sellers’ behalf in most states with an Amazon fulfillment center. The below information applies to states that do not require Amazon to collect sales tax on sellers’ behalf.

Once you have registered to collect sales tax, the next step will be to make sure you’re collecting it from Amazon FBA customers.

Amazon’s sales tax collection system is very strong.

It will only collect what you have told it.

It will also allow you to add “product tax codes” so you charge the right amount of sales tax on items like groceries and clothing, and allow you to choose whether or not you charge sale tax on shipping and gift wrapping.

Keep in mind that Amazon charges 2.9% of each transaction in order to collect sales tax.

However, the alternative is to not collect any sales tax from Amazon customers but to pay your profit.

How Can I Avoid Paying Taxes On Amazon?

Unfortunately, there are very few ways for customers to avoid paying taxes on their Amazon Prime membership. Currently, the only way to purchase Amazon Prime without tax is if customers live in one of the 16 states that are not required to pay taxes for Prime.

Customers can still purchase items from Amazon without paying tax if they have an outside friend or relative who orders their products for them.

To know more about Amazon Prime, you can also read our posts on how to cancel Amazon Prime free trial, Amazon Prime trial without a credit card, and how many devices can use Amazon Prime.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Shipment and Delivery in a Hurry

  • No-rush shipping is free: Orders that are not processed within the time frame specified can be sent out without delay. Members who choose no rush shipping, which may cause delays in delivery of orders, will receive rewards for future purchases.

Amazon also recently launched Buy with Prime, a new service that allows Prime members to order items through other retailers’ websites using payment and shipping information stored on their Amazon account. The service also extends the free and fast delivery options members get through Amazon — the retailer said Prime members will see the Prime logo on eligible products in merchants’ online stores, which signals that the item is available for free delivery (sometimes even next-day delivery) with free returns. The Amazon retailer stated that Buy with Prime will soon be available to more merchants.

Other delivery perks include Amazon Day, which allows you to order items throughout the week and select up to two days to get everything delivered in fewer boxes. Prime members living in specific zip codes may also be eligible to have their items delivered within their homes with Amazon Key Smart Lock Kit (currently suspended due to Covid), and/or inside their garage using Amazon Key Smart Garage Kit. The Key by Amazon app allows you to monitor delivery status and receive notifications when packages are being delivered.

Amazon Prime Membership Cost And Special Prime Day Savings

With the new price increase, an Amazon Prime membership costs $15 a month (up from $13 a month), or you can pay $139 annually (previously $119). A 30-day trial is included in the yearly Prime membership.

Amazon offers Prime Student memberships at a discounted price, and Prime Member for people who are eligible for government assistance.

Prime Student Memberships have seen their prices rise from $59 to $69 per year. Students often get special offers such as Amazon Music Unlimited at $1 per month or discounts on textbooks. Students can get a six-month free trial before they have to start paying for their Prime membership. To purchase a student membership, you’ll need a valid .edu email address.

Amazon provides a Prime Membership at a fraction of the cost of standard memberships for those who are eligible for government assistance programs like EBT or Medicaid. You will need to prove your eligibility every twelve months in order to receive the $7 discount. Prime members get the same benefits that Prime members who have paid the regular Prime rate. If you’re currently paying full price for a Prime account but qualify for the discounted rate, you can apply online by selecting a verification method. Once approved, your membership automatically switches over. And Amazon also now accepts SNAP EBT for eligible groceries and free shipping options are available.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Amazon Prime Is Exempt From Tax

Amazon charges tax for Amazon Prime memberships because it is required by The State Department of Revenue. Although Prime memberships are not available in every state, they do require that all states pay the tax.

Amazon Prime Members have voiced their dissatisfaction at being subject to tax. However, retail memberships are not usually subject to taxes.

RCW states, however, that retail tax applies to memberships if the components of the product or service are included.

Amazon Prime Memberships, in other words are subject to tax because they offer a variety of services such as shipping and handling. These can also be subject to retail taxes.

What else is included in a Prime Member?

Multiple members of a family can also share Prime benefits like Prime shipping, video, photos and more through Amazon Household, which allows for up to 10 memberships:

  • Two adults (age 18 or over) each have their own Amazon accounts
  • 4 teens (ages 13 to 17), each with their own Amazon login, which is different from an adult account in that adults can share digital content with teens and set viewing restrictions.
  • 4 children (while children can’t shop on Amazon, adults can share content like eBooks, apps, and games with children).

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Subscribe to an Annual Subscription

A monthly subscription costs $119, but an annual subscription is only $119. However, with prices going up, an annual subscription will now cost you $139 without tax.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022?

If you’d like to learn more about which states Amazon Prime charges tax in, how Amazon calculates tax, how much the Prime membership costs with tax, and more, keep reading for more facts and tips!

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Annual Amazon Prime Charge + Sales Tax

  • $120.10
  • $120.19
  • $120.29
  • $120.30
  • $124.03
  • $126.14
  • $126.88
  • $127.03
  • $127.63
  • $128.22
  • $128.52
  • $128.82
  • $129.23
  • $129.56
  • $130.01
  • $130.31
  • $131.02

Amazon Prime Members Benefits

James Thomson is a Partner at Marketing Agency Buy Box Experts. He stated that Amazon’s Prime membership helps to drive customer loyalty and many other benefits. “The company wants to get consumers to say, ‘I’m not going to walk into a physical store because it’s so much easier to buy on Amazon,'” he said.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

Why Am I Being Charged For Prime Video If I Have Amazon Prime?

Prime Video Channels are additional subscriptions that allow you to watch the content you want. They are additional, paid subscriptions that allow you to add the content you want from third-party premium networks and other streaming entertainment channels. …

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You will pay $12.99 for a monthly subscription and get all of the Amazon Prime benefits. However, prices are said to be going up with the monthly subscription increasing to $14.99 without tax.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

What Does an Amazon Prime Membership Cost You?

The cost of an Amazon Prime membership depends on the plan you choose, but you can try it for free for 30 days.

Here’s a breakdown of the payment plans and what they include:

  • Prime Video: $8.99 per month. You are limited to watching unlimited movie and TV shows with this membership. The annual cost is $108

Prime Video: $8.99 per month. You are limited to watching unlimited movie and TV shows with this membership. It’ll cost you around $108 per year.

Amazon Prime Monthly Charge + Sales Tax

  • $13.07
  • $13.09
  • $13.10
  • $13.15
  • $13.85
  • $13.90
  • $13.93
  • $13.96
  • $14.03
  • $14.06
  • $14.09
  • $14.11
  • $14.13
  • $14.14
  • $14.16
  • $14.19
  • $14.22
  • $14.99

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax

How To Find Where Amazon Fba Gives You Sales Tax Nexus

FBA sellers will have sales tax nexus for every state in which they have Amazon fulfillment centers or warehouses. Log in to Seller Central and click on “Reports”, then “Fulfillment”. Here you can view the Amazon Inventory Event Detail Report and access information regarding your time frame.

One the report is downloaded, look at the column labeled “fulfillment-center-id” to see a list of Amazon fulfillment centers where your inventory is stored.

Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide), Inc.
Formerly Cadabra, Inc. (1994–1995)



Founded July 5, 1994

; 27 years ago




Bellevue, Washington

, U.S.

Jeff Bezos


Area served
Key people
Revenue Increase


469.822 billion (2021)



US$24.879 billion (2021)


US$33.364 billion (2021)


Total assets

US$420.549 billion (2021)


Total equity

US$138.245 billion (2021)


Owner Jeff Bezos (14.0% voting power, 10.6% economic interest)


Number of employees
1,608,000 (Dec. 2021)


U.S.: 950,000 (Jun. 2021)



Footnotes / references



Amazon Prime includes a wide range of benefits for customers. These include unlimited photo storage, Amazon Prime Video video access and free shipping.

  • However, some customers who have purchased Amazon Prime may wonder if Amazon charges tax in addition to the price. If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to learn the information I gathered!
  • Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022?

    Amazon Prime Memberships are subject to tax in selected states. This change will take effect from 2022. Amazon will add tax to the price of the Amazon Prime Membership depending on the amount and laws in place. Amazon does not charge taxes in all 50 states, so Prime Memberships are available to those who live outside of these areas.

  • You can read on to discover more about the states that Amazon Prime charges you tax. How Amazon calculates tax. What is the Prime membership price with tax?
  • Amazon Prime does Amazon charge tax in every state?

    Amazon Prime does not charge tax in all states. Amazon Prime is currently available in only 34 US states. 16 of the remaining US states don’t have any local taxes.

    Below are the listed states and tax rates that Amazon Prime requires.

  • Alabama- 4%
  • Arizona- 5.60%
  • Arkansas- 6.50%
  • California- 7.25%
  • Colorado- 2.90%
  • District of Columbia- 6%
  • Florida- 6%
  • Hawaii- 4%
  • Idaho- 6%
  • Iowa- 6%
  • Kentucky- 6%
  • Louisiana- 4.45%
  • Maryland- 6%
  • Michigan- 6%
  • Minnesota- 6.875%
  • Mississippi- 7%
  • Missouri- 4.225%
  • Nebraska- 5.50%
  • New Jersey 6.625%
  • New Mexico, 5.125%
  • New York- 4%
  • North Carolina – 4.7%
  • Ohio- 5.75%
  • Pennsylvania- 6%
  • Puerto Rico- 10.5%
  • Rhode Island — 7%
  • South Carolina – 6%
  • South Dakota- 4.50%
  • Tennessee- 7%
  • Texas- 6.25%
  • Utah- 6.10%
  • Vermont- 6%
  • Washinton- 6.50%
  • West Virginia- 6%
  • Wisconsin- 5%
  • Wyoming- 4%
  • If you are looking to buy an Amazon Prime membership, it is a good idea to look at this list. It will show you if your state has to pay taxes on the membership.

    Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    How does Amazon Prime Calculate Tax

    Amazon uses the following elements to calculate tax when they charge you for your purchase:

  • The identity of the seller
  • What type of product or service was purchased?
  • Time and whereabouts of fulfillment
  • Your shipping or delivery address
  • Amazon computes taxes when it fulfills an order based upon the laws in effect at the time.

    Amazon Prime is an Amazon service. Amazon could calculate the tax in a way that’s different from normal, if they lived in a place where they have to tax.

    Therefore, customers who purchase from Amazon regularly and are aware of the tax amount they have to pay generally should be aware they may have to pay a different amount when buying an Amazon Prime membership.

    Amazon Prime: How Much After Tax Does It Cost?

    Customers who purchase Amazon Prime will see a slight variation in their total depending on whether they live in states that require them to pay tax.

    Amazon Prime for $12.99 per Month or $119 annually if no taxes are due. Customers that have to pay tax could be subject to a tax rate of up to $130 per annum.

    For example, customers who live in California have to pay 7.25% on sales tax, amounting to about $8.60 more than the initial price for Amazon Prime.

    In addition, customers must account for state and local tax rates, which may add a little to their final cost.

    Amazon Prime may have a higher price in different states, after paying tax. The base price, however, is the same: $119.

    Customers who are interested in knowing the exact cost of their Prime membership will be charged should compare their local and state taxes to determine the correct amount.

    Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

    Amazon Prime: Why does it charge tax?

    Amazon Prime memberships are taxed because The State Department of Revenue demands it. Although Prime memberships are not available in every state, they do require that all states pay the tax.

    Amazon Prime members have complained about being charged tax for their Prime membership. However, retail memberships are not usually subject to taxes.

    RCW states, however, that retail tax applies to memberships if the components of the product or service are included.

    To put it another way, Amazon Prime is subject to tax because of the many services they offer, including shipping and handling.

    How Can I Avoid Paying Taxes on Amazon?

    Customers cannot avoid taxes with their Amazon Prime membership. Customers must be in the one of the 16 US states not subject to tax to get Amazon Prime.

    Customers can still purchase items from Amazon without paying tax if they have an outside friend or relative who orders their products for them.

    We have posts about Amazon Prime that will help you learn more. These include how to cancel Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime trial without credit card. How many Amazon Prime can be used on different devices.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon Prime does not charge tax in any of the fifty US states. Amazon Prime members pay $119 per year as the base, with additional fees depending on each state’s tax.

    Amazon computes taxes based on where the order was placed and the applicable tax laws in each state. Amazon Prime may have slightly different tax rates because it is a service and not a physical order.

    Amazon Prime Membership: Does Amazon Charge Tax?

    Do you have to pay tax for Amazon Prime membership fees Amazon Prime membership fees are subject to sales tax in each state. But the tax is not applicable across all states in the US. Amazon Prime member fees must be taxed by 34 US states, and District of Columbia.

    How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost for 2022?

    Current Prime members will see the updated prices effective after March 25, 2022. This date is the date for their next renewal. Upcoming changes: The price of the monthly Prime membership will increase to $14.99/month, and the price of the annual Prime membership will increase to $139/year.

    .Does Amazon Prime Charge Tax In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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