Amazon Sent Wrong Item

Amazon Sent Wrong Item (What To Do, Exchange + Keeping)

  • Amazon Prime shipping, which offers quick shipping options through Amazon’s services is well-known. Amazon Prime shipping allows customers to receive packages the very next day after placing orders.
  • Amazon’s rapid shipping can be unpredictable and customers may receive an incorrect item. If you’ve had this problem, and are curious about what to do, keep reading to see what I learned!
  • Amazon Sent Wrong Item (What To Do, Exchange + Keeping)

    Amazon sends you the wrong item?

    Amazon can issue a request for replacement or refund to any customer who has received an item that is not correct in an order. Customer may either submit a request for a refund on, or they can call Customer Service at Amazon to discuss the matter. Additionally, customers may be allowed to keep the incorrect item.

  • Continue reading to find out more tips about returning an item or requesting a replacement.
  • Amazon can be contacted by customers if an item is not what they ordered or the package was delivered without their authorization.

    The first method is to call Amazon customer service using their 1-800 number and report the incorrect package, which is preferred if customers have received a package despite not ordering anything.

    Customer service will contact customers to clarify the issue. If the customer received an incorrect product, they’ll be offered a reimbursement or replacement.

    Amazon can request details from anyone who has received an item but did not order it. It may ask for the addressee to send the package back or make arrangements to pick up the package by the driver.

    Filling out an replacement and refund request is the second way to receive the incorrect item. In order to fill out this request, customers must do the following:

    Log in to your Amazon account and go to the Your Orders page. Select the order and then click on “Return/replace items”. In the dropdown menu “Reason for replacement”, select “wrong items were sent.” You can print the label for return and ship the inexact item.

    While filling out the online form is the simplest method for dealing with the wrong package being delivered, this method will automatically require customers to return the wrong item sent.

    However, when going through a customer service agent, Amazon will generally recommend that the customer keep the wrong item as a gift for the inconvenience.

    Therefore, if customers do wish to keep the item they received, it’s recommended that they ask a live customer service agent for assistance so that they can both receive their correct order and keep the wrong item.

    Amazon Allows You to Keep an Unwanted Item.

    FTC (Federal Trade Commission), Amazon customers can keep any item it sends them if they do not place an order. Amazon asks customers often to return their items via Amazon’s online forms.

    Customers will need to choose the right channel to obtain the correct item. The online order form could require customers to return the incorrect item.

    If customers contact a live agent for customer service, they are more likely to insist on keeping the item because of the inconvenience.

    Amazon Sent Wrong Item (What To Do, Exchange + Keeping)

    Amazon offers a refund or exchange if they send the wrong item?

    When customers report their incorrect order, Amazon will offer a refund or will send a replacement for the item, depending on what an individual customer prefers.

    After approval of your request, you will be notified by Amazon within 3 to 5 days. Amazon will provide a tracking number that will allow customers to send a replacement.

    Why Did Amazon Send Me The Wrong Package?

    If customers have received an incorrect package, there are a couple of reasons why the mistake was made.

    Common reason for this is the fact that fulfillment centers often receive packages with similar addresses or names, so they accidentally place each item in an incorrect area.

    Customers may receive a package when they haven’t ordered anything. This usually happens because the driver of the shipment misread the label.

    Amazon Sent Wrong Item (What To Do, Exchange + Keeping)

    How Do I Return The Wrong Item Shipped From Amazon?

    If customers wish to return the wrong item sent to them, they can do so by filling out a refund and replacement request on Customers will get a return label printable once the form has been completed.

    Once the return label has been printed, the customer is asked to pack the item back in the original packaging. Amazon can either request the customer to return it, or they will arrange for delivery.

    Amazon will pay the cost of shipping and import fees deposit if customers decide to return an item.

    Amazon Gives You the Ability to Return an Item That Is Not Right?

    Amazon allows customers to return incorrect items within 24 hours of receiving the replacement or refund form.

    However, there have been some issues with customers trying to return the wrong product. Amazon did not receive it, so they charged their accounts for it.

    To ensure that the correct package reaches Amazon fulfillment centers, it is a good idea to get a tracking code from your local post office.

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  • Conclusion
  • If customers have received the wrong item from Amazon, they can visit the Returns Center on and fill out a refund and replacement form. Amazon customers can call to get a replacement item for an item they originally ordered.

    .Amazon Sent Wrong Item (What To Do, Exchange + Keeping)

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