Stop Selling Alcohol?

Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

What time does Walmart close its alcohol sales? Walmart offers almost any item, with some limitations regarding alcohol sales.

  • You may find it difficult to recall all of the rules for selling alcohol at Walmart stores in Canada and the US. This guide will help you to make sure that you remember them!
  • Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    What Time Does Walmart Selling Alcohol In 2022?

    The time in which Walmart starts and stops selling alcohol depends on your state and county. Many Walmarts sell alcohol at 8 am to 2 am. customers can search for their zipcode to view the time when local Walmart stores start or stop selling alcohol.

  • Continue reading for more information about states and times.
  • Is Walmart going to stop selling alcohol Sundays and on other days at the same time?

    It is often unclear when Walmart ceases selling alcohol on Sundays. This is why you should not expect Walmart to sell alcohol on Sunday.

    To preserve Sunday worship, the government heavily regulates sales of Sundays since prohibition.

    In many parts of the country, alcohol sales are generally held on Sundays to comply with religious or societal norms.

    Sales are generally open after noon in Southern US states, although there is no Sunday sale requirement. Here are the states that sell alcohol at Walmart during those times:

  • Delaware (12 – 8 p.m.)
  • Indiana (12 pm-8 pm)
  • Iowa (12 pm-8 pm)
  • Kansas (12 pm-11 pm)
  • Kentucky (1 pm-2 am)
  • Michigan (12 pm-2 am)
  • Nebraska (12 pm-1 am)
  • New Mexico (12 pm-12 am)
  • New York (12 pm-9 pm).
  • North Carolina (12 pm-9 pm)
  • Texas (12 pm-12 am)
  • West Virginia 1 pm – 2 am. Beer and wine.
  • There are several states where alcohol is not sold on Sundays.

  • Alabama (certain Alabama counties ban alcohol beverage sales on Sundays)
  • Louisiana (certain counties ban alcoholic beverage sales on Sunday)
  • Maryland (Garrett and Baltimore county prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday)
  • Mississippi (no alcohol sales on Sunday in the state)
  • New Jersey (certain counties ban the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday).
  • Oklahoma (no sales on Sunday in the state)
  • South Carolina: There are many Sunday alcohol sales restrictions
  • Tennessee: Sunday sales of wine and liquor are prohibited in Tennessee
  • Utah (no sales Sundays in Utah).
  • The remaining states allow you to purchase alcohol at any time of day (e.g., Sunday mornings) and on weekends.

  • Alaska (6:00 am-2:00 am on any given day of week).
  • Arizona 6 am-2 am on any given day of week
  • Arkansas 7 am – 1 am. However, some counties may be dry or have specific restrictions.
  • California (6 am-2 am any day of the week)
  • Colorado, 8 am-12: am on any given day of each week
  • Connecticut (8am-6pm any day of week)
  • District of Columbia (9 am-12 am any day of the week)
  • Florida (7 am-12 am any day of the week)
  • Hawaii (open from 6am to 12am every day of a week).
  • Idaho 6 am-1 am on any day of week
  • Illinois (varies depending on city guidelines)
  • Maine (Monday through Friday, 9 am-1 am)
  • Massachusetts, 10:00 am to 11:00 pm on any day of week
  • Minnesota (11 am-6pm every day of a week).
  • Missouri 9 am-12 am every day of the week
  • Montana (8 am-8 pm on any day of a week)
  • Nevada (24-hour alcohol sales seven days a week)
  • New Hampshire, 6 AM-11:45 PM any day of a week
  • Ohio (5:30 am-1 am any day of the week)
  • Oregon (8 am-2:30 am on any given day of the Week)
  • Pennsylvania from 11 AM to 7 PM any day of a week
  • Rhode Island (10 am-6pm on any day during the week)
  • South Dakota: 7 am-2am any day of a week
  • Tennessee 8 am-11pm any day of a week. Wine and liquor are not allowed.
  • Vermont (open 8 am-10 pm every day of the week).
  • Virginia (open from 6 am to 12 am every day of the week).
  • Washington (6:00 am to 2:00 am every day of the week).
  • Wisconsin: Liquor 6-9 pm, Beer and Wine 6-12 am, every day.
  • Wyoming: 6 am-2 am on any given day of the Week
  • Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Can I Buy Liquor At Walmart In Texas?

    Many Texans were shocked to discover they could buy their favourite alcoholic drinks at Walmart.

    However, there are some restrictions that you should know about before heading out to purchase alcohol.

    That said, Walmart customers living in Texas can find a state-specific guideline for alcohol sales on the Texas Alcohol And Beverage Commission’s website.

    Establishments that sell it may also offer wine and beer at those times.

  • Monday through Friday, 7 am to midnight
  • Saturday (7 a.m. -1 a.m.)
  • Sunday, noon-midnight
  • Furthermore, establishments that hold a wine or beer license cannot sell beverages with more than 17% alcohol per volume Sunday after 10 PM or any day other than Monday.

    Although Walmart sells alcoholic beverages, sales are limited to beer and wine since it only holds a beer and wine license.

    When does Walmart stop selling alcohol in Oklahoma?

    A law in Oklahoma that prohibited the sale refrigerated beverages was in effect until 2018. From 6 am-2am, beer or wine are now available in grocery stores seven days a weeks.

    However, liquor stores will not allow you to buy hard alcoholic drinks if you arrive after midnight. Liquor stores close at 12 noon.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Is it possible for Walmart to stop selling alcohol in Indiana at this time?

    Indiana was long held to the prohibition-era law prohibiting cold alcoholic drinks, just like Oklahoma.

    Indiana was, in fact the state that dropped this law to allow alcohol sales, from 12-8pm every day, seven days a săptămână.

    Indiana is also one of the 26 states in which grocery stores are allowed to sell hard liquor.

    Furthermore, the other states with the same law in place include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • What Time Does Walmart Stop Selling Alcohol In California?

    California residents don’t have to be concerned about alcohol sales. Walmart is open from 6 am to 2 am.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    What Time Does Walmart Stop Selling Alcohol In Ohio?

    A number of Ohio counties have been declared “dry,” which means they are prohibited from selling alcohol within their boundaries.

    Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be consumed or sold in New Albany and Adams counties. But, in all other areas, you can buy alcohol from 5:30 am-1 am.

    How Soon Will Walmart Quit Selling Alcohol in Virginia?

    Virginia’s retail outlets can sell alcoholic beverages between 6 and 12 AM Monday through Saturday.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    When does Walmart stop selling alcohol in Utah?

    Although you might believe that Utah is a deeply religious state, it would still have strict laws regarding alcohol.

    The state, however, allows wine and beer with less alcohol than 5% to be sold in supermarkets between 11 am and noon every day.

    What Time Does Walmart Stop Selling Alcohol In Florida?

    Florida offers a broad window for alcohol purchases (7 am-12am, seven days per week), but you might be surprised to know that you have a maximum amount you can purchase at once.

    However, the state regulations allow only 32 ounces to be bought at once.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Can You Buy Alcohol From Walmart On Election Day?

    Some countries ban alcohol and drinking on Election Day. The United States once held this view.

    However, alcohol sales are now allowed on Election Day as per 2014 laws.

    What is the best way to get alcohol at Walmart during holidays?

    It’s not uncommon for holiday festivities to include alcoholic beverages.

    Selling alcohol on Tennessee holidays was illegal until recently. You can now have alcohol at any of your New Year’s, Fourth Of July or Memorial Day celebrations.

    Just try to stock up on drinks a few days before Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas since the ban is still in place for these holidays.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Walmart Can You Sell Alcohol in Ontario Canada

    Beer sales have been allowed in Ontario since 2016, according to several grocery chains, such as Walmart. Walmart Canada also offers beer for sale.

    Groceries may not be closed at all hours like the States, but alcohol sales are limited to certain hours.

    Walmart sells beer from Monday through Saturday, from 9 am-9pm to Sunday, and from 11 am-6pm on Sunday.

    There are additional restrictions:

    Singles and 6-packs cannot be bought.

    Beer that is available to be purchased must contain less than 7.1% alcohol per volume.

    Sales must be at specially designated beer lines.

    What Is Walmart’s Policy On Selling Alcohol?

    Walmart offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages, in addition to general merchandise.

    However, although many shops are open 24/7, you can’t purchase alcohol during these hours.

    Walmart has a policy regarding alcohol sales that states alcohol is available in almost all areas of America and Canada.

    However, there are local and state regulations that affect the purchase of alcohol in retail stores located outside your home.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Walmart sells what type of alcohol?

    Since Walmart is considered a grocery or superstore rather than a liquor store, you shouldn’t expect to find hard alcohol there.

    Hard liquor is still sold in some Walmarts, depending on their location. So, at most stores, Walmart sells different varieties of:

  • Beer
  • Vine
  • Spirits (wine coolers/malt liquor, lemonade/flavored cocktails)
  • Can You Buy Alcohol From Walmart Online?

    Walmart permits legal drinkers over the age of 21 to order alcoholic beverages through their app or website.

    To order alcoholic beverages online, however, it is important to follow certain guidelines.

    Walmart customer must also agree to an alcohol disclosure before scheduling delivery or pickup.

    The Walmart Alcohol Disclosure also states that:

    You need to provide a signature, confirm that you are over 21, and present a valid government ID at pick up or delivery (forms of ID include driver’s license, US Immigration cards, passports, military ID, Tribal ID, and state-issued ID cards).

    The use of coupons, discounts and any other promotional offers for outside alcohol sales is not permitted. They also aren’t exempted from taxes.

    A customer cannot buy more then 20 gallons any mix of alcoholic beverages simultaneously.

    The driver will refuse to deliver if they suspect the customer has been intoxicated.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Which is the latest time you can buy alcohol from Walmart?

    Because you may work irregular hours, it is possible to be subject to alcohol sales in bars or during open hours for retail shops.

  • However, you will be able to buy alcoholic beverages in most Walmarts at any hour of the day or night.
  • For more information about Walmart, please visit our post on Walmart’s Alcohol Policy. This covers whether you can purchase alcohol using a Walmart Gift Card and if Walmart actually sells alcohol.

  • Conclusion
  • Unfortunately, alcohol sales at Walmart don’t have a uniform policy dictating when to cut off sales, which leads to confusion if customers move or visit unfamiliar locations.

    You can also search for information on the Alcohol and Beverage Commission websites in your state.

    .Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

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