Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

How to Manage Your Browsing history

Despite the fact that the online shopping application does not provide an incognito option, you can still hide your search history. This is through a simplified 2-step history management process:

  • Step 1. Click the “Browsing History” button from the menu.
  • Step 1. Click the “Browsing History” button from the menu.
  • Step 2: Select “Remove from view” for an item in the search history. Select the “Remove entire history” option to remove the whole search history.
  • Step 2: Click “Remove” to delete an item from your search history. If you want to delete the entire history, select the option “Remove all items from view.”

Additionally, you can achieve this by turning off your browsing history. This is by accessing the option “Manage Your Browsing History”.

Is it possible to hide Amazon orders from your family?

The answer is yes! It allows users to conceal any item they don’t want during online shopping.

Furthermore, some reserved items can be quite embarrassing. There is no need to be concerned about your partner using the shared account and worrying that they might find something you purchased. The hide option is capable of removing specific items from immediate view, hence keeping it your secret.

How can I conceal an Amazon order? It is easy to conceal orders from Amazon. One of the ways to hide your purchases from your family is through an Amazon Household Account. This option is only available to Prime members. This will allow you to keep your purchases, recommendations and lists secret.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Amazon: How to Archive or Hide an Order

Register to Amazon. Click Returns & Orders at the top-right corner.

The list will include all your orders for the last three months. Scroll through the list until you find the order that you want to hide and click “View Order Details.” If you don’t see it, use the search bar to find it.

Click “Archive Order” to conceal the item you wish to hide.

Then, click “Archive Order” again. Everything you ordered at the same time will also be archived.

It won’t be visible to anyone who looks at your order list. However, it is still available in the order archives.

What other ways can you keep Amazon orders private?

There are many privacy options that shoppers have when ordering from Amazon, in addition to the ability to archive orders. Below are some of the options:

1. Apply Incognito Mode to Your Browser

To prevent Amazon from saving searches, Incognito mode can be used by customers who want a search for a specific product to remain private.

Therefore, customers are recommended to use both Incognito mode and to archive their orders for extra privacy.

2. Secure Password

To prevent family members/housemates from guessing your password, customers are advised to mix uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers with symbols.

Customers should make sure to log out every time they place an order. This will prevent family members or householdmates from using their wrong account and gaining access to your order history.

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Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

How to hide orders on your Amazon account

Log in to Amazon and click “Returns & Orges” at the top-right corner.

This page will show you a listing of all the items you have ordered in the last three months.

You need to scroll through this list to find the item you want to hide.

The search bar also allows you to search for that item.

Click “View Order Details” to continue.

Next, click “Archive Order” twice when the option appears.

Whatever you ordered at the same time as the item will also be archived.

This removes the item from your orders list.

However, it is technically still viewable in the archives.

If you’re still worried, you could set up an Amazon Household account.

You and your partner will have their own account pages, but you can use the same payment method.

Up to four teens and kids can also be added to an Amazon Household account.

You may also want to stop an Amazon Alexa speaker from ruining your purchasing fun.

Alexa, stop spilling the beans

If you have an Echo device, Alexa can automatically tell you delivery updates for items you order. This could be problematic. Alexa announces loudly the delivery ruining the surprise. Your gift receiver will now know exactly what to expect.

These steps will allow you to keep surprise in your gifts orders.

  • Start the Alexa App on your smartphone.
  • Click More > Setting.
  • Select Notifications
  • Choose Amazon Shopping.
  • Check the box marked For items in delivery update under the section Let Alexa speak or show titles of items that you have ordered.

Nearly 70% of smart speakers owners have Alexa but not everyone is familiar with her full capabilities. We found 20 little-known tips and tricks that open up a whole new world of possibilities. Click or tap here to find our top Alexa commands.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Amazon Orders: How to Archive

  • Step 1: First, you have to sign in to your Amazon on your computer. Key in the right password and email address that you used to register.
  • Step 1: First, you have to sign in to your Amazon on your computer. Enter the correct password and email address you used when you registered.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Returns & Orders” icon at the top-right of your dashboard to identify the searched item you wish to conceal.
  • Step 2: Go to the “Returns & Orders” icon that is located at the top right side of the dashboard and identify the specific searched item that you want to hide.
  • Step 3: Choose the option “Archive Order” and you’re done.
  • Step 3: Choose the option “Archive Order” and you’re done.

No, you cannot! But you can archive them from your phone. Follow the below steps:

  • Open the browser on your iPhone or Android phone and go to Amazon.
  • Open the options for your browser and select “Request Desktop Site”. This will allow you to load Amazon like you’re on a desktop computer.
  • Register to access your Amazon account
  • Locate the “Your Orders” section.
  • Select “Archive order”.

Ship To An Amazon Locker

You can ship directly to Amazon Locker. This will prevent Amazon from spoiling your home delivery or office deliveries.

What are Amazon Lockers? These are basically local delivery points located in over 900 U.S. towns. You can ship an item to an Amazon Locker of your choice and then pick it up at a time that’s convenient for you.

Once an item has been delivered to the Locker, Amazon will email you the unique six-digit code you’ll need to retrieve it. You will need to enter the code via the Locker’s touchscreen interface. Wait for the Locker door opening and then pick up the package.

Note: Although most items can be shipped to Amazon Lockers, size and weight restrictions still exist. You also only have three calendar days to pick it up, or it will be returned to Amazon for a refund. An Amazon Locker is free, however standard shipping charges (including Prime Shipping) will still be applied.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Amazon allows you to place discreet orders

  • Register to Amazon to locate the product you want to buy.
  • After adding the item to your cart, look for the phrase “Item arrives in packaging that reveals what’s inside. To hide it, choose ‘Ship in Amazon Packaging’ at checkout.”
  • Once you’ve arrived at the checkout, select Ship In Amazon Packaging and place your order.

Placing discreet orders is only recommended if doing so is absolutely necessary for customers, as this method of ordering doubles the amount of packaging Amazon is required to use.

How To Restore Hidden Orders

Hidden items can be restored to your default history search view. This is by simply selecting the “Unarchive Order” option that is also available under “Your Account.” The shopping site has a digital record of all the transactions it makes with its clients.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Amazon: How to hide orders

All online transactions and records of an online shopping platform can be accessed based upon the automatic item search history that is provided by search engines and other applications.

Access to such information by either your family members, spouses, or even intruders can spoil most surprises or expose some secrets. If you want to know how to delete order history on Amazon, it is impossible. The Amazon delete order history option is not provided by the online shop.

Use an Amazon Locker

An Amazon locker will help you avoid spoiling the surprise gift. How do you use an Amazon locker? Your order can be shipped directly to an Amazon locker. You will receive the item once it is shipped.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?


Customers can either hide or delete their order history on by utilizing the following steps:

  • Log into your Amazon account and select “Returns and Orders,” located on the top right of the screen.
  • After selecting the orders page, you’ll be brought to a list of orders from the past three months. Select the option “View Order Details”, after you have located the order that you wish to conceal.
  • Select “Archive Order,” and your purchase will be moved to the “Archived Orders” section on your account.

Send to a Different Address

Sending to another address is also possible by using the Manage Addresses or 1-Click Settings options in your Account.

Simply click on Add Address to enter the information. You will need to verify your credit card every time you order from a different address.

This section also allows you to delete and edit saved addresses.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Are You able to hide orders on Amazon in 2022?

For more information on how to conceal orders from Amazon, the Amazon App, and other ways to protect your purchases, continue reading!

Can You Hide Orders On The Amazon App?

Customers can hide orders via the Amazon App, in addition to Customers can hide purchases by following these steps:

  • Launch the Amazon app on your device and log in.
  • Navigate to “Your Orders”, and find the order you want to conceal.
  • After you have located your order, click on “View Order Details”, and then select “Archive Order”.

Therefore, if customers need to relocate a previously hidden order, they can do so by selecting the “Unarchive Order” button next to their order.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

How To Hide Amazon Orders Without Prime Membership

These options include archiving orders, managing browsing history and recommendations, changing your shipping address, and using an Amazon Locker for delivery. All you need to do is archive your order. Archiving an order is the easiest way and only takes seconds to complete.

Remove Items from Browsing history

Note: If you want all searches hidden, turn off your account’s Browsing History entirely by selecting Manage history > Toggle the Turn off browsing history option to off.

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)


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Online shopping can make it difficult to maintain privacy. Amazon and other online shops keep track of all customers who shop, their bank information, and even shipping details.

  • However, some websites allow customers to keep their purchases private, and if you’re an Amazon customer, you may be wondering if they offer the same privacy. You can read on to find out more.
  • Can you hide orders?

    These steps allow you to conceal or remove your order history.

    Click on your Amazon account and go to “Returns and Orders.” You’ll see a listing of all orders for the last three months after you select the order page. After locating the order you’d like to hide, select the “View Order Details” option. Click “Archive Order” and your purchase will go to the section “Archived Orders”.

    Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)

    Amazon App Can You Hide Orders? is not the only option. Customers have the ability to conceal their order via Customers can hide purchases by following these steps:

  • Launch the Amazon app on your device and log in. Find the order to be hidden by going to the section “Your Orders”. Tap on “View Order Details”, then select “Archive Order”.
  • Customers are reminded that, while orders can be archived and not removed entirely from their accounts, this will still apply to them.

    Therefore, if customers need to relocate a previously hidden order, they can do so by selecting the “Unarchive Order” button next to their order.

    Amazon Household: How can you conceal orders

    Customers who have more than one Amazon family member can open an Amazon Household account to hide orders.

    Amazon Household lets each family member create their profile. This allows them to browse Amazon Prime Video, make orders, and also view the content privately.

    Amazon Prime Household allows customers to create separate profiles. These profiles can be password protected, but they aren’t individually password protected.

    Customers should not worry about children seeing their orders. It’s best to create an account separate for other members of the family.

    There are other options to protect Amazon’s orders.

    In addition to archiving orders, there are a number of different privacy methods shoppers can use when placing orders on Amazon. The following are some examples:

  • 1. You can add Incognito Mode on your browser
  • Incognito mode will protect your search history from others in the household who use the same browser or have the same Amazon account.

    Incognito mode blocks all searches engine history (including Google search results) and Amazon product searches.

    Therefore, if customers would like a product they’re searching for to be a private search, they use Incognito mode to prevent Amazon from saving the search.

    Incognito mode can hide Amazon’s search history; however, order history will not be hidden.

    It is recommended for customers to use Incognito mode, and also to archive their order to increase privacy.

  • 2. Create a Safe Password
  • If a customer has a separate Amazon account than other members of their family, however they share the same computer or devices, it is important to create a password.

    For security reasons, you should use a combination of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and symbol to protect your family/housemate.

    Customer who wishes to keep their order private must not save their login details. If another user uses the same device, they may automatically log into their account.

    To prevent their housemate or family member from accidentally accessing their order history and using it wrongly, they should log out of the account after placing an order.

    For more information, please visit our post on Amazon cancellation policy, Amazon Pre-Order Policy, Honey Works on Amazon.

  • Conclusion
  • Archiving your purchases is a way for customers to conceal their Amazon orders. It is possible to use this option on, as well through To archive your orders go to Your Orders and then press the “Archive Order” button.
  • Additionally, customers can keep their order and search history more private by using tools such as Incognito search mode and by creating a secure password.

    .Can You Hide Orders On Amazon? (Prime, In The App + More)

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