What Not To Buy At Aldi

What Not To Buy At Aldi In 2022 (15 Products To Avoid)

People often think that they’re getting a great deal when they buy something. They end up buying inferior quality or paying more for items that they could find for less if they did their research.

Aldi tries – and most of the time succeeds in – to provide top-quality products at affordable prices to its customers. However, it is possible for a grocery chain like Aldi to fall short or be too much for individual shoppers’ needs.

What Not To Buy At Aldi In 2022 (15 Products To Avoid)

Aldi in 2022: The Best Things Not to Buy

  • The list includes 15 items at Aldi I recommend you avoid.
  • Side note: I am not expressing a negative opinion about Aldi. However, this is my honest opinion of Aldi products. Aldi actually makes me love to shop there and many of the positive experiences I have had with Aldi can be found on my Aldi blog.

  • 1. Toiletries + Paper Goods
  • Aldi stocks a range of toiletries as well as paper goods.

    It is likely that these items can be found cheaper online or in bulk stores like Sam’s Club and Costco.

  • 2. Cleaning Products
  • Aldi’s cleaning products may be decent but, to be honest, not very good. Also, you can get them at a dollar store for less – about the same quality.

    Online shopping or bulk warehouses might be a better option. You will need to make fewer visits to the shop.

  • 3. Personal Hygiene Products
  • If you need feminine hygiene products, razors, body wash, any of those types of things – go elsewhere. Aldi has many great and high-quality products, but they are limited in their range of personal care products.

    Most of us feel pretty tied to our personal hygiene products. Aldi makes it easy for us to stay with what we like.

  • 4. Seafood
  • Aldi’s seafood has a higher price than the other grocery shops (and especially Walmart’s), as well as being less expensive. Aldi has also been criticized for its poor sourcing.

    Aldi revealed in 2017 that its seafood was sourced from China. This suggests that North Korean citizens may have been mistreated as workers and large portions of their earnings went straight to the North Korean state.

  • 5. Pizza
  • Be aware that frozen pizzas are not gourmet quality food.

    Aldi’s lowest-priced pizza, the frozen thin, has poor flavor and is very expensive. It is bland tasting to those who have had it.

    It doesn’t seem to be limited only to $2 pies. I have had the pleasure of trying several Take & Bakes.

    You can get pizza at your Little Caesar’s by stopping in for a Hot N Ready.

  • 6. Sourdough Loaves
  • This might be a personal pan, but I’m not overly fond of Aldi’s sourdough loaves.

    All of them come pre-sliced. I can see how this would be convenient for many shoppers, but I wish Aldi would sell a few sourdough loaves unsliced, so I can choose how thick or thin I want the pieces or be able to hollow it out and make a bread bowl.

  • 7. Produce
  • Aldi typically sells large quantities of their produce bagsged in or in container, which gives customers less control over what they bring home.

    Aldi’s produce section is for you, if you love to personally pick every piece of fruit and vegetable. Very little is sold individually, and yes, sometimes you get home and it’s bad the next day.

  • 8. Chicken
  • Aldi generally sells high-quality meat at reasonable prices. But, the chicken they offer can be a bit disappointing.

    Even though the family packs include chicken breasts, it can take some time to trim them. You can do the same thing with chicken thighs, but it is worse. After unpacking your groceries, it will take you about 15-20 minutes to remove all of the fat from the meat.

    It’s possible to skim this project if your time is limited or you don’t have sharp scissors.

  • 9. Pet Food
  • Aldi’s pet food is very affordable, so it can be tempting for some to change brands.

    But you’re better off sticking to your current brand, because the Heart to Tail pet food, in particular, is not the healthiest choice for your animals, with corn filler as the first ingredient, not real meat.

  • 10. Cheesy Crackers
  • Many bloggers noticed that many of the Cheez-it and Goldfish knockoffs don’t compare to their brands.

  • 11. Granola bars
  • Aldi’s Millvale bars were surprisingly bland the first time that I tried them.

    I ate the rest out of sheer hunger, but if that hadn’t propelled me, I very likely would have tossed it.

  • 12. Frozen Sushi
  • Aldi should not sell frozen sushi. No one should buy or consume it. Sushi can only be enjoyed fresh.
  • 13. Ground Coffee
  • Aldi makes many excellent ground coffees. They mostly sell them under the Barissimo Label. Beaumont, however, tastes strongly of roasted coffee beans.

  • 14. Brand Names
  • Aldi has a limited number of brand-name items, however they do not have the best prices and are reluctant to accept coupons from manufacturers. There are likely other places that offer the exact same item at a reduced price with or without a coupon.

  • 15. Clothing
  • Aldi has a fall line of ponchos that I have, however it is not the deepest I would go. Expect less-than-tailored fits and, in some case, less-than-stellar quality.

    Aldi makes it so easy to shop.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi may be a high-quality store with many great products but there are also many lows. However, ultimately, it is up to you to make the best choice for yourself and your family.

    .What Not To Buy At Aldi In 2022 (15 Products To Avoid)

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