Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

Now that Amazon is an international company with over 100,000 employees worldwide, the company needs its workers to be able to move as well, but does it offer any assistance with relocation?

  • This guide is for Amazon employees. It will explain the various relocation options available to them and how you can take advantage.
  • Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022?

    Amazon offers an employee relocation assistance program that pays between $20K-$40K to cover costs associated with moving expenses. The fees can be paid in one lump sum, or spread over time until 2022. The fees are negotiable as part of any new employee’s package. This program can not only cover relocation from one state to another, but it also covers international moves.

  • You can read on if you want more details about Amazon relocation aid for Amazon new employees.
  • Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    Amazon offers relocation assistance for employees

    For employees who are moving to the US from a company that is large, it’s likely you will have received relocation help.

    No surprise, Amazon provides relocation assistance for employees. Currently, Amazon offers two options for relocation assistance:

  • Option One: Lump Sum
  • Option 2: Relocation Package
  • What is the Amazon Relocation Assistance Lump-Sum?

    In this case, employees receive a single payment that can be used to cover any moving expenses.

    Often, this lump sum is around $20K at Amazon with some tax advantages included.

    Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    What does the Amazon Relocation Package Cost?

    Amazon’s relocation package covers the cost of both moving to a new place and getting settled.

    Some of the expenses covered by the Amazon relocation package include the following:

  • Reisekosten
  • moving costs (moving vans, hiring a moving crew, etc.)
  • temporary home rentals
  • car rental
  • Amazon employees get between $20K-40k depending on the distance they traveled.

    Besides typical moving expenses like renting a moving van, this amount also included realtor assistance and several months of housing cost in most areas.

    Seattle is one example of an area where renters are often forced to downsize because they cannot afford to live in the high-cost housing market.

    Amazon offers international relocation assistance

    Amazon offers relocation help for International mover, in addition and state-to -state moves.

    Former employees say that Amazon is willing to pay up to $40K in relocation costs. It will even help arrange a flight and set up transportation to get you there.

    Additional cash allowances may be possible depending on seniority to pay for incidental expenses.

    Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    What is the process of applying for Amazon Relocation Assistance

    Instead of filling out an application, new employees should contact their company to request relocation assistance.

    To avoid misinterpretations, most recommend this should be written.

    You can negotiate relocation packages. Think about your specific needs as you settle into your new place.

    The following is an example of email you can send to Amazon recruiters regarding Amazon relocation support:

  • Subject: Relocation cost
  • Good morning to [Their Name].
  • It is so exciting to be part of the Amazon team, and to move to Frisco. After thoroughly reviewing the moving expenses, I am convinced that the $20k cost will not be too much.

    Would you be willing to chat with me about reviewing this document and helping us to reassess the situation? Send me a suitable time and I’ll schedule a chat.

  • Warm Regards,
  • [Your Name]
  • Amazon’s employees must pay for relocation costs

    Amazon typically pays for employees to move with the expectation of them staying with Amazon for extended periods.

    There are situations where employees regret a decision or get fired.

    An employee who leaves their job after a year must pay the relocation fees.

    Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

    Is It Considered Bad for Employees to Ask for Relocation Assistance?

    Amazon’s new employees may be reluctant to request relocation assistance. However, it is okay to inquire if your circumstances are more favorable.

    Keep in mind that relocation assistance is a part of an employee’s compensation package.

    Amazon hires skilled workers. The company offers a generous salary, as well as the opportunity to provide travel assistance to enable them to reach the required locations.

    Amazon wants to make it easy for workers.

    Remember to request only what is necessary for your situation.

    Employees should not be allowed to request $40K for assistance if they need $25K.

    In the final analysis, misuse of funds will be much worse than asking for it when necessary.

    You can read our posts about the Amazon employee assistance, Amazon discount and Amazon training programs if you’d like to know more.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon offers a comprehensive employee relocation program. This helps employees who are moving to a new position.

    Amazon’s Relocation Assistance Program offers several packages for helping employees pay expenses associated with moving.

    .Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

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